Đồng nghĩa của finest

Alternative for finest

fines, fined, fining, finer, finest

Đồng nghĩa: charge, delicate, excellent, good, minute, nice, penalize, polished, refined, splendid, tasteful, tax,

Trái nghĩa: cloudy, coarse, rainy,

Danh từ

A person or thing regarded as precious or special
gem jewel treasure prize cream paragon flower best pearl ideal pride nonpareil choice epitome model exemplar masterpiece tops elect star embodiment standard prototype archetype apotheosis glory quintessence pick wonder personification acme paradigm catch elite plum peach prime taonga trump humdinger godsend jewel in the crown something else outstanding example shining example leading light one in a million perfect example of its kind chef-d'oeuvre top royalty fat aristocracy illuminati choicest upper crust A-list crème de la crème pink corps d'elite priesthood cream of the crop perfection favorite ultimate favourite nobility height core gentry pick of the bunch top drawer upper class first class trophy pride and joy crown jewel most select envy source of envy object of envy quality essentiality essence spirit first stuff beauty lifeblood heart soul substance select few nonesuch eidolon classic idea oner ne plus ultra patron saint beau ideal peak of perfection preference option selection discretion volition druthers alternative bet election liberty chosen way select choosing bag aces best choice top choice cup of tea pick of the litter Hall of Fame showpiece jet set gentility beautiful people haut monde high society masterstroke darling masterwork champion magnum opus four hundred tour de force peak stroke of genius work of art piece de resistance pinnacle zenith utmost triumph coup privileged better sort second estate monument perfect example hit knockout blue blood patriciate master work favoured dearest apple of one's eye best of the bunch the top of the heap pet lap dog the best upper-crust find favored gold latest most fashionable ruling class newest apogee apex valuable object objet of virtu objet d'art norm stereotype picture criterion good example pattern angel cynosure representation type byword most up to date dernier cri crackerjack champ lovely love sublimation original noblesse most accomplished most skilful the last word in-crowd last word typical example boast acme of perfection finest example honour honor credit finest specimen beau idéal best example best specimen choicest specimen choicest example sensation cultured class the privileged the Four Hundred privileged class smart set society the quality high life beau monde the better sorts specialty charm genius phenomenon rarity speciality prodigy phoenix marvellous feat great work head pièce de résistance gentlefolks gentlefolk lead leader meridian success capstone climax culmination chief first place high point highest level highest rank crowning point utmost extent high-water mark

Danh từ

The highest attainable level of achievement
summit peak pinnacle apex top zenith height apogee acme crest crown culmination climax head meridian capstone crescendo noon noontime sum nonpareil optimum highlight best tip-top high point high noon high-water mark high spot crowning point ne plus ultra crowning glory vertex highest point tip extremity maximum limit perfection apotheosis ultimate utmost epitome prime high water mark greatest upper limit superlative cap aiguille crowning moment roof mountaintop brow uttermost max best part serac most fastigium flower quintessence ascendancy ceiling consummation end extreme heyday point highest level ridge tor peak of perfection spire brink finale eminence denouement tiptop cusp tops last word payoff record bloom copestone nonesuch critical mass culminating point pink greatest extent top form heights apoapsis apocenter apsis crag needle watermark tidemark floodmark sublimity best example ultimate example perfect example pay-off puy hoodoo inselberg up there steeple tower pitch intensification capsheaf extreme case utmost extent furthest point nth degree highest degree verdure flowering completion termination blooming highest extent finish conclusion close le dernier cri result capper all-time nib pike nose maximum point record level best condition full flowering outside blow off memorable part exemplar classic idolization exaltation ideal elevation glorification deification byword terminal high level best bit most memorable part icing on the cake most outstanding feature supremacy highest preeminence maxi crowning touch punch line highest part immortalization idealization very limit greatest possible extent bitter end end point breaking point maximum value cat's whiskers the last word cat's pyjamas the bee's knees mother of all dernier cri best thing since sliced bread top figure the end spike idealisation beau ideal high cream depth boundary edge success margin nadir greatest degree latest most fashionable newest pole excess most up to date inordinancy achievement feature superiority lead triumph crème de la crème beau idéal leader accomplishment best moment pick prize pride elite choice chief world record first place highest rank

