Đồng nghĩa của ample

Alternative for ample

ampler, amplest

Đồng nghĩa: abundant, enough, full, large, plenty, sufficient,

Trái nghĩa: insufficient, scanty,


Being plentiful or more than enough in quantity
abundant liberal plentiful generous great rich lavish bountiful copious plenteous profuse bounteous extensive large abounding broad considerable huge innumerable sizeable spacious substantial aplenty boundless bumper capacious cornucopian countless expansive flush galore inexhaustible infinite opulent overflowing plenty prolific rife roomy superabundant teeming unrestricted voluminous comfortable commodious munificent myriad decent heavy lank enough and to spare thick on the ground no end a gogo handsome sizable big significant hefty full substantive major tidy vast immense goodly good respectable healthy massive appreciable luxuriant largish biggish whopping enormous solid excessive hulking serious prodigious grand oversized extravagant bulky astronomical outsize oversize immeasurable sufficient fat outsized comprehensive monumental exuberant jumbo marked large-scale colossal a dime a dozen gigantic prosperous tremendous prodigal astronomic reasonable titanic mammoth wealthy exorbitant wide affluent immoderate riotous replete unstinting not to be sneezed at numerous monstrous swarming filling sweeping hearty thick extraordinary rambling whacking productive husky complete noticeable princely in abundance lush humongous fulsome elephantine king-size herculean extreme king-sized high gross luxurious crawling with cavernous king size thick with giant square long gushing decent-sized pronounced much fertile meaningful inordinate well-provided plenitudinous worthwhile fruitful strapping burly ponderous exhaustive superfluous important awash flowing fair boxcar open material stinking with thumping alive with profitable rolling bonny advantageous no end in sight lucrative entire whole consequential stodgy overabundant adequate deep heavyweight sensible easy satisfying unlimited notable airy palatial global wholesale epic well-supplied spacey flourishing leaden widespread well-fixed well-situated fraught many multifarious multitudinous wide-ranging limitless detailed rank thronging well-off well-heeled sumptuous profusive openhanded far-reaching Himalayan packed stuffed lousy wide-reaching well-to-do extended momentous strong ginormous over the top chock-full whopping great gargantuan mountainous no end of whacking great steady earth-shattering earthshaking walloping bull mondo extra surplus in excess rewarding cushy filled well-stocked paying goodish wide open competitive remunerative gainful stiff legit disproportionate dripping crammed billowing excellent multiple manifold elegant baggy phenomenal steep wordy prolix verbose proliferous in plenty populous kingly well furnished loose-fitting pleasant gracious unsparing measureless booming stink with vital crucial mucho hulky unwieldy legion sundry several convoluted swelling simple covering various high-ceilinged effusive good-sized suitable thriving dense fairly large heightened severe intemperate unreasonable escalated super increased jacked up mega Brobdingnagian cumbersome a mess of resplendent loaded fancy utmost paramount fecund gushy open-handed unrestrained uncrowded expanded not inconsiderable meaty measurable grandiose thumping great tolerable well off satisfactory chic fine gilded terrible prime coming out of ears pretty outspread outstretched competent swimming enough improvident endless mass verdant rampant above average abnormal unusual intensified generously proportioned latitudinous beamy urgent fundamental critical free from hardship universal nationwide overgrown protracted humungous stupendous towering lousy with weighty weedy vigorous green leafy grown fructuous essential central pressing leading heavy-duty super colossal across-the-board international whopper thundering monster intercontinental a whale of a all-encompassing worldwide brimming crowded cosmic prolonged spread out jungly worth taking into account real key powerful comfort calorific Bunyanesque leviathan vasty galactic brobdingnagian cosmical lengthy decided massy mastodonic supersized monolithic far reaching eventful historic firm sturdy sound elaborate useful durable valuable principal exceeding ultra wide physically yawning hollow starchy tectonic gaping sepulchral big-deal major-league fatty creamy unfathomable dark minute elaborated particular gloomy concave resonant echoing reverberant sunken dismal circumstantial particularized seriatim specific thorough explicit exact precise painstaking full-bodied accurate chambered deep-set alveolate chasmal cavelike socketed in-depth blow-by-blow particularised curved inward in detail broad-ranging abundant in abounding in overflowing with loaded with rich in rife with bursting with replete with overloaded with brimful with teeming with jam-packed with fraught with brimming with swarming with jammed with packed with awash with well stocked with crowded with charged with solid with chock-full of well provided with crammed with chocker with chock-a-block with stuffed with well supplied with more than enough


