Đồng nghĩa của especial

Alternative for especial

Trái nghĩa: common, general, normal, ordinary, standard, usual,

Tính từ

Deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected
unusual extraordinary uncommon odd singular rare peculiar abnormal unique atypical anomalous aberrant uncustomary phenomenal freak unwonted aberrated preternatural exceeding extraordinaire exceptional strange irregular bizarre remarkable queer weird curious deviant out of the ordinary unexpected untypical freakish oddball special unprecedented surprising unfamiliar unaccustomed notable outstanding different unconventional prodigious noteworthy funny quirky freaky offbeat eccentric isolated fantastic unorthodox out of the way erratic unparalleled unnatural uncharacteristic infrequent incredible off-the-wall inconceivable divergent off the wall unrepresentative wacky wacko outré particular astonishing amazing out-of-the-way outlandish conspicuous unaccountable scarce uncanny aberrational devious unimaginable deviate signal kinky off-centre superior striking way out something else sensational out of the common astounding novel sporadic miraculous awesome tremendous stupendous deviating mysterious incongruous wonderful non-typical wondrous unthinkable marked screwy unheard-of wild unco heteroclite zany seldom crazy rum far-out distorted distinctive out there left-field eminent superlative inconsistent impressive spectacular fabulous marvellous terrific significant unreal stunning unbelievable mind-boggling mind-blowing rogue incomparable extra special quaint alien idiosyncratic twisted perverted warped unordinary mystifying puzzling chance kooky dubious nonstandard perplexing baffling foreign whimsical unheard of cranky marvelous daggy funky weirdo whacky kookie bizarro queerish dilly off-color off-base way-out out of line occasional few and far between spaced-out off-kilter out of this world supernatural distinct inimitable unearthly nonconforming unconforming jarring unexampled wandering awe-inspiring prominent atypic memorable distinguished refreshing digressive rambling nonconformist straying inexplicable out of keeping defective transgressing magnificent staggering paranormal breathtaking thin on the ground surpassing brilliant stellar transcendental magical transcendent flakey flaky psycho mental seldom seen otherworldly supernormal superhuman metaphysical unworldly other-worldly mystical supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good out-there questionable substantial huge great suspicious fishy creepy droll spooky eerie ghostly deviative occult supermundane too good to be true momentous improbable fanciful eye-catching unforgettable arresting wayward unrealistic ridiculous absurd preposterous nonsensical implausible unlikely serious eye-popping ludicrous fantastical extravagant irrational grandiose doubtful monstrous perverse malformed unhealthy amazeballs insane foolish mad cockamamie comical fluky unpredictable flash gnarly heavy forby hare-brained heterodox corrupt anomalistic unforeseen fortuitous surprise unforeseeable unanticipated far-fetched make-believe unnormal heteromorphic off beaten path never to be forgotten not normal casual intermittent episodic desultory spasmodic periodic fitful incidental random aperiodic unsteady discontinuous spastic choppy catchy spotty episodical sometime exclusive not habitual unfrequent few off and on specific exotic original far out surreal incomprehensible grotesque unknown nutty obscure capricious bewildering avant-garde unfathomable outre new alternative confusing out in left field outrageous off-center quizzical inscrutable enigmatic untried characteristic unintelligible equivocal off-key bent fresh unexplainable insoluble impenetrable paradoxical suspect arcane in left field laughable dotty daft individual befuddling Bohemian confounding cockeyed recondite goofy silly unexplored crackpot inexplainable shady unsolvable madcap imaginative dark nuts romantic murky batty dodgy esoteric disputable dubitable disconcerting debatable doubtable disparate ambiguous shaky problematic problematical wildering abstruse contrary beat extreme interesting illogical intricate risible farcical loony cryptic difficult sick secret specialized intriguing pervy enigmatical glamorous cuckoo derisory balmy unexplained cracked dippy sicko unknowable