Đồng nghĩa của romping

Alternative for romping

romps, romped, romping

Đồng nghĩa: caper, carry on, frolic, play,

Động từ

Present participle for to run or jump about playfully
frolicking frisking gambolling gamboling sporting capering cavorting skipping playing rollicking prancing disporting larking revelling reveling bounding about curveting curvetting roistering bounding around celebrating jumping about jumping around skylarking springing about springing around cutting up enjoying oneself fooling around having fun horsing around kidding around leaping about letting loose cutting capers letting off steam making merry whooping it up going on the town kicking up your heels hopping jumping leaping tripping springing dancing bouncing bounding caprioling monkeying around bobbing cutting loose jigging carrying on roughhousing clowning playing around toying dallying showboating recreating clowning around amusing oneself carousing disporting oneself entertaining oneself showing off messing around larking around larking about kicking up one's heels hotdogging scampering lolloping loping messing about mucking about mucking around diverting oneself joking raising hell acting up letting go puttering around kicking around idling away having a good time hanging about playing games amusing yourself entertaining yourself goofing around pottering around going on a tear engaging in games galumphing caracoling vaulting horseplaying hurdling spinning swinging rocking rioting spreeing wantoning whirling swaying acting out goofing off mucking up strutting galloping hurtling going places and do things wiggling misbehaving swaggering parading sashaying trifling pouncing saltating stalking playing jokes swanking yukking it up acting the fool relaxing resting cutting kibitzing around stepping sweeping mincing flouncing treading fribbling doodling fiddling occupying oneself jesting fooling kidding rejoicing diverting making mischief footling about playing tricks fooling about monkeying about fiddling around footling around clowning about indulging in horseplay footing it hoofing it cutting the rug enjoying yourself cutting a caper playing up fannying about kicking up heels occupying yourself cutting a rug letting one's hair down going on a spree acting the goat acting the giddy goat

Động từ

Cruising or steaming

Động từ

Present participle for enjoy oneself or celebrate in a noisy or boisterous way
roistering carousing revelling reveling celebrating frolicking drinking partying raving rollicking binging bingeing birling eating making merry wassailing enjoying oneself having fun spreeing basking crowing delighting enjoying gloating indulging larging it larking luxuriating making whoopee rejoicing relishing rioting rolling savouring savoring thriving wallowing anding be merry having a fling having a good time having a party living it up carrying on cutting loose fooling around having a ball kidding around lapping up letting go letting loose pushing the boat out running around stepping out whooping it up blowing off steam kicking up heels painting the town going on a spree kicking over the traces kicking up one's heels painting the town red going on a binge boozing overindulging feasting drinking heavily drinking freely bevvying imbibing pub-crawling quaffing drinking and make merry playing going on a drinking bout going boozing raising hell going on a pub crawl bending the elbow getting drunk raising Cain going on a bender going on the bevvy going on the piss raising the roof going on the town having a wild time going out on the town letting your hair down socializing having a night on the tiles socialising junketing junketting running wild running riot going to town jolling enjoying yourself putting the flag out killing the fatted calf putting the flags out getting out of control going on the rampage going out living large living extravagantly exulting glorying taking pride taking satisfaction living in clover having a night on the town grooving going overboard enjoying life raving it up getting down living in the lap of luxury jubilating blessing caroling carolling feting making a pig of oneself living high off the hog living high on the hog causing a disturbance behaving wildly commemorating occasion beating the drum marking with a red letter causing a commotion having a wild party going wild living hard going berserk going undisciplined rampaging running amok revoluting running free debauching mutinying