Having a large scope or range
wide comprehensive broad extensive large vast immense expansive sweeping encyclopaedic encyclopedic exhaustive general deep extended rangy universal widespread catholic compendious inclusive interdisciplinary multidisciplinary all-embracing all-inclusive cross-disciplinary far-flung far-ranging far-reaching large-scale wide-ranging great voluminous spacious sizable capacious roomy huge enormous big giant massive substantial commodious considerable immeasurable colossal boundless humongous sizeable generous gigantic monumental tremendous mountainous elephantine mega grand mammoth monstrous gargantuan prodigious oversized hefty monster ginormous stupendous astronomical bulky jumbo gross whopping hulking thumping handsome Brobdingnagian king-sized whacking bumper king-size thumping great whacking great whopping great king size infinite limitless mighty spread-out epic unlimited expanded weighty heavy humungous grandiose astronomic inordinate titanic almighty cosmic towering unwieldy Herculean exorbitant leviathan extreme walloping excessive cosmical overgrown very big very large pharaonic cyclopean galactic supersize supersized oversize super-duper tidy biggish largish husky goodly outsize outsized full cavelike cavernous thorough extra-large boxcar expanding stretching inflatable elastic dilating swelling extendable stretchy enlargeable distending giant-sized OS dilatant scopic scopious unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed mondo full-size extravagant good-size good-sized tall cumbersome man-size Bunyanesque swelled massy thundering fair-size great big socking great a whale of a economy-size of considerable size super colossal life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized mastodonic megalithic lofty family-sized ponderous staggering family-size high brobdingnagian whopper man-sized dirty great open outspread uncrowded spread out incalculable eternal endless super herculean measureless illimitable terrific oceanic gigantesque interminable awesome formidable overwhelming heroic imposing abundant prolific planetary heroical plenteous mundo detailed vasty Gargantuan unbounded never-ending Himalayan very great stretched-out whale of a


(of people or animals) Overweight or fat
heavy overweight large bulky rotund stout stocky portly plump chubby paunchy chunky fleshy big fat massive heavyset obese corpulent huge flabby of ample build weighty well upholstered well padded broad in the beam hefty gross hulking tubby beefy enormous cumbersome porky thickset pudgy blubbery poddy porcine podgy elephantine potbellied pursy roly-poly thick wide adipose burly Falstaffian overfed well-padded whalelike clinically obese morbidly obese overheavy overnourished overstuffed abdominous round fubsy full lardy replete pot-bellied buxom rounded corn-fed zaftig well covered dumpy well rounded beer-bellied of ample proportions fattish husky solid plumpish outsize brawny substantial bloated considerable sturdy awkward meaty burdensome broad well-upholstered well built strapping muscular excessive abundant cumbrous tremendous copious mesomorphic l lead-footed gravid laden loaded expectant enceinte built nuggety avoirdupois oversize pyknic squabby solidly built upholstered fatty squat stubby heavily built full-figured stumpy well-covered thick-bodied curvy very large heavy-laden curved ponderous sarcous gargantuan bulging girthy unwieldy squatty cobby leaden colossal well fed bearish butterball plenitudinous filled pleasingly plump on the plump side strong on the large short and fat sturdily built weighing a ton full-fleshed goodly sizable sizeable robust great oversized buff voluminous shredded biggish boxcar outsized handsome largish ripped hunky grand tidy thewy jacked stalwart extensive major large-scale powerfully built heavyweight blimp short sonsy bulbous lard bovine bull inflated jelly-belly distended swollen homely lusty overblown embonpoint lard-arsed squab out of shape baby elephant having a bay window having a spare tire giant gigantic monumental humongous immense super monstrous cosmic prodigious monster vast inordinate towering tall overgrown lofty titanic mighty ginormous grandiose astronomical mammoth Bunyanesque pharaonic cyclopean leviathan extreme formidable mountainous astronomic stellar vasty walloping mastodonic Herculean muscly galactic humungous hulky staggering powerful stupendous brobdingnagian cavernous commodious cosmical monolithic spacious thumping liberal roomy capacious well-built jumbo appreciable whopping greater larger giant-sized man-size thumping great giant-size of considerable size whacking great king-size whopping great king-sized man-sized dirty great not inconsiderable big and strong muscle-bound broad-shouldered barn door king size


