Đồng nghĩa của fatiguing

Alternative for fatiguing

fatigues, fatigued, fatiguing

Đồng nghĩa: exhaust, tire, wear out,


Physically or mentally tiring
tiring exhausting arduous draining grueling gruelling strenuous depleting enervating laborious onerous oppressive sapping taxing wearying debilitating demanding exacting tiresome wearing back-breaking difficult hard tough punishing uphill burdensome challenging rigorous trying heavy toilsome severe backbreaking formidable stiff murderous wearisome killing crushing rough testing knackering grinding stressful Herculean herculean effortful harsh rugged moiling exigent brutal sweaty crippling tall hellacious killer hellish troublesome excruciating tedious operose Augean irksome labored unsparing laboured pick-and-shovel relentless painful toilful weighty torturous fierce energy-consuming vigorous persnickety daunting ponderous harrowing bruising bothersome unremitting tortuous grievous agonizing shattering grim colossal weakening unbearable agonising tough going cruel enfeebling enervative no picnic ambitious mighty forbidding thorny extreme galling hairy cumbersome weary intolerable gargantuan serious painstaking unforgiving intense stringent wicked upstream intimidating unyielding merciless staggering gigantic titanic distressing prostrating slavish really hard very hard difficile drudging inconvenient awkward Sisyphean bitter hardhanded inhuman searing immoderate excessive steep boring vexatious nerve-racking tricky worksome impossible immense pressing imperious sticky backbreaker unpleasant jarring mean prohibitive solemn distressful almighty time-consuming uncomfortable soul-draining unreasonable huge exorbitant punitive inexorable unfair physical soul-sucking massive worrisome overwhelming hefty thoroughgoing monumental unrelaxing protracted lengthy hardworking energetic mammoth major dour responsible grave a nuisance dogged murder no piece of cake an imposition slow courageous forceful heroic impressive wretched exerting carking disturbing superincumbent worrying austere embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache hectic busy incapacitating devitalizing frustrating pressured upsetting insufferable fraught exasperating traumatic aggravating vexing ominous problematic pestilent tight dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy vicious marathon troubling unnerving high-pressure problem tormenting not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious savage scabrous uphill battle discomforting impairing devastating paralysing paralyzing a stinker of a racking chastening disagreeable nasty disquieting annoying unsettling harassing concerning prickly knotty irritating alarming perturbing bad delicate agitating ticklish perplexing dismaying sensitive hostile bleak dodgy strict tense problematical discomposing anxious spartan nagging disconcerting terrible troublous dire unfriendly nerve-wracking niggling complicated involved complex intricate scary touchy harrying pitiless restless nail-biting anxious-making frightening creepy unrelenting uneasy maddening precarious dangerous critical disruptive discouraging controversial rowdy provoking discommoding gloomy depressing gut-wrenching vile tricksy spiny catchy nervous abominable convoluted baffling draconian ruthless turbulent dark rotten dreadful displeasing discomfiting flustering wild intemperate inclement iffy unruly uncertain repressive infuriating chancy disappointing disorderly embarrassing startling hurtful distasteful undisciplined miserable sinister foreboding devilish pesky tyrannical domineering heavy-handed humiliating inhospitable horrid hateful foul horrible rebellious atrocious pestilential comfortless drastic vexed violent nettlesome detestable disobedient appalling unsteady unstable odious compromising shocking sickening tumultuous disgusting unkind uncooperative recalcitrant shameful extravagant aggressive bold demeaning degrading unjust perilous heartbreaking mortifying apprehensive lousy intrusive impeding unmanageable threatening consequential naughty troubled heart-rending tragic intractable overweening execrable discountenancing dubious suspect questionable cringeworthy rocky yukky unwelcome unpalatable yucky uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory fiendish cringey icky sad inopportune untimely great insubordinate unsavoury offensive sour badly behaved toe-curling incommodious dismal anxiety-ridden puzzling afflicting heartrending unfortunate cringe-making unpropitious off-putting pessimistic unseemly straitened searching stark abusive stretching echinated briery stimulating pointed confronting Spartan bare-bones barren desolate overburdening barbarous biting strained stormy tempestuous plaguy pestiferous unfathomable impenetrable abstruse uptight poignant regrettable unenviable terrifying panicky menacing woeful lamentable prophetic inordinate undue large order heavy sledding torturing raging wrenching unreliable unsure emotionally charged shaming importunate unhappy chilling dictatorial bemusing risky nice strong unconscionable swingeing sharp towering unmerciful ghastly sore remorseless careful hypercritical by the book thorough precise nit-picking infestive ungovernable damaging ugly messy autocratic monotonous rigid calamitous afflictive infernal loathsome despotic undemocratic frightful horrendous hardheaded overextravagant overmuch headstrong overdue insane plethoric baroque undependable stern tyrannous frantic chaotic thankless capricious temperamental mercurial changeable inconstant volatile fickle variable hard-hearted confusing robust authoritarian iron-fisted active eventful frenzied frenetic lively damnable mundane repetitive overbearing coercive anti-democratic uncompromising ignominious grotty high-handed peremptory implacable daring grandiose repetitious longwinded long-winded humourless sedate humorless staid sober sobersided barro disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making embarrassed disheartening sombre dispiriting ironhanded depressive somber confining beastly industrious accursed infamous pernicious cussed fell heinous confounded flinty tormentous plaguing anguishing animated madhouse tireless full riotous furious bustling numbing mind-numbing interminable unsmiling obdurate no-nonsense uncomic astringent bewildering discommodious distracting dishonoring equivocal rattling grand elaborate intrepid gnarly up and down rough going built on sand from hell full on spirited action-packed bumpy raucous pretentious visionary lofty hard-nosed po-faced cursed refractory magnificent repulsive revolting gross large-scale repellent abhorrent repugnant attention-seeking troublemaking obstreperous a bummer of a inexpedient nauseating harmful unappealing acute crashing invidious obnoxious grody objectionable injurious destructive fearful inappropriate limit rancid inauspicious unfit disastrous untoward adverse disadvantageous unbecoming ill-chosen improper unsuitable ill-timed uncomplimentary unfavorable unseasonable unfavourable dysfunctional defiant delinquent wayward ill-disciplined mischievous impudent badly-behaved misbehaving whiny insolent pugnacious petulant socially impaired belligerent willful self-willed erratic errant hot-tempered disturbed roguish sullen cantankerous undisciplinable loudmouthed contumacious ill-behaved bellicose incorrigible maladjusted rude confrontational combative argumentative malicious truculent unrestrainable uncontrollable stubborn scrappy uncompliant rascally uncontainable peevish indocile


