Đồng nghĩa của cheery

Alternative for cheery

cheerier, cheeriest

Đồng nghĩa: gay, sunny,

Tính từ

Happy and optimistic
cheerful bright happy sunny glad jolly joyful merry breezy joyous upbeat blissful bubbly carefree cock-a-hoop ebullient ecstatic elated exuberant jaunty light-hearted radiant smiling sparkling sprightly airy animated buoyant chipper chirpy euphoric gay gleeful grinning frolicsome gladsome happy-go-lucky laughing mirthful untroubled unworried blithe blithesome content hopeful in high spirits optimistic pleasant positive smiley canty cheering eupeptic good-humored good-humoured lightsome lively peart peppy sparky winsome zingy zippy genial in good spirits jocund jovial full of hope bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of the joys of spring of good cheer without a care in the world bright and breezy full of beans full of vim and vigour vivacious effervescent perky bouncy high-spirited lighthearted spirited contented festive jubilant jocular enthusiastic energetic jocose playful hilarious pleased delighted beaming exhilarated sportive gratified frisky convivial full of life overjoyed funny satisfied zestful sanguine vital brisk humorous snappy thankful tickled exultant gamesome vigorous amusing as merry as a grig insouciant bouncing animate chuffed irrepressible excited debonair confident light entertaining hearty thrilled racy up fun-loving frolic crank rapturous ludic heartening pert active pizazzy pizzazzy springy jazzy on top of the world rollicking mettlesome kinetic uproarious vibrant pleasing spanking facetious relaxed larking enjoyable bullish zappy brash easy-going on cloud nine over the moon chucklesome uplifting comic gratifying rosy stirring bubbling heartwarming comfortable perk alert dynamic jokey jumping rocking wrapped enraptured boisterous rapt tickled pink can't complain at ease as lively as a grig beside oneself with joy fresh laughable floating on air comical slaphappy welcome encouraging easy scintillating unconcerned rejoicing fulfilled devil-may-care flippant disposed to look on the bright side blessed frivolous pleasurable diverting free and easy keen glowing wonderful grooving affable warm resilient intoxicated delightful wild riotous assured high beatific can-do joshing at peace Panglossian daffy on cloud seven expectant rhapsodical casual witty good spry nonchalant passionate comforting friendly festal droll joking sparkly ardent serene eager wick satisfying peaceful enlivening cheerly felicitous orgasmic expansive waggish blest captivated go-go laid-back complacent tranquil unthinking good-natured easygoing agreeable volatile backslapping idealistic effusive fun gladdening back-slapping whimsical swinging vivid Pickwickian ludicrous inspiring fantastic willing rose-colored entranced flying high looking good walking on air boon placid flip rhapsodic lusty saturnalian feel-good stoked unconstrained elastic Pollyannaish appeased gushing encouraged amiable zesty silly full of fun aglow transported tickled to death pleased as punch lots of laughs rip-roaring as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy crazy always expecting the best in seventh heaven buoyed up blissed out looking on the bright side gladdened amused bonny informal outgoing benign laughter-filled saucy sassy poised composed pacific possessed commodious providential sober measured collected fun-filled graceful carnival holiday celebratory pleasure-seeking rakish cordial sunbeamy aware assuaged frothy agitated forward pushy self-assertive presuming uncaring unconsidered heedless indifferent tumultuous in fine fettle bucked supple invigorated Christmassy gala unserious insubstantial easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated mellow mad loony nutty chaffing bantering jollying dizzy roseate smug hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed unruffled laid back turnt good-time willful unruly warming exciting alive and kicking fanciful promising great spicy offhand full of zip feeling one's oats jesting elevating propitious auspicious reassuring giddy popping sent off-the-wall teasing decorated carnivalesque feastly feastful full of pep flipping flying fulfilling believing determined paradisiacal well paradisal paradisaical triumphant paradisaic paradisiac rousing enchanted grateful appreciative very happy trusting bubbling over roguish in raptures enrapt go-getting redeeming entertained magical up and about heady appreciatory cheered blissfully happy deliriously happy moving sunny side up glass half full proactive self-possessed juiced up tongue-in-cheek doing handsprings in transports of joy in transports of pleasure in transports of delight in a good mood rewarding unmarred keeping the faith inclined to look through rose-coloured spectacles soul-stirring heart-warming disposed to take a favourable view seen through rose-coloured spectacles elevated clever smart on a high impish reassured overwhelmed comforted relieved consoled bold inspirative inspiriting sporty devilish as pleased as Punch starry-eyed as happy as Larry jumping for joy like a dog with two tails flakey wacky boffo camp flaky mischievous joculous campy trim natty venturesome soothed solaced spruce showy heartfelt sweet exhilarating loving touching feelgood beautiful for grins gagged up intense well pleased