Đồng nghĩa của skillful

Alternative for skillful

Đồng nghĩa: able, adept, apt, capable, clever, expert, handy, masterful, proficient,

Trái nghĩa: unskillful,

Tính từ

Displaying outstanding skill, knowledge, or experience in a given field
expert adept proficient skilled accomplished competent masterful masterly practiced versed able ace brilliant consummate dexterous dextrous gifted good great master polished practised tasty virtuoso adroit capable deft educated genius ingenious talented apt complete crack crackerjack experienced habile handy learned mean nifty pro professed savvy trained versant veteran whiz wizard artful brainy bravura clever compleat efficient professional seasoned sharp skilful topflight wicked workmanlike cool delicate old practical quick smart smooth there vet well-versed well versed a dab hand at on the ball a hand at tuned in wised up qualified excellent knowledgeable fine agile first-rate nimble stellar slick superb outstanding first-class effective exceptional elite intelligent facile magnificent impressive top-notch ready suitable superior superlative fit faultless up to speed supreme effectual au fait marvellous all-around formidable precise bright hot peerless astute neat all-round resourceful nimble-fingered schooled marvelous flawless impeccable demon perfect deadly tested accurate finished multitalented splendid world-class nippy graceful refined keen effortless conversant mature well trained hardened multiskilled creative versatile flexible inventive active familiar magic tried hotshot out of this world class up to snuff proper canny fitted exquisite prompt big league long-serving wise dazzling equal battle-scarred dynamite ambidextrous fleet remarkable alert useful exact artistic sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded up to it serviceable with it quick-witted lithe sharp-witted certified top-hole knowing imaginative ingenuous cunning wonderful terrific tremendous lively spry immaculate pure lissom whip-smart sprightly thorough strong light-footed suited limber acrobatic supple light adaptable smashing awesome established fab fleet-footed leading equipped painstaking specialist multifaceted productive acute perceptive ideal phenomenal satisfactory lightsome tip-top precocious shrewd twinkle-toed balanced very good sophisticated endowed prepared adequate many-sided discerning plastic varied mobile pliable functional elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various instructed fast perspicacious choice crafty supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent finely judged reliable exceptionally good fluent top-drawer old hand highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained methodical champion crisp nimble-footed original complex complicated eligible sensational fantastic fabulous innovative powerful unrivaled intellectual exercised time-served businesslike strict best well-executed unrivalled inspired careful extraordinary clean innovational variable scholarly worldly-wise brill weathered A1 profound erudite penetrating cerebral long-time fertile worldly elaborate rational lissome swift quick-moving innovatory originative Promethean disciplined zippy eggheaded whip subtle lithesome featly light-foot gracile feline brisk sly very intelligent deviceful knowing the score having know-how Einstein whiz kid sharp as a tack not born yesterday know the ropes on the beam class act no slouch been around no dummy quick on the trigger shining at quick on the uptake prodigious confident very well decent straight decisive impeccably credentialed methodic prolific systematic right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy well-endowed spot-on sure-fire stringent kosher quintessential exemplary ultimate mighty well credentialed pitch-perfect happy express categorical first class classic hardy voluble redoubtable virtuosic notable sure-footed glorious licensed chartered invincible indomitable hot tamale preeminent transcendent leet employable long-term certificated advanced specialized switched-on well-informed acquainted inch-perfect elegant handpicked capital deluxe hep hip appropriate top topnotch distinguished super star sensible habituated drilled phenom sussed universal dominant perfected dynamic ultraefficient specialised organized cute sik exo easy toughened matured puissant amazing well executed cultivated select beautiful enterprising intuitive insightful perfectly-executed wide-awake vigilant feasible forward supremely skilled worthy responsible astounding admirable right fitting malleable authorized having good hands having the know-how rounded sport accustomed well up receptive urbane rangé arty untainted ten paradisiacal matchless aces utopian untarnished foolproof crowning beyond compare unmarred unequaled absolute culminating sublime paradisiac A-OK out-of-this-world stainless excelling classical defectless blameless spotless sound indefectible unblemished clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional quick-thinking licenced proved authorised accepted trailblazing razor-sharp rad phat schmick organised teachable killer useable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable sufficient know backwards and forwards highly endowed know one's onions golden desirable preferable up on cultured pioneering the right stuff knowing one's stuff broken in adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous nobody's fool quick to learn deep well up in worldly wise been there in the know versed in observant sensitive thinking outside the box nimble-witted quick off the mark have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age all there vigorous smart as a whip wide awake mercurial quick on the draw curt wired know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know one's stuff know the answers very able know stuff steady old-time inured well suited well qualified adapted of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years athletic discriminating springy sylphlike knows one's stuff from way back wise to ways of the old school tripping artsy-craftsy having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer cut out for having a knack for having the right stuff like a pistol has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task up there able to perform unflawed unequalled meticulous fastidious ground-breaking causative teeming constructive avant-garde demiurgic forgetive formative fruitful poetical breaking new ground ultra-fine dainty close finical fine-drawn dead on finicking hairsplitting orderly incorrupted finespun minute hairline definite persnickety winning detailed nice nuanced unerring particular finicky light on one's feet

