Đồng nghĩa của unfeigned

Alternative for unfeigned

unfeigned /ʌn'feind/
  • tính từ
    • không vờ; chân thực, thành thực

Tính từ

Having or showing whole, sincere and enthusiastic support
heartfelt sincere genuine real unaffected artless uncontrived unforced unpretended wholehearted authentic candid deep earnest frank honest natural pukka pure true upfront dinkum full-hearted truthful unassumed bona fide from the heart on the level fervent ardent profound warm enthusiastic hearty passionate open serious unpretentious guileless cordial devout trustworthy deeply felt righteous forthright impassioned zealous thorough eager unpretending up front unquestionable intense unadulterated complete positive fervid actual undesigning absolute total reliable vehement solemn committed avid torrid burning fiery fanatical keen deep-seated unreserved thoroughgoing dedicated whole-souled ingenuous red-hot heart-to-heart without airs free-spoken easy unimpeachable valid known well-established simple unstilted untainted unartificial deepest dear unmannered meant pretensionless undissembled legitimate credible creditable twenty-four carat fair dinkum honest to God uninhibited childlike emotional down-to-earth animated straight flaming perfervid strong feeling excited spirited passional entrenched powerful abject acute plain-spoken superheated charged religious glowing feverish card-carrying blazing ecstatic demonstrative hot-blooded warm-blooded incandescent faithful straightforward raw heightened severe extreme hard-core intrenched exceptional consuming rooted extraordinary veracious round gotta have gung ho dying to keen as mustard enthused hopped up mad keen pious hot for tender true blue warmhearted heated responsive deep-rooted stirring inflamed rousing supreme excessive great inveterate grave literal truth-telling plainspoken outspoken true-blue on the up and up proper just believable precise meaning what one says scrupulous realistic legit square veritable kosher like it is emphatic unstinting full unshakeable categorical unambiguous unqualified settled all-consuming solid staunch unlimited unconditional unrestricted unequivocal determined unflinching undivided unmitigated devoted sure unswerving steady steadfast unwavering unfaltering utter unalloyed bred-in-the-bone confirmed enduring undiluted stalwart unquestioning outright fullhearted loyal abiding entire constant whole-hearted out-and-out without reservations hundred percent never-failing firm resolute downright definite all-out consummate sheer perfect certain intent resolved strenuous whole explicit persistent direct unflagging arrant clear decided express categoric persevering stark flat unrestrained fixed clean insistent fast flat-out straight-out all out indefatigable forceful assertive aggressive vigorous tenacious dogged resounding untiring uncompromising unrelenting rank regular fair plumb unmistakable assured dead dependable bodacious crashing deadly blank very stone dreadful blooming unconstrained concerted stubborn deliberate set full-on adamant deep-dyed stanch cotton-picking inexorable down-the-line straight out no catch driven meaning business allegiant no ifs ands or buts tireless diligent energetic concentrated unhesitating exclusive purposeful bold unvarnished wholesale focused violent muscular dynamic in earnest decisive focussed single-minded definitive relentless final indubitable unyielding conscientious full-blooded trusty good ultimate determinate plenary wide unmixed right unflappable obdurate unbending immovable bound rigid one hundred per cent supportive unmovable through and through without reservation tried-and-true no holds barred no kicker no strings no fine print liege full-scale not joking sworn convinced full-frontal urgent formal individual industrious infernal blessed blasted confounded special particular durable unfluctuating assiduous restless enterprising ambitious rigorous painstaking unmodified undiminished unsurpassed unvacillating unfailing unremitting sedulous hell-bent serious-minded sweeping pigheaded sustained mulish stiff-necked effusive gushing daring radical militant laborious without limit without qualification all-embracing hard-hitting uncontrolled exhaustive unbridled personal active virile hardy robust vital sound bound and determined bent on dead set on going all the way hard-working in person out and out changeless stable established immobile forcible pulling no punches upright dutiful true-hearted honourable responsible moral tried virtuous ethical decent honorable secure trustable nice safe distinct calculable right-minded worthy truehearted veridical all right no lie undistorted estimable high-principled ringing obvious confident trenchant impressive evident pointed glaring sober significant cogent accented dogmatic potent stressed important unbroken undistracted collective no mistake engrossed unshared consistent conclusive for a face united absorbed overt unanimous attentive continued apodictic specific circumspect all minute detailed vigilant unswervable undaunted clear-cut point-blank pertinacious lock stock and barrel in every respect no strings attached full-bore right-down strong-minded strong-willed steely purposive obstinate inflexible intransigent implacable brave manful courageous plucky stout bulldog unshaken indomitable four-square stout-hearted mettlesome gritty unbendable indurate stiff unshakable valiant gutsy undeviating compulsive unchanging rock-ribbed full of determination grim perseverant spunky