Arousing little or no interest
uninteresting boring monotonous tedious tiresome wearisome dreary dull humdrum pedestrian banal colourless drab insipid leaden ponderous prosaic slow soporific tired tiring trite unexciting uninspiring unvaried wearying bland characterless colorless flat heavy drudging jading jejune lifeless monochromatic numbing old prosy stale stodgy stuffy arid bromidic common commonplace dry dusty hackneyed samey uneventful weary depressing dismal nothing nowhere repetitious stupid tame unenjoyable unentertaining mind-numbing ho-hum as dry as dust ho hum big yawn laborious enervating exhausting mundane lacklustre lackluster vapid plodding routine prolix run-of-the-mill draggy dreich dullsville lacking variety dull as dishwater unremarkable spiritless featureless unoriginal unstimulating stiff unimaginative passionless soulless lame irksome unspirited yawnsome derivative mindless lacking variation lacking excitement deadening deadly dry as dust lacking interest monochrome unvarying uninspired no great shakes ordinary worn-out ornery blah not up to much overlong mechanical weariful interminable pabulum dragging poky snooze mortal endless deadly dull long-drawn-out wishy-washy plain sterile dead wooden anaemic everyday vanilla nondescript anemic weak repetitive feeble bloodless limp vacuous workaday apathetic torpid neutral matter-of-fact flavourless flavorless quiet barren undistinguished listless expressionless deadpan sluggish dim vacant mediocre serious tasteless unemotional toneless unexceptional zero usual inactive soul-destroying zestless unpalatable unanimated quotidian conventional innocuous unchanging watery unmemorable no-nonsense sober platitudinous milk-and-water banausic inane turgid emotionless lusterless laboured labored pallid gray grey inoffensive uncreative muted antiseptic unimpassioned staid static indifferent uncomic heavy-going cold unadorned subdued impassive down-to-earth passive humourless plain vanilla pointless factual hacky languid unsentimental humorless lustreless normal inexpressive empty unamusing day-to-day uniform uninterested distasteful somber unappetizing unappealing literal simple sedate sombre predictable average nothing to write home about indistinctive unsavoury unfeeling inert unrelieved square stolid blank middle-of-the-road unembellished mild namby-pamby solemn straightforward practical straight dull as ditchwater unresponsive phlegmatic common or garden unsavory treadmill conservative stilted hollow unpretentious stagnant desiccated grave weighty unobjectionable uninviting dulled lethargic disagreeable unpleasant inedible unvarnished sleepy undemonstrative unattractive fuddy-duddy beige level-headed hard-headed uneatable unexceptionable unenthusiastic noncommittal numb faceless driveling drivelling monotone realistic typical regular customary plebeian pragmatic insensitive verbose businesslike anodyne safe soft pathetic sapless stock downcast half-hearted hardheaded pragmatical indecisive one-horse calm difficult stern earthy flat tire gross grim unfunny severe slack run of the mill enervated long-winded unidealistic droning cold-blooded slow-moving uncomedic unwitty matte clean pedantic unproductive clear mat unsmiling terrestrial nitty-gritty off-putting earnest non-stimulating harmless unadventurous forced disgusting stereotyped serious-minded constant threadbare restrained repeated familiar undistinctive ineffectual well-worn bog-standard stoical nauseating glassy savourless rational sensible yucky unromantic unobtrusive white-bread clichéd loathsome revolting faithful stoic institutional ineffective tepid garden-variety peaceful desolate frigid slothful nasty foul commonsensical backwoods iterative benumbed placid lackadaisical standard unexcitable unseasoned unmoved ceaseless reiterative insistent continual languorous understated heavy going dispassionate spineless impassible wimpy savorless outdated lacking in vitality sick-making old-fashioned lowly a dime a dozen unostentatious affectless watered-down dead-and-alive corny depressed irresolute old hat unembroidered undistorted unaffected exact lukewarm intense sullen