Tính từ

Very good indeed
sensational lovely wonderful excellent superb amazing dazzling exquisite first-class magnificent marvellous spectacular stunning bewitching captivating charming delightful enchanting entrancing fabulous fine first-rate impressive memorable radiant remarkable striking superlative arresting divine exceptional fab fantastic great outstanding stellar terrific unforgettable unique awesome formidable heavenly masterful masterly mean skilful smashing virtuoso neat stupendous super tremendous ace capital delectable keen scrumptious topping wizard amazeballs bad brill brilliant magic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious swell unreal wicked A-OK bang-up banner beautiful blue-chip blue-ribbon bodacious boffo bonnie bonny bonzer boss brag brave bully bumper champion choice classic cool corking crackerjack cracking dandy dope down dynamite famous fantabulous first-string five-star four-star frontline gangbuster gangbusters gilt-edge gilt-edged gone grand groovy high-class hot hype immense jim-dandy marvelous nifty noble out-of-sight peachy phat prime primo prize prizewinning quality radical righteous ripping slick spiffing splendid sterling superior supernal tip-top top topflight top-hole top-notch top-of-the-line top-shelf unsurpassed agitating breathtaking eloquent extraordinary glorious incredible mind-blowing most moving number one numero uno out of this world par excellence peachy keen surprising unbelievable zero cool good admirable notable distinguished world-class peerless attractive noted meritorious accomplished exemplary deft supreme tiptop estimable clever schmick celebrated important crack eminent adroit A-1 sublime standout expert mega bosting A1 on fleek sharp quick agile smart handy chic apt well-designed ingenious stylish enjoyable natty spruce pleasing convenient inspired matchless rare renowned illustrious coruscating very good a million dollars like a million dollars noteworthy distinctive certified incomparable select desirable priceless choicest premium first invaluable finest high piked transcendent perfect out of sight strong powerful mighty banging crucial adept competent of the first water capable able pretty special stirring well-known prominent dominant principal pre-eminent inspiring affecting tophole eventful phenomenal predominant consummate exciting skilled far-out beaut rad belting hundred-proof greatest chief exo A-number-1 mostest barrie tops pearler influential profound momentous consequential out-of-this-world vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz intense forcible thrilling impassioned well-done effective too much best sik topnotch premier worthy chillin' elegant class sovereign elite flawless applaudable top-drawer highest of high quality high-grade def preeminent deluxe unrivaled fly dreamy sound of the highest quality winning unrivalled of the highest standard gorgeous awesomesauce top-level high-quality top-class bosker splendiferous too good to be true of the first order grade A exclusive unparalleled fancy outrageous vintage nice leading lofty optimum spanking top-grade optimal beezer way-out model top-tier top-quality hunky-dory far out very best highest quality super-duper of the highest order valuable ideal praiseworthy laudable alluring commendable pleasurable prodigious unequalled legit plush mint fantastical unexcelled surpassing cream star fashionable lead unmatched flagship top-of-the-range faultless unbeatable quintessential uppermost marvy untouchable solid ritzy pleasant fabby effusive goodly singular extreme excessive inflated lank unequaled exaggerated kif worthiest classy exalted gnarly foxy the dog's bollocks solid gold award-winning without equal beyond compare the best in a class all by itself top of the line top of the range top-flight above and beyond of highest order classical of a high standard superfine reliable majestic enviable key advanced crowning bestselling agreeable satisfying rewarding colossal sophisticated polished really good blissful posh unorthodox deep wild refined top quality high quality idyllic rapturous gratifying ravishing juicy rocking creditable upmarket upscale peak paragon hand-picked elect really nice pick fat luxurious selected ka pai dainty high-test best ever like wow cat's meow sup rior all very well well and good elevated august splendorous second to none not too shabby proud favored 10 popular preferred preferential prize-winning grade-A congenial above average slap-up diverting not bad ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly virtuous top drawer baller crash hot nang No. 1 the very best state-of-the-art a standout with it pretty cool handpicked plum favorite precious favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual 24-karat carefully chosen first-line charismatic fascinating seductive appealing intriguing glitzy beguiling fetching luring irresistible magnetic tantalizing elfin engaging glam well dressed siren opulent tantalising trendy looking like a million flashy prestigious glamorous drop-dead gorgeous

