Đồng nghĩa của only

Alternative for only

Đồng nghĩa: just, merely, simply,

Tính từ

One of its or their kind
one sole solitary lone single unique exclusive individual alone one-off singular special distinct isolated onliest particular solo sui generis unaccompanied only possible by oneself one and only one shot once in a lifetime separate lonely discrete specific lonesome definite independent odd companionless unitary distinguished by itself unrepeatable all alone exceptional respective self-contained unshared especial disparate uncommon one of a kind distinctive private only one stag forsaken express unattended on its own certain original limited-edition never-to-be-repeated once-in-a-lifetime remaining ace deliberate final detached unescorted precise peculiar nonce standalone last atypical unusual only remaining abandoned without companions single-handed specified fixed purposeful clear-cut abnormal random incomparable sole remaining untypical anomalous freak by yourself select selfstanding personal diacritic autonomous particularised particularized only surviving unsociable only one left one-of-a-kind reclusive unrelated stray hermit friendless cloistered unrepeated withdrawn antisocial on one's own retiring unsocial introverted characteristic pure unmixed signature undivided distinguishing simple unalloyed unblended uncompounded separated hermitic hermitical distant reserved eremetic misanthropic offish out-of-the-way deserted lorn retired standoffish self-sufficient uncompanionable aloof left alone one only singled-out secluded sequestered quiet remote hidden segregated cut off insular secret covert sheltered shy seclusive unfrequented hermetic hermit-like recluse secluse off the beaten track removed eremitic introvert insulated tucked away shut off monastic forlorn anchoritic desolate estranged concealed uncommunicative reticent blockaded undisturbed unapproachable demure ascetic uninhabited restrained screened cool marooned out of the way cloistral contemplative set apart isolate close closet beleaguered quarantined silent secretive inward-looking unforthcoming outcast confidential incommunicado rejected meditative timorous diffident unbefriended destitute cautious bashful taciturn apart cold media-shy retreated sheepish modest timid coy backward self-effacing recessive cut-off out on a limb thoughtful stand-offish undemonstrative close-mouthed off the grid closed inaccessible stranded protected confined restricted shielded high and dry immune shut-off unworldly departed unconnected inconspicuous shrinking eremitical austere shrouded monkish celibate hard to find hidden away shut away to one side peaceful taken out socially inhibited uncherished unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious inhibited nongregarious uncurious casual uninterested indifferent left down empty disconsolate renounced comfortless troglodytic godforsaken homeless cenobitic conventual introspective monachal coenobitic meek indrawn Spartan frugal oblate discreet pensive self-absorbed self-interested onetime closemouthed constrained reflective soft-spoken collected ruminative inner-directed self-centred unfriendly ungregarious laconic self-restrained guarded self-centered unrevealing snobbish shunned unattached one-shot alienated unpopular unwanted non-communicative tight-lipped once-off once-only spurned ostracized unloved uncared-for without friends adrift ostracised without ties with no ties with no one to turn to all by one's self without a friend in the world

