Đồng nghĩa của adapted

Alternative for adapted

adapts, adapted, adapting

Đồng nghĩa: adjust, alter, change, modify, vary,

Trái nghĩa: unfit,


Of the same suit
cut out for appropriate destined right adequate competent designed equipped fit fitted good for qualified suitable suited apt befitting apposite fitting meet proper becoming good applicable conformable matched seemly able correct capable prepared feasible functional worthy acceptable relevant pertinent deserving ready due rightful expedient useful decorous decent employable apropos available serviceable usable useable correspondent comme il faut convenient equitable just equal satisfactory well-matched happy ideal felicitous well suited cut out tailor-made pretty exploitable operable preferable practicable -worthy good enough congruous germane compatible to the point to the purpose well-suited appurtenant related material timely connected significant opportune ad rem relative reasonable like-minded complementary linked requisite applicatory consistent legit kosher on the nose on the button favourable helpful handy deserved admissible pat favorable pointed seasonable in keeping correlated salient valid congruent sufficient right on on target having direct bearing on having to do with advantageous condign harmonious commodious propitious agreeable conventional auspicious nice important comfortable cognate well-timed conforming consonant of use pertaining to well timed justified fairy-tale of a kind well-chosen allied relatable pertaining associable practical conducive accommodating akin perfect beneficial apropos of polite genteel analogous utilitarian applicative relating on-topic kindred respectable fortunate lucky golden promising providential benign ripe done that's the ticket of interest congenial de rigueur pleasing done thing accepted desirable purposeful established utile neat nifty comely heaven-sent best trained likely eligible in good taste the done thing orthodox formal well judged equal to up to in the running capable of in line for of service purposive enough accurate official exact regular legitimate precise ample commensurate commensurable abundant desired prudent de règle sensible proportionate sufficing plenty tolerable average plentiful passable plenteous bounteous fair necessary minimal unobjectionable aplenty copious bountiful satisfying allowable pointful referring weighty conformant accordant concerning enow as much as is necessary as much as you need all right in point advisable okay merited presentable righteous politic swell copacetic user friendly in keeping with fit for purpose up to standard in character up to snuff right up someone's street


Free from disagreement or dissent
congenial compatible agreeable kindred kindly like-minded pleasant pleasing sociable companionable convivial friendly genial sympathetic hospitable amiable comradely neighborly neighbourly affable amicable cordial fit frictionless good-natured harmonious likable likeable nice personable suitable unanimous united complaisant favourable simpatico sympathique well suited well-suited amical clubby congruous consistent consonant conversable cooperative favorable good-humored good-humoured gracious happy jovial mellow social easy to get along with regular fellow right neighborly gratifying satisfying pleasurable enjoyable welcome delightful engaging fine appealing delectable luscious savory dreamy good palatable delightsome snug welcoming jolly grateful pretty darling felicitous relaxing blessed blest heavenly delicious dulcet savoury suited charming tasty sweet appropriate warm obliging chummy gregarious kind outgoing approachable easy matey buddy-buddy cheerful warm-hearted warmhearted easygoing good-tempered benevolent pally affectionate gentle extroverted helpful benign courteous clubbable well-disposed well disposed tender open polite easy-going intimate considerate bonhomous mild palsy-walsy unreserved decent amenable civil hail-fellow-well-met loving familiar tolerant compassionate accommodating close couthy extraverted cozy extrovert lovable cosy caring cheery palsy receptive urbane understanding kind-hearted relaxed peaceful company-loving lenient hearty big-hearted informal accessible tight winning kindhearted responsive clubable tender-hearted generous softhearted collegial casual liberal good-hearted winsome thoughtful soft peaceable charitable lovely beneficent hail-fellow indulgent goodhearted tenderhearted uninhibited fond brotherly confidential communicative thick easy to get on with humble chivalrous mild-mannered inseparable soft-hearted unselfish chirpy benignant bland perky large-hearted boon merciful sweet-tempered calm civilized temperate happy-go-lucky natural on good terms fraternal available talkative suave civilised personal unstuffy bountiful sweet-natured gallant bosom conciliatory near regular unctuous sensible humane open-handed magnanimous unassuming free and easy attractive fatherly maternal all heart harmless