Tính từ

Having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion
cunning sly artful devious crafty shrewd tricky wily guileful knowing subtle astute scheming designing Machiavellian sharp slick canny foxy imaginative ingenious skilful slippery clever deceitful deceptive duplicitous manipulative inventive resourceful sneaky beguiling cagey cagy cute dodgy fiendish fly pawky savvy slim calculating carny insidious shifty vulpine smooth streetwise sharp-witted street smart street-smart Janus-faced crazy like a fox sly like a fox dexterous dextrous adroit smart deft intelligent conniving politic intriguing dishonest judicious discerning acute perceptive prudent careful sensitive wise discreet underhand cautious disingenuous thoughtful untrustworthy shonky double-dealing unscrupulous masterly adept sagacious deep experienced keen polished penetrating polite delicate perspicacious discriminating tactful diplomatic able quick sapient understanding considerate whip-smart insightful aware quick-witted courteous on the ball suave treating with kid gloves brainy shady secret shrewdness covert malicious furtive stealthy alert cheating bluffing dishonourable treacherous dishonorable dissembling crooked illusory plotting evasive elusive captious nifty delusive mean traitorous dirty proficient professional efficient streamlined percipient fine handy intuitive smooth-running circumspect brilliant cerebral bright incisive masterful sensible precocious analytical genius intellectual piercing hardheaded clear-sighted clear-eyed suss sussed hard-boiled heady heads-up argute worldly-wise long-headed complex razor-like rapier-like razor-sharp exacting analytic ratiocinative detailed vigilant crackerjack creative innovative well-organized well organized watchful wary nimble-witted hep frugal seemly cordial respectful decorous facile well run with it gentle urbane civil poised observant mannerly sympathetic skilled kind tactical as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork treating something with kid gloves strategic conciliatory arch capable bland gracious contriving opportunistic underhanded two-faced sneaking fraudulent false unprincipled conspiratorial indirect snide insincere surreptitious lying perfidious clandestine roguish bent astucious secretive mendacious sage hypocritical deceiving untruthful hidden backstairs hugger-mugger hole-and-corner media-savvy double-faced oblique unreliable underground private counterfeit undercover dubious iffy farsighted rogue hollow-hearted knavish stealth privy false-hearted misleading truthless sneak hush-hush behind-the-scenes fast far-sighted black serpentine under the table quick on the uptake knowledgeable conspiring learned greasy faithless hardened profound immoral unethical seasoned worldly cloaked unfair feigned cloak-and-dagger Punic slinking apt collusive skulking snidey corrupt back-alley probing phoney pretended fake phony fishy accurate under-the-table fly-by-night dangerous backhanded witty far-seeing in the know under wraps not born yesterday quick on the trigger quick off the mark colluding full of plans tricksy enterprising impish mischievous leery contemplative enlightened sentient scholarly self-aware reflective informed educated wry witted delusory caballing heedful crazy like fox unpredictable suspicious slimy trick planful dicey irresponsible unfaithful disreputable bogus sham controlling unhonest uncandid not candid not frank cynical undependable deviant unsporting unsportsmanlike two-timing gingerly premeditating chary safe guarded opportunist amoral fugitive neat unfrank unveracious cutthroat unconscionable below the belt shrouded veiled sideways sidelong closet concealed philosophical expedient not entirely truthful terminologically inexact perilous ensnaring sinister wormlike snaky murky low-down hole-in-the-corner ready unsafe unsteady insecure unstable hard to pin down changeable uncertain inconstant mutable variable penetrative nimble cloak and dagger disguised sharp as a tack creepy behind someone's back sub-rosa hole and corner masked jive mealymouthed unctuous artificial disloyal double mealy not to be trusted plausible rascal off mock spurious bum seeming catchy imposturous like a snake in the grass errant obliquitous erring gimmicky under-the-counter rational erudite gnostic showing great knowledge with great knowledge cool hip sophic keen-witted backstabbing economical with the truth agile illegitimate on the QT illicit illegal faking one out playing politics put on playing games not straightforward searching Pecksniffian lip acuminous supersmart ultrasmart exceptional hyperintelligent finely honed double dealing phony-baloney back-stabbing phoney-baloney left-handed smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool not missing a trick exact having smarts critical with all one's wits about one quick-thinking in holes and corners on the quiet full of insight cowardly yellow shark calculated inside wised up on the inside on top of up on defrauding fallacious

