Đồng nghĩa của iniquitous

Alternative for iniquitous

Trái nghĩa: righteousness,

Tính từ

Grossly unfair and morally wrong
evil immoral wicked sinful criminal nefarious base heinous villainous abominable atrocious unjust vicious vile improper reprehensible dreadful execrable foul infamous odious unrighteous bad black dark egregious intolerable malicious monstrous obscene outrageous rotten scandalous shocking unethical unfair unlawful unsavoury unsavory wrong accursed dastardly facinorous malfeasant reprobate flagitious naughty perverse depraved corrupt unprincipled shameful degenerate despicable dishonourable diabolical dishonest dishonorable ungodly dissolute disgraceful perverted unscrupulous disreputable contemptible fiendish unholy shady loathsome horrible abhorrent appalling ignoble crooked dirty offensive wrongful unspeakable mean irreligious detestable terrible debauched profane hateful blasphemous sacrilegious low-down impious barbarous discreditable low godless devilish culpable sordid bent deplorable cruel malevolent morally wrong diabolic impure amoral beastly opprobrious nasty infernal ignominious warped disgusting dissipated inexcusable hideous erring irreverent damnable horrifying underhand awful debased stinking blameworthy satanic shameless unforgivable indecent miscreant demonic illegal wanton deceitful decadent maleficent peccable objectionable lawless scoundrelly dodgy hellish felonious unconscionable repugnant atheistic savage fraudulent guilty underhanded delinquent gross licentious sinister ghastly not cricket profligate fallen rascally black-hearted indefensible unworthy inhuman wretched abandoned murderous censurable unwarranted devious treacherous unpardonable malignant errant revolting illicit heathen non-theistic pagan sullied tainted barbaric notorious brutish bestial knavish degraded untrustworthy faithless lewd unacceptable horrid obnoxious injurious scurvy loose unhallowed blamable horrendous flagrant condemnable sorry sickening unseemly snide rakish libertine fast frightful ruthless vitiated corrupted inequitable roguish invidious indictable illegitimate shoddy undesirable lamentable shabby intemperate unpleasant abject blameful promiscuous nauseating louche ugly reproachable vindictive paltry currish exceptionable peccant beyond contempt unjustifiable venal lascivious pernicious sick filthy blameable questionable unbearable sleazy lecherous distressing unclean regrettable insupportable insufferable grievous low-minded brutal unhealthy pitiful under-the-table discriminatory at fault prejudicial malefic agnostic weighted two-faced unbelieving cacodemonic demoniac Mephistophelian non-believing vulgar vice-ridden degrading one-sided transgressing unrespectable shy glaring cursed unchaste unjustified unregenerate bad-hearted humiliating grave inglorious lawbreaking iconoclastic aberrant repellent repulsive unsanctified servile menial responsible sneaky harmful nullifidian tragic hurtful mischievous toxic horrific amiss demeritorious distasteful offending unfortunate miserable lustful caitiff cutthroat disrespectful beyond the pale no good shifty dire preposterous squalid against the law coarse Machiavellian petty spiteful answerable wayward bribable worthless rancorous wrathful violent scurrilous merciless poor godawful indelicate disobedient recusant unwholesome demoralized mercenary unfaithful wild noisome noxious lousy cheating excessive perfidious unrestrained prurient corruptible woeful heartbreaking slippery jackleg rakehell grafting swindling buyable reprovable chargeable false crafty tricky grisly gruesome double-dealing God-awful uncivilised uncivilized extortionate rakehelly pathetic desperate sybaritic voluptuary sly demoralised defiled crying fast-living open to blame very bad suborned out of line self-indulgent in the wrong fast and loose gone to the dogs demoniacal putrid sceptical