Đồng nghĩa của for sure

Alternative for for sure

Phó từ

Eye dialect spelling of certainly, representing New York City English

Phó từ

Definitely, without a doubt
certainly undoubtedly definitely clearly surely unquestionably sure undeniably plainly indisputably truly doubtless assuredly easily really alright incontrovertibly so incontestably indeed inarguably unarguably forsooth all right hands down for certain by all means by all odds indubitably positively absolutely of course without a doubt irrefutably unequivocally without doubt decidedly beyond the shadow of a doubt beyond doubt doubtlessly to be sure verily actually unmistakably without fail in reality with certainty in fact for real beyond question in truth in sooth obviously firmly verifiably very well agreed beyond any doubt indefensibly emphatically unimpeachably with pleasure most definitely sure thing yes no doubt apparently beyond a doubt patently no ifs ands or buts supposedly seemingly precisely ostensibly veritably as a matter of fact nay as expected even as it happened in point of fact genuinely you could say categorically if truth be told very much in actuality as it happens inevitably inexorably unavoidably evidently distinctly explicitly unfailingly infallibly unerringly fixedly admittedly manifestly conclusively unshakably beyond any shadow of a doubt rain or shine come what may nothing else but beyond shadow of doubt soundly unambiguously safely reliably authoritatively unassailably truely demonstrably confirmably supremely determinedly trustworthily provably hardly undisputably foolproofly decisively convincingly confirmedly definitively dependably unanswerably irrefragably unchallengeably securely compellingly unconditionally provenly unbreakably airtightly finally solidly strongly clinchingly self-evidently inflexibly goodly excellently undebatably impeccably flawlessly apodictically ultimately exactly faultlessly lastly pronouncedly invulnerably factually peremptorily inescapably ineluctably palpably irrevocably concretely resolutely determinately fatedly effectively cogently naturally unescapably imminently transparently accurately questionlessly unqualifiedly powerfully coercively sharply persuasively predictably influentially incisively tellingly unalterably impendingly necessarily unpreventably efficaciously intelligently validly impressively plausibly urgently lucidly trenchantly forcefully weightily insightfully greatly satisfyingly intuitively undisputedly materially relevantly forcibly pertinently ingeniously effectually formidably competently capably confidently

Phó từ

Without doubt
certainly definitely surely undoubtedly absolutely indubitably positively undeniably unmistakably without doubt without question beyond any doubt unquestionably without a doubt assuredly doubtlessly of course undoubtably indeed plainly clearly doubtless unequivocally decidedly obviously all right hands down no question incontrovertibly indisputably irrefutably patently truly incontestably really no doubt easily sure inarguably unarguably so beyond question evidently beyond doubt beyond a doubt for certain by all odds with certainty by all means needless to say alright forsooth undisputedly categorically come hell or high water beyond the shadow of a doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt palpably without fail no ifs ands or buts about it emphatically for a fact as sure as eggs is eggs beyond shadow of a doubt unimpeachably sure as can be sure enough conclusively demonstrably genuinely plain quite far and away downright there's no denying it there are no two ways about it by a mile exactly manifestly noticeably visibly markedly in every way from all appearances transparently very well distinctly unambiguously apparently in every respect blatantly in reality naturally unreservedly overtly one hundred per cent perceptibly in fact openly no ifs ands or buts a hundred per cent in truth no two ways about it seemingly straight out precisely to all intents and purposes obvs it goes without saying ostensibly discernibly well detectably recognizably perceivably conspicuously observably recognisably distinguishably strikingly appreciably pronouncedly sensibly tangibly saliently glaringly prominently boldly measurably significantly outstandingly apprehensibly self-evidently signally discernably notably undisguisedly barefacedly inescapably remarkably lucidly perspicuously considerably substantially flagrantly pointedly visually unambivalently straightforwardly pellucidly ringingly viewably identifiably discoverably understandably baldly cognizably ocularly reasonably obtrusively luminously luculently greatly ascertainably materially axiomatically comprehensibly dramatically flamboyantly brilliantly commandingly showily splashily catchily bodaciously noisily explicitly broadly macroscopically audibly intelligibly optically fairly sizeably tidily blindingly grossly unsubtly starkly exposedly arrantly visionally notedly shamelessly brazenly professedly officially acutely strongly familiarly downrightly accessibly moderately predominantly dominantly to all appearances distinctively traceably notoriously flashily egregiously rankly freshly healthily largely sizably estimably credibly plausibly believably colorably divisibly separably externally outerly controlledly exclusively actually solidly exteriorly noteworthily sensationally spectacularly cognitively corporeally trenchantly translucently sensitively perspicaciously knowingly percipiently observantly discretely divergently specially uniquely individually concretely chromatically superficially much perceptively hardly authentically veritably legitimately unmissably extrinsically loudly seriously legitly veridically verifiably factually validly confirmedly certifiably frankly firmly objectively honestly substantively truely auricularly roaringly deafeningly resoundingly soundingly aurally vocally publically properly reducibly outwardly overly a great deal especially particularly quantifiably to a great extent systemically to a marked extent pervasively universally sweepingly globally