Having a generally full or rounded figure that is attractive
buxom round shapely curvaceous curvy voluptuous Junoesque Rubenesque well padded well covered well rounded full-figured of ample proportions well-rounded well-proportioned well-made well-padded busty Rubensesque lush luscious opulent rounded full-bosomed stacked full well formed womanly zaftig built plump chesty well endowed well upholstered well-endowed well-developed big genetically blessed curved bosomy lusty curvesome healthy curvilinear hung horse-hung seductive sensuous beddable erotic carnal alluring hot slinky fleshly enticing sultry sensual sexy gainly well-stacked comely provocative sexually attractive well turned desirable foxy tantalizing suggestive bootylicious come-hither titillating attractive arousing tantalising nubile inviting tempting ravishing provoking fanciable spunky cute kissable pneumatic flirtatious naughty fit come-to-bed racy steamy raunchy saucy risqué coquettish bodacious dishy toothsome gorgeous cuddly sexual well-formed pleasing aphrodisiacal bedroom curvacious aphrodisiac feline handsome statuesque beautiful dreamy yummy dashing amorous delicious passionate ripe marriageable stunning siren irresistible captivating beguiling stimulating bewitching specious well-shaped well-built sexually exciting sexually arousing exciting spicy adult juicy erogenous erotical erotogenic amatory sexually mature gamy skin fruity lurid vixenish mature libidinous X-rated sonsie sonsy sightly clean-limbed trim neat elegant well-turned graceful symmetrical balanced regular well shaped sylphlike proportioned large-breasted heavy-breasted large-bosomed full-breasted big-breasted big-bosomed peng


With everything included, and nothing missing or absent
complete entire full exhaustive whole comprehensive overall replete faultless unbroken undiminished perfect broad compleat extensive grand lock stock and barrel unreduced thorough thoroughgoing unabridged unimpaired unshortened integral maximal uncondensed uncut undivided all integrated all-out far-reaching full-blooded full-blown full-dress full-length full-on full-out full-scale hook line and sinker intact the works unabbreviated whole enchilada whole-hog whole-length whole nine yards wide-ranging inclusive universal all-inclusive encyclopedic total global panoramic all-embracing encyclopaedic blanket sweeping detailed umbrella compendious overarching in-depth wholesale catholic embracive absolute cyclopedic omnibus widespread plenary all-in nationwide countrywide all-encompassing broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged infinite general coast-to-coast broad-ranging in depth across the board across-the-board wide out-and-out eclectic interdisciplinary cross-disciplinary wall-to-wall radical clean generic expansive multidisciplinary mass encircling containing comprising discursive synoptic extended worldwide indiscriminate collective nonspecific outright common unconfined international ubiquitous limitless of great scope the whole shebang the big picture all-around endless ecumenical all-round broad-spectrum company-wide bird's-eye broad-brush taken as a whole copious abundant plentiful adequate plenteous itemized long choate largest itemised unlimited most careful meticulous painstaking profound deep intensive scrupulous minute from A to Z major pervasive rangy far-flung systematic methodical unbounded proper tough exact all the way slam-bang efficient assiduous royal circumstantial conscientious particular plenty blow-by-blow soup to nuts clocklike particularized life-size unrestrained one-to-one important definitive aggregate large-scale wholistic rounded utter holistic drastic forceful desperate severe stringent serious rigorous the word violent draconian no stone unturned big picture revolutionary thorough-going generalized unselective overstated generalised exaggerated overdrawn thoroughpaced particularised rife prevalent epidemic pervading rampant prevailing permeating pandemic predominant inescapable boundless omnipresent popular diffuse outspread preponderate overwhelming unrestricted on a large scale all over the place