embarrassing morally bereft suspect heretical irreverential secular unblessed unconsecrated cheap shadowy remiss demonian demonical Luciferian infidel barbarian scungy tawdry sad good-for-nothing sinning risqué ruffianly blackguardly deleterious detrimental heathenish idolatrous senseless frenetic maniacal crazed mad possessed smutty salacious thievish ill-famed raunchy undecorous indecorous rough humble slavish ridiculous foolish dubious undignified unbecoming uncharitable ill-reputed pitiable abysmal disastrous lax unprofessional macabre terrific grewsome lurid nightmarish nightmare religionless nonreligious scathel corrupting cowardly disagreeable grim calamitous trashy plebeian lowly common beneath contempt deserving blame off-putting undevout freethinking inelegant mournful crummy cruddy Janus-faced morbid ominous biased prejudiced skeptical free-thinking unspiritual negligent rancid repellant fulsome nauseous yucky sharp rogue deceptive defrauding guileful duplicitous fishy slick flimflam scam gut-churning sick-making icky profiteering unreasonable vomitous bogging backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting steep yucko disgustful loathly partisan off-color callous inhumane immoderate exorbitant unendurable highly improper double-crossing extravagant maddening impossible OTT exasperating unfeeling unkind forbidding bloodthirsty sadistic scheming heartless tyrannical unconscientious inexorable red hot discriminating partial bigoted unequal two-timing dirty-dealing fly-by-night gratuitous unfounded needless unwarrantable baseless injudicious groundless insulting O.T.T. hellacious untruthful lying indirect disparaging exploitative evil-minded self-seeking contemptuous conscienceless cold-blooded despiteful harsh pitiless hard-hearted mean-spirited scrofulous vengeful incorrigible scornful virulent disdainful hollow-hearted on the take pornographic unvirtuous too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious extreme distorted slanted preferential intolerant coloured whorish bawdy vomit-inducing tragical distressful heartrending unlucky over the top X-rated saturnalian graceless hedonic deviant pervy undue unbalanced loaded uneven arbitrary libidinous concupiscent riotous disturbing heart-rending weighty troublesome disquieting dismal upsetting taxing unrightful colored indulgent raffish flagitous twisted accurst freaking cussed darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst blasted danged durned dang confounded darn swinging unconstrained sicko kinky unnatural of easy virtue drunken deteriorated violated easy non-objective uncalled-for liable convicted anathematized apostate dirty-minded accountable uncalled for in the fast lane night owl lacking restraint in the gutter gone bad pleasure-seeking high living hardened doubting canting hypocritical defiling pietistical desecrative contrary undutiful unctuous disbelieving desecrating sanctimonious incriminated blamed under a curse blessed dratted impeached convictable condemned caught censured not religious prohibited doomed accusable on one's head in error unlicensed disorderly contraband clandestine forbidden anarchic furtive terrorist impermissible banned unruly outlawed punishable unsanctioned unauthorized actionable insurrectionary anarchical rebellious interdicted seditious insubordinate disruptive insurgent unofficial mutinying proscribed mutinous anarchistic verboten taboo adulterous noncompliant nonconformist violating turbulent bootleg ungoverned nihilistic uncultivated infringing wildcat unauthorised piratical traitorous heavy warlike contumacious criminogenic unregulated unpeaceful disordered racketeering haram tapu off base black-market smoking gun under-the-counter under the table contrary to law not acceptable under the counter ruled out in violation of law off limits not permitted against the rules without law and order not allowed