Động từ

Present participle for to engage in an altercation
conflicting clashing altercating battling combatting combating fighting scrimmaging skirmishing warring arguing assaulting attacking brawling confronting contending dueling duelling engaging feuding grappling quarrelling quarreling scrapping tangling wrangling wrestling bickering contesting disputing quibbling scuffling squabbling struggling tussling slugging coming into conflict coming to blows crossing swords doing battle engaging in hostilities exchanging blows going to war having a dust-up having a fight having a punch-up having a row locking horns making war mounting an attack waging war rassling rowing vying disagreeing bumping heads putting up a fight having a set-to hassling going up against boxing falling out spatting argufying having words controverting tiffing jarring brabbling bandying words chopping logic sparring differing going at it hammer and tongs fighting like cat and dog failing to agree having a misunderstanding threaping having a tiff having a disagreement caterwauling having a spat debating argy-bargying dissenting taking on having at it having a barney cavilling setting to caviling mixing it up encountering having shouting match laying into lighting to getting into conflict having a difference of opinion getting into a dispute tilting causing a scene scraping trading zingers digging picking at nastily arguing having an altercation fratching picking a bone scolding reaming jawing berating bawling out tongue-lashing calling on the carpet hammering away going one on one pettifogging putting up a struggle facing down sticking it to rehashing sassing having at each other picking an argument knocking around socking it to verbally fighting talking back getting in one's face hashing over having an argument jumping on each other fencing striving colliding bumping finding fault taking exception dividing carping having it out varying breaking with objecting to complaining disapproving getting tough with charging embroiling

Tính từ

Exuberantly lively and amusing
rollicking boisterous lively spirited exuberant frisky rip-roaring rowdy roisterous rumbustious carefree frolicsome hearty jaunty joyous merry noisy playful rambunctious robustious cavorting hell-raising jovial knockabout raucous riotous sprightly swashbuckling uninhibited unrestrained unruly wild devil-may-care sportive cheerful fun-loving glad happy joyful lighthearted loud ripping rollicksome thumping full of beans high-spirited coltish skittish ludic in high spirits active bouncy animated elfish fay sportful antic larky perky gamesome excited prankish gay energetic kittenish frolicky wanton frolic full of fun jolly disorderly overexcited uproarious light-hearted gleeful blithe ebullient vibrant blithesome capering frolicking abandoned clamorous wayward uncontrolled undisciplined rough tumultuous jocular boon game festive impetuous wilful roistering clangorous obstreperous effervescent brawling vociferous strident vociferant over-the-top zippy peppy bubbly sparky zestful animate springy snappy airy spanking vivacious kinetic high pizazzy jazzy brisk bouncing mettlesome pizzazzy vital pert racy jumpy excitable larkish zesty wicked dashing full of get-up-and-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of joie de vivre feeling one's oats full of vim and vigour buoyant chipper sparkling chirpy upbeat sunny cheery peart breezy bright zingy full of life gladsome mirthful happy-go-lucky jocund full of the joys of spring vigorous laughing optimistic zappy smiley in good spirits grinning smiling elated of good cheer as merry as a grig genial hopeful untroubled good-humoured positive good-humored radiant without a care in the world cock-a-hoop lightsome unworried enthusiastic crank spry as lively as a grig irrepressible jocose content winsome hilarious nimble bright and breezy agile dynamic sparkly contented wick exhilarated jubilant fun convivial swinging light pleasant eupeptic canty brash full of pep full of hope impish bubbling scintillating euphoric jokey full of energy debonair perk jumping rocking larking alert cheering sanguine keen mischievous roguish waggish ecstatic frivolous espiègle funny blissful easy devilish bold vivid delightful enjoyable grooving insouciant lusty humorous exultant rosy rhapsodical confident Pickwickian hyper joshing up daffy go-go on top of the world alive and kicking as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy lots of laughs outgoing puckish quick daring tricksy rascally naughty exciting comical elvish youthful fairylike bucked passionate fresh spunky sporty casual industrious enlivening cheerly good-natured sunny side up roseate glass half full gallant easy-going informal bullish loony jollying festal nutty chaffing dizzy bantering facetious trim natty venturesome flip spruce joking showy off-the-wall ardent eager willful bubbling over supple full of zip elastic expansive invigorated resilient laid back unconcerned slaphappy rakish pleasure-seeking relaxed pushy self-assertive forward presuming turnt easygoing easy-breezy low-pressure affable mellow nonchalant ventilated laid-back unconstrained free and easy spicy offhand welcome delighted wonderful pleasurable pleasing heartwarming fantastic overjoyed amusing rapt thrilled glowing peaceful rapturous enraptured satisfied chuffed pleased stoked wrapped orgasmic rhapsodic saturnalian entranced paradisiacal beatific paradisiac rousing well thankful fulfilled paradisal enchanted paradisaical rejoicing beaming triumphant paradisaic gratified tickled blessed captivated comfortable blest entertained magical intoxicated Panglossian in seventh heaven tickled to death beside oneself with joy feel-good starry-eyed at ease tickled pink flying high over the moon blissed out can't complain looking good as pleased as Punch walking on air rose-colored on a high floating on air as happy as Larry in a good mood on cloud nine jumping for joy like a dog with two tails friendly entertaining