Tính từ

Providing a faithful representation of someone or something
veridical accurate authentic careful close concrete correct defined definite deft detailed discriminating discriminative distinct exact explicit factual faithful genuine judicious just literal matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the button on the money on the nose particular precise proper punctilious punctual regular right rigid rigorous scientific scrupulous severe sharp skilful solid specific strict systematic true truthful ultraprecise unerring unmistakable veracious fair realistic conscientious convincing lifelike painstaking thorough verisimilar faultless veristic nice true to life word-perfect on the mark on the nail bang on on the beam spot-on spot on fact-based telling it like it is clear-cut as it really happened legitimate valid good actual reliable honest kosher real unquestionable justified veritable sound dead-on appropriate standard indubitable well-founded trustworthy normal undistorted bona fide up front dependable right on bonafide credible unfaked indisputable sterling official unadulterated well-established creditable uncounterfeited original loyal conforming orthodox flawless conclusive undisputed infallible irrefutable unimpeachable unrefuted certain undeniable perfect unambiguous definitive timely prompt errorless error-free logical reasonable so on-target OK pure natural firm levelheaded sober rational justifiable defendable warranted reasoned hard defensible commonsense commonsensible sensible informed warrantable commonsensical acceptable O.K. impeccable righteous stone okay unmistaken equitable amen characteristic archetypal certified guileless typical ingenuous archetypical legit representative certifiable vindicable frank forthright straight overt open legal candid straightforward straight from shoulder lawful on the level square aboveboard echt artless unaffected dinkum simple de facto unpretending average authoritative unpretentious direct effective existent undesigning fitting on target right stuff on the right track dead on along the right lines for sure on track immediate early speedy seasonable on time balanced cogent pucka pukka sure-enough honest-to-goodness right as rain on the ball free of error on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle heedful expeditious conscionable recurrent steady in good time on the dot fussy periodic cyclic quick constant ready dinky-di well founded real McCoy on schedule when expected to schedule in time well timed well-grounded well grounded spot on time under the wire bang on time