amusing glamourous cock-eyed indecipherable indescribable undefinable out of place humorous arbitrary old-fashioned veiled newsworthy haywire unhinged demented unbalanced awkward uncertain slang rummy beyond comprehension creative advanced unlike sibylline deep innovative specialised barmy dumfounding elliptical elliptic potty experimental double-edged mystic bohemian shonky beyond understanding weird and wonderful muddling visionary off the air newfangled avant garde variant not kosher not quite right breaking new ground off the beaten track remote uninvestigated beyond your ken little known one and only poignant contradictory depraved offhand oddish unsavoury sadistic degenerated degenerate masochistic radical exciting progressive distinguishing custom customized signature personalized immoral licentious mischievous playful other stupefying like nothing on earth dissimilar disconsonant irrelevant inapropos incongruent incoherent waggish underhand shifty eccentrical crinkly twisty unsavory unrecognized half-cracked birdy disquieting non-standard discordant vagarious changeable teratoid startling egregious nondescript untraditional excentrical kookish misfit hippy dumbfounding colourful loner cool touched crooked disreputable unrecognised pathetic derisive cockamamy boho informal one of a kind fascinating ironic unceremonious wigged out schizoid schizo unharmonious limited ironical ornate elaborate derisible off varying heretical disorderly altered imported ready funny peculiar imaginary pretend imitation concocted labored laboured ersatz made-up staged one-off baroque Kafkaesque rococo not tightly wrapped unconvincing incredulous illusory very unconventional chimerical crotchety attractive foreign-looking errant insolvable off-beat customised personalised ambitious unconceivable misleading uncompelling artificial off the rails not prepared portentous flustering overwhelming barbarous flighty dicey chancy witty complex hard to swallow suppositious hallucinatory illusive diagnostic discriminating classic symptomatic identifying diagnostical external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine impracticable inane mercurial senseless illustrious deformed hard nonplussing jolting unannounced discomfiting nonplusing dismaying upsetting shocking infantile imbecilic unreasonable crazy-ass pointless wackadoodle idiotic wackadoo bugged out vague obfuscated abstract harebrained imprudent dreamlike fatuous foolhardy unworkable puerile quixotic misshapen ugly famous from abroad bonkers out of sight cock-and-bull prestigious thorny involved complicated knotty taxing preeminent shadowy loopy clownish comic sinister scary frightening renowned hideous unsightly noticeable irresponsible shattering dishonest untrustworthy noble pronounced obvious labyrinthine crackers maniacal scatty crackbrained fruity gaga meshuga brainsick screwball looney deranged crazed lunatic loco maniac wud unsound bedlam meshugge bughouse psychotic bats moonstruck whacko daffy certifiable unclear clouded shrouded clandestine cloaked misproportioned phony unreliable star bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason farfetched gonzo spectral criminal bright salient ticklish worrying mind-bending convoluted loony tunes looney tunes mangled mutilated gnarled phoney nebulous fuliginous cryptical opaque uneasy eldritch fearful of doubtful honesty open to question rings untrue won't wash too much open to doubt under suspicion redoubtable non compos mentis luminous unhandsome unbeautiful homely unpretty unappealing unattractive unlovely unpleasing vile ill-favored uncomely acting crazy petrifying terrifying hair-raising chilling blood-curdling scaring spookish spine-chilling haunting difficult to understand Byzantine spiny Delphic hermetic hermetical astral innovational modern inventive innovatory glaring concealed arrestive unnerving superstitious crawly ghostlike trailblazing pioneering futuristic groundbreaking revolutionary fugly huckery beyond one originative neoteric untested new-fashioned unsolved hidden inspired inspiring ingenious flamboyant grody surrealistic gross antic ill-favoured leading-edge artistic state-of-the-art cutting edge just out contemporary ultra-modern ground-breaking far cry modernistic disruptive cutting-edge recent out-of-the-box seminal stealthy subjective cagey