Generous and tireless with one's contributions of time, money, etc.
unstinting bountiful generous liberal abundant bounteous free lavish munificent profuse unselfish unsparing big-hearted free-handed ready beneficent benevolent bighearted charitable freehanded freehearted full fulsome kind kind-hearted magnanimous open openhanded open-handed plentiful prodigal ungrudging altruistic big considerate easy equitable excellent fair good greathearted handsome helpful high-minded honest honorable honourable hospitable just kindhearted kindly lofty loose moderate noble philanthropic plenteous reasonable soft-touch thoughtful tolerant unstinted willing willingly given giving great-hearted eleemosynary princely large-hearted warm-hearted understanding soft-hearted sympathetic selfless self-sacrificing acceptable humane humanitarian philanthropical chivalrous merciful lenient gallant openhearted soft indulgent clement all heart almsgiving unprejudiced extravagant overgenerous overabundant immoderate open-hearted thriftless intemperate profligate wasteful unrestrained improvident wild casual unstinging exuberant free-and-easy elevated sublime natural great high forgiving lordly generous to a fault over the top upright worthy knightly Santa Claus has heart in right place compassionate caring comforting wholesome tenderhearted angelic lovable gentle easygoing agreeable mild soft touch cooperative tender-hearted benefic maternal polite good-natured benign neighborly pitying brotherly good-hearted calm sweet genial congenial tactful propitious cheerful affable likeable warm softhearted unoffensive likable mellow sociable dutiful goodhearted bleeding-heart delightful public-spirited attentive well meaning cordial motherly benignant fatherly good-tempered loving regardful well intentioned affectionate gracious good-humoured tender fatherlike nice respectful sweet-tempered heart in right place friendly accommodating amicable neighbourly good-humored obliging amiable pleasant warmhearted feeling pleasing courteous supportive decent engaging patient well-mannered deferential forbearing


Complimentary or flattering to an excessive degree
fulsome extravagant adulatory excessive fawning inordinate overdone unctuous gushing gushy ingratiating cloying immoderate lavish saccharine enthusiastic extensive generous glowing liberal profuse effusive flattering laudatory nauseating over-appreciative sickening acclamatory buttery complimentary eulogistic hagiographic hagiographical insincere oily oleaginous rapturous soapy sugary sycophantic encomiastic gross honeyed OTT smarmy bombastic canting coarse glib grandiloquent hypocritical magniloquent mealy-mouthed overgenerous sanctimonious slick slimy smooth suave wheedling over the top exuberant obsequious unrestrained bountiful overflowing servile commendatory prodigal encomiastical praising appreciative admiring unreserved rhapsodic copious galore rave bounteous plentiful teeming luxuriant abounding superfluous aplenty plenty grovelling sucky smug groveling no end bootlicking toadying demonstrative panegyrical abundant cajoling expansive ebullient unstinting prolific congratulatory riotous emotional superabundant greasy laudative highly favourable opulent lush swarming crawling with alive with thick with approving creepy plausible subservient crawling approbatory saponaceous smooth-talking lyrical applauding mushy sentimental lionizing honey-tongued over-effusive silver-tongued plenteous smooth-tongued favourable eulogizing bumper extreme sumptuous profusive openhanded open-handed over-enthusiastic lionising full rich praiseful approbative a dime a dozen hyped up favorable eulogising unlimited lank full of praise replete a gogo laid on with a trowel surplus in excess overabundant extra sleek deferential commending supple bland insinuating coaxing compliant exaggerated worshipping flannelling blarneying blandishing worshipful reverential sweet-talking soft-soaping gratifying creeping actorly theatrical dramatic wholehearted slavish extolling free ecstatic toadyish glorifying panegyric celebratory touchy-feely uninhibited worshiping munificent maudlin unconstrained outpouring raving overemotional mawkish nostalgic unsparing ungrudging handsome vociferous overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid highly complimentary loving infinite inexhaustible free-flowing cringing very happy all over someone large good positive friendly substantial considerable humble huge flush great complete urbane fertile comfortable cornucopian productive blubbery hammy voluble dewy-eyed plauditory polite civil honoring fair-spoken celebrating well-wishing courtly gracious respectful honouring kind numerous many innumerable multifarious multiple manifold multitudinous countless fruitful thick on the ground competent swimming well-provided lousy with rife appreciable sufficient flowing chock-full enough improvident in abundance wordy myriad heavy prolix verbose lovey-dovey with high praise with highest recommendation highly favorable slippery phoney creamy pinguid phony brown-nosing self-abasing arse-licking smooth-spoken apple-polishing forelock-tugging a mess of Uriah Heepish ass-kissing coming out of ears