straight-thinking repressed lazy droopy archaic antediluvian humble out of date antiquated unflashy low-keyed languishing mournful elementary dour sour outmoded passé unconcerned hard-boiled cowardly down behind the times homely dowdy austere out of the ark low-key with both feet on the ground toned-down folksy miserable long steady slow but sure literal-minded unidentified unspecified prosing usual thing pompous dry-as-dust clumsy unnatural awkward artificial indistinct unmodulated unlively unpassioned earthbound shiftless annoying irritating bummer moth-eaten bomb drag cloying drear menial sickening clinical uninventive unartistic wordy unfulfilling disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing crude meagre simplistic meager vexatious boresome glassy-eyed cardboard not fun unpoetic least Milquetoast repugnant formal derived over-serious trying frustrating workday unspecial logical unprogressive lacking vitality useless duplicative backward vile poor inadequate garden variety general futile two-dimensional comatose unnoteworthy unfateful noneventful inconclusive cautious in the doldrums generic without variety bleak raw dispiriting wintry wintery oppressive sorrowful damp windy profitless vain unambitious noisome circumspect fatuous tenuous nebbish slight unexpressive unexcited spent monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song reiterated samely unchanged fishy half-pie OK so-so standard-issue cut-and-dry cut-and-dried reserved prudent demoralising unrewarding uninflected hack trivial puerile chary whitebread blind devoid of feeling devoid of emotion waterish nerdy truistic fruitless worthless overused hard to digest lacking personality lacking charisma overworked attentive flat as pancake not so hot thin accustomed mainstream valueless unprofitable purposeless aimless actual practicable yawn diddly prose puts one to sleep timid diluted halfhearted unmotivated catatonic effete glazed subtle incomprehensible inarticulate incoherent run-of-the mill gingerly wary considerate careful heedful calculating lead balloon unavailing bootless otiose unsuccessful inefficacious abortive neither one thing nor the other light discreet backwater boiled down without punch wet limp-wristed weak-kneed sobersided bovine unflavoured drawly regimented dense unreadable unfruitful unfilled unprolific unenterprising matter-of- fact unsympathetic inconspicuous puritanical douce strict supine obsolete wimpish weakened nerveless frail invertebrate weakling unnoticeable unkind indolent coldhearted not amounting to much anaesthetic insensible anesthetic unflappable defunct unpleasurable leery badly written governmental utilitarian rudimentary corporate functional ugly extinct innocent twangy imitative twanging callous numbed stony asleep inhuman po-faced unhumorous repulsive superannuated desensitized groggy disinterested tranquil uninvolved uncompassionate lymphatic hoary uncharismatic cliché-ridden timeworn senseless anesthetized yucko along for the ride desensitised detached without spice big zero peaceable unoffending vacillating wavering antwacky played out time-worn worn out cut and dried retiring drawling brackish detestable yukky abhorrent anaesthetized paralysed paralyzed still frequentative standard issue unrefined robust unsophisticated rough natural grody unenticing stinky icky forgettable innoxious nonprovocative meek direct uninhibited slavish inelaborate pure and simple normophilic uncluttered unornamented rustic your basic modest unelaborate uncomplicated undecorated submissive melancholic dispirited despondent mopy low dejected melancholy white non-aggressive non-violent benign non-combative hurtless stark nameless blue disconsolate gutless dopey broken sad drippy inanimate downhearted withdrawn tempered pensive fogeyish out-of-date backward-looking crusty gentle friendly pleasant frank chastened creaky mouldy old-fogeyish controlled home folk basic homey funky lowbred easygoing lusty down home outdoorsy dated antique fusty moldy past it old-time inobtrusive down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down lacking originality naked accurate impersonal feasible truthful


