Đồng nghĩa của undemocratic

Alternative for undemocratic

  • tính từ
    • không dân chủ; phản dân chủ

Tính từ

Serving to repress or suppress
repressive severe tough authoritarian coercive despotic dictatorial harsh oppressive tyrannical anti-democratic autocratic fascist totalitarian tyrannous absolute brutal cruel dominating draconian iron-fisted strict suppressive constraining exploitive forbidding governing illiberal prohibiting restrictive domineering imperious overbearing peremptory autarchic high-handed arbitrary monocratic bossy tyrannic autocratical authoritative masterful czarist tsarist one-party overweening dogmatic ruthless unlimited demanding magisterial unjust fascistic rigid doctrinaire inhuman absolutist all-powerful unyielding dystopian merciless inflexible summary uncontrolled unaccountable arrogant ironhanded heavy-handed mean iron-handed commanding disciplinarian unconstitutional single-party haughty unrestricted unreasonable bullying omnipotent Neronian pushing driving czarlike unrestrained willful wilful supreme autarchical downright controlling subjugating officious pushy no joke flat-out no ifs ands or buts straight out dominant throwing one's weight about overpowering cocky high and mighty monolithic Stalinist communist total totalistic nationalist xenophobic militarist nationalistic jingoistic Mosleyite chauvinist isolationist corporatist corporativist racist Falangist Francoist anti-Semitic neo-fascist extreme right-wing far right-wing far rightist ultra-right heavy burdensome crushing overwhelming hardhanded punitive pitiless murderous trying onerous stiff rugged inexorable grim relentless excruciating searing rough grievous bitter unfair hard disheartening gloomy backbreaking bleak discouraging weighty worrying sombre distressing exacting troublesome stressful hefty dismal exigent depressive troubling dispiriting somber taxing depressing confining headache superincumbent rough going

Tính từ

Contrary to or violative of the constitution of a state or other sovereign institution
unconstitutional illegal illegitimate unlawful unofficial wrongful against the law banned criminal felonious forbidden illicit lawless not legal outlawed prohibited prosecutable unauthorised unauthorized violating proscribed unwarranted unlicensed interdicted barred crooked shady unsanctioned actionable verboten wildcat contraband bootleg black-market under-the-table under the table dishonest taboo lawbreaking smuggled unwarrantable heavy irregular racket hot extralegal malfeasant dodgy bent not allowed not permitted under the counter not approved sub rosa outside the law impermissible tabu unapproved improper fraudulent corrupt dishonourable unaccredited uncertified disallowed against the rules dishonorable wicked wrong no-no unjustified dirty pirated off the record not sanctioned off base over the line out of bounds out of line under-the-counter off limits bogus non licet villainous immoral evil indictable nefarious culpable sinful bad iniquitous unethical vile vicious black dark unrighteous rotten restricted base adulterous reprehensible unscrupulous unprincipled depraved haram delinquent unsavory flagitious miscreant unsavoury vetoed despicable two-timing not cricket foul dissolute ruled out reprobate tapu barbarous unfair guilty underhand blameworthy unjust not acceptable no go transgressing punishable heinous hateful atrocious detestable abominable mean monstrous diabolical fiendish outrageous unacceptable odious contemptible shocking ungodly execrable horrible profane murderous diabolic sacrilegious unholy blasphemous degenerate polygamous bigamous off-limits sordid amoral offensive roguish scoundrelly chargeable low-down egregious warped stinking beastly rascally scandalous morally wrong dastardly bootlegged unconscionable devious stolen reserved clandestine furtive infamous cruel ignoble disapproved debased disreputable refused irreligious peccant impious indecent erring fallen impure godless low disgusting sullied tainted maleficent perverted unworthy shameful contrary to law peccable in violation of law black-hearted out-of-bounds on the side secret closed off undocumented embargoed penal debarred excluded convictable inappropriate unclean inadmissible groundless inaccessible pirate shut out responsible condemned closed down closed-up closed closed-down out hooky treacherous plagiarised plagiarized controlled ignominious underhanded disgraceful notorious unreasonable indefensible unnecessary undue undeserved knockoff shonky uncharitable wretched undignified abject unbecoming paperless triable litigable tortious not on cowardly abhorrent inequitable condemnable no-go illegally obtained nasty risqué lamentable caitiff snide servile scurvy currish shabby degraded obscene inelegant menial paltry unprofessional uncalled for dissipated naughty smutty blamable salacious censurable profligate wanton debauched deceitful slippery irreverent unmentionable back-door gray grey dangerous abandoned worthless off-color low-minded unseemly deleterious injurious damaging devilish terrible baneful hurtful prejudicial harmful pernicious incorrigible nocuous adverse noxious mischievous baleful cutthroat sneaky negligent heartless detrimental wayward ill unspeakable shameless flimflam fishy Machiavellian cheating scam slick unthinkable ineffable rude indecorous censored anathema unutterable impolite inhuman bad news frowned on ruffianly blackguardly gangland underworld thievish dirty-dealing two-faced double-crossing fly-by-night distasteful disapproved of beyond the pale informal loathsome deplorable unpleasant obnoxious undesirable knavish disorderly anarchic terrorist unruly disruptive insurgent insurrectionary anarchical rebellious seditious mutinying insubordinate mutinous noncompliant revolting nonconformist sly savage anarchistic uncivilised disobedient turbulent violent warlike contumacious criminogenic ungoverned unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic disordered racketeering excessive recusant uncultivated infringing piratical traitorous smoking gun without law and order