Tính từ

For or belonging chiefly to one person or thing
special particular peculiar specific distinct express individual singular unique concrete distinctive exclusive own precise set personal private characteristic distinguishing signature idiosyncratic separate proper individualistic typical original representative respective identifying different personalized single discriminating individualized sole patented subjective intrinsic innate distinguished symptomatic essential emblematic personalised individualised inherent only diagnostical one disparate unmistakable privy diagnostic restricted differentiating discriminative particularized independent discrete endemic appropriate particularised lone specified absolute fixed symbolic unshared classic remarkable indicative identifiable idiomatic select diacritic undivided notable inimitable categorical local individualizing individualising marked inborn inbred peculiar to particular to found only in very exact distinguishable extraordinary explicit patent noteworthy unusual uncommon claimed exceptional recognizable recognisable ingrained typical of native exclusive to characteristic of actual quintessential reserved archetypal prototypical resident very own deliberate given unidentified unnamed solitary alone regular anonymous purposeful clear-cut unitary natural certain odd pure conspicuous unmixed left alone one and only only one simple definite one-off one only unalloyed by itself unblended uncompounded separated singled-out full whole entire exclusory restrictive complete total segregated prohibitive circumscribed closed dedicated exclusionary confined licenced preferential licensed noninclusive uninclusive privileged demonstrative unconventional off-centre eccentric strange standard suggestive usual determining customized impressionistic monogrammed tailor-made internal in character customised isolated abnormal weird aberrant quirky queer irregular anomalous freakish bizarre outlandish warning signalling indicatory denotive associated evidential designative significant indicating denotative signaling sui generis archetypical definitive true pointing to all your own copybook paradigmatic illustrative model vintage textbook exemplary classical stock ideal stereotypical prime prototypic prototypal stereotyped archetypic stereotypic patterned typic perfect unorthodox nonconformist atypical liberated unconstrained bohemian egoistic untrammelled groundbreaking free-spirited pioneering freethinking unfettered self-loving self-indulgent selfish vainglorious pompous narcissistic egomaniacal self-serving egotistical megalomaniac conceited individualist egotistic self-absorbed self-interested egocentric maverick self-reliant stuck-up egoistical self-concerned self-centered untrammeled self-centred wrapped up in oneself most typical

Tính từ

On close or friendly terms
close intimate friendly familiar chummy inseparable thick bosom tight inward near buddy-buddy matey pally as thick as thieves palsy-walsy devoted constant cozy cosy dear thick as thieves confidential faithful firm fast affectionate clubby close-knit on good terms loving best good boon cherished special cordial personal attached warm treasured favourite valued congenial sociable conjoined dearest favorite fond joined at the hip in each other's pocket allied akin on top of each other closely acquainted very dear close to tight-knit on the best of terms well in devoted to hand in glove on friendly terms inseparable from regular nice nearest and dearest indivisible loyal inseverable inalienable indissoluble entwined intertwined whole secure moulded interwoven united integrated integral undividable connected molded unified as one tied up amicable comradely amiable neighborly companionable neighbourly genial affable convivial good-natured kind easy hail-fellow-well-met outgoing social gracious conversable palsy pleasant agreeable sympathetic civil brotherly approachable hospitable fraternal clubbable warmhearted gregarious collegial hail-fellow bonhomous hearty kindly peaceable peaceful amical conciliatory good-humoured open jovial cooperative well-disposed confiding helpful tender communal good-humored harmonious extroverted extrovert buddy buddy easy to get along with mellow easy-going clubable extraverted cliquey clannish enduring deep-rooted durable abiding reliable long-standing long-lasting obliging lovey-dovey kissy-huggy very friendly staunch steady steadfast stable warm-hearted colonial accessible communicative easy to get on with good company lively well disposed considerate company-loving couthy backslapping uninhibited snug fresh officious altruistic philanthropic bubbly free-and-easy benevolent charitable sweet confident familial sibling genealogical brother's like-minded vibrant amusing funny complaisant happy-go-lucky delightful hilarious attentive favorable compatible good-tempered comical receptive welcoming pleasing jocular jocose entertaining kindred responsive understanding compassionate humane solicitous comprehending forgiving generous selfless casual informal unceremonious happy favourable calm measured mild moderate non-hostile tolerant temperate sensible pacific