Tính từ

Being the best or most ideal of its kind
best greatest optimum top number one prime superior excellent supreme first-class first-rate choice select top-notch foremost leading fine exceptional pre-eminent premium premier superlative stellar capital outstanding superb unsurpassed quality elite sterling chief great dominant top-quality high-grade preeminent peerless marvellous topflight marvelous top of the line top of the range exclusive five-star famous top-tier high-quality top-drawer fabulous grand blue-chip fab prominent distinguished optimal principal unrivaled unrivalled peak paramount incomparable frontline major matchless blue-ribbon splendid unequalled tip-top high-class primary top-of-the-line prize out-of-sight par excellence main unequaled highest perfect world-class top-class choicest primo first head consummate notable illustrious cracking sensational exemplary fantabulous crack terrific slick supernal unparalleled tiptop ace gilt-edged star fantastic super magnificent eminent transcendent lead best possible top-shelf first-string hot wonderful numero uno gilt-edge topnotch four-star model predominant A-1 classic important cool awesome noble second to none prizewinning ideal boss top drawer dandy apex inimitable topmost exquisite grade A crackerjack central good banner champion brag high priceless ruling heavenly flawless selected divine lovely righteous nifty cardinal topping ultimate of the first water sovereign unprecedented noted renowned admirable idyllic estimable very precise accomplished rare upmarket quintessential right proper requisite industry leading swell unexcelled beautiful precious groovy neat peachy number-one radical immense phat nonpareil dynamite mean celebrated luxury sublime corking bumper keen dope boffo bonny gangbusters gangbuster valuable bonnie a cut above the rest worthiest vintage towering bang-up prize-winning commanding A-OK high-end best-case jim-dandy first-line surpassing peachy keen highest quality out of this world top-end nice key extraordinary unmatched biggest arch- elect authoritative supereminent apical maximal special complete favored culminating distinctive striking attractive desirable meritorious invaluable crowning outside preferred master dominating world class maximum favorite undefeated unbeaten number 1 classy extravagant upscale deluxe unsurpassable utopian unexampled dainty elegant unbeatable formidable handpicked schmick dear costly pricey luxurious expensive favoured favourite hype first class bully down brave beyond compare top-of-the-range sans pareil cherry-picked of the first order gone wizard without equal tops spendy ultraexpensive pricy record-breaking A-list of the highest quality A1 big-ticket top quality high-ticket state-of-the-art powerful highest-ranking tough heavy world marquee unique singular certified skilful skillful piked chosen uppermost brilliant better picked utmost senior larger higher greater bigger elder too much loftiest reigning hand-picked thoroughbred tremendous record regnant ascendant bad delicate smashing good quality high-caliber remarkable a cut above prevailing predominate unassailable core crucial posh definitive classical masterly tophole big presiding domineering controlling prevalent overriding governing 10 popular preferential eclectic winning award-winning stupendous exact arch primal rad plum five star of the highest type top-hole on fleek the dog's bollocks high quality highest-quality top grade best-quality good-quality high-calibre noteworthy of a high standard shipshape overbearing overmastering furthermost sovran largest def uncommon unusual appropriate correct suitable opportune fitting of choice carefully chosen up to par up to standard up to snuff cordon bleu up to scratch 24-karat solid gold out of sight on the money just right on the button top-grade A-grade grade-A crown Grade A top-ranking big-time one-in-a-million superfine wicked brill glorious supercalifragilisticexpialidocious very good bosting magic spiffing beaut ripping mega sik amazing bodacious impressive delightful bonzer mind-blowing worthy chillin' exo dazzling belting class spectacular applaudable amazeballs stunning enjoyable phenomenal incredible barrie pearler chic of high quality of the highest standard breathtaking gorgeous top-level awesomesauce bosker too good to be true sound unreal outrageous fancy fashionable way-out fly hunky-dory dreamy entrancing enchanting spanking far out very best of the highest order beezer pleasurable scrumptious memorable stylish legit mint commendable fantastical laudable lofty praiseworthy solid pleasant far-out standout prodigious inspired ritzy faultless cream fabby in a class all by itself effusive super-duper goodly inflated splendiferous lank top-flight the best exalted marvy extreme above and beyond exaggerated kif of highest order excessive untouchable flagship bewitching captivating charming radiant unforgettable arresting bestselling virtuoso masterful blissful sharp quick rapturous gratifying ravishing alluring delectable agile deft clever smart agreeable satisfying rewarding colossal paragon unorthodox deep wild handy well-designed natty convenient adroit apt ingenious spruce pleasing moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable sup rior ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly all very well well and good reliable zero cool best ever mighty ka pai creditable plush really nice pick fat sophisticated polished foxy juicy rocking high-test like wow cat's meow above average elevated the very best a standout august splendorous proud with it pretty cool enviable exciting congenial slap-up thrilling diverting not bad virtuous baller crash hot nang No. 1 advanced really good swanky swish swank snobby glamorous upper-class au courant a la mode haute most excellent most important most favorable most favourable most advantageous most appropriate most influential most outstanding most prominent

Tính từ

Being the authoritative or definitive source of, or reference for
definitive authoritative classic exhaustive best classical consummate greatest magisterial reliable standard ultimate accepted approved established official recognised recognized superlative mother of all commanding sanctioned authorized masterful lordly imperious judgelike accredited sovereign legitimate egotistic lawful mandatory executive ruling authorised legal bureaucratic supreme canonical administrative departmental imperial judge-like ex cathedra ex officio valid authentic formal bona fide proper certified documented orthodox sound endorsed licensed validated authenticated verified ratified kosher licenced signed and sealed regular traditional customary undisputed binding genuine licit prescribed true contractual correct methodical effective allowed real explicit rightful legally acceptable legally binding in effect in force influential confirmed effectual pro forma ordinary received stock usual normal undoubted unquestioned natural statutory acknowledged canonic uncontested bonafide acceptable conventional credible legit legalized strict constitutional permissible certifiable actual veritable usable orderly set regimented express right legalised unexpired systematic fixed ceremonious formalistic routine ceremonialistic ritualistic ritual ceremonial true-blue within the law warranted signed sealed decided decisive conclusive okay precise cathedral ordered positive definite cleared suitable fitting and delivered straight from the horse's mouth most complete most perfect most reliable most scholarly most significant

Tính từ

Superlative for thin or below average in width

Tính từ

Superlative for terminating in a point or edge

Tính từ

Superlative for easily broken or destroyed

Tính từ

Superlative for extremely precise or accurate

Trái nghĩa của finest

finest Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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