Đồng nghĩa của supereminent

Alternative for supereminent

supereminent /,sju:pə'reminənt/
  • tính từ
    • tuyệt tác, siêu việt

Tính từ

Having power and influence over others
dominant commanding authoritative supreme powerful predominant superior predominate prevailing prevalent imposing premier prepollent prime dominating domineering prepotent unassailable assertive prominent regnant strong ascendant governing leading presiding authoritarian autocratic reigning transcendent dictatorial emphatic imperious insistent compelling magisterial remarkable controlling ruling chief foremost top principal primary head paramount lead preeminent first main greatest cardinal overriding key central high highest sovereign master arch grand pre-eminent capital primal overbearing overmastering sovran major ultimate peerless matchless unsurpassed unrivalled incomparable best consummate unequaled unequalled unrivaled number one numero uno big prior unsurpassable towering inimitable top-tier great excellent finest utmost renowned unparalleled outstanding famous surpassing perfect senior topmost nonpareil unbeatable unmatched second to none top-drawer number-one distinguished exalted unmatchable well-known stellar top-ranking eminent star important definitive decisive exceptional celebrated illustrious superlative untouchable absolute total directing crack top-notch ranking uppermost unconditional champion beginning opening arch- fundamental marquee basic highest ranking mother of all integral essential intrinsic underlying rudimentary elemental elementary vital critical root original crucial apex optimal premium biggest peak record optimum unprecedented complete core maximum unexampled unexcelled utopian select undefeated unbeaten exemplary furthermost largest without equal best possible beyond compare industry leading top-class top of the line top of the range record-breaking first class first-class top-of-the-range a cut above the rest top drawer par excellence prize-winning number 1 topflight sans pareil preponderant of greatest importance unlimited successful royal infinite boundless unrestricted regal unrestrained unbounded imperial utter full kingly monarchical monarchal lofty majestic guiding monarchial headmost crowning in control top-priority in the ascendancy notable potent mighty influential omnipotent weighty overpowering official efficacious almighty effective supervisory arbitrary all-powerful first and foremost of prime importance of supreme importance holding the reins more powerful most important most outstanding most excellent most influential most prominent most powerful most noticeable most obvious

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