Tính từ

Denoting a high degree of seriousness
important serious consequential critical large remarkable urgent worthwhile dire far-reaching high-priority momentous monumental overriding uppermost acute considerable conspicuous earnest exceptional extensive grave heavy heavy-duty historic large-scale life-and-death material of great consequence page-one ponderous portentous prodigious sensational special substantial telling tremendous unforgettable unmissable weighty burning capital cardinal decisive determining front-page impressive newsworthy of great import of great moment of import of moment forceful key crucial big principal central vital significant major pivotal essential main fundamental primary paramount meaningful prime focal sizable notable noteworthy appreciable pressing pronounced foremost severe imposing striking eventful intense impactful big-time grand mighty all-important high-level predominant greatest great outstanding prevailing potent landmark hefty extraordinary extreme milestone memorable noticeable signal marked carrying a lot of weight ponderable conclusive climacteric glaring much fateful strong distinctive glorious headline preponderant obvious rare earth-shattering unusual keynote resonant particular worthy of attention unordinary deep emphatic quantum uncommon generous earthshaking most leading supreme highest core pertinent intrinsic first majority greater larger bulkiest biggest largest lion's share better sweeping integral profound premier dominant arch exigent ruling pre-eminent pointed instrumental prominent influential top-priority powerful immediate heavyweight almighty salient overbearing prior sovereign preeminent primal overmastering sovran master best high-profile of note top-level overshadowing of concern life and death life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence big-league big league major-league number-one major league controlling champion topmost star number one numero uno effective chief stellar tectonic of significance solemn somber sombre sober of great importance sedate staid humourless humorless no laughing matter epoch-making no joke no-nonsense final big deal deciding definitive earth-shaking good underlined uncomic celebrated settling dramatic determinative apocalyptic renowned imperative relevant respectable eminent trenchant exciting ample world-shaking world-shattering cogent earthshattering sound indicative massive healthy fat of importance famous attention-grabbing eye-catching shaping huge distinguished puissant illustrious solid valid wide-ranging broad famed persuasive abundant sizeable convincing absolute substantive certain compelling useful noted devastating revealing real wholesale full indispensable comprehensive unlucky expansive wide well-known authoritative eloquent super valuable expressive satisfying across-the-board tough difficult sententious vast necessary voluminous fatal copious clear hard reasonable mondo super colossal mammoth out of the ordinary reminiscent evocative meaty worrying interesting red-letter drastic overwhelming egregious active purposeful lively busy groundbreaking topical arresting ground-breaking last responsible defining causal evaluative buzzworthy ill-fated doomful direful inauspicious ominous resultful pithy notorious event-filled strenuous predestined foreordained inevitable doomed destined glum hectic action-packed of substance stern in the limelight gloomy dour grim tidy fair strategic austere must-see effectual measurable detectable perceptible visible quiet downbeat sad cold sober epochal matter of life and death life-saving forcible definite unprecedented worth seeing goodly vitally important now or never life-or-death life or death operative satisfactory imperious kenspeckle surprising unexpected moulding guiding of vital importance widespread gross extremely important decided incisive handsome excessive crisp settled peremptory developmental forming immeasurable lavish plentiful plenteous stunning firm sturdy litmus test princely blanket all-embracing overarching radical suggestive global durable formative molding far-flung ambitious extended rangy pervasive loaded profuse superabundant steady bountiful liberal wide-reaching exhaustive mass charged meaning far-ranging in-depth exorbitant extravagant universal nationwide big-deal efficient across the board acclaimed capable spacious bulky roomy strapping enormous packed husky walloping capacious bull oversize international whopper commodious chock-full burly whopping thundering jumbo hulking stuffed monster intercontinental a whale of a immense detailed awash all-encompassing colossal humongous worldwide gigantic brimming crowded venerable imaginative revelatory moving able coherent dynamite super-duper much touted something unreal highly rated fab doozie rational reasoned sufficient successful inventive seminal creative original of repute well thought of well received of distinction plausible on the ball aggressive logical vehement lucid punchy charming energetic histrionical well-founded articulate well reasoned irresistible high-powered credible enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid unanswerable direct theatric graceful well founded performant powerhouse solid gold something else of high standing rich fecund pregnant redolent to the max most important most influential