Tính từ

Not republican

Tính từ

Unfair, unequal or unjust
inequitable biased one-sided partial prejudiced unfair discriminatory partisan unjust preferential loaded non-objective slanted unbalanced unequal uneven weighted arbitrary unethical bigoted lopsided coloured warped parti pris colored influenced ill-matched prejudicial intolerant skewed distorted jaundiced predisposed narrow-minded prepossessed disproportionate iniquitous unwarranted racist sexist homophobic chauvinist racialist anti-Semitic heterosexist chauvinistic anti-gay invidious factional unjustified ageist disablist wrong classist wrongful interested misleading inclined tendentious parochial opinionated blind random twisted offensive favorably unrepresentative favourably objectionable deleterious detrimental unconstitutional high-handed autocratic dictatorial ill-disposed sectarian unindifferent minded disposed subjective undeserved unmerited favorably inclined favouring irregular shabby excessive underhand fixed unforgivable low-down unrighteous blinkered unobjective exclusive devoted sympathetic overzealous fanatic cliquish zealous unreasoning diehard denominational limited conspiratorial adhering accessory off-balance nonsymmetrical unproportionate inequal overbalanced narrow small-minded illiberal conditioned favoring myopic fattist dogmatic intransigent xenophobic hidebound extreme doctrinaire leaning presupposing closed-minded preconceived below the belt discriminating unprincipled undue devious improper dishonorable fraudulent dishonest cheating unlawful discreditable bad blameworthy culpable unrightful immoral low vile deceitful dishonourable inexcusable criminal vicious cruel petty injurious grievous shameful wicked false shameless base uncalled-for inflexible insular provincial rigid small-town localist inward-looking restricted short-sighted petty-minded close-minded picayune dyed-in-the-wool Lilliputian entrenched small blimpish claustral parish-pump jerkwater conventional little fanatical reactionary uncompromising stuffy uncharitable obdurate conservative jingoistic misrepresented extremist swayed set perverted sceptical strait-laced falsified nationalistic moralistic prim puritanical prudish priggish starchy prissy skeptical shockable obstinate pigheaded tampered with embittered provocative argumentative questionable doubtful constricted one-eyed discriminative unimaginative puritan borné inexorable ungenerous closed selfish mean angled circumscribed clannish contracted secluded sequestered confined separated set in one's ways schismatic misreported inaccurate garbled misstated ultra-conservative doctored changed altered ethnocentric flag-waving isolationist resentful nationalist jingoist superpatriotic unsympathetic tinkered with religious sectional nonconforming dissident nonconformist local splinter cynical bitter jealous unforgiving woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist envious unenlarged suspicious male chauvinist irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse antipathetic indignant unindulgent individualistic snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish contemptuous unforbearing hateful fractious disdainful tilted manipulative propagandist polemical male supremacist disenchanted soured disillusioned hostile pessimistic distrustful disappointed misanthropic green-eyed covetous spiteful adamant assertive yellow unenthusiastic grudging tainted jaded opprobrious disapproving pontifical arrogant cocksure dogmatical overbearing pompous imperious opinionative domineering opinioned of fixed views single-minded self-important bull-headed self-assertive stubborn of preconceived ideas self-opinionated

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