motherly giving well-mannered faithful well meaning respectful carefree attentive communal dear down-to-earth taking pacific moderate non-hostile diplomatic noble nonchalant backslapping courtly in harmony buoyant smiling of one mind ingratiating great-hearted heartfelt enthusiastic earnest wholehearted sincere in tune open-minded blithe unpresumptuous prepossessing tactful inward especial in agreement in accord bighearted even-tempered eager fun supportive munificent bounteous comforting swell lavish patient paternal unstinting constant cool buddy buddy on same wavelength angelic unoffensive public-spirited as thick as thieves well intentioned forthcoming forbearing downright neighborly modest stately thick as thieves bubbly confident demonstrative loyal amusing confiding hilarious jocose attached entertaining vibrant funny comical jocular guestfriendly folksy assent similar unconstrained unflappable cliquey humoring facile smooth familial brother's sibling genealogical charismatic relishable preferable heroic courageous ladylike decorous gentlemanly good-looking expansive expressive wonderful clannish valiant in favour like unaffected undemanding genuine presentable breezy copacetic glad-handering chilled genteel well-bred well mannered mannerly inviting solicitous humouring self-effacing akin captivating enchanting brave handsome deep amorous empathetic couth in sympathy door's always open laid-back good company unemotional glowing livable mushy as nice as pie sensitive reasonable bluff affectious quiet placid in favor canny nice-looking bonny fresh officious fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless red-carpet merry free-and-easy lively oily debonair at ease meek soft-spoken shy moral non-confrontational laid back lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent retiring dove-like forgiving sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat cheering chipper upbeat high enlivening joyous upper up jocund sunny glad fast barley-sugar noble-minded valorous selfless unceremonious bombastic favourite firm devoted nonmalignant cherished eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful bleeding-heart big regardful openhearted feeling deferential wholesome altruistic benefic pitying greathearted princely humanitarian philanthropical fatherlike clement heart in right place philanthropic openhanded freehanded on the same wavelength boisterous vivacious nonthreatening sunny side up dearest special favorite knightly easy to live with conflict-free free nearest and dearest close-knit witty ungrudging good egg all right measured en rapport spirited waggish sprightly in unison in step in rapport free from disagreement seeing eye to eye free-handed well-meaning fabulous gassy non-malignant pro encouraging appreciative well-intentioned down encouraging of supporting of in favour of vicarious supportive of approving in favor of approving of responsive to having a heart on the side of friendly to favourably disposed to receptive to well disposed to favorably disposed well-disposed towards favourably disposed towards in sympathy with tuned in


A form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard
variant alternative different derived divergent modified altered disparate mutant other revised aberrant deviant exceptional rogue abnormal differing irregular optional various varying unlike distinct diverse dissimilar unalike distinctive heterogeneous varied unequal contrasting manifold separate unrelated diversified mixed assorted miscellaneous sundry omnifarious motley variegated multifarious divers incongruous contrastive contrary conflicting individual distinguishable discrepant opposed contradictory opposite incompatible clashing all manner of discrete legion inconsistent unsimilar nonidentical distant mismatched at odds at variance numerous many polymorphic many-sided peculiar changing multitudinal several multitudinous populous changeable unconnected poles apart unassociated discordant antithetical non-identical multiform protean indiscriminate unique eclectic alternate discriminable inharmonious disproportionate contrasted polymorphous deviating dissonant like night and day not the same like chalk and cheese ill-matched distinguishing opposing otherwise independent unallied offbeat myriad irreconcilable not alike disagreeing ill-assorted unsuited uneven antagonistic incomparable incongruent particular disharmonious asymmetric off-balance lopsided unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable streets apart single antithetic diverging as like as chalk and cheese another incommensurable unmistakable differentiable foreign contradistinctive contradistinct differential oppositional untypical unnatural off-key factious atypical anomalous factional an assortment of a mixture of a range of a number of a variety of out of keeping nothing like polar oppugnant in opposition not similar piebald patchwork wide-ranging raggle-taggle ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous weird antonymous mismated unfriendly irresoluble reluctant diametrically opposed hostile hateful mutually exclusive unattached composite mongrel multiplex jumbled mosaic mingled odd amalgamate conglomerate confused uncoupled unlinked far from far cry not capable of comparison isolated march to a different drummer impertinent nongermane irrelative inappropriate not kin not kindred not related colorful multifaceted varicolored exotic colourful many and various inconsonant adverse antipathetic counter repugnant unmixable disconsonant unharmonious antipodal reverse diametric specific antipodean unsuitable uncoordinated incoherent respective diametrical incommensurate paradoxical converse dissenting unbalanced precise alien out of line not in keeping out of sync out of step at loggerheads express special on the outs disconnected especial unequivalent dissentient inconformable anti inimical uncongenial quarreling contrarient quarrelling warring against in disagreement in conflict complementary shifting absurd unpredictable distorted unavailing inapropos rambling illogical inapt unbecoming extraneous unintelligible twisted bizarre improper fitful fantastic discriminatory antipathic bipolar discriminating discriminative distinguished contrariant unfavorable unfavourable sole detached discriminational separated characteristic proper categorical not so disunited diacritical sour note polar opposite not as such idiosyncratic frictional acrimonious ambiguous nullifying contradictive ornery counteractive con negating agin self-contradictory sui generis other than supposed at odds with on a sour note unmatched inconstant jarring unadapted remote removed fluctuating unidentical variable no go unsteady erratic unstable random unsymmetrical asymmetrical unrelated to obverse cross personal own relevant corresponding out of tune out of harmony at outs whale of difference competing inverse reversed inequal not uniform not matching contrapositive violative irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to inconsistent with immaterial to alien to hostile to incompatible with foreign to adverse to in conflict with opposed to unacceptable to contrary to antagonistic to conflicting with oppugnant to unusual for repugnant to inimical to at variance with flip-side facing enemy restrictive repelling battling exposing protesting denying confronting controverting defensive disputed crossing allergic objecting combating defending obstructive gainsaying disputing rival each singular appropriate one-to-one at cross-purposes up against


Characterized by resignation or acceptance
resigned acquiescent compliant long-suffering passive patient stoical subdued submissive tolerant unprotesting unresisting uncomplaining docile fatalistic forbearing nonresistant non-resistant philosophical reconciled tolerating unresistant yielding accepting accommodated adjusted agreeable amenable biddable calm cordial deferential enduring genial gentle longanimous manageable nonresisting obedient peaceable phlegmatic pliant quiescent quiet ready relinquishing renouncing satisfied stoic subservient tame tractable unassertive well-disposed willing accommodating meek mild cool humble unflappable malleable lamblike philosophic easy restrained pliable self-effacing impassive indulgent imperturbable easy-going timid dutiful lenient unruffled servile resistless obsequious bootlicking obeisant obliging forgiving stolid unemotional serene unassuming unexcitable ductile duteous lowly dispassionate soft law-abiding ingratiating conformable self-controlled wise governable composed with the patience of Job controllable modest shy understanding unpretentious retiring tranquil demure even-tempered diffident self-possessed considerate kind supine easygoing complaisant flexible charitable spiritless slavish complying self-restrained laid-back indifferent cooperative teachable self-abasing persuadable sober detached grovelling moderate unobtrusive orderly temperate respectful persuasible abject groveling menial fawning under one's thumb well-behaved docious at one's beck and call in one's pocket in one's power in one's clutches defeatist selfless peaceful consenting merciful manipulable putty in one's hands clement weak-kneed mellow usable childlike complacent milky adaptable assenting acceding collected truckling cowering cringing agreeing conforming approving reverent easily handled easily manipulated apathetic thoughtful humane soft-shell humanitarian inferior sycophantic subject downtrodden snivelling toadying down-to-earth nonviolent receptive lifeless non-violent convincible easily influenced placid acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive non-aggressive dancing at one's mercy undemonstrative passionless impassible affectless sniveling emotionless a slave to numb cold-blooded ignoble mean unambitious well-trained living with being big rational equable logical unperturbed game disinterested static