Tính từ

Having a good or detailed knowledge of
au fait acquainted abreast of apprised of at home conversant familiar in touch knowledgeable about up with au courant aware of down enlightened about expert plugged into skilful up to date well informed about wise to clued up about clued up on genned up about hip to in the know about no stranger to up on well instructed well up on well versed in switched on to up to snuff abreast up-to-date versed up informed knowledgeable well-informed aware in the know cognizant plugged in versant at home with familiar with conscious kept posted in on cognizant of versed in experienced skilled enlightened savvy apprised with it introduced au courant with knowing at ease with grounded genned up on comprehending well up in used to mindful up to speed on informed about experienced in up to date on acquainted with tuned in well-grounded well-acquainted understanding across up-to-the-minute current competent seasoned up to speed au parfum cognizant in familiarised accustomed familiarized advised clued in plugged in to clued in on hep percipient witting perfect in sentient on the beam alive practised in into sensible perceptive proficient au fait with cool practised apprehensive practiced skilled in hip down with proficient in learned ware awake sensitive to sensible of alive to alert to on to ware of hep to informed of party to advised of in the loop partaking of wise privileged sharing in privy sussed of switched-on to awake to attentive apperceptive discerning noting watchful perceiving recognizing vigilant noticing assured observing recognizant of recognising sure able to recognize remarking seized of wide-awake responsive to certain mindful of keen clued-up on percipient of regardful of switched-on clued-up sussed sensible to judicious observant conversant with in the picture up to date with

Tính từ

controlled coordinated delimited measured meticulous ordered orderly organised organized planned regulated structured supervised well-ordered exact governed precise skilful professional efficient correct routine methodical regular systematic matter-of-fact practical thorough workaday disciplined competent slick practised pragmatic sedulous well ordered diligent careful direct purposeful effective accomplished concentrated well-organized serious businesslike industrious intent expeditious hardworking enterprising earnest painstaking practiced systematized methodic systematised neat methodized well organized logical coherent formal tidy arranged well regulated well thought out standardized fixed together standardised well planned consistent well-regulated smooth-running standard thoroughgoing fastidious analytical punctilious complete in order scrupulous deliberate systematical out-and-out joined-up restrained self-controlled nonrandom streamlined trim well-kept well-oiled integrated shipshape framed uniform spick-and-span rangé scientific set-up clean alike conventional cohesive by the numbers by the book all together in shape in apple-pie order to rights neat as button neat as pin in good shape consolidated collective unified settled sorted out no-nonsense in sync harmonious cooperative assimilated combined united organic sensible reasonable classified correlated cataloged tabulated grouped catalogued formed prearranged prepared formulated well thought-out straightened out well run