Phó từ

Used to emphasize the accuracy of a figure or description
exactly precisely just completely entirely quite totally absolutely accurately correctly definitely full literally strictly truly all altogether clean dead due enough entire even explicitly expressly faithfully fast flat fully heartily out perfectly plumb prompt right rigorously scrupulously sharp smack-dab soundly squarely thoroughly truthfully unequivocally utterly well wholly wide faultlessly methodically specifically unerringly veraciously all of all over bang carefully every inch indeed in every respect on the nail positively severely square in every way on the money spot on through and through to the hilt bang on for certain no mistake one hundred per cent on the button the ticket to a T to the letter for a fact on the dot on the nose promptly smack directly slap dead on sure square on slap bang word for word smack on smack dab slap on as well sure thing neither more nor less the very thing to a tee no ifs ands or buts in all respects unreservedly categorically outright all the way downright without reservation lock, stock and barrel unconditionally comprehensively unmitigatedly flat-out without exception wholeheartedly conclusively undisputedly unqualifiedly totes down to the ground to the core in toto to the maximum extent all in all from A to Z a hundred per cent consummately purely roundly exhaustively solidly to the limit to the max inside out to the end heart and soul in full to the nth degree on all counts decisively extensively effectively unrestrictedly plain en masse without omission in entirety unquestionably surely undoubtedly certainly manifestly deadly clearly unambiguously without qualification decidedly undividedly without a doubt ultimately genuinely sweepingly in all hook, line and sinker all out really unmistakably greatly firmly widely very terribly no doubt vehemently resolutely without question reservedly uniquely at all staunchly finally clear largely certifiably heavily flatly full on abundantly up and down hook line and sinker root and branch amply authentically actually veritably strongly very much plentifully intimately straightforwardly royally systematically out-and-out from first to last from soup to nuts out and out in reality in fact in truth all told to the full without hesitation without restraint without demur implicitly without reserve infallibly come hell or high water to the fullest extent no strings attached from beginning to end from top to bottom straight out definitively convincingly unconstrainedly stark radically emphatically plainly beyond any doubt sure as can be one-hundred percent top to bottom

Tính từ

Impossible to avoid
unavoidable certain ineluctable inescapable inevitable necessary sure compulsory fated ineludible inexorable obligatory assured unpreventable mandatory predestined predetermined preordained required unescapable impending inevasible manifest obvious prescribed set bound to happen sure to happen in the bag in the cards locked up open and shut imminent predictable settled expected destined fixed foreseeable decreed ordained reliable guaranteed undeniable impreventable fateful unalterable unfailing decided foreordained natural effective irrevocable doomed binding dependable determined ineliminable irresistible without recourse all locked up to be anticipated to be expected for certain no ifs ands or buts certain to happen imperative peremptory requisite forced incumbent nonelective essential involuntary compelling demanded compulsatory urgent de rigueur enforced statutory automatic necessitous definite imperious needed critical clear stipulated prerequisite coercive indispensable instant meant intended needful integral called for must-have determinist patent deterministic vital contractual enforceable infallible inerrant returnless prophesied prophesized pivotal recommended doubtless predicted crucial undoubted routine important meant to be out of one's hands overwhelming overpowering nailed-on robot-like repeated usual regular all sewn up mapped out in advance uncontrollable prejudged pre-elected potent compulsive undodgeable pressing irrepressible ungovernable besetting forceful driving commanding irremissible obsessive oppressive overmastering decided by fate in the stars importunate crying dire emergent exigent clamant acute burning called-for overriding inextricable bound impossible to escape from foredoomed designed threatening that is to be near to come que sera sera in the air predesigned compelled condemned closed menacing nailed on sealed in prospect very likely way the ball bounces directed at hand hanging over in the wind stated written in the cards in store overhanging that will be looming forthcoming brewing coming OB the law