reflexive sleepy unreceptive asleep latent flat motionless poker-faced bearing moony flaccid idle realistic wishy-washy pabulum Milquetoast zero cowed nothing plain fearful going easy on going easy with easily persuaded good observant under control nonplussed practical sedate Uriah Heepish disciplined hands off enlightened profound deep deep-thinking learned moral ethical cool, calm and collected going through motions walking through it well trained well disciplined devoted loyal wrapped around finger honoring faithful sheeplike on a string attentive regardful venerating reverential honouring hearsome unquestioning bashful withdrawn persistent persevering reserved reticent equanimous untiring inexcitable mild-tempered coy introverted unconcerned matter-of-fact unmoved indomitable expressionless dry aloof non-resisting good-natured fortitudinous silent backward sheepish unpresuming recessive unboastful discreet withdrawing proper seemly blushing chaste spineless unassured nice unpretending self-conscious prudent simple under someone's thumb domesticated obeying bowing down comformable giving-in kowtowing subordinate surrendering amiable placable trainable disciplinable handleable


Having the required skills for a given task
capable competent qualified able accomplished proficient efficient experienced masterly adept apt gifted skilful skilled talented effective expert skillful knowledgeable practiced practised fit great trained virtuoso ace adequate crack good handy proper suitable suited useful adroit dynamite habile veteran old hand green thumb having know-how having the goods knowing the ropes knowing the score old-timer on the ball up to it up to snuff up to speed able to perform has what it takes having the right stuff like a one-man band equal to the task like a pistol up there au fait deft dexterous masterful dextrous polished clever master crackerjack brilliant mean versed consummate savvy professional wizard seasoned sharp nifty educated artful genius compleat excellent slick complete smart workmanlike ingenious well versed wicked fine professed tasty delicate exceptional first-rate stellar quick outstanding impressive ready bravura agile elite first-class effectual equal nimble magnificent pro hot top-notch fitted nimble-fingered deadly intelligent schooled marvellous whiz bright brainy equipped prepared marvelous keen neat formidable peerless astute a dab hand at superb serviceable practical well-versed learned strong smooth worthy splendid old out of this world big league with it dazzling vet cunning appropriate hotshot remarkable multitalented multiskilled refined facile eligible right top-hole cool fitting sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded all-round all-around effortless decent tried tested extraordinary employable powerful topflight precise perceptive nippy supreme demon magic endowed specialist balanced prompt phenomenal satisfactory shrewd class there finely judged accurate top-drawer A1 mature wised up highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained a hand at businesslike meet seemly precocious wise familiar becoming hardened unrivaled productive correct apposite befitting certified alert terrific functional feasible mighty unrivalled instructed acceptable deserving pertinent relevant due preferable well trained world-class apropos decorous expedient rightful versant knowing wonderful superior useable correspondent applicable available usable conformable superlative awesome good enough sensitive canny just convenient equitable admirable active best whip-smart discerning comme il faut smashing fab know the ropes sly brill exceptionally good crafty on the beam tip-top class act no dummy no slouch sharp as a tack tuned in quick on the trigger shining at quick on the uptake reliable very well methodic methodical systematic kosher sensible right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough sure-fire exact stringent pitch-perfect happy star finished tremendous organized long-term redoubtable prodigious ideal desirable hardy invincible indomitable leading licensed chartered handpicked capital deluxe choice rangé prolific fluent leet organised certificated hep hip resourceful conversant dominant well suited well qualified sufficient drilled phenom puissant amazing time-served battle-scarred long-serving specialized fleet cute crisp first class astounding artistic up to scratch supremely skilled having the know-how of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years worldly-wise teachable authorized rounded sport accustomed specialised licenced proved authorised disciplined accepted quick to learn creative clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically having good hands all around forward broken in cut out for having a knack for quick-witted easy the right stuff knowing one's stuff sharp-witted nobody's fool know one's business know ins and outs know the score know one's stuff know the answers responsible receptive