Đồng nghĩa của without error

Phó từ

In exactly the same words as were used originally
exactly verbatim accurately correctly precisely closely directly faithfully faultlessly literally perfectly unerringly veridically without flaws without mistakes word for word ad verbum letter for letter to the letter in every detail with strict attention to detail right rightly properly aright bang on spot on on the money flawlessly truly fitly appropriately suitably duly OK justly aptly all right in due order validly explicitly reliably minutely meticulously specifically unambiguously authoritatively in detail strictly rigorously veraciously scrupulously truthfully definitely conscientiously nicely carefully thoroughly factually unequivocally just squarely sharp completely plumb absolutely dead prompt full smack-dab due actually bang even expressly square on the button on the nose for sure the ticket no mistake on the dot for a fact promptly smack slap dead on sure truely slap bang smack dab square on smack on slap on really the very thing to a tee as well neither more nor less no ifs ands or buts sure thing particularly plainly simply literatim unquestionably irrefutably undisputedly undeniably infallibly unimpeachably certainly definitively conclusively categorically undisputably direct indisputably straight undeviatingly sic veritably unmistakably errorlessly goodly standardly regularly soly concretely strictly speaking acceptably impeccably letter by letter notably in specie unmistakenly line for line righteously indicatively especially pointedly okayly legitimately not figuratively equitably authentically fairly convincingly realistically punctiliously painstakingly entirely quite totally like it is entire fully out flat altogether fast wholly utterly all soundly heartily wide enough clean well methodically as it really happened positively severely all of in every respect all over every inch on the nail indeed through and through in every way to the hilt to a T for certain one hundred per cent

Phó từ

In a manner that is appropriate to the circumstances
properly correctly appropriately acceptably befittingly correspondingly fittingly suitably accordingly adequately duly legitimately right accurately aptly nicely reasonably rightly well appositely becomingly congruously decorously precisely satisfactorily alright decently faithfully fine judiciously passably perfectly rightfully sensibly serviceably fairly faultlessly fitly flawlessly happily justly meetly relevantly tolerably unerringly as intended with decorum as is appropriate in a satisfactory manner in due manner in the true sense in a satisfactory way in the accepted manner in the appropriate manner in the approved manner without flaws to a T honestly honorably legally exactly truly honourably justifiably deservedly morally equitably righteously virtuously lawfully respectably impartially aright uprightly conscientiously equally ethically fair cleanly factually objectively truthfully scrupulously by rights dispassionately clean with reason without prejudice without bias condignly pleasantly genuinely proportionately responsibly sufficiently consistently OK soundly all right civilly respectfully irreproachably courteously graciously according to your due considerately in due order nobly good-naturedly reliably evenly sincerely bang on spot on on the money high-mindedly with due respect primly moderately charitably dutifully benignly beneficently frankly unreservedly tolerantly piously benevolently evenhandedly temperately helpfully duteously candidly straightforwardly trustworthily laudably even-handedly open-mindedly neutrally licitly disinterestedly same closely with good reason strictly by the book with an open mind carefully literally without favor without fear fairly and squarely veraciously in accordance with the rules according to the rules without fear or favour authentically definitely unswervingly convincingly realistically thoroughly meticulously punctiliously painstakingly on target on-target without variation without deviating true explicitly veridically rigorously unequivocally like it is as it really happened to the letter truely veritably validly really actually goodly directly credibly detailedly legitly naturally unadulteratedly kosherly errorlessly absolutely undeviatingly verbatim verisimilarly word for word naturalistically completely regularly specifically letter for letter authoritatively solidly matter-of-factly concretely dependably particularly hardly methodically certainly purely graphically veristically minutely simply plainly nearly conclusively unmistakably literatim originally impeccably undisputedly representatively certifiably straightly unambiguously verifiably definitively livingly surely speakingly in every detail sharply distinctly scientifically officially soly believably unquestionably line for line clearly effectively similarly trustily with strict attention to detail religiously vividly representationally utterly totally circumstantially attestedly cogently unexaggeratedly cinematically filmically severely sic direct skillfully punctually skilfully photographically discriminatively deftly systematically discriminatingly rigidly ad verbum nonfictionally reputably documentarily expressly undeniably irrefutably infallibly unimpeachably historically rationally normally squarely downrightly narrowly canonically immaculately decisively standardly verbally guilelessly ingenuously outrightly indubitably undoubtedly unmistakenly provenly likely with a literal interpretation without mistakes learnedly barely determinedly starkly delicately identically thoroughgoingly untaintedly finally elaborately selectively refinedly finely mathematically forthrightly consummately unqualifiedly sheerly unmitigatedly intrinsically word-for-word confirmedly supportedly justifiedly arrantly admissibly unalloyedly openly ordinarily usually critically apparently categorically determinately individually surgically solemnly creditably sterlingly lively astutely typically characteristically archetypally archetypically logically roundly pictorially unaffectedly artlessly intelligently wisely sagaciously persuasively okayly firmly defensibly warrantably defendably informedly levelheadedly commonsensibly commonsensically soberly unadornedly unpretentiously unpretendingly averagely undesigningly plainspokenly unfeignedly outspokenly tellingly retentively visually percipiently perceptively shrewdly unblemishedly powerfully verily strongly incontrovertibly compellingly forcefully word-perfectly ipsissimis verbis safely significantly unbiasedly orthodoxly ideally acutely picturesquely intensely photogenically richly likelily exemplarily plausibly potently probably verbatim et litteratim according to the letter word by word word for word and letter for letter in the same words incontestably unassailably irresistibly unanswerably seamlessly classically indefectibly suasively satisfyingly impressively foolproofly colourably movingly possibly hopefully presumably influentially supremely stainlessly wholy spotlessly exquisitely undisputably indisputably straight strictly speaking not figuratively letter by letter just quite entirely full dead fast prompt entire even sharp all due fully wholly wide plumb out flat smack-dab altogether heartily enough all over on the nail in every respect every inch bang indeed positively all of square through and through to the hilt in every way the ticket for sure for certain one hundred per cent no mistake on the button on the nose on the dot for a fact

