Đồng nghĩa của circumstantiated


To have proven or demonstrated
seen proven demonstrated confirmed determined established exhibited revealed shown corroborated displayed documented illustrated manifested presented proved showcased substantiated supported verified affirmed ascertained asserted attested exposed noted ratified upheld validated certified elucidated evidenced evinced reinforced vouched borne out made clear made evident indicated pointed out backed up registered authenticated sustained testified made plain justified made known demonstrated the truth witnessed to the fact that testified to showed argued predicated endorsed pointed projected prescribed laid out produced evidence made out produced proof laid bare flagged up discovered clarified explained expounded submitted proof established evidence submitted evidence witnessed bore out given substance to the fact that gave substance to the fact that shown beyond doubt showed beyond doubt prove upholden bore witness borne witness expressed adduced lay out explicated spelled out spelt out illuminated cleared up got across construed demystified interpreted simplified unriddled described denoted disclosed set forth signified put across defined gotten across unfolded marked proclaimed exemplified delineated translated declared deciphered shed light on bespoke signalled signaled detailed communicated untangled unravelled unraveled broke down set out ostended broadcast published told resolved betokened decoded designated annotated glossed put into words set the scene commented on cut the frills put in a nutshell cut down made perfectly clear put in plain English settled taught suggested conveyed betrayed imparted specified characterized connoted publicized pointed to enlightened pinpointed reported uncovered cleared beared witness to sorted out characterised publicised cleaned up unscrambled brought home straightened out tested bespake bespoken underlined emphasized instructed thrown light on threw light on broken down implied announced trained stated divulged guided labelled labeled meaned meant broadcasted reflected portrayed developt developed list represented released symbolized enunciated diagrammed diagramed read recorded expanded enucleated flashed abridged tagged disseminated shed pointed at told of signposted let the cat out of the bag run over analysed got over put over shed light hit the high spots hinted at uttered expressed in words emphasised spread it around put through its paces put in plain words made easy pointed toward let it all hang out figured out added up to pinned down analyzed reduced to the bare bones solved boiled down put one straight made straightforward let daylight in put away voiced put into plain English fleshed out symbolised vented reduced let sunlight in made obvious broke it down showed off made easier attested to vouched for showed clearly spelt things out laid something out went into detail espoused gone into detail laid things out spelled things out advertised advertized trumpeted promulgated narrated distinguished identified heralded blazed related coached rendered blazoned pronounced recounted inculcated lectured flagged professed introduced featured termed summarized recited evoked inferred notated charactered denominated depicted formulated expatiated amplified dilated appraised criticized unveiled posted annunciated blared circulated sounded walked one through placarded learnt learned paraphrased listed elaborated discussed gave out given out intimated ticked branded tabbed ticketed named imported explicitized formalized maintained protested blazed abroad constituted proof of constituted evidence of shown clearly clued in shouted out experiments with explicitised painted a picture passed on pegged run down tidied assigned entitled sounded off referred to shouted something from the rooftops ciphered ordered highlighted exteriorized spelled it out paraded expanded on waved around arranged told why got something straight spelt it out drew a picture spouted called laid it out summed up signed trotted out cleaned it up spilled formalised got to the meat gestured towards blasted tidied up ventilated shot off mouth made public demoed smacked of dubbed stumped expounded on doped out summarised made simple talked about commented served as evidence of pointed up augured disinvolved nailed it down facilitated etched straightened dissolved given an explanation of insinuated strutted cleared the air shouted from the housetops briefed straightened up gotten to the meat experimented with demonstrated to bared explained in simple terms puzzled out come out with added a commentary to shortened worked out defogged spilt filled someone in stated precisely shown off made see daylight made reasonable criticised answered marked off decreed gotten over got down to basics made plausible checked off gave an explanation of passed the word buttoned down transmitted ran over drawn a picture of made explicit drew a picture of discoursed allegorized enlarged upon chastened drawn a picture stated publicly given the details of made intelligible spieled made understood gave the details of cleared the air about disentangled called a spade a spade sported accounted for traced gotten down to basics educated blazoned abroad showed once and for all broken things down broke things down shown to be true showed to be true given details of gave details of readen got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox gave the meaning of given the meaning of gave an account of given an account of gave credence to given credence to given a commentary on gave a commentary on shown once and for all spoke spoken alluded to spake got to the bottom of gotten to the bottom of gotten through got through shown the position of showed the position of given the big picture gave the big picture ran down drawn a map of thrown light upon threw light upon drew a map of gave given gave the game away given the game away came out with given away gave away given the show away gave the show away gave an idea of given an idea of gave a demonstration of shown how something works showed how something is done showed how something works shown how something is done given a demonstration of gave instruction given instruction given someone an idea gave someone an idea shown the ropes showed the ropes underscored concluded guaranteed assured