acute not born yesterday noteworthy exquisite super fantastic fabulous sublime glorious perfect clean quick-thinking heavenly mega banging cracking crucial highly endowed divine bosting out of the ordinary of the first water pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fast observant supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent very able know stuff very good nimble-witted quick off the mark know one's onions have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age vigorous mercurial curt wired perspicacious know backwards and forwards all there smart as a whip wide awake quick on the draw hot tamale tactful politic subtle discreet polite prudent judicious understanding considerate careful thoughtful conciliatory diplomatic arch intriguing bland treating with kid gloves contriving strategic conniving cautious calculating guileful scheming gracious cagey suave courteous opportunistic wily exploitable operable practicable -worthy top prime sensational greatest champion boss grand preeminent select pre-eminent phat topping swell number one principal unsurpassed bully chief foremost sterling primo fantabulous lovely rad out-of-sight high-class five-star radical dandy peachy groovy premier corking dope finest gilt-edged boffo numero uno eminent jim-dandy par excellence blue-ribbon primary sound highest quality notable head beautiful illustrious supernal paramount immense classic righteous tiptop prizewinning noble sovereign amazeballs lead famous bumper banner gangbusters gangbuster hype frontline prize bonny brag bonnie down brave gone A-1 on fleek blue-chip peachy keen bang-up top-shelf first-string four-star A-OK gilt-edge top-of-the-line main distinguished spanking first prominent delightful exemplary transcendent unequalled unparalleled ripping schmick beaut exo matchless spiffing bonzer tops incomparable top-tier unequaled top drawer stupendous important incredible flawless standout profound predominant premium noted bodacious faultless gorgeous worthiest uppermost sik unexcelled dreamy optimum surpassing belting pearler marvy goodly unbeatable barrie def fabby beezer industry leading lank kif mind-blowing second to none far out without equal beyond compare top-class nice exercised intellectual ruling topnotch ultimate key central commanding scholarly quintessential inventive erudite penetrating cerebral cardinal rational estimable senior unmatched eggheaded whip apex apical maximal unique untouchable unprecedented number-one world class culminating effusive singular extreme winning excessive very intelligent crowning outside chillin' inflated exaggerated Einstein of the highest quality a cut above the rest whiz kid top-level top-grade in a class all by itself highest quality best possible very best of the highest order of the first order inimitable too much prize-winning above and beyond of highest order highest-ranking straight decisive virtuosic breathtaking golden stirring rare ka pai cream switched-on well-informed acquainted strict express categorical applaudable awesomesauce renowned bosker flagship peak topmost of the highest standard too good to be true of high quality award-winning inspiring affecting maximum sussed exciting inch-perfect established signal the best prestigious better biggest influential momentous consequential well up larger higher greater bigger major elder unblemished optimal unsurpassable one-in-a-million top of the line top of the range utopian top-of-the-range crown vintage dominating Grade A record-breaking big-time number 1 nonpareil undefeated choicest unbeaten superfine sans pareil unexampled intense vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz forcible thrilling loftiest up on arch- in the know weathered sophisticated worldly steady long-time old-time inured impassioned out of sight been around well-done bad agreeable honourable super-eminent congenial commendable shipshape favorable entire unbroken super-excellent positive unimpaired undamaged satisfying honorable reputable welcome uninjured gratifying whole gnarly intact valuable precious recherche pleasing unharmed unhurt knows one's stuff from way back wise to ways of the old school fly awe-inspiring favourable unmarred top-ranking overbearing prior primal big presiding high overmastering sovran supereminent overriding ranking beginning opening special well-known celebrated meritorious eventful far-out hundred-proof A-number-1 mostest out-of-this-world most excellent most important


Consistent, compatible, or in agreement with something else or a whole
