Đồng nghĩa của customized

Alternative for customized

  • (Tech) đặc chế

Tính từ

Distinguished by a unique attribute
special unique distinct distinctive different distinguished characteristic custom distinguishing exclusive individual novel original particular personalised personalized signature specialised specialized peculiar rare uncommon unusual aberrant abnormal anomalous atypical bizarre contrary curious deviant disparate divergent eccentric exotic foreign freak freakish funny incomprehensible inconceivable incongruous irregular isolated jarring kookie kooky monstrous mysterious newsworthy odd oddball off the wall outlandish preternatural quaint queer quirky strange supernatural unaccustomed uncanny uncharacteristic uncustomary unfamiliar unlike unnatural unorthodox unreal unrepresentative unthinkable untypical unwonted way-out weird limited out of the ordinary out-of-the-way private personal individualized singular idiomatic subjective patented privy individualised specific separate monogrammed tailor-made particularised particularized recognizable exceeding offbeat striking conspicuous identifying prominent salient distinguishable identifiable outstanding familiar extraordinary express recognisable nonconformist dissimilar independent unmistakable perceptible decipherable intimate noticeable detectable refreshing customised unconventional unexpected exceptional surprising idiosyncratic far-out off-centre freaky remarkable left-field fresh alien something else unprecedented incredible infrequent phenomenal unordinary Bohemian kinky new off-the-wall alternative out of the way way out especial aberrated noteworthy off-key scarce unparalleled nonconforming unknown atypic avant-garde zany extreme wacky outré cranky out there unheard of extraordinaire unheard-of unconforming revolutionary inexplicable prodigious radical sporadic astonishing awesome amazing significant memorable eminent rum outrageous whimsical awe-inspiring out of place fantastic inimitable heterodox nonstandard mystifying perverse wacko heteroclite erratic untried interesting crazy perplexing thin on the ground outre few and far between weird and wonderful one and only puzzling other discordant non-standard quizzical perverted unharmonious seldom seen alternate one-off skittish surreal fanciful errant awkward marginal anomalistic unrecognized unpredictable illogical irrational offhand unexplored newfangled astounding obscure unrecognised spooky wonderful nondescript startling egregious few arcane out of the common occasional seldom disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent incomparable innovative whacky wild heretical random unintelligible funky queerish screwy bizarro dissenting out-there unceremonious heretic dissident nonorthodox iconoclastic dissentient maverick informal hippy weirdo diagnostic classic discriminating symptomatic diagnostical improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal boho daggy bohemian spaced-out far out off-kilter off-center flakey beatnik flaky sectarian anarchic untraditional schismatic off the beaten path

Động từ

Past tense for to build or alter according to personal preferences or specifications
adapted altered contrived converted custom-made designed fashioned modified personalised personalized tailored tailor-made made specially made to order changed adjusted fit recast remodeled remodelled revamped put doctored revised improved reshaped amended reconstructed transformed shaped rewrought reworked refashioned varied restyled redesigned tweaked reformed reorganized edited refined fitted reorganised suited conditioned reconciled remade renovated corrected accommodated made alterations to made adjustments to made over conformed readjusted reoriented remoulded rehabilitated reorientated permuted remolded fixed up shope rebuilt squared acclimatized redone redid acclimated rectified fixed tuned transmuted transfigured turned rearranged repaired quadrated acclimatised renewed permutated upgraded cut brought up to code individualized individualised arranged metamorphosed set redeveloped bettered attuned enhanced putten ameliorated mended regulated moulded made rejigged overhauled revolutionized molded mutated geared to evolved reordered transmogrified updated refurbished restored shifted reconstituted reconditioned modernized diversified regenerated cut to fit developed put right set right recalibrated revolutionised modernised put in position made better switched over put in working order put in place set to rights shifted gears done up did up hot roded styled qualified geared balanced ordered calibrated bended bent prepared trimmed settled custom-built dovetailed normalized proportioned coordinated redressed aligned organized jiggered differentiated specified morphed rehabbed meliorated straightened harmonised tightened sorted troubleshooted harmonized organised twiddled focussed graded troubleshot normalised sharpened focused rehashed diverged alchemized reshuffled retooled translated transposed transubstantiated enriched shaped up emended fine-tuned redecorated perfected become restructured remedied metamorphosized modulated tuned up made distinctive sized disposed measured made to measure helped reclaimed uplifted fiddled with made good brought into line made improvements to redrafted switched reconfigured transferred commuted cooked interchanged rejiggered denatured refitted affected warped made appropriate for made fitting to made fitting for made appropriate to resolved debugged cured patched up turned around made innovations tampered with stirred up turned over new leaf turned upside down brightened up touched up red-penciled made conform changed completely red-pencilled adapted to fitted in brought up to date made different spruced up dialed back corrected mid-course made changes to aligned with turned the tables adjusted to turned the corner becomed becomen sung different tune sang different tune added to seen to saw to gave a personal touch to given a personal touch to fixt customised shapen lift rescripted polished rephrased reworded retouched righted rewritten rewrote straightened out rebranded lifted raised boosted developt honed elevated brushed up picked up clarified emendated holp holpen manipulated increased heightened realigned advanced progressed redrew redrawn cleaned up scrubbed cultivated put differently augmented put another way put in other words recuperated put finishing touches on set straight purified set the record straight put in order made improvements made strides made perfect methodized perked up reacclimated optimized optimised finished integrated rejuvenated accustomed familiarized reinforced assimilated habituated matched revivified revitalized acculturated domesticated composed restituted replaced resurrected complied refreshed remastered reenforced familiarised corresponded subedited redacted paraphrased revitalised come to terms with become seasoned made consistent got accustomed become naturalized learned to live with familiarized oneself with got used sorted out expurgated censored bowdlerized repainted become accustomed to come to accept familiarized with risen rose reviewed found one's feet glossed freshened re-created ironed out cleared up dealt with paid one's dues made up for doctored up smartened up scanned added a rider to scrutinised made conditional added reservations to made right compared remapped paid dues beefed up looked over expressed differently bowdlerised made additions to rounded off scrutinized cleaned up act blue-pencilled finished off blue-penciled souped up found one's way around reexamined polished up laundered freshened up boned up took off taken off became seasoned came to terms with got used to became naturalized gotten used to came to accept became accustomed to gone through went through been through got one's bearings gotten one's bearings went over done over gone over got with it did over gotten with it gave a face-lift given a face-lift

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