Tính từ

Real and exactly what it appears to be
genuine authentic actual legitimate real bona fide original true pure sound veritable unadulterated unalloyed valid certifiable undisputed certified echt indisputable official accurate indubitable lawful precise legal proved pucka pukka attested authenticated bonafide uncounterfeited credible creditable legit reliable unfaked veracious dependable trustworthy veridical fair dinkum honest right proper dinkum kosher sure-enough rightful for real authorized authorised sanctioned correct approved licensed licit authoritative accepted acceptable honest-to-goodness accredited licenced on the level recognized good aboveboard permissible constitutional warranted effective just real McCoy sterling card-carrying recognised acknowledged strict justified allowed sincere straight faithful truthful natural legalized binding fair admissible permitted above board appropriate well-founded statutory contractual legalised unquestionable committed regular listed within the law hundred percent paid-up unpretentious exact unaffected cardholding factual allowable archetypal admitted established statutable verifiable fair and square sure justifiable certain legally acceptable not copied true-blue due true to life the real McCoy legally binding in effect signed and sealed in force on the up and up well founded de jure straight dinkum dinky-die well-established up front professional qualified expert unsimulated loyal conforming orthodox according to law suitable prototypical influential straightforward master effectual reputable trusty upfront square straight-shooting definitive true-to-life live first generation right as rain telling the truth on the up-and-up simon-pure genuine article fact-based twenty-four carat your actual real thing on the nail based on facts reasonable sensible straight from the horse's mouth copper-bottomed cogent enforceable definite stable by the book sanctioned by law going by the rules supportable coherent tenable sustainable compelling reasoned defensible convincing ex cathedra upright confirmed solid grounded plausible logical pragmatic lucid believable congruent realistic warrantable viable workable condign innocent granted protected precedented chartered enjoined passed decreed ordained enforcible judged prescribed enforced documented formal verified well grounded declared ratified validated registered understandable rational persuasive sure enough confessed from the horse's mouth subscribed usable returned proclaimed answered unquestioned endorsed unexpired undoubted avowed sworn conceded unchallenged well-known enrolled commissioned enlisted installed financial inducted agreed professed known paid up characteristic guileless typical ingenuous archetypical representative agreed upon widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted artless simple concrete de facto unpretending dead-on average standard normal direct existent undesigning fitting dinky-di

Tính từ

Not disguised, plainly visible
undisguised patent explicit manifest out-and-out transparent undeniable unhidden unmistakable unrestrained blatant clear clear-cut complete evident frank naked obvious open overt palpable straightforward unconcealed utter bald barefaced bold flagrant glaring observable recognisable recognizable visible audacious brazen plain pointed shameless stark thoroughgoing wholehearted accepted plain to see recognised recognized unchallenged uncontested writ large as clear as day as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb genuine perceptible noticeable dinkum apparent conspicuous downright unequivocal unambiguous direct honest candid distinct unqualified forthright outspoken pronounced striking blunt gross sheer upfront bald-faced straight plain-spoken truthful outright arrant definite prominent unreserved straight from the shoulder rank indisputable discernible sincere unambivalent nonambiguous self-evident plainspoken matter-of-fact egregious real open-and-shut crystal clear decided artless absolute unashamed unquestionable lucid up front pellucid perspicuous ringing unmitigated uninhibited forthcoming unguarded openhearted freehearted brash simple unabashed marked unvarnished outrageous free-spoken pure luculent luminous broad unexaggerated guileless perceivable bare-faced bright-line straight-out unsubtle inescapable salient up-front like it is categorical brutal harsh free avowed distinguishable point-blank unveiled ingenuous impudent tangible unblushing insolent staring someone in the face detectable incontrovertible out-front immodest unembarrassed call a spade a spade from the hip brassy dreadful cut-and-dried realistic bluff notorious total brass-necked natural certain thorough unrestricted beyond doubt beyond question foursquare lay it on the line warts and all true to life written all over someone axiomatic perfect saying what one thinks open and shut public unadulterated self-explanatory atrocious unadorned positive unrepentant crying understandable obtrusive bare rude monstrous sensible overbold capital outstanding without shame revealed extreme undiplomatic tactless indubitable conclusive no-nonsense as plain as day clear cut straight-shooting calling spade a spade not afraid to call a spade a spade laying it on the line shocking flaunting heinous enormous scandalous ostentatious forward incontestable unembellished consummate unconditional infamous cheeky terrible reprehensible disgraceful plainly seen indecent wicked brusque shameful demonstrable blinding unalloyed deliberate iniquitous villainous presumptuous unceremonious literal categoric profound exposed abrupt regular easily seen on view on display all-out glaringly obvious meretricious flashy loud fair plumb protrusive seeable deep-dyed dead flat inordinate aboveboard man-to-man much in evidence excessive bodacious crashing deadly blank very stone clean blooming unevasive right in evidence arresting cotton-picking flat-out out and out raw sure as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell undissembling unreticent round square straight-talking as plain as the nose on your face speaking as one finds not beating around the bush point blank straight to the point out in the open under one's nose undoubted brazenfaced easily noticed distinctive ill-disguised above board fundamental full appreciable unmissable comprehensible manifestly temerarious well-known notable dyed-in-the-wool evinced divulged disclosed exact hard crass very great veritable extravagant evidenced prima facie exclusive controlled proper specific serious cold discernable apprehensible express mere grievous vociferous noncontroversial cut and dried whole emphatic irrefutable definitive black-and-white straight-from-the-shoulder exorbitant significant major as clear as crystal make no bones beyond a doubt plain as the nose on your face staring you in the face patently true vocal immoderate plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming remarkable for real hardened corrupt abandoned strident opinionated unstudied unaffected published brute talking turkey depraved profligate improper staring one in the face easy familiar naive scrupulous heart-to-heart upright publicized unpretentious true unpretending dissolute impenitent incorrigible remorseless unprincipled entire snazzy gaudy glitzy screaming showy garish reprobate acknowledged unartful unartificial in plain sight utmost publicised known shared broadcast two-fisted laid on the line square-shooting right-on on the level level honest-to-goodness plain-dealing pretenseless on the square on the up and up straight-arrow undissembled plain-speaking unchaste lewd immoral high-handed on show in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known viewable seen main only visual discoverable macroscopic signal ocular in view in sight anywhere to be seen not hidden big as life to be seen awful saucy defiant impertinent brazen-faced pert no lie inveterate surpassing flagitious pushy flagitous curt short grody flaming arch cocky wise fresh bold-faced cocksure sassy nervy brassbound unregenerate precise written all over one right under one's nose terse sharp indelicate gruff undiluted vile crisp caustic flip contumelious hotshot tawdry gritty smart-alecky spunky gutsy through and through in every respect full-bore right-down snippy short-spoken trenchant crusty hard-hitting to the point brusk impolite stick out like sore thumb uncivil unpolished discourteous severe as bold as brass hanging out uncompromising snappy brief pulling no punches austere not mincing one's words speaking one's mind not beating about the bush calling a spade a spade unornamented plain vanilla undecorated patchy threadbare worn