Tính từ

True to the facts or the original
faithful accurate exact precise strict true close authentic error-free errorless faultless unerring convincing just realistic right veracious verisimilar credible lifelike similar undistorted veridical bang on on the beam on the button on the mark on the nail spot on on the money correct definitive authoritative valid reliable conclusive undisputed unrefuted irrefutable infallible unquestionable unimpeachable right as rain free of error on the nose thorough believable safe fail-safe kosher failsafe trustworthy all right perfect specific unambiguous good canonical explicit proper meticulous minute detailed undeniable official flawless actual definite final genuine straight absolute certain dead-on word for word spot-on on-target clear-cut literal factual truthful unvarnished veritable honest unembellished real verbatim legitimate unadulterated natural true to life legit scrupulous matter-of-fact direct true-to-life rigorous naturalistic undeviating regular bona fide concrete solid dinkum veristic sound graphic straightforward unabridged certified hard fact-based pure on target sure-enough particular on the level sharp distinct methodical scientific right on near defined living fair speaking naturalist plain representative impeccable word-perfect original clear so telling it like it is verifiable photo-realistic dependable certifiable sure three-dimensional as it really happened complete unembroidered vivid echt effective righteous pukka pucka true-blue careful cinematic filmic trusty punctilious well founded unmistakable photographic rigid discriminating judicious deft systematic discriminative skilful skillful punctual conscientious objective ultraprecise representational word-for-word simple unexaggerated letter-for-letter pinpoint letter-perfect unelaborated letter for letter cogent documentary nonfictional historical attested downright authenticated narrow to the letter appropriate standard unequivocal immaculate existent normal reasonable undoubted bonafide guileless ingenuous unmistaken amen outright rational indubitable satisfactory acceptable decisive dead on inch-perfect de facto honest-to-goodness straight from horse's mouth for real on the up and up real McCoy like it is severe like alike vérité delicate pictorial fine line-for-line refined mathematical bare real-life utter in accordance with the facts gospel stark out-and-out thoroughgoing visual retentive hairline literatim total reputable kitchen-sink surgical determinate categorical individual frank candid sincere untainted still life unspoiled full true blue warts and all unmitigated consummate unqualified sheer rich intense camera-friendly photogenic picturesque acute well-defined upfront legal admissible unalloyed arrant identical apparent ordinary written usual verbal critical learned creditable forthright watertight inerrant solemn lawful scholarly open plain-spoken resembling express line for line line by line set determined established not figurative in every respect OK live sterling rightful proven documented respected supported confirmed circumstantiated validated verified characteristic archetypal typical archetypical straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy based on facts free-spoken round O.K. unfaked artless unaffected blow-by-blow persuasive cut-and-dried well defined clearly defined black-and-white stone okay equitable plainspoken unfeigned truth-telling outspoken unreserved square average unpretentious undesigning unpretending fitting from the horse's mouth unblemished genuine article real thing twenty-four carat simon-pure your actual nailed down bull's-eye on the numbers justified telling undeceptive dinky-di on the right track for sure on track right stuff along the right lines unadorned powerful meaning what one says model ideal on the ball on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle circumstantial strong compelling forceful incontrovertible exemplary very logical likely unbiased unprejudiced justifiable reasoned defensible warrantable well-founded commonsensical firm levelheaded sober defendable warranted commonsense commonsensible sensible informed high-principled plausible probable potent seamless picture-book picture-perfect irreproachable copybook classic indefectible as true as I'm sitting here on the line as true as I'm standing here incontestable unassailable irresistible unanswerable vindicable without fault foolproof without blemish true-life card-carrying assuasive impressive satisfying suasive exquisite textbook unspotted whole supreme stainless intact crimeless spotless unguilty just so clean balanced colourable painstaking nice well grounded well-grounded moving influential possible carrying conviction swaying presumable believeable hopeful

Trái nghĩa của without error

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