Đồng nghĩa của transmuted

Alternative for transmuted

transmutes, transmuted, transmuting

Đồng nghĩa: metamorphose, transform, transubstantiate,


To have become something different
changed evolved transformed converted reformed turned metamorphosed morphed mutated resolved shifted naturalized reconditioned shaped transfigured diverged merged progressed commutated materialised naturalised reduced transmogrified deformed transubstantiated materialized altered recast transposed modified remodeled remodelled translated made over reorganized switched revised varied reorganised alchemized restyled adapted reconstructed interchanged commuted refashioned reshaped switched over remade developt developed made revamped adjusted amended rendered remoulded downloaded applied appropriated doctored downlinked become permuted remolded rewrought reworked rebuilt tweaked improved reoriented reordered redesigned metamorphosized reorientated refined revolutionized molded moulded customized modulated tailored diversified made alterations to made adjustments to corrected revolutionised customised passed substituted fashioned updated redone redid rearranged swapped renewed renovated rejigged fluctuated reconstituted affected refitted becomed becomen became permutated recalibrated stirred up transferred turned upside down shifted gears shope shapen exchanged traded moved metamorphized metastasized formed grew grown modernized bartered blended segued blent distorted contorted overhauled transcribed snapt snapped realigned transited transmutated rehashed reshuffled retooled trucked generated aged matured ripened restructured edited fixed fixt readjusted redeveloped upgraded innovated regulated undergone a sea change veered turned around redrafted transliterated reconfigured made innovations tampered with rectified replaced modernised fixed up rehabilitated swung turned over new leaf made far-reaching changes in transitioned cooked rejiggered changed completely differentiated flip-flopped become clearly visible as repaired refurbished regenerated graded denatured made different alternated become different dialed back vacillated corrected mid-course made changes to warped turned the tables underwent a sea change altered dramatically shapeshifted turned the corner changed gradually shaded tuned gone went became different sung different tune done up did up sang different tune swang swungen became clearly visible as broken with the past shaken up shook up broke with the past


(in psychoanalytic theory) Past tense for to divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity

Trái nghĩa của transmuted

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