Present participle for to cause to become tired, weary or fatigued
exhausting draining tiring wearying jading overtiring pooping frazzling prostrating wearing out whacking bushing enervating knocking out overtaxing taxing washing out weakening breaking busting doing in harassing killing knackering outwearing shattering wearing making sleepy making weary tiring out bedraggling debilitating depleting disabling doing up drooping dropping fagging out fizzling flagging languishing sagging sinking succumbing taking tuckering tuckering out shagging out conking out draining of energy petering out pooping out wearing down wearing to a frazzle taking it out of wearing on sapping enfeebling devitalizing incapacitating crippling etiolating wasting softening overworking immobilizing paralysing undermining paralyzing laying low immobilising indisposing torpefying making weak making feeble straining overexerting overextending overfatiguing overdoing impairing running ragged putting out of action handicapping defeating drawing bankrupting unnerving failing paining reducing emasculating attenuating blunting taking it out of one sucking dry making tired eviscerating growing weary rendering infirm beating using up impoverishing exasperating diminishing unhinging bonking burdening hitting the wall plaguing vitiating drowsing folding overburdening collapsing fainting wilting overstraining ennuying disempowering oppressing weighing fading glutting rooting disembowelling exenterating destroying disemboweling nearly killing wiping out getting the better of going stale giving out causing ennui growing tired sapping your strength putting to sleep wearing oneself to a shadow running into the ground extenuating hampering encumbering hindering marring injuring hurting harming wearing oneself to a frazzle losing interest unstrengthening confining to a wheelchair confining to bed running out of steam stressing out getting tired becoming drained becoming exhausted breaking down running down felling flooring levelling leveling downing hamstringing ruining disarming depressing wrecking overthrowing mowing knocking down knocking over mowing down bowling over bowling down making powerless making helpless making impotent bringing someone to their knees bringing low flattening decking toppling bringing down knocking to the ground grounding KO'ing laming throwing down throwing to the ground maiming mangling laying out lowering mutilating hocking damaging unfitting knocking for six shooting down taking out striking down knocking unconscious eroding kayoing deactivating halting overturning throwing inactivating appalling freezing palsying kiboshing sabotaging totalling battering pinioning spoiling totaling unbracing hogtying hogtieing muzzling arresting invalidating disqualifying rendering incapable putting down cutting down bringing to the ground knocking into the middle of next week catching off balance throwing monkey wrench in hobbling lessening subverting withering spilling upsetting disfiguring sickening laying someone up tumbling picking off tipping over dismembering stifling defacing dislimbing sidelining stopping jamming eating away wearing away upturning disenabling sapping the strength of pulling down clamping tripping actioning making inoperative rendering inactive tying making lame scattering tackling preventing from moving preventing from working bringing to a halt rendering inoperative overcoming overpowering bringing to a standstill shoving unbalancing setting down tripping up hurling to the ground rendering powerless making unfit restricting spiking running over numbing stunning demolishing transfixing stupefying deadening daunting defusing petrifying dazing closing bemusing nonplussing anaesthetizing astounding anesthetizing benumbing boring poleaxing straightening rolling grading laying debasing plastering flushing abrading spreading out ironing out beating down rolling out stopping dead bringing to grinding halt making nerveless shutting down making inert knocking off your feet making harmless stripping subjugating skinning making safe rendering defenseless unarming subduing deescalating neutralizing removing the fuse from occupying disbanding neutralising


Present participle for to make heavy demands on
taxing straining stretching pushing trying loading burdening draining tasking exhausting sapping testing encumbering enervating weakening wearying overloading emptying overwhelming overworking tiring weighing down making demands on overburdening wearing out challenging cumbering lading oppressing overstretching overtaxing overusing pressuring saddling stressing weighing weighting pushing too far putting a strain on weighing heavily on preying on making heavy demands on pressing hard on putting pressure on exerting extending overtasking overreaching overexerting overextending driving racking charging wrenching tensing distending knackering lumbering entrusting tightening exerting excessively driving too far exerting to the limit working oneself into the ground overdoing it running oneself into the ground knocking oneself out working too hard pushing to the limit making too many demands on troubling freighting landing hampering overstraining imposing on overcharging overfilling imposing inflicting working overstressing going too far overdoing biting off more than you can chew thrusting working over embarrassing putting demands on investing flogging retarding obstructing trammelling trammeling putting great demands on endowing exploiting thrusting something on unloading something on fobbing something off on to imposing something on inflicting something on surcharging sweating piling giving responsibility for driving into the ground putting upon driving too hard putting too much in imposing upon overstepping fraying using up making excessive demands on exceeding the limits of exceeding the range of making severe demands on exceeding the scope of

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