Đồng nghĩa của preconceived

Alternative for preconceived

  • tính từ
    • (thuộc ngữ) nhận thức trước (về một ý tưởng, ý kiến )

Tính từ

(of an action) Done with full awareness of the likely consequences
calculated deliberate considered planned premeditated studied intended designed intentional purposeful aimed aforethought conscious knowing measured purposive prepense strategic weighed done on purpose pre-planned thought-out deliberately planned thought out in advance wilful prearranged willful voluntary witting advised predetermined willed volitional wanton purposed set thoughtful reasoned designful on purpose contrived rigged meant fixed cold-blooded sewn-up determined express schemed framed up with forethought thought out meditated willing preconcerted predestined proposed reasoning responsible rational reflective unforced cognizant set up contracted anticipated contemplated mindful wary meditative cut-and-dried aware self-conscious tactical politic laid-out set-up organised judicious organized predesigned predeterminate diplomatic shrewd scheduled projected prudent stacked deck cunning prepared well-planned outlined prospective computed estimated well thought out studious well-thought-out thought through well-considered investigated examined careful mannered thought-through thought-about destined artificial programmed plotted expected envisioned slated autonomous promised due uncompelled targeted gratuitous unbidden pinned required arranged free-willed hoped-for asked for counted on wished-for in the making on the docket according to a plan circumspect scrupulous contemplative pondered provident feigned strained forced laboured affected guarded well thought-out informed overworked reviewed overdone sober cogent lucid methodical planful cogitative contemplating meditating thinking excogitative probing justified commonsense sensible intelligent labored gone into carefully chosen deliberative selected with care well advised well-founded well chosen directed steered marked free unprompted optional discretionary open elective discretional volunteered unsolicited unenforced unconstrained non-mandatory non-compulsory permissive settled agreed spontaneous independent unprescribed controlled freely wished elected opted unasked not required chosen preset with intent up to the individual open to choice at your discretion pre-agreed pre-decided preplanned pre-established inevitable established in advance forethought decided beforehand bound doomed cut and dried encoded inexorable foredestined arranged in advance precogitated

Tính từ

Affected by bitterness, resentment, or cynicism
jaundiced resentful bitter cynical jealous distorted envious prejudiced suspicious bigoted sceptical biased disenchanted disillusioned hostile pessimistic soured covetous disappointed distrustful green-eyed intolerant invidious misanthropic narrow-minded partial discriminatory spiteful coloured colored disapproving grudging jaded one-sided opprobrious partisan prepossessed skeptical tainted tendentious unenthusiastic unfair unindifferent warped yellow unjust blinkered inequitable racist unobjective non-objective loaded weighted influenced sexist parti pris homophobic narrow small-minded chauvinist racialist heterosexist ageist chauvinistic anti-Semitic illiberal disablist conditioned anti-gay opinionated myopic classist fattist parochial dogmatic inclined predisposed intransigent xenophobic extreme doctrinaire leaning blind presupposing closed-minded hidebound slanted skewed preferential unbalanced subjective prejudicial unequal twisted jingoistic sectarian uneven nationalist lopsided discriminating interested nationalistic false misleading factional unethical arbitrary swayed superpatriotic misrepresented jingoist ethnocentric isolationist perverted wrong wrongful falsified disposed discriminative tampered with imbalanced ill-matched embittered inflexible fanatical uncompromising favouring uncharitable obstinate nonobjective random ill-disposed provocative argumentative questionable doubtful favoring angled undemocratic racially prejudiced racially discriminatory minded insular disproportionate favorably unrepresentative favourably racially bigoted ethnocentrist favorably inclined flag-waving jingo discriminational woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist differential discriminate unjustified male chauvinist excludent undeserved unmerited misreported inaccurate garbled male supremacist exclusive devoted shabby overzealous cliquish unreasoning fixed accessory unrighteous excessive sympathetic fanatic zealous underhand diehard unforgivable denominational limited conspiratorial adhering low-down misstated doctored changed altered iniquitous unwarranted unprincipled below the belt undue dishonorable dishonest unlawful discreditable devious improper fraudulent cheating bad blameworthy culpable unrightful immoral deceitful dishonourable inexcusable vicious cruel injurious shameful base low vile criminal petty grievous wicked shameless tinkered with uncalled-for

Động từ

Past tense for to conceive, or form an opinion of, beforehand

Trái nghĩa của preconceived

preconceived Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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