Tính từ

Free from error
correct right accurate precise true exact veracious faultless flawless strict certain conclusive definitive faithful infallible irrefutable perfect reliable unambiguous undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid error-free errorless proper unerring appropriate dead-on good meticulous OK on-target regular scrupulous so spot-on standard word-perfect acceptable bang on O.K. actual amen equitable factual impeccable just legitimate okay on the beam on the button righteous rigorous stone truthful undistorted unmistaken veridical on the mark on the money on the nail spot on along the right lines dead on on target on the right track on track right on right stuff according to Hoyle cooking with gas free of error on the ball on the nose on the right lines right as rain authentic literal genuine sound definite reasonable kosher authoritative absolute real direct solid detailed close clear-cut fair unvarnished legit credible explicit warranted realistic suitable veritable ideal matter-of-fact bona fide effective sure model specific defined convincing fitting lawful distinct defensible dead right legal accepted unfailing satisfactory inch-perfect honest fact-based particular trustworthy rightful unmistakable pinpoint all right methodical thorough justified verifiable certified word for word concrete sensible unequivocal hard unembellished logical unadulterated verbatim recognized supportable careful true to life fit picture-perfect clear dinkum validated picture-book letter-perfect punctilious well-founded telling it like it is unblemished as it really happened recognised judicious rigid systematic objective lifelike adequate well founded authorized sharp sanctioned certifiable scientific just right commensurate deadly formal unelaborated approved immaculate licit licensed documentary nonfictional categorical warrantable historical pure official irreproachable whole exemplary veristic verisimilar spotless stainless justifiable seamless indefectible cogent just so rational exactly right straightforward plausible unobjectionable established very licenced authorised supreme average without error requisite necessary agreeable positive inerrant conscientious satisfying bull's-eye on the level painstaking discriminating deft discriminative skilful skillful punctual tenable simple ultraprecise express intact assured undeviating unexaggerated accredited constitutional understandable reasoned without blemish sustainable authenticated vindicable dependable copybook admissible foolproof textbook defendable documented verified fine alright natural acknowledged unbroken classic canonical coherent normal unexceptionable without fault believable unabridged endorsed ratified best permissible dead existent undoubted exquisite straight final nice sober sure-fire decent allowed in order clean tolerable decisive safe commonsensical levelheaded pukka opportune archetypal competent consummate optimal passable sure-enough up to par up to standard up to scratch sufficing sufficient serviceable de facto inerrable comfortable true-blue unsullied quintessential fail-safe up to the mark up to snuff signed and sealed well-suited watertight straight from the horse's mouth well grounded as true as I'm sitting here good enough well-grounded as true as I'm standing here orthodox severe vindicated confirmed befitting fastidious unwavering stringent well defined lethal minute conventional naturalistic case preferable clearly defined plain uncompromising delicate crystal clear due statutory vérité unswerving unfaked complete bare surgical determinate individual uncanny inevitable hunky-dory in depth what really happened what actually happened compelling sincere gospel stark failsafe univocal to a T polished well-defined invariable narrow in accordance with the facts pragmatic lucid congruent viable workable grounded reputable in accordance with reality excusable perfected to a turn undamaged undeceptive persuasive signed sealed just what the doctor ordered just what we need unimpaired explainable forgivable maintainable arguable apparent ordinary unembroidered written usual verbal critical de jure mint unmarked creditable relevant ordered cleared customary cathedral decided ex cathedra and delivered ex officio pardonable remissible venial allowable probable condonable identical superlative pristine superb on the line on the up and up high-principled like it is pertinent made to order apt ultimate prototypical tailor-made just the job masterly not figurative the real McCoy for real based on facts dead-center downright tip-top able to hold water characteristic representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical enough indubitable echt artless unaffected entire unspoiled unmarred weighty analytic analytical consequent prudent absolutely right very accurate exactly correct by the book to the point unpretentious undesigning unpretending as good as new as sound as a bell telling thoughtful ample commensurable blow-by-blow word-for-word to the letter letter-for-letter letter for letter honest-to-goodness pucka optimum surefire guaranteed unbeatable can't-miss efficacious abundant sinless frank overt candid aboveboard forthright open straight from shoulder up front square all there holding water profound well-advised holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together together intellectual