Tính từ

Very successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect
distinguished eminent esteemed celebrated illustrious prominent acclaimed notable noted renowned famed famous great honoured prestigious respected elevated important outstanding preeminent brilliant exceptional foremost influential legendary luminous marked noble noteworthy reputable signal venerable august bright conspicuous glorious honored memorable peerless redoubtable significant singular star superior astral extraordinary remarkable shining special striking unforgettable aristocratic arresting name nonpareil salient well known well-known highly regarded big-time major league talked of big name pre-eminent leading exalted grand notorious revered recognized admired imposing impressive lionized well thought of top recognised magnificent major dominant lionised powerful of repute of high standing estimable chief majestic supreme of note splendid excellent dignified respectable lofty big-name stately superb proud high-ranking monumental popular lauded marvelous highly rated reputed marvellous principal visible commanding heroic high-level acknowledged consequential honourable paramount major-league distinctive immortal big-league sublime honorable considerable predominant high-profile high-powered resplendent incomparable fine vaunted valued premier main well-regarded big wonderful matchless seminal regal momentous unequalled unsurpassed senior well received top-notch venerated much touted historic top-drawer gorgeous prime extolled unrivalled established unequaled high super prodigious surpassing mighty finest awesome imperial grandiose puissant massive storied royal towering of distinction pivotal heroical spectacular unrivaled catchy magnific beautiful eye-catching primary superlative dazzling authoritative top-ranking VIP applauded awe-inspiring feted infamous first-class much-publicized much publicized high profile noticeable consummate greatest high-up praised admirable central key big league inimitable much vaunted pronounced rare epic highly esteemed superstar baronial triumphant iconic worthy rich highly thought of amazing splendiferous Homeric redoubted gratifying essential phenomenal world-class prized arrestive princely fabled good unparalleled head capital eventful trusted stellar best big-shot formidable never to be forgotten well-thought-of first in the limelight indelible number one highest gallant lordly haunting in the public eye particular astonishing transcendent lasting opulent celebrious elegant incredible sumptuous top-tier celeb enduring top-level select topmost stupendous integral unprecedented effulgent radiant dramatic material strong palatial arch- weighty far-famed time-honored public kingly splashy meaningful heavy remembered tremendous exemplary first-rate stunning of consequence serious potent heavy-duty resonant showy not to be forgotten widely known world class terrific far-reaching wondrous heavenly pleasurable out of this world talked about of mark out of the ordinary obvious glamorous exquisite supereminent vivid divine cardinal uncommon laureate monster familiar unusual fundamental core posh glittering star-studded statuesque super-duper lead cherished upper big-gun reliable splendorous professional unreal choice unexampled lavish four-star upper-class ritzy astounding appreciated large sensational treasured luxurious decent staggering fantastic colossal mind-blowing vital arch emphatic premium high-flying queenly rememberable historical apex bold of good standing observable sovereign flamboyant uplifting prevailing dynamite crack ace industry leading number-one utopian up there much-admired alpha all-important heavyweight well respected primo well-connected skookum red-letter something else a cut above the rest topflight best possible high-class second to none top drawer top-class fixed in the mind splendrous delightful enjoyable of influence cogent of good repute on the map highly praised with a good reputation dominating having made a name for oneself unexcelled big time courtly costly critical crucial celebrity rightly prized front-page persistent decorated accomplished recognizable beloved widely-known prizewinning numero uno high-status commended hailed cheered all-star requisite intrinsic controlling ranking proverbial ostentatious imperious reverenced hallowed landmark fateful instrumental known recognisable eloquent oratorical successful deciding competent efficient flaunted common presiding ruling high-grade fit for a king glitzy glaring indispensable necessary needed dynamic everyday preponderant substantial magisterial widely knowbn peculiar ultimate unique intellectual magnanimous worshipped meritorious stirring portly solemn breathtaking deluxe groundbreaking fulfilling touted energetic extra special triumphal idealistic learned earnest high-priority tall in the saddle uppermost extravagant celestial fabulous fearless effectual tenacious paraded of importance tinselled sacred reverend sage big-wheel self-important pompous overblown immodest exaggerated highest-ranking excessive worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out something mondo fab fat doozie dainty extreme delicate underlined better biggest satisfying epochal heart-warming rewarding pleasing leonine lionlike page-oner valuable invaluable overbearing gifted high-minded prior primal first rate of the first rank regnant hot-dog ominous sightly wise magnolious high-born splendacious promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped in spotlight in limelight tinsel focal larger higher greater bigger elder trendsetting winning governing swanky palatine cheering unmatched sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped grave publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off solid gold evident distinct priceless precious manifest marquee recherche refreshing to the max exulted in crowed about prated about unmistakable legitimate trustworthy creditable upright very fine mind-boggling miraculous valorous clear-cut principled of the highest quality optimal out-of-sight unsurpassable one-in-a-million top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range crown vintage champion without equal complete par excellence tops A-1 unbeatable Grade A beyond compare optimum record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 undefeated blue-ribbon choicest boss unbeaten perfect superfine sans pareil adored kenspeckle bodacious noisy grabby drop-dead surprising clear unbelievable honest virtuous irreproachable conscientious dependable anti-corruption eye-popping perceptible jaw-dropping gee-whizz appreciable forcible made a display of classic telling compelling forceful charming startling jazzy fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre faithful favored just straightforward constant legit truthful sincere righteous fair high-principled sound copper-bottomed of great consequence enormous uncanny favoured above board tried and trusted solid smashing wicked amazeballs of good report in high favor salt of the earth large-scale ambitious unco unfading timeless monstrous oceanic giant cosmic pharaonic gigantesque mega planetary leviathan vasty walloping king-size titanic galactic humungous mammoth Brobdingnagian bumper supersize cosmical epoch-making whopping jumbo cyclopean vast whacking huge immense mountainous astronomic elephantine Himalayan supersized gargantuan oversized humongous astronomical herculean king-sized gigantic perpetual everlasting undying eternal imperishable enthralling exciting thrilling gilt-edged abiding permanent zero cool standout overwhelming king size mortal stamped on your memory most important most excellent