Tính từ

Conspicuously or obviously bad, wrong or offensive
flagrant blatant barefaced glaring outrageous dreadful enormous shocking atrocious brazen open scandalous awful bold egregious heinous shameless undisguised arrant flaunting infamous notorious audacious conspicuous evident gross immodest naked obvious ostentatious patent unconcealed complete palpable transparent utter crying disgraceful flagitious manifest monstrous overt pronounced rank reprehensible striking terrible wicked flagitous shameful unashamed villainous capital deliberate flaming grody noticeable bald-faced bare-faced brass-necked out and out out-and-out stick out like sore thumb hanging out outright plain serious sheer unqualified downright grievous absolute inordinate major extreme significant apparent excessive unmitigated exorbitant immoderate unmistakable clear visible unabashed bald stark insolent brash unblushing unembarrassed impudent recognizable brassy undeniable distinct perceptible observable recognisable discernible frank straightforward prominent definite plain to see cheeky overbold explicit total thoroughgoing pure unequivocal unadulterated unrepentant as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile presumptuous indisputable standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb marked salient inescapable clear-cut thorough unambiguous positive unalloyed writ large hardened abandoned distinguishable crystal clear depraved profligate improper dissolute incorrigible unprincipled bodacious reprobate forward flat-out brazenfaced outstanding categorical perceivable obtrusive unchaste rude lewd immoral high-handed avowed self-evident detectable decided unhidden without shame consummate public cocky unsubtle categoric unconditional unfeigned real profound pellucid ringing unambivalent perspicuous lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous broad perfect flashy regular simple open-and-shut bright-line plumb surpassing fair exposed dead flat right stone clean as clear as day deadly blooming crashing blank very all-out straight-out through and through cotton-picking indecent saucy impertinent unconcerned unrestrained tangible protrusive preposterous incontrovertible forthright incontestable wanton wholehearted fresh cut-and-dried sassy inveterate nervy meretricious loud cocksure showy brazen-faced plainly seen demonstrable blinding wise recognized unquestionable arch brassbound remarkable as plain as day staring someone in the face unapologetic bold-faced recognised arresting severe beyond doubt beyond question bold as brass undiluted veritable brutal matter-of-fact on show easily seen staring one in the face in every respect full-bore deep-dyed right-down extravagant genuine amoral unexaggerated temerarious above board unveiled confident appreciable dinkum glaringly obvious exclusive controlled full unmissable undismayed undaunted notable well-known defiant comprehensive pointed pert corrupt exhaustive undiminished much in evidence unchallenged uncontested accepted uncompromising whole open and shut artless pushy discernable apprehensible sensible fearless unawed unshrinking unflinching infernal entire blasted standing out clearly visible as clear as crystal impenitent remorseless sure plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming certain poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed true-blue dyed-in-the-wool through-and-through full-scale published written all over someone flip contumelious hotshot tawdry gritty smart-alecky spunky gutsy publicized eye-catching as bold as brass revealed acknowledged snazzy gaudy glitzy screaming garish publicised known shared broadcast in plain sight in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known blunt flamboyant brilliant dominant grabby predominant commanding dramatic emphatic splashy catchy candid unvarnished unembellished unstinting unsparing direct kenspeckle forestanding noisy axiomatic honest straight upfront guileless upright outspoken unreserved unadorned uninhibited to the fore in the foreground plainspoken heartless forthcoming unguarded natural maximum utmost deep overwhelming intense radical thundering ultimate hellacious proper supreme harsh great tremendous acute almighty uber self-explanatory conclusive understandable precise as plain as the nose on one's face written all over one right under one's nose clear as a bell free-spoken up-front no-nonsense plain-spoken unregenerate vile

Tính từ

(of a tax or other charge) Extremely high, harsh or severe
punitive harsh severe stiff stringent austere burdensome draconian drastic high cruel demanding savage crippling crushing excessive exorbitant extortionate inflated sky-high swingeing immoderate inordinate outrageous prohibitive unreasonable preposterous gross expensive penal hard tough onerous rigorous punishing difficult arduous oppressive exacting taxing trying challenging gruelling strenuous grievous grueling murderous heavy rough back-breaking uphill exigent tiring stressful rugged toilsome strict laborious grim wearing brutal killing testing extreme draining formidable grinding excruciating weighty sapping backbreaking exhausting herculean hellish killer wearisome moiling hellacious effortful tortuous troublesome harrowing persnickety tall sweaty wearying stern hardhanded ambitious bitter intolerable enervative inhuman searing tedious unrelenting agonizing forbidding tricky fierce fatiguing Herculean Augean pick-and-shovel agonising serious strong relentless pitiless dire steep intense despotic daunting bruising torturous bleak ponderous bad wretched inhospitable comfortless inexorable thorny bothersome painstaking galling spartan unsparing debilitating distressing solemn disturbing superincumbent imperious unbearable painful unpleasant unendurable enervating mighty substantial impossible unfair colossal stretching merciless titanic hefty whopping harmful overburdening very difficult domineering summary ruthless authoritarian tyrannical desperate Draconian forceful radical suppressive repressive heavy-handed iron-fisted arbitrary sombre somber firm rigid stark inflexible uncompromising punitory grave very severe disagreeable awful disastrous sober straitened calamitous biting uncomfortable scabrous discomforting Spartan bare-bones overwhelming insufferable barren hostile desolate hypercritical by the book thorough precise critical careful nit-picking tiresome unforgiving toilful cumbersome operose knackering upstream vigorous intimidating hairy gargantuan pressing unyielding jarring distressful unfriendly shattering time-consuming backbreaker energy-consuming depleting irksome vexatious worrisome inconvenient awkward a nuisance an imposition carking worrying undue overweening towering unconscionable sharp unmerciful hardheaded intractable overdue insane plethoric baroque overextravagant extravagant overmuch headstrong devilish robust great

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