Tính từ

Detailed and complicated in design and planning, involving many carefully arranged elements
elaborate complex complicated detailed intricate involved convoluted sophisticated thorough painstaking particularised particularized tangled extensive fancy full particular studied tortuous byzantine careful complicate daedal entangled exact involute involuted laboured labyrinthian labyrinthine minute perfected precise serpentine baffling bewildering circumstantial confusing gingerbread impenetrable imposing inextricable knotty labored prodigious skilful many-faceted overdone overworked refined Byzantine Daedalian Gordian blow-by-blow highly wrought high tech baroque difficult meticulous perplexing hard tricky exhaustive puzzling thorny confused complete unfathomable comprehensive obscure delicate in-depth undecipherable accurate problematical fiddly tough deep interlaced recondite inscrutable abstruse mystifying enigmatic advanced specific subtle scrupulous explicit jumbled rigorous ornate close sweeping cryptic nuanced problematic troublesome itemized winding multifaceted serious all-inclusive mazy mixed fine multifarious methodical all-embracing demanding intensive profound challenging encyclopedic mixed up itemised exquisite encyclopaedic incomprehensible confounding mind-bending difficult to understand full of twists and turns elaborated radical seriatim punctilious thoroughgoing devious circuitous drawn-out mixed-up strict variegated heterogeneous long-drawn-out fastidious heavy muddled searching systematic sedulous total dainty all-encompassing cumbersome ramified widespread high-tech strenuous nice dense knotted terrible maze-like finicky ravelled hairsplitting awkward esoteric fathomless definite insoluble arduous raveled unanswerable Daedalean hi-tech formidable gnarly plotty long-winded layered inordinate messy mazelike state-of-the-art scrambled chaotic clever gimmicky new labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthal labyrinthiform labyrinthic taxing drastic developed faithful selective insolvable enumerated composite compounded miscellaneous multiplex mosaic mingled multiple manifold multiform conglomerate motley compound sinuous twisted intertwined interwoven extreme revolutionary intrinsic topical in depth point-by-point rococo daunting operose spiny hairy reticular effortful uphill profuse abundant plentiful lavish rich copious ample stage by stage step by step at length major appropriate actual dark liberal sufficient elite personal immediate disconcerting perfect can of worms experienced satisfying concentrated intense weighty murky hidden concealed elegant finical faultless exclusive high-level higher-level in detail broad-ranging uncanny worrying firsthand direct penetrating unintelligible abstract unclear all-out concerted fine-drawn persnickety superior finicking orderly finespun nifty mind-boggling inexplicable top-level absolute essential elemental vigorous all-absorbing untold ambiguous above one's head hard to solve vexing beyond comprehension rambling beyond one's grasp enigmatical unsolvable hard to explain mysterious paradoxical hazy mystical thought-provoking opaque over one's head ultra-fine hairline dead on winning unerring incorrupted well-crafted consummate intimate special categorical unqualified critical assiduous conscientious clocklike specialised specialized as clear as mud hard to understand first-hand explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious fearsome hellacious ghastly high-pressure fierce dreadful determined blistering furious resolute keen acute ferocious almighty fearful frightful well-made well-executed out-and-out persistent accelerated fast severe insistent speeded-up polished compendious cyclopedic efficient embracive panoramic inclusive omnibus universal leaving no stone unturned cover-all all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged ticklish sticky sensitive prickly touchy catchy tricksy dodgy arcane unaccountable controversial nasty beyond one wildering occult trying dicey uncertain precarious vexed mystic befuddling Delphic cabalistic secret risky irksome bothersome cabbalistic vexatious hermetic hermetical surprising concerning emotive nettlesome volatile little known misleading rarefied embarrassing disorienting upsetting acroamatic orphic impossible dangerous unstable unpredictable uncomfortable rocky pedantic sibylline secretive bamboozling oracular recherché clear as mud out of one's depth weird strange unintuitive private perplexed amazing peculiar odd funny loaded vague stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering inner unpleasant bemusing frustrating hypermetric pluridimensional contradictory inconsistent harassing ungraspable stupefying astounding magical indivisible inseparable tender contentious disarranged disorganized muddling impossible to understand indiscernible fiendish roundabout indirect like herding cats provocative problem heated incognizable indecipherable sphinxlike unknowable oblique kid-glove Greek to me varied disordered full of surprises beyond you blurring unsettling echinated briery annoying stimulating pointed divisive scandalous veiled kittle inaccessible unsteady clear as dishwater multidimensional muddlesome mistakable clandestine unstraightforward hard to follow shadowy devilish disorganised capricious temperamental mercurial chancy changeable kaleidoscopic inconstant fickle variable covert shrouded verbose lengthy overlong deceptive irreducible hair-trigger perverse cunning indissoluble impossible to separate devil of a very devil of a clouded cloaked fussbudgety choosy choosey picky old-maidish exacting pernickety fussy unrevealed onerous grievous stormy te intolerable rough oppressive laborious harsh solemn grave nebulous anagogic cloak-and-dagger black difficult to follow touch-and-go little-known Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way inefficient heightened unwieldy wasteful undependable quirky nitpicking slow-moving slow badly organized