Useful or functional for a particular purpose
good effective helpful advantageous beneficial constructive productive profitable suitable acceptable appropriate convenient decent desirable favourable favorable fitting fruitful healthy proper respectable satisfying usable utilisable utilizable approving brave comestible common consumable edible fit fit for human consumption fit to be eaten meet right safe to eat versatile all right apt auspicious becoming benefic benignant commendatory commending conformable congruous favouring favoring healthful hygienic needed opportune propitious protean salubrious salutary seemly serviceable tolerable toward unobjectionable wholesome useful applicable felicitous happy befitting expedient timely fitted fortunate lucky relevant beneficent pertinent kindly apposite friendly seasonable providential just benign suited valuable worthwhile pretty apropos correct germane well-timed functional practical ideal rightful promising adequate encouraging of use satisfactory heaven-sent fair well timed rewarding to the point fortuitous gainful qualified handy worthy comme il faut due golden conducive win-win ripe in keeping welcome perfect lucrative deserved of service equitable economic successful moneymaking nice decorous employable valid benevolent ready significant requisite to the purpose paying remunerative pat of benefit material related condign useable capable practicable reasonable well-suited exploitable fat juicy money-spinning adapted feasible operative available going sufficient pleasing tailor-made kosher right on on the nose on the button justified charitable informative well-chosen able flukey fluky connected prosperous bright efficacious thriving serendipitous generous prepared profit-making pleasant behooveful deserving equipped powerful furthersome conforming workable accessible compatible correspondent well-paying merited commodious telling running current just right sweet equal competent operable appurtenant preferable of assistance enough ad rem financially rewarding well paid expendable unused wieldy exhaustible adaptable utile open instrumental subservient spot on good enough made to order legit excellent cut out for in the black at hand at disposal in order healing hopeful timeous fairy-tale well disposed harmonious sensible blessed moderate warm clement conformed reconciled accommodated agreeable accommodating commercial illuminating enriching cheering pleasureful flattering gratifying pleasurable reassuring workaday good for one belonging judicious for-profit renumerative inspired comfortable good for you merciful dexter smiling ordinary utilitarian everyday neat choice well suited matched working just what was ordered that's the ticket obligatory warranted gentle casual incidental enviable accidental well chosen well spent done utility cut out strategic joyous well put well expressed convincing high-income right and proper bounden effectual comely best of value operational disposable functioning potent behooving beseeming relative linked applicatory associable congruent correlated consistent salient money-making well-paid great well judged full of promise applied ultrapractical applicative actionable contributive user friendly fit for purpose up to standard swell in character up to snuff advisable righteous right up someone's street in keeping with politic okay copacetic presentable altruistic to your advantage for the best humanitarian in one's interests kind bankable cost-effective high-paying facilitative apropos of on target having direct bearing on having to do with viable optimal just the thing big-hearted booming flourishing fatness in running order up and running at your disposal operating ready for use available for use fit for use in working order invaluable just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs wonderful just the job active efficient what the doctor ordered according to Hoyle set disposed cost effective of help forceful decisive determinative conclusive sound forcible crying out meaningful meritorious -worthy instructive paid rich lush substantial fructuous going concern paid off very productive dominant superior commanding important favoured dominating privileged preferred favored fine more desirable most desirable