avid zealous ridiculous sure cocksure doubtless implicit certain clear impassioned absurd farcical ridibund self-assured undoubtful secure self-confident deep devout loud emphatic generous unreserved profound hysterical in good heart deepest uninhibited responsive killing slapstick honest frank abiding profuse full welcoming unrestrained deep-rooted good natured deep-felt warm-hearted grotesque antic cockamamie pathetic comedic humoristic cockamamy sidesplitting derisive screaming zany side-splitting rib-tickling derisory hysteric preposterous derisible priceless ludicrous. laughable stupid foolish risible dashing nimble skittish kittenish dapper coltish forceful fiery strong raffish flamboyant agile prankish stylish spunky stimulating colourful colorful full of get-up-and-go frolicky sharp tireless daring untiring full of energy hardy hyper ball of fire interesting puckish careless wanton fay sportful elfish larky flashy buzzing quick cool feisty striking unusual gingery indefatigable potent forcible powerful larkish enterprising industrious strenuous unflagging red-blooded stalwart sturdy high-powered snazzy in jest clubby social energized activated exulting sexy frenzied spiffy rich proud crowing game energised romping glorying magnificent marvellous marvelous prideful dazzling fast riot scream glitzy arch gloating calm delirious charming glib uninterested irresponsible capering tricksy rascally on the go abuzz gallant mobile apathetic pococurante incurious elvish wicked peppery engaging happening humming alive intriguing bustling thoughtless driving busy aggressive piquant poignant espiègle rugged in fun robust beguiling barnstorming feckless lackadaisical excitable gutsy tongue in cheek full of joie de vivre not serious neat spritely sociable conversible companionable hospitable spectacular gregarious frolicking fashionable invigorating chic salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic pertinent dull relevant tight fairylike breathless pixieish scampish knavish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish excellent swift new outstanding whopping rapid remarkable exceptional fervent youthful jumpy gritty dramatic envigorating party trendy flush clowning valiant partyish full of vim and vigor gelastic nonsensical asinine mocking inane har-har eccentric bizarre heated burning hot occupied hale and hearty enlivened glamorous full of the joy of living raring to go pulling one's leg putting one on satirical wry wisecracking grand dexterous deedful eventful dextrous exalted for a laugh reckless improvident vitalized flourishing electrifying on the move gentlemanly sportsmanlike fair splendid heavenly lovely tasty pungent distinctive tart tangy virile vehement flushed unconventional bohemian to the point slap-happy adventurous hopping coruscating astir intensive thriving fabulous glorious revelling free-minded full-blooded punchy abubble vibrating effective high-octane full of spirit storming resounding ballsy all-out muscular sensitive have-a-go hard-hitting sound aboil schmick nifty disreputable characterful swaggering boastful naughty blithely unconcerned carefree and untroubled without care living the life of Riley considerate sportsmanly decent romantic attractive plucky swashbuckling corybantic reveling wowed carried away victorious triumphalist full of character louche ornate glittering gaudy flaunting glittery brazen demoniac motive tough dynamical locomotive kinematic motile beside oneself with happiness audacious swish venturous free-swinging elegant nervy emboldened adventuresome intrepid nerved equanimous equable honorable square honourable evenhanded just reasonable lacking concern disinterested perfunctory insensible uncurious wild with excitement blown away in a frenzy of delight wigged out delirious with happiness turned on urbane captivating enchanting frenetic absorbing congenial compelling appealing recreative fascinating nice flexible sporting flash decadent dissolute dissipated debauched uncontrolled abandoned riveting fearless exclusive swank adjustable adaptable variable free from worry free from care frantic accommodating enthralling provocative engrossing restorative entrancing affecting enticing relaxing impressive be a ball gas thrilling straight shooting square shooting square dealing free-spirited tawdry individual violent fierce rabid feverish full-on overwhelming overpowering furious ferocious malleable distant unanxious fluid compliant unmoved callous aloof detached unsympathetic oblivious dispassionate nonplussed uninvolved unflappable pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding neutral reserved unbothered not bothered hardened forgetful self-centered inattentive impassive blind self-centred supine deaf phlegmatic hard-hearted insensitive undisturbed cold stony negligent undaunted versatile complaisant tolerant conformable cool, calm and collected flighty superficial not giving a toss light-minded recuperative mutable soaring empty-headed shallow ditzy puerile birdbrained non-serious juvenile idle light-headed harebrained dopey vapid lightheaded goofy futile yeasty vacuous batty featherbrained dippy scatterbrained ditsy childish ill-considered feather-brained pea-brained lacking seriousness dotty nonserious unprofound vain barmy lacking in sense idiotic