Tính từ

Having, showing, or done with good judgment or sense
judicious wise prudent sensible considered sound discerning shrewd informed astute careful cautious diplomatic discreet discriminating politic rational thoughtful enlightened expedient sagacious circumspect canny commonsensical intelligent perceptive reasonable acute advisable insightful percipient clever logical perspicacious sage sapient sober strategic desirable judgmatic judgmatical pawky practical sane savvy skilful smart tactical argute efficacious accurate calculating considerate judicial just keen profound seasonable seemly sharp sophisticated thorough wary common-sense well advised well judged clear-sighted far-sighted well-advised well-judged quick-witted worldly-wise well thought out heads-up long-headed knowing reasoned levelheaded intuitive penetrating subtle observant good quick commonsense sharp-witted valid knowledgeable well-founded sensitive justified solid brainy realistic commonsensible pragmatic cagey incisive ingenious aware alert analytical cogent vigilant provident level-headed clear-eyed coherent lucid cunning far-seeing analytic firm on the ball foresighted intellectual farsighted well-grounded learned tactful erudite understanding brilliant balanced objective bright visionary deliberate well-thought-out deep artful piercing suss critical wily streetwise experienced heady down-to-earth grounded clear hard well-reasoned prescient well reasoned foxy crafty heedful thinking guarded razor-sharp educated cultured reflective mature watchful reliable methodical whip-smart chary scrupulous attentive delicate sly matter-of-fact hardheaded measured together fair forethoughtful restrained calculated smooth scholarly conservative contemplative dexterous well-informed responsible cultivated plausible dextrous fastidious justifiable cerebral legit consistent gnostic philosophical studied clairvoyant thought-out reserved genius forehanded safe hard-boiled adroit ratiocinative moderate farseeing deft fly cool softly-softly congruent refined deductive particular dependable legitimate consequent kosher tasteful hard-headed astucious selective advised punctilious meticulous premeditated prophetic tentative fine polite guileful gentle fussy picky controlled foreseeing slick responsive finicky cognitive reasoning media-savvy gingerly forward leery full of insight showing great knowledge with great knowledge courteous temperate exacting nice precise rapier-like proactive rigorous persnickety well grounded organized relevant awake philosophic exact pertinent inferential deducible convincing perspicuous compelling well informed forward-looking organised conscious holding water well-organized joined-up holding together conversant in the know tuned in sharp-sighted nimble quick on the uptake quick off the mark forearmed psychic cogitative aforethought healthy steady open-eyed downy decent determined scheming discriminatory studious choosy sharpened predictive computed slippery polished sentient no-nonsense cute civil foreknowing previsional well-balanced frugal worldly respectful credible noncommittal razor-like oracular cagy planned thought through pernickety systematic sympathetic urbane suave prognostic choicy select eclectic insighted sharp as a tack probing precautious kid-glove tenable vatic sibylline skilled cognizant mindful all there proven orthodox faithful sophic orderly gracious having all one's marbles prepared belt-and-braces penetrative regular expert straight articulate thinking twice playing safe treating with kid gloves steady-going full of common sense right searching intriguing hedging one's bets clear-cut well organized scientific knows what's what ear to the ground diagnostic enterprising fast supersmart keen-witted self-aware resourceful inventive exquisite ultrasmart adult whiz telling obvious germane extensional juridicious necessary deliberated einstein cluey exceptional businesslike demanding handy graceful apt hip witty calm gradual hard-nosed razor sharp pragmatical stable grown-up satisfying dinkum cool-headed hyperintelligent well thought-out satisfactory patient estimable ready sussed proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted in one's best interests precocious choosey faddish probable playing one's cards close to one's chest not born yesterday genuine dispassionate unemotional serious-minded hep able nimble-witted inductive likely wise to imaginative normal detailed complex well-expressed well-presented appreciative adept unidealistic faddy syllogistic mentally stable harmonious well balanced qualified unprovincial seasoned well-structured well presented well expressed plain arch opportunistic conciliatory capable bland contriving conniving thrifty street-smart with it street smart with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground regulated competent contemplated having fancy footwork as sharp as a tack au courant equipped economical ordered mathematical cordial decorous introspective weighed investigated examined in right mind trustworthy equitable carefully chosen selected with care hard to please straight-thinking well-prepared poised kind mannerly second-sighted telepathic agile prepense with both one's feet on the ground ruminative deliberative pensive having been around clued-up with-it tuned-in acceptable close-lipped divinatory mantic extrasensory lettered impartial believable viable understandable ruminating deliberating close-mouthed revelatory unprejudiced feasible veridical faultless collected unquestionable certain veracious synthetic infallible trustable fey unwasteful saving mean parsimonious tight penny-pinching well chosen thought-through thought-about admissible unexcessive making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme meditative fateful apocalyptic substantiated secure confirmed errorless sure corroborated colorable truthful sincere impeccable inerrant validated verified discriminative academic inquisitive enquiring intense interested investigative examining exploratory researching trenchant pointed curious inquiring evenhanded fair-minded proper recognized sanctioned significant canonical true reputable recognised highbrow bookish literary certified defensible maintainable definite defendable calculable explicit supportable sustainable empirical open stringent empiric open to reason discriminational differential meditating augural vaticinatory vaticinal prognosticative divining reticent apprehensive devious anticipatory with second sight with a sixth sense new age spiritualistic long-sighted civilized literate based on good sense in one's right mind treating something with kid gloves hesitant purposive intended scheduled prearranged projected even suspecting suspicious tricky pedantic well-read well educated esoteric recondite artistic aesthetic preemptive pythonic fatidic haruspical with foresight fatidical adumbrative on lookout having foresight not rash legal tried-and-true estimated outlined designed prospective purposeful preconceived intentional designing donnish well versed widely read well read versed illuminated modest tolerant on-target letter-perfect dead-on spot-on conventional respectable individualising opinionated individualizing esthetic finical keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on the lookout on your guard with reservations watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes with eyes peeled taking it slow on the qui vive on guard on the watch with one's eyes peeled painstaking like a clam beguiling lenient abstinent disciplined peaceable mild easy underhand conscientious posted well-educated polymath professorial abstruse well-rounded civilised omniscient solemn pansophic accomplished grave thought out in advance done on purpose pre-planned well-planned deliberately planned on purpose dodgy with good taste official formal established accepted untroubled compromising active positive disingenuous shark inside not excessive not given to excesses assiduous diligent sedulous exhaustive industrious hands-on on the inside wised up de règle full strict dedicated intensive laborious up on on top of down to business taking the initiative acting in advance regardful thoroughgoing prim elaborate concerned religious selfdisciplined correct loving strenuous perfectionist in-depth by the book going to great lengths by the numbers most likely