Belonging or relating to a baron or barons
baronial grand imposing magnificent majestic stately splendid noble glorious august impressive regal monumental grandiose imperial proud royal heroic epic massive magnific gallant heroical Homeric superb great distinguished lofty palatial sumptuous opulent princely lordly fancy showy resplendent awe-inspiring dignified striking kingly exalted elevated fine luxurious sublime marvellous marvelous splendiferous elegant excellent lavish gorgeous awesome spectacular eminent illustrious commanding queenly beautiful pompous solemn stunning swanky towering large rich superior terrific vast divine tremendous statuesque arresting prodigious remarkable renowned supreme outstanding dazzling plush brilliant aristocratic venerable ambitious posh ritzy portly splendacious magnolious extravagant sovereign extraordinary splendorous formidable colossal considerable stirring ominous something else celebrated honoured acclaimed honourable honorable breathtaking deluxe esteemed high-ranking imperious first-class staid radiant magisterial haughty super pretentious handsome smashing fab unreal first-rate ceremonious ostentatious honored huge eye-catching dramatic staggering cosmic mega big splashy overwhelming powerful mind-blowing sensational heavenly fabulous palatine amazing exquisite stupendous celestial sightly wondrous legendary mythological classical large-scale high wonderful respected fit for a prince costly prestigious hallowed fit for a queen fit for a princess ornate worthy fantastic tall in the saddle important elaborate expensive famous highly regarded fit for a king authoritative maestoso classy transcendent resounding sonorous Olympian of repute of distinction flash flashy famed eloquent high-flown portentous formal splendrous swank swish brave plushy effective glittering high-minded highfalutin' well thought of of high standing palatian forcible long unfathomable complex bombastic impenetrable purple theatrical fustian egotistic high-falutin' high-flying cool extended classic magnifico flamboyant baroque moving exciting overblown noted bright triumphant arduous Herculean solid gold out of this world marathon something to write home about one for the book immortal shining larger-than-life very great very large very long effulgent unforgettable dynamite admirable notable preeminent gratifying memorable adored well-known time-honored very good immense substantial hulking leviathan mighty mammoth monstrous oceanic whopping giant gigantesque jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish enormous mountainous largish astronomic vasty walloping goodly elephantine titanic humungous sizable supersized gargantuan humongous voluminous astronomical boxcar outsized gigantic supersize pharaonic bulky cyclopean outsize planetary hefty husky oversize oversized herculean bumper cosmical tidy galactic king size super-duper king-size Himalayan Brobdingnagian king-sized knightly highborn upper-crust ladylike genteel highbred top-rank gentle high-up top-level sovran gentlemanly patrician blue-blooded upper-class top-ranking wellborn prominent revered pre-eminent admired influential leading reputable lionized courtly respectable estimable well known noteworthy lionised foremost star of note signal recognized significant decorous name recognised astral major league highly rated notorious refined big-name conspicuous big-time valued lauded peerless redoubtable number one acknowledged proper vaunted major highest paramount first well received popular prime visible top applauded high-powered big league starchy gracious grave distingué decent conventional chief reputed much touted overbearing dominant capital luminous good exceptional delightful uplifting infamous superstar celeb well-regarded pleasurable stellar redoubted numero uno much-publicized venerated highest-ranking big name well-thought-of sedate serious upright stylish intellectual cultivated sophisticated inflated official praised exaggerated excessive immodest extolled primary graceful couth urbane main tasteful predominant principal premier polite polished ideal sacred nifty stuffy traditional suave debonair greatest cultured public feted storied top-drawer laureate ceremonial high-born momentous arch superlative primal smart well bred studied choice nice perfect lovely big-league enjoyable VIP neat up there talked about prized comely schmick sterling unsurpassed matchless in the public eye widely known world-class in limelight high-class having made a name for oneself stylized godlike rarefied number stiff heavy higher reverential marked high-status familiar singular flaunted self-important penetrating absorbing grandiloquent especial special reserved known jumbo-sized thumping ginormous nonpareil salient common high up blissful rapturous touted everyday established worthy of mention major-league worthy of note stand-out big-shot high-profile seminal talked of thumping great whopping great intense irresistible whacking great expansive extensive dynamic highbrow composed higher up valuable paraded in the limelight on the map reverenced much vaunted hailed commended cheered magnanimous fabled iconic lionlike celebrious big-gun leonine page-oner sombre somber transcendental too good to be true inspiring too much outrageous inspirational the most holy spiritual abstract meritorious advertised hyped promoted overhyped publicized fateful consequential landmark prevailing learned resonant alpha trusted all-important triumphal idealistic puissant fashionable artistic highly esteemed discerning worshipped palmary praisable meritable meretorious appreciable deserving big time eventful historic high profile high-level bragged about shown off publicised boasted about made much of highly thought of self-respecting ritual modish unparalleled well-connected first rate of the first rank senior gifted incomparable prior unexcelled unequaled unequalled potent arch- pivotal fulfilling meaningful groundbreaking just so delicate prated about exulted in crowed about reverend sage ritualistic aesthetic charming dashing material dictatorial bossy made a display of honest chivalrous civil chic select wise exemplary state liturgical much publicized far-famed cheering satisfying rewarding pleasing epochal red-letter heart-warming far-reaching ornamented affected dainty rare matriarchal philosophical experienced patriarchal worshipful worshiped in spotlight well-dressed overdone a la mode recherche esthetic well-designed well-bred domineering arrogant autocratic set prescribed virtuous trustworthy affable courteous obliging civilized correct befitting clean-living seemly presentable master sacramental celebratory confident high-handed peremptory overweening self-confident above board spruce accepted lead prim flattering preux adulatory complimentary well mannered high-bred key appropriate conforming suitable becoming modest done comme il faut ordinary creditable moderate mediocre de rigueur of good repute mannered premium patronizing supercilious overconfident apex central civilised cardinal elite head focal topping biggest largest core overmastering overriding upmarket dogmatic judicial patronising highhanded unrivalled unrivaled bodacious chillin' quality rad inspired ace prizewinning fantabulous radical groovy dandy hype slick keen gangbuster dope mean hot gangbusters wizard frontline righteous optimal gone peachy swell prize amazeballs optimum crackerjack bonny corking boss banner phat down brill sik primo bonnie boffo beaut cracking supernal number-one solid belting bosting pearler exo brag bully barrie of the first water topflight the very best tip-top state-of-the-art top-notch par excellence the best on fleek supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gilt-edge out-of-sight jim-dandy blue-chip peachy keen bang-up of the first order a standout top-shelf first-string A-OK blue-ribbon five-star top-of-the-line gilt-edged well born widely praised silk-stocking