Tính từ

Giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment
pleasant nice delightful fine lovely beautiful charming enjoyable amazing blissful entertaining copacetic heavenly splendid delightsome likeable likable magnificent satisfying fascinating great joyous pleasing captivating enchanting exquisite marvelous balmy convivial good marvellous agreeable cordial happy refreshing divine jolly jovial pleasurable wonderful exhilarating fun gratifying rewarding superb brilliant congenial delectable glorious fine and dandy amiable friendly affable genial warm hospitable cheerful sociable approachable neighbourly good-natured good-humored neighborly good-humoured comradely companionable sympathetic easygoing easy-going amicable well disposed kindly kind outgoing gregarious obliging chummy warmhearted matey gracious bonhomous company-loving warm-hearted affectionate buddy-buddy easy to get along with benevolent benign welcoming pally complaisant extroverted extrovert chirpy clubby mild perky hail-fellow-well-met good-tempered hearty unreserved amenable palsy gentle palsy-walsy decent engaging mellow buoyant smiling lovable easy lenient social polite courteous well-disposed clubbable loving tender accessible open enthusiastic fond heartfelt couthy fatherly sincere earnest wholehearted genuine caring comforting charitable inviting maternal liberal eager solicitous conversable motherly compassionate amorous softhearted deep kindhearted empathetic responsive paternal receptive bluff collegial hail-fellow regular merry upper favorable chipper upbeat jocund high up sunny enlivening favourable cheering blithe glad sunny side up civil sweet considerate sensible urbane helpful peaceful soft personable tolerant civilized calm temperate mild-mannered civilised