Tính từ

Visually impressive or showy
elaborate baroque ornate decorated detailed fancy ornamented embellished extravagant intricate decorative flashy florid ostentatious plush showy adorned elegant fussy posh busy garnished luxurious rich sophisticated sumptuous flash rococo skilful wedding-cake over-elaborate with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles flamboyant gaudy glitzy resplendent splashy gingerbread ornamental brilliant garish dazzling pretentious lurid bright colorful loud colourful flowery towering extreme devilish overdecorated lavish overelaborate bedecked bold exaggerated glamorous jazzy luscious over the top tawdry chichi meretricious outrageous swank bombastic arabesque overstated grandiose impressive vivid intense overdone striking strong eye-catching glowing bizarre vibrant unconscionable grotesque undue excessive overextravagant steep overdue insane overweening stiff overmuch immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant convoluted unmerciful curlicued gee-whizz whimsical glaring very elaborate gilt theatrical animated lucid beautiful obtrusive convivial merry vulgar complex complicated tasteless peacockish exciting camp dashing classy swish deluxe bedizened overwrought gingerbreaded gingerbready naff luxuriant sporty fun flaming select spiffy quality snazzy ritzy superior high-wrought aureate kitsch glittering prime fanciful special tacky brash swashbuckling jewelled superficial metaphorical opulent gilded glossy jeweled flaunting magnificent sparkling wordy verbose embroidered fine colored coloured variegated froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy highfalutin custom beautifying chintzy brassy trashy swanky gimcrack flaring razzle-dazzle high-class high-quality fancy-pants fancily decorated highly wrought OTT

Trái nghĩa của skillful

skillful Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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