A considerable number or amount of something
quantity plenty good deal loads many numerous oodles scads scores several abundant a lot an amount a number considerable copious countless gobs innumerable lashings piles plentiful substantial abundance a good few a good number a large amount bags barrel basketful boatload bucket bunch bundle bushel carload chunk considerable amounts deal dozen fistful great deal heap heaps hundred lashins lot lots mass masses mess mountain much multiplicity myriad pack passel peck pile plateful plenitude plentitude pot potful profusion raft reams sheaf shipload sight slew spate stack stacks store tonne ton tonnes tons truckload volume wad wealth yard a good deal a great deal a pile quite a number shedloads a shedload shedload swag number ocean oceans load great amount large amount large quantity collection stockpile stock batch cluster clump bank accumulation bulk hoard assemblage amassment aggregation agglomeration quite a bit all kinds of plethora mine reservoir supply fund reserve lump conglomeration amount group array host multitude quantities gob jillion pool cornucopia mound deposit sum million concentration superabundance haul inventory jumble trillion set total cache assortment hill sea cargo hunk package ream band thousand copiousness gathering battery constellation backlog millions scad build-up mountains clutch aggregate congeries fullness stash large number cumulation rick opulence crowd whole grouping bounty suite crop parcel huddle variety knot block agglomerate flood plurality clot consignment excess repertoire horde drove affluence armful swarm score bountifulness buildup trove throng thousands avalanche capacity army flock sufficiency prosperity billions hundreds harvest gazillions pileup combination legion mint shipment bag fruitfulness muster feast goods plenteousness majority measure great quantity shock surplus wodge exuberance range logjam luxury mob totality repertory riot corpus body surfeit lavishness bounteousness drift sum total luxuriance entirety budget amplitude delivery accrual congregation bing rickle series force deluge torrent enough contingent accretion lorryload nimiety zillions ampleness overflow assembly bazillions caboodle nest egg richness full house containerload push infinity great number more … than one can shake a stick at degree floods busload truckful sackful increase share portion jumb extent section expanse box well distribution plentifulness crate carton pallet glut rabble profuseness slat fount superfluity repository treasury pile-up provision hummock whopper proportion loadsa boodle droves treasure fountain lode extravagance oversupply manifoldness pots miles wads a considerable number prodigality storehouse bagful riches fortune whole lot bottleneck arrears resources acquisition mucho aplenty prosperousness outpouring nest source arsenal selection lodgment cumulus kit lodgement diversity a deal produce wares a fair amount a great quantity a wealth a profusion galaxy stream allocation holdings bevy handful commodities merchandise choice a great many a large number most a mountain a swag an abundance scrum cram rout press crush bike herd portfolio armory armoury articles pharmacopoeia pharmacopeia quota allowance concourse numerousness wide variety preponderance bevvy large group jam infinitude turnout pluralism lead advantage mixture company overwhelming number container load greater part nearly all amalgam conjunction synthesis blend compound mix summation full alloy complement hotchpotch miscellany marriage conglomerate all skandha mixed bag whole schmear whole enchilada the works whole shooting match whole ball of wax

Trái nghĩa của ample

ample Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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