Tính từ

Disorderly and disruptive and not amenable to discipline or control
unruly disorderly uncontrollable unmanageable intractable rebellious wayward wild disobedient rowdy wilful lawless headstrong insubordinate mutinous obstreperous refractory boisterous recalcitrant anarchic defiant disruptive attention-seeking chaotic troublemaking undisciplined ungovernable contumacious difficult froward irrepressible turbulent unrestrained untoward willful anarchical balky contrary fractious heedless incompliant incontrollable lawbreaking lively loud noisy rebel reckless recusant restive riotous rollicking rumbustious assertive bawdy drunken forward impervious impetuous imprudent impulsive incorrigible inexorable intemperate mean opinionated ornery perverse quarrelsome rash unyielding violent out of hand out of control out of line stubborn uncontrolled obstinate rough uproarious uncooperative troublesome bolshie badly behaved tumultuous raucous insurgent rambunctious awkward unbridled delinquent mischievous naughty stroppy roisterous seditious errant uninhibited abandoned revolutionary obdurate insurrectionary robustious disaffected self-willed unbiddable clamorous ill-disciplined noncompliant rampant immoderate wanton knockabout frenzied non-compliant unchecked hell-raising uncompliant tempestuous rampageous ungoverned pugnacious disordered aggressive intransigent indocile truculent bad factious rip-roaring resistant exuberant dissident unconstrained misbehaving nonconformist rascally roguish tough disorganized unbounded bellicose rackety rude unhindered debauched cantankerous furious confused insolent fiery threatening passionate excited rioting radical disorganised problematic pigheaded uncurbed vociferous impish playful in turmoil indomitable badly-behaved mulish dissentient frenetic belligerent unrestrainable fierce uncontainable hysterical runaway bloody-minded termagant frisky impossible crazy unhampered argumentative erratic raw inflexible vicious hostile insurrectionist unpredictable orgiastic roistering depraved dissentious adverse anarchistic restless subversive spirited rugged iconoclastic saturnalian animated brawling disturbed frantic loudmouthed bull-headed traitorous high-spirited contentious unrestricted full-on militant frolicsome malicious mad evil annoying challenging insubmissive petulant raging energetic impudent licentious rabid explosive wicked trying deranged unorthodox hectic enthusiastic antagonistic messy peevish confrontational raving combative jumbled undisciplinable sinful helter-skelter wrong exasperating demanding cluttered untidy disarrayed without law and order extreme muddled dishevelled disheveled alienated fiendish mussy tousled disarranged messed mussed tumbled scrappy vehement littered sloppy rumpled bacchanalian unkempt unfavorable unfavourable active in disorder ugly Dionysian negativistic malcontent treacherous ebullient brutal disloyal unbending hot-tempered stiff-necked dissipated bouncy pell-mell Bacchic higgledy-piggledy upside-down topsy-turvy hugger-mugger in a mess dissolute clangorous hard destructive insuppressible treasonable malevolent disturbing sportive agitated unmalleable criminal stormy maladjusted spiteful excessive bacchic arbitrary unaccommodating capricious unfettered unstoppable forceful unquenchable up in arms rampaging vigorous resistive aberrant effervescent immovable cussed strong roughhouse mutinying warring disputatious cross madcap berserk thrawn resisting profligate out-of-line dissenting swashbuckling nihilistic crazed in high spirits out-of-order negative maleficent untamed insoluble vexatious immoral self-indulgent contrarious renitent nuts outrageous fervid warlike ruffianly barbarous savage hotheaded nonconforming unpliable pervicacious irascible wild and woolly jaunty feverish bold merry inimical lacking self-control feisty incontinent burdensome haywire shambolic brattish cross-grained perfervid passional scampish puckish prankish tricksy ill-behaved gallus orderless disrupted tiresome discordant joyful cheerful devilish arsey excitable touchy purposeless ready for a fight impassioned in disarray in pandemonium in uproar in chaos at sixes and sevens out of joint harum-scarum inconsiderate full of beans in a muddle every which way utterly confused full of mischief quick-tempered in a shambles estranged haughty irreconcilable nonobservant unsubduable hard to handle loutish existentialist pessimistic limit robust dangerous untrained renegade unsteady unschooled unsettling upsetting ferocious impotent side-splitting thuggish swaggering cavalier antisocial distracting inconsistent unwilling overexcited unpersuadable clattering clattery resounding maverick heretical