Tính từ

Not being of the same kind
distinctive different distinct disparate contrasting distinguishable differing discrepant dissimilar divergent diverse separate alternative clashing conflicting contradictory contrastive discrete disproportionate distant distinguishing incompatible incongruent inconsistent independent mismatched particular respective alternate antithetic contrary express incomparable individual nonidentical other unalike unequal unlike unrelated deviating non-identical singular variant heterogeneous varied manifold diversified mixed omnifarious assorted miscellaneous sundry motley variegated multifarious unconnected poles apart divers unique at odds all manner of incongruous unsimilar opposite unassociated numerous changing multitudinal legion many several multitudinous populous polymorphic many-sided changeable peculiar varying multiform protean like night and day at variance discriminable various opposed single contrasted offbeat polymorphous discordant antithetical as like as chalk and cheese not the same like chalk and cheese indiscriminate eclectic disconnected detached irregular differential otherwise dissonant incommensurate inconsonant disharmonious uncoordinated ill-matched not alike far cry very unlike a far cry from very unalike very inconsistent discriminatory discriminating discriminative opposing unequivalent uneven discriminational specific diverging nothing like precise altered streets apart diacritical anomalous autonomous very different not similar another foreign irreconcilable incommensurable contradistinctive contradistinct unmistakable differentiable oppositional sole weird myriad mismated antonymous bipolar unattached separated isolated far from disunited apart divorced march to a different drummer not capable of comparison a range of a number of an assortment of a mixture of a variety of sui generis free in opposition individualized divided disjointed dispersed individualised solitary colorful varicolored multifaceted aberrant exotic colourful many and various