Tính từ

Direct and without attempting to disguise unpleasantness
brutal blunt frank barefaced blatant candid direct forthright open unembellished unsparing unstinting unvarnished bald brazen clear explicit flagrant guileless honest naked outright outspoken plain stark straight straightforward transparent unadorned uninhibited unreserved upfront upright complete downright forthcoming heartless natural palpable patent plainspoken real severe total unambiguous unconcealed unequivocal unguarded plain-spoken flat-out matter-of-fact bare-faced free-spoken out-and-out up-front no-nonsense simple basic bare harsh grim ingenuous round up front openhearted freehearted truthful sincere foursquare out-front straight from the shoulder undisguised free bluff artless unqualified not afraid to call a spade a spade genuine like it is lay it on the line from the hip undiplomatic realistic straight-talking warts and all straight-shooting aboveboard abrupt saying what one thinks call a spade a spade unrestricted man-to-man tactless true to life unexaggerated categorical point-blank talking turkey unrestrained speaking as one finds straight-out unfiltered undissembled heart-to-heart unevasive unveiled bold vocal undissembling brusque raw unreticent unceremonious on the level straight to the point point blank to the point rude laying it on the line calling spade a spade literal easy apparent familiar naive scrupulous curt short plain-speaking straight-from-the-shoulder gruff not beating around the bush snippy brusk short-spoken crusty on the up and up terse not beating about the bush brief cavalier personal intimate gritty forward woman-to-woman off-the-record overt visible vociferous communicative indiscreet exact free-speaking innocent fair opinionated strident square unconstrained demonstrative unmistakable above board insensitive impolitic avowed unmodified open-and-shut austere no beating around the bush no lie speaking straight from the shoulder unbiased unprejudiced open-hearted pure pretenseless level unornamented plain vanilla undecorated unashamed clear-cut not pulling any punches unpretended frontal parrhesiastic fundamental dinkum threadbare worn patchy two-fisted indelicate sharp for real open and shut obvious sheer manifest evident plain-dealing on the square straight-arrow right-on honest-to-goodness crisp caustic right up front square-shooting hard-hitting trenchant impolite hard uncivil unpolished discourteous uncompromising snappy not mincing one's words pulling no punches calling a spade a spade speaking one's mind telling it like it is laid on the line cold rough hearty good-natured genial approachable friendly cheery bearish snippety blustering breviloquent tart loud laconic definite distinct specific absolute express

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