Tính từ

Far surpassing any other, without rival or match
unparalleled unrivaled unrivalled unsurpassed inimitable unequaled unequalled incomparable unmatched unsurpassable matchless peerless unexampled nonpareil supreme unique superlative beyond compare without equal perfect second to none transcendent consummate out of sight surpassing rare outstanding beyond comparison paramount superior singular excellent alone exquisite towering best faultless unprecedented greatest preeminent most unmatchable extraordinary super unbeatable champion tops top ultimate unchallenged without parallel unparagoned without match ideal par excellence in a class of its own unheard-of record unapproached all-time solid-gold gilt-edge aces best ever model pre-eminent world class without peer elite choice in a class of one's own one and only sovereign exceptional one-in-a-million hors concours unusual aberrant freak single unheard of highest utmost topmost maximum uttermost max unequalable extreme significant maxi the most foremost leading unexcelled chief premier great prominent predominant principal distinguished stellar phenomenal dominant finest eminent head first primary main capital star major select lead prime remarkable absolute notable fantastic key central cardinal special grand first-class prodigious incredible striking unbeaten superb illustrious number one supereminent amazing premium first-rate overriding master arch primal overbearing overmastering exemplary commanding top-tier top-notch renowned magnificent awesome sui generis one of a kind famous top-drawer numero uno ascendant complete big prevailing apex presiding novel arch- terrific sovran marvellous original total prior new important marvelous unconditional fine signal wonderful industry leading fresh best possible number-one in a league of its own newfangled top-class a cut above the rest topflight top drawer celebrated sublime splendid awe-inspiring noteworthy unassailable ruling fabulous unlimited biggest better optimal reigning infinite boundless flawless high utter regnant greater uncommon abnormal governing predominate optimum utopian dominating prevalent freakish unknown anomalous extraordinaire undefeated one-off whole finished uppermost untypical strange groundbreaking atypical unaccustomed unfamiliar revolutionary outré momentous pioneering crack ace outre odd preternatural outlandish idiosyncratic eccentric miraculous bizarre exotic top of the line top of the range number 1 directing first-time record-breaking first class primo high-class top-of-the-range prize-winning ground-breaking out of the ordinary out-of-the-way sans pareil perpetual everlasting enduring front marquee stupendous tremendous wondrous one in first place beyond description beyond words exclusive well-known exalted individual senior larger higher bigger elder final culminating definitive irreproachable royal decisive essential classic prototypical typical quintessential exacting untouchable of the highest quality out-of-sight noted crown vintage A-1 Grade A big-time blue-ribbon choicest boss estimable superfine regal unrestricted unrestrained unbounded standout irreplaceable highest ranking mother of all without an equal stand alone imperial full kingly out of this world all-time best invincible monarchical monarchal unconquerable indomitable exceeding far-out unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself preponderant majestic guiding monarchial lofty unstoppable transcendental especial invulnerable unconventional purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated something else separate without precedent unordinary unrepeatable excelling impressive sensational good breathtaking dazzling admirable cracking mean moving accomplished entire intellectual intuitive uplifting primordial inspiring obscure hypothetical inspirational transcending unconfined intact innate abstract eternal theoretical impregnable bulletproof insuperable insurmountable wicked dainty elegant delicate sterling eximious valuable invaluable tip-top unusually good astonishing distinctive world-class memorable marked beyond grasp of the first water of the first order extremely good very good in a league of their own one in a million priceless precious particular rich recherche refreshing very fine mind-boggling mind-blowing not beatable peak authoritative core domineering controlling profound categorical outright sheer furthermost largest downright categoric thoroughgoing thorough pure unqualified unadulterated unmitigated definite stark fair plumb nth unalloyed arrant rank solid bodacious dead deadly dreadful flat conspicuous clean blooming out-and-out all-out errant blank positive perfected chronic cotton-picking flat-out impeccable straight-out deep-dyed most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent

Phó từ

No more or no greater than
barely just hardly scarcely narrowly at best not until as little as at most no more than not more than only just at a push no greater than slightly by the narrowest of margins by a whisker marginally almost nearly by the skin of your teeth by a hair's breadth by the skin of one's teeth by inches by very little by a narrow margin faintly rarely little none usually ill no noway not much not infrequently scantly comparatively gradually detectably imperceptibly sparsely sporadically seldom perceptibly with difficulty somewhat simply not quite not measurably pretty near not often not likely not a bit not at all by a very small margin not by much not noticeably by a hair once in a blue moon with trouble not notably practically not with effort almost inconceivably by no means not markedly no way almost not by a nose occasionally now and then once in a while uncommonly sometimes irregularly intermittently from time to time every now and then every once in a while periodically on occasion hardly ever at times every so often now and again at intervals off and on scarcely ever on occasions unusually almost never spasmodically every now and again on the odd occasion on and off nominally negligibly certainly not unfrequently erratically unoften interruptedly piecemeal fitfully now by fits and starts discontinuously only now and then on rare occasions only occasionally in fits and starts ever and anon once or twice here and there recently just barely noways never sparingly just possibly nothing nowise definitely not surely not not regularly only with effort only with difficulty at random time to time on no account under no circumstances semioccasionally whimsically inhabitually a few times not very often in a few cases once and again


Nothing but

Trái nghĩa của only

only Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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