Đồng nghĩa của distending

Alternative for distending

distends, distended, distending

Đồng nghĩa: blow out, bulge, enlarge, expand, increase, magnify, stretch, swell, widen,


Present participle for to rapidly grow out of proportion or control
snowballing increasing expanding swelling escalating multiplying burgeoning growing mushrooming rising proliferating enlarging spreading ballooning bourgeoning mounting extending appreciating augmenting accumulating climbing booming accelerating amplifying developing gaining boosting waxing heightening magnifying inflating intensifying advancing aggrandizing enhancing raising strengthening widening broadening soaring building lengthening dilating reinforcing progressing thickening aggravating doubling exaggerating tripling deepening padding furthering redoubling upsurging supplementing prolonging annexing protracting sharpening swarming teeming pullulating building up rolling up stepping up marking up running up slapping on tacking on growing quickly blowing up puffing up bloating pumping up aerating compounding supersizing pumping beefing up puffing out getting bigger maximizing consolidating hyping upping making bigger adding to fattening inflaming making larger tumefying jacking up hiking up fleshing out filling out maximising pyramiding hiking filling filling up increasing in size filling with air swelling up stoking blowing incrementing improving stretching exacerbating accentuating worsening bulking bulging adding making worse optimizing elevating becoming distended sweetening amping up rousing jumping up fanning the flames of intensating enriching bolstering intumescing bettering becoming larger becoming bigger bulking up souping up cranking up making better bumping up making greater reenforcing upraising amassing topping up lifting ameliorating parlaying upscaling ratcheting up collecting following up going up elongating jacking shooting up optimising stuffing spreading out fattening up getting larger rounding out upgrading skyrocketing accruing rocketing emphasizing exalting surging emphasising spiralling spiraling adding fuel to the flames overstating adding fuel to the fire embellishing complicating embroidering timesing spiking elaborating uprising hyperbolizing arising mounting up fortifying cultivating fostering ascending quadrupling increasing fourfold pushing up jumping doubling up adding insult to injury concentrating coloring putting up nurturing fudging flourishing encouraging getting higher stressing hastening promoting quickening peaking repeating becoming greater colouring increasing twofold piling up elaborating on leaping scaling up turning up making louder uplifting touching up boosting up fanning the flames rubbing salt in the wound heating up leaping up speeding up putting salt on the wound going from bad to worse loudening supercharging renewing highlighting breeding magnifying importance economizing husbanding underlining sprouting propagating thriving blooming spinning stroking diffusing enforcing opening surging up stimulating growing stronger welling sending up going up in price manifolding aggregating piling damaging bolding increasing in value outspreading hotting up becoming worse duplicating increasing exponentially increasing in scope making higher piggybacking becoming more numerous growing greater growing larger scaling deteriorating advertising revitalizing advertizing waking up moving up rising up going uphill turbocharging billowing going through the roof stacking up confusing confounding fetching up sending through the roof goosing up ramping up buttressing revitalising rallying becoming large getting to growing full retracing gaining strength picking up cresting starting to be overplaying dramatizing tagging on whetting lightening brightening darkening accenting pointing overestimating overdoing eking economising prolongating continuing averaging up overemphasizing making complex making intricate bucking up heaping on adding fuel setting off toning up piling on perfecting overemphasising surcharging dramatising cramming pouring it on dualizing duping replicating shoring up refining improving on expatiating stretching the truth driving up multiplying by two polishing distorting falsifying blowing up out of all proportion blowing out of all proportion forging ahead moving forward working out smartening up working up shaping up straightening out smartening prospering fast-tracking making progress building on updating fine-tuning making headway making strides brushing up making a big thing out of boasting fabricating bragging corrupting caricaturing exciting provoking cooking up going to extremes infuriating irritating blowing out of proportion enraging vexing exasperating maddening blowing up out of proportion embittering envenoming impairing annoying compounding the problem making matters worse rattling one's cage rubbing salt in a wound feeding the fire rubbing salt in the wounds hitting on egging on pushing one's button


Present participle for swell or protrude to an incongruous extent
bulging swelling bagging projecting protruding ballooning bellying expanding jutting dilating sticking out beetling billowing bloating bunching enlarging inflating overhanging poking pooching pouching pouting puffing up standing out starting ballooning out ballooning up doming filling out intumescing puffing out swelling out tumefying bilging blobbing extruding jutting out protuberating sagging bugging out popping out projecting outward bulging out extending filling blowing up obtruding popping poking out fattening swelling up hanging out extending beyond billowing out rising growing mushrooming plumping pointing looming becoming larger puffing welling up butting out sticking up looming out pooching out pouching out pumping up becoming bloated coming out spreading bagging out fermenting bellying out growing larger impending hanging over cantilevering sticking lapping over thrusting out lengthening prolonging riding over peeking stretching bourgeoning burgeoning pushing out stretching out snowballing increasing in size engorging coming through blowing out becoming inflated becoming distended becoming swollen rounding out sticking out like a sore thumb protending outthrusting beetling over hanging emerging bulking pushing showing elongating showing up holding out going beyond rolling surging pitching bouncing tossing rising up rolling upward protruding over jutting over sticking out over extending over projecting over commanding portending endangering bulging over overtopping standing out over jutting out over looming over bulging out over cantilevering out poking out over impending over swinging over flapping over rising above towering above drooping over dangling over cantilevering out over casting a shadow


Having a large scope or range
expansive wide broad extensive wide-ranging comprehensive thorough all-embracing inclusive widespread far-reaching sweeping deep dilating elastic expanding extended far-flung inflatable rangy stretching swelling cross-disciplinary enlargeable extendable interdisciplinary multidisciplinary spacious stretchy voluminous ample big capacious dilatant expansile great large roomy scopic scopious sizable sprawling spread-out unrepressed unsuppressed vast exhaustive all-inclusive global all-encompassing pervasive catholic across-the-board complete encyclopedic significant universal radical in-depth overarching immense encyclopaedic across the board far-ranging compendious large-scale wholesale blanket full overall outspread expanded boundless panoramic general profound lock stock and barrel major broad-spectrum umbrella wall-to-wall all-out eclectic worldwide thoroughgoing broad-ranging comprising all-around wide-reaching enlarged open widened unlimited uncrowded spread copious generous enormous all-round full-spectrum huge spread out long lengthy protracted massive prevalent humongous unrestricted hefty indiscriminate unexclusive important wall to wall momentous scattered total thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective overstated bird's-eye generalised exaggerated overdrawn full-scale detailed out-and-out ambitious life-changing coast-to-coast nationwide broad-gauge countrywide cover-all broad-gauged embracive absolute all-in cyclopedic omnibus clean entire grand consequential influential weighty diffuse dispersed whole encircling containing intact infinite integral discursive plenary perfect synoptic compleat extreme of great scope the whole shebang in depth the works the big picture of moment of significance without end widely distributed of great import of consequence wide-stretching far-going fanned out far-stretched far-spread wide-extending far-extending

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