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Trái nghĩa: democracy,

Tính từ

Of or typical of a despot
dictatorial absolute autocratic authoritarian tyrannical arbitrary monocratic domineering oppressive tyrannous absolutist totalitarian anti-democratic arrogant autarchic autocratical imperious one-party repressive single-party summary tyrannic unaccountable unconstitutional uncontrolled undemocratic authoritative bossy czarist draconian harsh high-handed illiberal masterful merciless overbearing peremptory ruthless tsarist severe magisterial strict dogmatic overweening rigid lordly autarchical haughty iron-handed dominating pushy high and mighty doctrinaire heavy-handed commanding inflexible coercive cruel absolutistic officious imperative tough unlimited iron-fisted unyielding brutal pompous assertive stern cocky willful wilful all-powerful supreme hard proud superior demanding self-important imperial presumptuous supercilious egotistic uppity austere firm omnipotent pontifical fascistic controlling bullying suppressive insistent disdainful monarchical cavalier insolent lofty stringent high-and-mighty sniffy relentless forceful pushful pretentious dominant swaggering ironhanded intolerant exacting rigorous almighty ramrod stiff-necked flinty uncompromising fascist disciplinarian imposing megalomaniac power-crazy invincible unrestricted dystopian inhuman opinionated Neronian regnant condescending subjugating autonomous pre-eminent bullish unrestrained mean confident unbending pitiless aloof insensitive contemptuous cocksure unconquerable overconfident emphatic power-hungry sadistic unsparing savage hifalutin highfalutin rough huffish self-asserting huffy high-hat bumptious toploftical uppish self-assertive chesty assumptive important toplofty presuming inconsiderate snooty downright scornful onerous dictative stuck-up egotistical hardhanded definite obstinate powerful drastic self-willed self-assured pushing driving czarlike punitive swingeing monolithic Stalinist constraining prohibiting restrictive forbidding exploitive governing unconditional dogmatical overpowering self-confident masterly assured sovereign preeminent full extreme clamorous crack-the-whip unjust strong-willed communist totalistic total decisive exorbitant colonial no joke flat-out straight out unreasonable throwing one's weight about spartan boastful conceited audacious throwing weight around blustering hectoring compulsatory obligatory required mandatory compulsory patronizing crack the whip in driver's seat on high horse intransigent brassbound sure of oneself snobbish no ifs ands or buts unpermissive brusque very severe abrupt brisk enforceable binding narrow limiting traditional classical customary conventional smug throwing one's weight around cast-iron hard-line hoity-toity prideful toffee-nosed refined tactless positive hawkish vain bragging honourable patronising gracious grandiose honorable legislating sanctioned didactic preceptive normative accepted prescribed thoughtless decided fixed compelling certain undeniable finished vainglorious inept undiplomatic bungling overproud overstrict OTT excessive lording it prescriptive self-aggrandizing puffed up stuck up imperialist smart-alecky know-it-all loudmouth puffed-up high adamant preponderant snotty ascendant prevalent stuffy entrenched unchallengeable narrow-minded unquestionable categorical opinionative self-opinionated opinioned unstoppable divine mighty godlike obdurate small-minded maleficent brutish wolfish violent truculent tormenting torturous barbaric prejudiced pigheaded fanatical unequivocal tenacious determined stubborn one-sided bigoted wrong-headed formal bullheaded over the top unrelenting barbarous unfeeling unkind callous dour inhumane abusive heartless unsympathetic murderous unforgiving grim unmerciful unpitying critical hard-hearted hard-nosed hard-boiled hard-shell most high