Tính từ

Real or genuine
very absolute authentic genuine bona fide true evident indubitable intrinsic pure real sheer actual de facto effective existent express factual legitimate literal proven tangible undeniable undoubted unmistakable unqualified unquestionable veritable certifiable certified concrete demonstrated established incontestable incontrovertible indisputable inescapable irrefutable perceptible substantiated verifiable authenticated authoritative certain confirmed palpable sure-enough valid verified honest kosher dinkum positive definite proper precise existing accurate objective substantial categorical legit truthful realistic hard clear-cut for real out-and-out right regular pukka echt pucka rightly so called attested explicit plain unimaginary manifest clear substantive conclusive sure exact correct physical unequivocal faithful lifelike unadorned unambiguous non-fictional honest to God honest-to-goodness sure enough real live firm fair credible documentary unvarnished verbatim circumstantial nonfictional unadulterated fixed veridical verisimilar unexaggerated veristic historical definitive decided unprejudiced scientific unbiased material straight from horse's mouth true-to-life word for word true-life matter-of-fact telling it like it is as it really happened on the level card-carrying fact-based sensible corporeal detailed set in stone veracious strict unerring true to life undistorted solid unembellished real-life good reliable spot-on documented so dead-on scrupulous spot on bang on rigorous on the button on the nose on the money narrative close on-target on the nail natural methodical final straightforward distinct meticulous sound demonstrable just unelaborated first-person autobiographical nonfiction convincing unembroidered thorough perfect direct on the mark believable careful on target right on simple punctilious rigid discriminating judicious deft systematic sharp discriminative skilful defined skillful punctual particular specific essential dependable ultraprecise trustworthy bodily living assured implicit incarnate naturalistic faultless complete decisive obvious errorless thoroughgoing representative corporal inarguable appreciable patent measurable infallible downright consummate observable quantifiable unimpeachable appropriate standard outright righteous validated well founded on the beam word-perfect unmistaken amen on the ball dead on as true as I'm sitting here as true as I'm standing here reference severe well-founded true story provable biographical case reputable down-to-earth logical confirmable cogent tacit discernible virtual implied unfaked utter creditable corroborated unacknowledged fit bull's-eye just so learned in accordance with the facts what really happened what actually happened real-world total striking intelligible considerable chronicled scholarly detectable perceivable unmitigated satisfactory in accordance with reality practical empirical everyday significant straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy based on facts guaranteed bare archival flawless admissible unalloyed arrant fundamental graphic unconditional last deciding characteristic archetypal guileless typical ingenuous archetypical worldly respected supported circumstantiated undisputed unrefuted gospel stark watertight immaculate inerrant solemn artless unaffected recorded well defined well documented well-grounded error-free no ifs ands or buts stone cold nailed-on peremptory narrow average unpretentious undesigning unpretending normal fitting in every respect convinced confident OK earthly honest-to-God straight official photographic vivid acceptable O.K. conscientious non-fictitious mundane temporal fleshly dinky-di unfaltering painstaking right as rain on the right track for sure on track on the right lines impeccable free of error right stuff along the right lines stone okay cooking with gas equitable according to Hoyle near representational naturalist photo-realistic three-dimensional apparent ordinary written usual verbal critical current unimagined sublunary real McCoy historic commemorated historial antique classical important from the horse's mouth transparent unassailable settled nice satisfied unwavering doubtless persuaded live present embodied rightful cinematic filmic speaking original unarguable irrefragable unchallengeable undebatable emphatic terrene terrestrial carnal earthborn non-spiritual earthbound resolute sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly compelling unanswerable undisputable uncontroversial not figurative nonspiritual lay beyond doubt self-evident beyond question well grounded well-proven not in doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt beyond dispute open and shut true-blue undeceptive self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating unquestioning secular visible in truth rank affirmative cold free from doubt phenomenal forceful cocksure forcible high-principled on the line on the up and up like it is sincere forthright open plain-spoken plain-speaking

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