uncomplying two-fisted persistent resolved determined malign unlawful turbid uncontained hedonistic divisive obstinately disobedient vibrant stubborn as a mule dysfunctional fickle brusque untameable gruff gleeful insurmountable callous hardened radge indisciplined unrepressed apostate schismatic unresponsive bullheaded corrupt rootin'-tootin opposing withstanding disobliging disrupting off-base unconcealed complex unconventional reprobate unprincipled misruled misgoverned drunk intense freaked overwhelming overpowering flyaway boozy revelling carousing blind tricky whiny obstructive unhelpful out-of-control extrovert irregular rowdydowdy shameless unreasonable unbearable undependable intolerable uncompromising incurable daring provocative audacious misbehaved armed sabotaging individualistic attacking causing trouble bibulous dionysian sottish crapulous corybantic incautious irrational unadaptable strident vociferant over-the-top beside oneself socially impaired outlandish artful averse loath reluctant indisposed hesitant rock-ribbed problem contrariant paradoxical disagreeing thrilled pesky nasty wearisome sullen troublous irksome piercing screaming booming blusterous strepitous on-a-tear impolite impossible to cope with bothersome unstable untrammelled untimely unfortunate wassailing wrongheaded antipathetic converse dilapidated neglected crude in a state messed up worse for wear irresistible strong-willed flighty giddy like a loose cannon roller-coaster unsettled teasing worthless hard-line pat thorny resolute tenacious pertinacious locked knotty raunchy offending raising Cain inconvenient inopportune unlimited unconfined pig-headed raising the roof sinning sly foxy sassy gutsy disregardful cheeky dareful unimpeded unsuppressed reveling unexpected unanticipated ill-timed erring deviant shaking perturbed infantile strenuous storming kiddish ill-natured demonstrative stern thoughtless bitter immature childish disrespectful hang tough locked in tough nut unsubmissive volatile revolting terrorist cruel untrammeled running wild culpable guilty transgressing maniacal manic full of confusion full of conflict full of upheavals bad-mannered spoiling for a fight surprising unforeseen disastrous unusual unpredicted mistimed tyrannous despotic terrorizing uncultivated infringing piratical uncivilised heterodox terrorising unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized joyous carefree hearty impatient hasty widespread straying sprightly cavorting jovial hyper deliberate needless unjustified senseless epidemic not controlled full of ups and downs unwelcome infelicitous inapt unsuitable inappropriate unlucky inauspicious irritating rife devil-may-care hot-headed short-fused easily provoked on a short fuse unprovoked exacting tiring carried away pandemic dominant rank rollicksome fun-loving happy glad lighthearted thumping ripping heretic meandering errable shifting stray deviating miscreant devious fallible unreliable fay sportful antic elfish larky prevalent flagrant pervasive gratuitous groundless motiveless malapropos badly timed unseasonable eventful arduous fervent obsessive irritable litigious hog-wild beside yourself luxuriant profuse disputative laborious exhausting unjustifiable spreading blustering exceeding bounds fecund extravagant spreading like wildfire flourishing rambling proliferating predominant extensive multiplying on the rampage growing captious choleric gladiatorial agonistic cavilling Saturnalian Dionysiac off straight and narrow like one possessed misfortunate hapless luckless unpropitious unpleasant ill-starred star-crossed ludic skittish keen snappy severe testing harsh unsparing taxing buoyant willed unmotivated assaultive chippy querulous pettish controversial polemical polemic battling brawly fighting grouchy eager infatuated devoted ardent fixated dedicated obsessed full bustling flustering madhouse tireless ructious huffy arguesome wrangling bickering crabby brute sadistic inhumane aimless atrocious heartless butcherly inhuman barbaric burning compulsive over-enthusiastic bad-tempered churlish war thin-skinned have chip on shoulder ill-tempered caviling vivacious sunny busy bumpy onerous full on wearing imperious coltish action-packed unjust unfair double-crossing merciless breezy dotty potty visionary hooked zealous gung-ho bubbly cheery zestful bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo chirpy upbeat peart peppy gladsome sparky chipper sparkling zingy gay blithesome blithe biased nuts for monomaniacal fanatical partial bugged domineering high on credulous fanatic possessed turned on addicted bubbling rhapsodical of good cheer full of life light-hearted as merry as a grig bubbling over