Tính từ


Tính từ

Not having laws
lawless disorderly anarchic unruly anarchical rebellious insurgent riotous insubordinate mutinous ungovernable revolutionary seditious wild chaotic disruptive insurrectionary lawbreaking reckless unrestrained mutinying revolting terrorist ungoverned anarchistic bad barbarous contumacious disobedient disordered evil fierce heterodox infringing nihilistic noncompliant nonconformist piratical recusant savage tempestuous terrorising terrorizing traitorous turbulent tyrannous uncivilised uncivilized uncontrollable uncontrolled uncultivated unorthodox unpeaceful unregulated untamed violent warlike without law and order unmanageable out of control rowdy undisciplined boisterous refractory obstreperous wayward rough recalcitrant fractious noisy uproarious intractable irrepressible unbridled rioting out of hand wilful raucous intemperate willful untoward restive tumultuous rebel rumbustious rambunctious defiant headstrong immoderate froward incorrigible loud licentious radical rampant difficult rugged clamorous rampageous vociferous impetuous excited bolshie in turmoil termagant rash incontrollable stroppy rollicking troublemaking subversive destructive insurrectionist unchecked attention-seeking roisterous disorganized unbounded uninhibited unbiddable ill-disciplined ugly unconstrained stormy agitated rackety unhindered disorganised unfettered contrary incompliant balky roughhouse troublesome passionate uncurbed stubborn perverse unyielding heedless profligate impulsive impervious drunken opinionated bawdy ornery imprudent forward inexorable assertive quarrelsome mean obstinate abandoned hysterical out of line outrageous indocile negativistic pessimistic existentialist breakaway rebelling brutal brawling badly behaved knockabout hell-raising robustious restless aggressive renegade loutish vicious factious disaffected deranged uncontained helter-skelter turbid hedonistic antisocial confused raging rude mischievous loudmouthed belligerent thuggish hard pugnacious wide-open impossible misruled misgoverned dissident disloyal iconoclastic treasonable full-on unlawful rampaging two-fisted tough in disorder uncompliant truculent frenzied indisciplined self-willed rip-roaring rowdydowdy disturbed irregular nuts madcap crazy insurmountable berserk radge unconventional uncooperative roistering up in arms drunk screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous extrovert out-of-line out-of-control raising Cain out-of-order corybantic incautious irrational delinquent non-compliant raising the roof raving thrilled on-a-tear like a loose cannon strong obdurate freaked overwhelming beside oneself badly-behaved unrestrainable indomitable overpowering undisciplinable intense insuppressible giddy flighty unstable reforming progressive explosive unsettled roller-coaster reformist extreme militant extremist revisionist fanatical progressivist storming fiery shaking vehement perturbed bitter demonstrative stern rabid fanatic diehard revolutionist full of confusion full of upheavals full of conflict free unlimited full of ups and downs far-out ultraist loony looney swivel-eyed intransigent way out unhampered unrestricted unconfined inordinate unshackled untrammelled runaway unimpeded natural unsuppressed boundless wanton lively romping unbound raw unstoppable loose footloose uncontainable unquenchable unrepressed spontaneous saturnalian dissolute immoral frank impotent plenary open flamboyant exaggerated candid untrammeled audacious impertinent excessive extravagant incontinent bizarre indiscriminate limitless blunt furious errant blustering exuberant dissentious choppy treacherous harsh naughty treasonous blustery jarring swirling squally ferocious roily on the rampage running wild roaring stormful lacking self-control running amok postal robust gruff resounding clattering clattery clangorous swaggering swashbuckling cavalier gleeful untrained unsettling disturbing upsetting inharmonious unsteady capricious unschooled wild and woolly distracting impish awkward unsubmissive rough-and-tumble inconsistent divisive misbehaving roguish rascally uncomplying civil disobedience bellicose warring resistant frenetic not controlled disrupting off-base energetic inflammatory unconcealed self-indulgent crazed enthusiastic frantic underground causing trouble widespread undermining ebullient feverish delirious boiling foaming epidemic roiled cacophonous rife rabble-rousing agitational gay rank pandemic dominant angry heavy convulsive storm-tossed bumpy stridulent buffeting flagrant pervasive prevalent perfidious incendiary overthrowing unpatriotic knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal hot volcanic cyclonic hammer and tongs bang-bang seething cataclysmic mad luxuriant profuse weltering spreading rambling fecund proliferating predominant threatening extensive multiplying flourishing growing discrediting harmful corrupting corruptive perversive tremulous thunderous howling moiling stirred up ruffled coarse windy exceeding bounds spreading like wildfire destabilising destabilizing ruinous

Tính từ

Demanding great ability, skill, or resilience
severe hard tough demanding challenging exacting punishing taxing arduous grueling laborious rigorous testing backbreaking burdensome difficult fierce formidable gruelling heavy herculean killer onerous strenuous tall toilsome back-breaking effortful grinding hefty hellacious moiling murderous rough rugged stiff stringent sweaty unrelenting uphill Augean domineering very difficult pick-and-shovel trying exhausting tiring harsh fatiguing stressful wearisome oppressive brutal killing wearying exigent troublesome crushing Herculean excruciating knackering wearing weighty hellish grievous draining sapping operose grim irksome tedious harrowing labored bothersome laboured painful debilitating tiresome torturous toilful cruel unsparing energy-consuming enervating ponderous daunting ambitious relentless vexatious bruising persnickety hairy unremitting vigorous forbidding tortuous worrying no picnic tricky agonizing thorny galling nerve-racking sticky agonising intolerable unbearable traumatic crippling painstaking colossal intimidating extreme tough going cumbersome unpleasant distressing serious awkward shattering depleting mighty intense bitter hardhanded inhuman searing unforgiving frustrating pressured fraught vexing upsetting mean exasperating titanic merciless staggering uncomfortable upstream unyielding hectic gargantuan pressing wicked really hard very hard distressful slavish difficile inconvenient dour worrisome tense austere immoderate knotty excessive anxious superincumbent murder steep monumental embittering agitating impossible disturbing immense gigantic problematic imperious boring prohibitive energetic time-consuming backbreaker jarring solemn worksome high-pressure anxiety-ridden unreasonable strict exorbitant physical unfair prostrating prodigious searching stretching bad punitive inexorable overwhelming withering drastic unrelaxing strained Sisyphean responsible grave dogged mammoth racking chastening unjust aggravating slow stern protracted lengthy hardworking wretched nagging pestilent tight shocking exerting busy flinty no piece of cake overtaxing overpowering plodding headache steely hypercritical thorough precise critical careful nit-picking gruff a nuisance stark ungentle a stinker of a louring thoroughgoing an imposition lowering spartan by the book insufferable major carking dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy vicious marathon troubling unnerving problem ominous tormenting not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty savage scabrous uphill battle discomforting large order heavy sledding aggressive bold daring grandiose industrious ticklish grand elaborate extravagant intrepid prickly delicate visionary pretentious lofty impressive magnificent controversial large-scale dodgy complex tricksy problematical complicated involved spiny intricate sensitive touchy catchy convoluted nasty concerning vexed harassing perplexing baffling nettlesome enervative weary drudging huge massive overburdening contrived artificial leaden tortured clumsy courageous forceful heroic forced affected overdone studied inept unnatural overwrought maladroit annoying irritating perturbing infuriating niggling maddening plaguy pestilential pestiferous troublous unsettling pesky disquieting discomposing importunate intractable ungovernable alarming undisciplined damaging repressive rowdy ugly messy infestive dangerous disorderly

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