Past tense for to provide full information about
detailed described listed list recited rehearsed related delineated enumerated itemised itemized narrated recounted catalogued specified particularised particularized presented elaborated explained expounded framed summarised summarized tabulated noted numerated portrayed stipulated announced cited communicated declared defined depicted designated mentioned showed shown stated cataloged embellished epitomised epitomized exhibited identified instanced named recapitulated revealed spread told uncovered analysed analyzed individualised individualized individuated notified produced quoted drew up drawn up pointed out set forth set out specialised specialized spelled out spelt out gave an account of given an account of laid out lay out reported on reeled off ticked off quoted chapter and verse got down to brass tacks gotten down to brass tacks sweated details flew speck flown speck inventoried recorded documented numbered registered counted tallied entered given gave reported chronicled charted repeated conveyed imparted put forward relayed relaid broadcast unfolded pictured disclosed painted retailed run through outlined proclaimed divulged spun verbalized made known verbalised offered propounded advanced proposed expatiated discoursed uttered rattled off broadcasted recapped retold informed put out ran through accounted for enunciated advised held forth tracked spilt spilled expressed put down for run down let one's hair down submitted put before let on about spit it out let slip let in on span given an account gave an account published circulated proffered reiterated reviewed delivered performed posted aired contracted promised settled agreed bargained specificated provided arranged conditioned covenanted pledged required made engaged slotted imposed guaranteed postulated distinguished declaimed testified covered spoke spake spoken restated chimed dinned readied acted iterated heralded blazoned publicized promulgated shared dramatised interpreted dramatized addrest answered enlarged regurgitated soliloquized addressed enacted replied trumpeted descanted characterized voice-overed elucidated explicated discussed sayed said reenacted experimented honed tested adumbrated publicised wired cabled characterised sketched out passed on made public trotted out voiced insisted upon pinned down laid down rehashed echoed unloaded gave details given details communicated information brought word on brought word provided details transmitted slung tweeted vocalized made a point laid finger on said again told the story of played back told a story ran down unmasked uncloaked enlightened briefed charged bared articulated exposed passed unbosomed talked acquainted apprised familiarized unveiled spun a yarn spilt the beans spilled the beans clued one in shot the breeze run by again broken a story broke a story represented displayed signified indicated got off one's chest laid it on the line kept posted clued in sketched brought out told on spat it out cleared versed levelled leveled caught up laid open filled in gossiped familiarised gossipped confessed weaved opened up left word vocalised called upon went over gone over lay down wrote up written up spoken publicly spoke publicly slang given verbal account gave a report given a report did your party piece done your party piece gave verbal account gone through went through been through gave the facts twoten twote given the facts gave a report of given a report of spoke about spoken about given the word gave the word ran by again given an explanation of gave an explanation of broken the news gave out wised up woven gave facts given out given evidence of gave evidence of wove broke the news given facts


Recognized as being reliable
authoritative reliable sound accurate authentic valid dependable factual trustworthy attested learned true certified definitive faithful good scholarly truthful verifiable veritable authenticated confirmed convincing documented legit precise proper proven respected righteous solid supported validated verified well-founded straight from horse's mouth from the horse's mouth genuine legitimate exact correct veracious right actual unquestionable real certain irrefutable kosher bona fide credible honest straight certifiable absolute pure undeniable official sure-enough dead-on on the money for real faultless errorless unimpeachable infallible strict unerring veridical pukka echt dinkum natural conclusive final pucka unadulterated bang on spot-on spot on clear-cut true to life indubitable concrete without error on-target de facto effective honest-to-goodness real McCoy original existent legal sterling lawful unalloyed rightful fair and square on the level aboveboard card-carrying bonafide untainted unspoiled trusty true blue unvarnished complete full right on fit unequivocal on target on the ball so matter-of-fact on the nose just so bull's-eye dead on clear on the button thorough perfect very undoubted incontestable perceptible literal inescapable demonstrated established palpable indisputable express unqualified incontrovertible especial intrinsic unmistakable substantiated sheer tangible evident specific believable safe explicit meticulous unambiguous canonical minute detailed failsafe flawless undisputed unrefuted definite word for word error-free all right fail-safe characteristic ingenuous archetypal regular guileless archetypical representative typical reputable artless simple unaffected unpretentious unpretending appropriate average direct dinky-di standard normal undesigning fitting creditable fact-based based on facts straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy on the nail

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