Tính từ

harum-scarum reckless rash wild careless impetuous imprudent precipitate daredevil foolhardy giddy hasty irresponsible devil-may-care impulsive scatty erratic frivolous hare-brained hot-headed madcap precipitous thoughtless haphazard heedless hell-for-leather ill-considered incautious kamikaze overhasty dippy divvy dotty harebrained inconstant scatterbrained temerarious carefree daring disorderly flighty light-minded negligent regardless ill-advised injudicious headlong unthinking unconsidered hotheaded audacious adventurous venturesome venturous headstrong indiscreet brash unguarded bold foolish unwary premature irrational unwise death-or-glory improvident overbold over-adventurous jumping to conclusions helter-skelter precipitant hurried mindless rushed ill-judged unheeding fiery determined furious insuppressible passionate immature frenzied slapdash cursory gadarene overconfident uncareful flying spur-of-the-moment drive-by pell-mell over-venturesome tearaway ill-conceived casual desperate sudden stupid silly inattentive unthought-out previous bull-in-a-china-shop misguided breakneck adventuresome reactive knee-jerk suicidal self-destructive abrupt fearless intrepid courageous misjudged brave dauntless undaunted frantic not thought through badly thought out death-defying risky playing with fire overventuresome inconsiderate out of control uncontrolled unsmart fast and loose remiss risk-taking ad hoc capricious fly-by-night careless of one's duty unsafe mad wide open off deep end out on limb half-baked asinine unconcerned nonchalant happy-go-lucky idiotic ridiculous absurd preposterous easy-going flippant insouciant airy unrealistic daft impracticable inane unworkable crackpot ill-thought-out unworried swaggering untroubled breezy indifferent crazy crackbrained empty-headed barmy cock-eyed lackadaisical cavalier free and easy unmindful neglectful blithe impolitic unrestrained tactless unobservant undiplomatic indelicate short-sighted abandoned senseless gutsy uncaring inadvisable lax hardy sloppy enterprising inadvertent perfunctory slipshod dashing slack wanton intemperate nervy nerved emboldened dangerous uncircumspect inexpedient spontaneous free-swinging unpremeditated ballsy unafraid derelict disregardful apathetic immoderate feckless extravagant cool outrageous spunky slap-happy inappropriate valiant absent-minded insensitive hazardous heroic dissolute unbridled valorous offhand disinterested graceless tardy uninhibited plucky unconstrained free game unplanned brazen unwatchful unreasonable unreliable unconscious ignorant delinquent pushy napping lazy unchecked impudent easy oblivious blind unrestricted unreserved laid-back have-a-go unintelligent blithely unconcerned without care wrong-headed unfettered irreflective nonsensical untimely spirited uncurbed brainless witless confident fanciful unrepressed involuntary gutty exciting unreasoning shameless naive profligate bizarre unsystematic unthoughtful licentious unalert unvigilant off-guard unexpected loose lavish undependable untrustworthy unaccountable impractical good-for-nothing profuse unflinching violent unintended instinctive prodigal wacky unintentional unwitting undisciplined fantastic deaf listless rude gallant unshrinking unbounded rampant speedy chaotic cocky unhampered fantastical intuitive presumptuous accidental runaway ditsy peppy ludicrous whimsical automatic chance emotional excessive unreflective unhindered quick nutty impromptu rushing forgetful raw unabashed lawless careless of corrupt ungoverned aweless resolute gritty disorganized illogical random insane unreal maladroit dareful unadvised hectic aimless unmeant unsound indiscriminate arbitrary unsympathetic messy smart dozy hit-or-miss unreasoned superficial blunt subitaneous doughty futile untidy immoral incontinent featherbrained birdbrained swift light-hearted impertinent unpolitic credulous unprepared fluky desultory stray scattered