harmonious consistent compatible congruent consonant congruous accordant concordant coherent correspondent like corresponding nonconflicting matching agreeable coordinated similar attuned suitable symmetrical conformable to correspondent to correspondent with comparable agreeing in agreement harmonizing harmonising of a piece complementary conforming tallying parallel coordinating analogous complementing sympathetic alike akin resembling congenial resemblant identical conformable corroborative corroboratory supportive confirmational correlative corroborating coordinative supporting uniform equivalent same confirmatory duplicate cognate equal ditto connate suchlike such substantiating fitting appropriate confirming proper according fit blending reconcilable in line meet concurring double twin in keeping cooperative in tune in accord commensurate close tantamount related homologous kindred near undifferentiated homogeneous synonymous interchangeable substitutable homogenous unvaried indistinguishable all of a piece much the same coinciding substantiative apt concurrent probative affirmative probatory in compliance compliant becoming in concert verifying vindicating seemly paired toning logical obedient coupled well-suited companionable interoperable together well-matched friendly adaptable equable in harmony corresponding to conforming to in step according to conforming with cotton to having good vibes in sync with in the groove hitting it off getting along with on the same wavelength congeneric carbon copy symphonious congenerous allied allying not unlike equaling approximative selfsame Xerox companion reciprocal kin relating jibing invariant even exact one and the same substitute equalling dead ringer approximating connatural fungible unvarying coextensive like peas in a pod like two peas in a pod proportionate matched agnate twinlike reminiscent analogical coequal undiverse undifferenced coincident much of a muchness cut from the same cloth the same on par of a kind harmonious with in accordance with congruous with compatible with according with consistent with accordant with concordant with in rapport in harmony with at one with in agreement with more or less the same


To have made something into something else
changed altered modified adjusted amended edited molded redesigned revamped revised reworked rewrought modulated refashioned tempered tweaked made over moderated morphed reconstructed redid regenerated remade remodeled remodelled remoulded renovated reorganized restyled retooled alternated diversified fashioned freshened up improved moulded readjusted rearranged reconfigured rejigged remolded reorganised replaced reshaped revolutionised revolutionized tampered with translated warped affected commuted made innovations recast reconstituted refined rejiggered reordered reorientated reoriented tailored permuted turned around emendated made adjustments to made alterations to redressed rehashed remixed reshuffled became different redrafted reviewed reworded rewrote shuffled tampered tuned arranged made different ordered reconciled rectified regulated fit put converted transformed customized shaped fitted qualified varied suited squared conditioned prepared metamorphosed bended bent made improvements to made doctored customised shope shapen redone putten corrected set right put right repaired reformed bettered emended fixed fixt mended restored remedied put to rights ameliorated fixed up upgraded put in order overhauled straightened out made good set to rights reconditioned renewed sorted out cleaned up debugged resolved made better righted touched up recalibrated enhanced cut updated rephrased polished refurbished red-penciled red-pencilled cured dealt with retrieved helped perfected rescripted shifted rewritten developt developed patched up modernized rebuilt rehabilitated set settled retouched shaped up made up for modernised fiddled with set straight rejuvenated balanced healed solved laundered lift brushed up offset dialed back scrubbed censored refreshed transmuted blue-pencilled blue-penciled redacted evolved transfigured manipulated harmonized picked up made right progressed harmonised set up made changes to set the record straight fine-tuned holp holpen expurgated raised honed finished boosted advanced elevated purified distorted bowdlerized switched meliorated mutated redeveloped uplifted purged cooked compensated for reinforced turned the corner abridged enriched rebranded sorted transmogrified turned patched recompensed compensated permutated massaged controlled interchanged bowdlerised paid one's dues did up face-lifted tightened done up turned over new leaf made amends for brought up to code ironed out cleared up brought up to date tuned up lifted offsetted increased sanitized cultivated augmented revived revivified redeemed sharpened revitalized falsified rigged streamlined attuned serviced contemporized fiddled redecorated eased relieved counteracted neutralized misrepresented rehabbed deleted governed promoted resurrected negatived freshened negated annulled recreated troubleshooted troubleshot transposed reenforced tidied up spruced up reset straightened worked on smartened up refitted disguised innovated assuaged redrawn redrew reclaimed mitigated canceled turned things around excised made restitution for made up evened out gone over cleaned up act put in other words revitalised