unassailable advisable right-thinking standing up cool right-minded dinky-di unadorned firm commonsense commonsensible informed proportionate plenty real McCoy incorrupt blameless prime peak top circumstantial bonafide innocent untarnished moral virtuous upright guiltless congruous nailed down on the numbers idyllic foremost tried and true handy effectual useful always effective apodictic incontrovertible tried and tested helpful steady undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing uncorrupted cleanhanded inculpable lily-white white squeaky-clean legalized binding unbiased unprejudiced plentiful plenteous apposite apropos suited bounteous finest unspotted crimeless unguilty balanced ten aces A-okay above reproach above suspicion unflawed whiter than white note-perfect as pure as the driven snow squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless beyond criticism apple-pie enow aplenty copious as much as you need fitted as much as is necessary minimal bountiful choicest choice true-to-life contractual usable respectable true-life card-carrying legalised unexpired presentable best possible fairish palatable straight from horse's mouth middling convenient moderate common pre-eminent best-case assuaging assuasive appeasing legally acceptable legally binding swell pleasant snug goodish unexceptional sufficiently good pretty good jake fairly good run-of-the-mill bog-standard completely understandable so-so A-OK middle-of-the-road fair-to-middling quite good totally fine not bad in effect within the law in force original tangible indisputable substantial attested naive unalloyed sterling physical palpable unassuming corporeal material real-life proven out-and-out existing uncontrived modest upfront substantive utter humble evident living total homely well-established unmitigated perceptible without airs unfeigned arrant everyday sheer graphic outright unimaginary fixed representational unstudied uncounterfeited substantiated unpresumptuous near set naïve non-fictional thoroughgoing photo-realistic practical outspoken three-dimensional spontaneous unsophisticated fair dinkum easy essential unmixed intrinsic unqualified fair and square unprocessed full live refined manifest uncontaminated undiluted traditional bodily unimposing unostentatious unmannered on the up-and-up demonstrable real-world vivid current prevailing incarnate photographic non-spiritual childlike naturalist trusty settled habitual general unreserved stock accustomed popular corporal mainstream unremarkable routine speaking expected vanilla plain-spoken visible wonted prosaic workaday garden-variety phenomenal appreciable universal classical measurable not copied easy-going laid-back self-effacing twenty-four carat historic quantifiable cracker-barrel incontestable inescapable demonstrated kitchen-sink cut-and-dried standard-issue meaning what one says sure enough warts and all straight dinkum dinky-die nonfiction qualified expert professional according to law permitted loyal conforming royal informal heartfelt earnest known unpretended hearty above board all-out flat-out true story plenary unconditional similar implicit transparent extemporary comprehensive straight-shooting tacit biographical rightly so called virtual implied provable pretensionless prize especial unguarded cinematic filmic unacknowledged precision telling the truth non-fictitious learned master corroborated factualistic intensive sweeping down-to-earth confirmable hairline scholarly unimagined solemn honest-to-God considerable empirical genuine article simon-pure untainted true blue present embodied discernible mathematical well aimed unartful unartificial undisguised significant real thing your actual obvious respected supported circumstantiated plain-speaking free-spoken round up-front no-nonsense no fooling unhypocritical worldly fundamental honest-to-god in every respect determined stereotypical plainspoken truth-telling proved striking observable patent intelligible dyed-in-the-wool real live sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff really-truly unobtrusive first generation inveterate line-for-line earthly detectable perceivable time-honored ornery twenty-four-carat folksy inelaborate down uncomplex unbeautified discreet unambitious homey free-spirited from the horse's mouth honest to God mundane temporal fleshly entrenched black-and-white literatim well documented homespun sublunary familiar unblended terrene terrestrial carnal earthborn earthbound down home a dime a dozen common or garden plain vanilla distilled filtered clarified chronicled straightaway long-established nonspiritual lay stable purified deep-rooted widely used widespread ingrained archival uninhibited neat secular traditionalistic old old-fashioned time-honoured old-style officially recognized wholesome rooted secure unshakable vested permanent relaxed raw unclouded unmingled linear rectilinear still life unselfconscious recorded quiet 100% lowly rustic one hundred per cent pure and simple simplistic commemorated historial antique important unsuspicious unknowing simpleminded unwary unworldly unsuspecting gullible inexperienced in truth unforced green set in stone unstilted prevalent commonplace unconstrained staple basic quotidian regulation going boilerplate daily cut-and-dry day-to-day garden variety one-size-fits-all

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