catch-as-catch-can stalwart stout incidental slovenly uncalled-for blasé feather-brained disorganised all over the place shoddy any old way macho hedonistic heady shortsighted whirlwind nerveless disregarding uninterested mechanical radge unsubtle infelicitous garrulous nosy demonstrative rough tempestuous unseemly unfeeling nonobservant lively snatched undesirable unfortunate childish high-risk undiscerning restless exploratory thrill-seeking seeking unduly quick unaware uninformed badly planned confused wrong boisterous good-time lunatic imbecilic unadvisable coarse abstracted clueless moronic relaxed extemporaneous snap unwarned unknowing unsuspecting spur of the moment unpractical dumb fatuous mettlesome dynamic reflex inept monstrous scandalous heinous anxious immodest effusive extreme life-threatening thrilling off one's guard aggressive sturdy resourceful on the go go-ahead damfool without regard crude unprompted freakish decadent shocking atrocious worried distracted unthorough otiose unmeticulous faineant fainéant wasteful positive swashbuckling unpredictable touchy-feely inexperienced in the dark leaving self wide open off the deep end fast-paced stouthearted decisive undauntable lionhearted manful greathearted heroical assured asleep at the switch out to lunch unmethodical vacant untactful brutish without a care in the world prankish jaunty unmeditated gratuitous supererogative irregular idiotical simpleminded lamebrained feisty lion-hearted off the top of one's head farcical self-indulgent self-gratifying salacious lamebrain nonrational meaningless pointless fruitless ditzy dizzy skittish bantam assuming salty cheeky forward crusty smart-alecky brassy obtrusive implausible dim-witted half-witted ad-lib jumping the gun winging it thriftless fluctuating spendthrift fickle fitful uncautious wary eager fierce ardent unlimited temeritous orderless undirected hit-and-miss exorbitant incredible fast impassioned vehement higgledy-piggledy excitable fire eating hot shot innocent fortuitous uncalculated flukey unreflecting supererogatory unbalanced unconfined harsh ungracious jumbled unorganized willy-nilly unorganised designless unselective uncoordinated any which way hit or miss all over the map fluke purposeless go for broke frothy batty dopey goofy puerile yeasty coincidental undevised unthought undesigned fast-and-loose fervid restive last-minute inordinate unshackled untrammelled unresponsible caught napping foot-in-mouth not in the loop as game as Ned Kelly out on a limb dappy heedless of O.T.T. too much a bit much OTT over the top unkind clumsy gadabout louche carnal not careful unimpeded natural unsuppressed uncontrollable boundless cocksure hubristic overweening asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out asleep on the job young inattentive to disregardful of excited bemused gaga bubbleheaded irrepressible unbound unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable not on purpose intolerant impolite discourteous conceited uppish self-assured smug bumptious neglectful of regardless of oblivious to thrown-together paying no heed to blind to unheeding of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention disrespectful going off deep end shambolic overbearing blustering arrogant self-assertive presuming abundant volatile unhandsome uncivil callous unmannered unmannerly light-headed frank flamboyant candid out of hand saturnalian impotent plenary open exaggerated untrammeled riotous limitless sophomoric depraved dissipated unruly thrown together uncharitable boorish unfair heartless sharp unceremonious short riding for a fall overoptimistic bullish lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair wicked incorrigible reprobate unprincipled sinful debauched all over the shop ill-mannered ill-bred optimistic content free-minded cheerful full of yourself heading for a fall carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley

Danh từ

Rough or rowdy play that can often result in unintentional physical harm
horseplay clowning buffoonery skylarking tomfoolery pranks roughhousing shenanigans antics capers fooling fooling around high jinks rough-and-tumble clownery foolery hijinks larks monkeying monkeyshines roughhouse slapstick didoes foolish behaviour monkey business boisterousness exuberance fun horsing around misbehaviour misbehavior play practical jokes rough-housing rowdiness monkey tricks rough and tumble rough play fun and games mischief escapade prank frolic caper gag antic lark nonsense tricks silliness practical joke jest joke trick stunt joking jape gambol roguery foolishness farce put-on sport rollick jesting rib spoof drollery game mischievousness carry-on trouble burlesque joshing monkeyshine larking about stupidity malarkey funny business caprice shenanigan devilry laugh mockery dido teasing larking around amusement leg-pull knavery stunts escapades frolics waggery high spirits shines trickery messing about playfulness romps mischievous act hanky-panky carryings-on harlequinades lightness fancy levity whim hotfoot shine idiocy kidding folly harlequinade childishness comedy insanity ludicrousness craziness lunacy absurdity irresponsibility carrying-on dirty trick skylark rag giggle crack trifling hoax humor capriccio romp playing around pleasantry mummery raillery revel quiz goak cutup shavie parody gambade hoodwinking wind-up fooling about humour piece of mischief one-liner to-do joking around frolicsomeness vandalism naughtiness light comedy hoaxing roughness desipience silly behaviour waggishness frivolity amusing behaviour cantrip act snow job no good devilment rascality low comedy playing the fool dishonesty goings-on misdemeanour misconduct chicanery skulduggery wisecrack funny witticism jiggery-pokery absurdness tommyrot hokey-pokey inanity disobedience mischief-making poppycock bluffing shamming entertainment josh quip hoot gambado freak rig prat misdemeanor clowning around horse feathers boffola pretence clownishness capering fling spree chestnut bit of mischief piece of fun derision ridicule amusing time spoofing frolicking sham pretense making light epigram messing around banter madness bunk ridiculousness senselessness giddiness bird carousal adventure outing payof ha-ha merriment badinage mirth bon mot kidding around jollification scorn laughter jollity satire travesty vaudeville caricature pasquinade skit squib low camp broad comedy camp campy art high camp interlude pratfall comedy mock slapstick comedy

Danh từ

Activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children
play fun sport recreation relaxation amusement pleasure entertainment games leisure enjoyment larks diversion frolicking junketing skylarking capering distraction horseplay revelry dalliance frolic game jest jollification merrymaking playfulness rollicking gaming pastime romp caper delight disport foolery frisk gambling gambol happiness humour humor joking lark prank sportiveness sports fun and games gamboling gambolling match teasing a good time living it up me-time excitement joy thrill merriment glee cheer joyfulness merriness satisfaction blast festivity mirth buffoonery cheerfulness jocularity gaiety gleefulness cheeriness festiveness vibrancy ball jollity tomfoolery vivacity exuberance vim high spirits felicity vividness enthusiasm vigor levity mischief rapture vitality sunniness liveliness jesting laughter perkiness nonsense mirthfulness light-heartedness gladness vigour hilarity zest clowning energy solace grins ebullience good time brightness riot treat buoyancy rejoicing humorousness wantonness funniness facetiousness jocosity silliness roguishness friskiness waggery kick jolliness lightheartedness foolishness comedy jocoseness blithesomeness jocundity mischievousness knavery blitheness exhilaration rascality conviviality frolics larking about joviality joyousness euphoria jubilation animation gayety gayness geniality exultation optimism comfort jauntiness hopefulness encouragement hope good cheer merry-making good spirits revels celebration reveling whoopee revelling carousal

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