cancelled attended to put in working order sanitised made acceptable deleted parts of smartened amplified put the lid on shifted gears interfered with went over restrained straightened up put differently retreaded set off struck out put back together brightened up made amends put another way switched over paid for finished off made reparation for neutralised tinkered with put the finishing touches to put the final touches to balanced out proofread put finishing touches on turned the tables predisposed had an impact on impinged upon influenced seen to saw to heightened recuperated moved metastasized clarified metamorphized checked counterpoised borne upon born upon bore upon benefited benefitted condensed countervailed subedited treated paraphrased made strides made perfect examined inspected perked up equalized resuscitated technologized toned embellished tidied groomed strengthened juggled assembled kick-started reanimated rekindled reawakened conformed unpublished calibrated accommodated passed alleviated nullified realigned transited medicated transmutated restituted finalized repainted completed consummated recharged reproduced atoned for built on absolved excused untangled diagnosed appeased atoned unscrambled unravelled shortened deloused annotated unraveled diverged alchemized transubstantiated inflected fudged emasculated forged retracted reversed faked perverted palliated salved remastered beautified refreshened rewaked reinvigorated invigorated rewakened re-established restructured normalized counterweighed avenged equilibrized glossed approved changed for the better fettled excelled improved on transcended metamorphosized rationalized allayed cleansed nursed inspirited coordinated aligned organized jiggered reassembled scissored out gagged scanned bleached played down become better tarted up added a rider to messed about with made smarter rounded assigned made tidy corked made palatable bleeped made improvement compared practised stepped up practiced transferred organised finalised displaced counterbalanced improved performance paid dues sterilised transitioned analysed beefed up lessened looked over expressed differently optimized counterweighted made good for breathed new life into compiled made additions to flip-flopped on made conform changed completely trumped up cleaned up one's act scrutinized ministered to frustrated yo-yoed on squared things made deletions in equiponderated made healthy jazzed up worked the bugs out of prevented publication checked over narrowed restored to health become made well made cuts in fluctuated cancelled out composed squelched graded stifled denatured reindustrialized blacklisted removed normalised stimulated become different vacillated decontaminated slicked brought into line restored the balance substituted reviled rewarded focused made restitution spliced curbed dolled up repressed made improvements suppressed boned up evened up canceled out styled tipped the scales made cuts to veered about-faced lowered scrutinised sterilized envigorated made conditional recompensed for appreciated brought into the twenty-first century equalised doctored up made neater added reservations to discarded furthered draughted dosed said differently reported made recompense for analyzed got working stirred up outweighed vindicated remapped featured swung turned upside down swapped supervised communications boiled down watered down turned one around trimmed exscinded made presentable changed radically re-created prepared for publication remediated criticised changed gears on squared up rounded off quadrated twiddled butchered fortified restricted counterchecked optimised withheld gussied up made redress for flip-flopped rationalised expiated reduced forwarded leveled out added to exhilarated aided focussed criticized meddled with got the latest version of reexamined matured treated successfully made as good as new removed errors sleeked corrected mid-course neatened restored to working order raised from the dead published refused transmission produced made whole blacked out made reparation prescribed dropped the iron curtain restarted concealed tailor-made reestablished spruced toned down drafted risen rose grew grown taken off took off undone undid rewoke rewoken sang different tune sung different tune became better taken care of took care of forgave forgiven oversaw withholden overseen wrote over flown speck been through gone through written over went through flew speck becomed becomen became did justice went straight gone straight done justice given a face-lift gave a face-lift swang swungen done over got with it did over gotten with it gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm to given a shot in the arm gave a shot in the arm to done penance done penance for did penance did penance for ate one's words eaten one's words did a U-turn on done a U-turn on done an about-turn on did an about-turn on

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