Tính từ

Pleasant and satisfactory
good excellent exceptional appealing delightful enjoyable great likeable likable marvellous marvelous nice pleasant positive satisfactory satisfying superb wonderful acceptable affable agreeable amiable beautiful clear comfortable comforting elegant enchanting engaging enviable euphoric exhilarating fair fascinating favourable favorable fine flashy glamorous gorgeous hunky joyous lovely lovesome mild photogenic pleasing pleasurable precious presentable pretty ravishing seductive sound splendid stunning sublime sunny super tasteful tempting valuable worthy A1 ace admirable aesthetic amusing arresting attractive beauteous blessed boss capital choice comely commendable cunning cute dainty delicate dishy dollish drop-dead exquisite eye-catching fetching flamboyant foxy fun glad glamourous glossy good-looking heavenly honorable honourable hospitable hunky-dory in order intoxicating knockout neat not bad OK prettyish prime pulchritudinous rad radiant rapturous relief reputable resplendent showstopping showy sightly slick snazzy soothing spanking splashy statuesque sterling superior taking unspoilt welcome well-favored zingy alluring blest calming charming congenial copacetic copasetic darling delightsome deluxe dulcet ecstatic elating esthetic first-class first-rate genial gnarly grateful gratifying paradisaic paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisiacal passable recherche recreative relishable savoury savory select shipshape splendorous stupendous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious super-eminent super-excellent telegenic irie entertaining magnificent thrilling divine peachy captivating glorious refreshing delectable jolly felicitous delicious dreamy amazing rewarding perfect heartwarming fine and dandy happy blissful lekker couthy groovy cheerful mooi bonny diverting exciting magical fab terrific fabulous magic grand fantastic beaut ducky cool smashing brill brilliant palatable ripping spiffing cracking tasty champion luscious topping wizard sweet bonzer corking beezer frabjous swell ambrosial scrumptious ineffable lush yummy very attractive top-hole very pleasurable very agreeable greatly to one's liking very pleasant out of this world cheering beneficial opportune pleasureful timely fulfilling constructive gladdening flattering unblemished appreciated consoling desirable encouraging heartening propitious bad whole flawless entire crack unbroken intact bully up to snuff uninjured unimpaired undamaged unharmed unhurt tip-top solacing restful renewing rejuvenating restorative sapid restoring productive worthwhile heaven-sent honouring nourishing substantial satiating adequate sufficient sustaining happiness-inducing easy to take unmarred hitting the spot honoring benefic friendly helpful advantageous kindly beneficent salutary benignant profitable wholesome handy fit providential healthful reassuring toward appropriate benign fortunate prosperous convenient useful lucky well-timed seasonable suitable full of promise

Tính từ

Illuminating or reflecting light
beaming bright brilliant flashing radiant shining sparkling gleaming glowing dazzling lustrous radiating bedazzling candescent clear effulgent fulgent glimmering glittering incandescent lambent lucent lucid luminous refulgent sheeny shiny splendid burnished glistening intense scintillating beautiful clinquant warm resplendent shimmering blazing vivid luminescent irradiant glaring phosphorescent ablaze glossy coruscating twinkling aglow flickering light lighted illuminated sunny polished glistering fluorescent burning lit flaming iridescent flashy beamy glorious relucent glowy fulgurating glittery rutilant agleam ardent strong rich vibrant healthy illumined golden argent sunlit moonlit auroral fulgid irradiated silvery mirrorlike alight satiny fulgurant fervid fulgurous Day-Glo fervent splendent glinting sleek blinding colourful colorful lurid fiery striking deep gaudy flamboyant bold garish splashy psychedelic kaleidoscopic jazzy gay showy loud deep-coloured bright-coloured highly-coloured eye-catching highly colored transcendent twinkly glimmery red-hot happy blooming white-hot gleamy irradiating soft shinning nitid smouldering hot white stunning aflame suffused smoldering glassy satin rubbed buffed lit up glazed opalescent splendorous noticeable conspicuous luminiferous fierce overpowering glacé slick sparkly reflective convey smooth on fire intensely hot translucent crystal beamful waxy rosy ruddy flaring shimmery luculent varnished extremely bright limpid full visual dramatic stimulating scintillant reflecting unclouded sunshiny cloudless brightened lightsome animated lively graphic exciting exhilarating glitzy fair silky invigorating silken multicoloured envigorating multicolored fine brightly coloured many-coloured vivacious clement ebullient effervescent starry summery witty balmy clever red scintillescent fresh bombastic multicolour smart florid entertaining chatoyant motley pleasant titillating varicoloured prismatic variegated polychromatic harlequin rainbow multicolor rainbow-like many-hued temperate rainless spangled mild without a cloud in the sky looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory razzle-dazzle unadulterated winking gold aglitter neon dark richly coloured brave well-lit saturated glamorous transparent pure harsh exaggerated brightly illuminated well-lighted well lit well-illuminated silver brightening illuminative scarlet reddish-orange crimson ginger ignited snazzy ostentatious imaginative effective interesting afire well illuminated pellucid see-through crystalline halcyon pizazzy fancy pizzazzy raging baroque flowery brash astral star stellar coruscant reflecting light bling wild full of light well lighted multihued dancing rococo decorated sunbeamy blue azure chromatic uncloudy crystal clear festooned floodlit undimmed multichromatic varicolored colored propitious nice dry gentle moderate placid starlit impassioned dynamic vigorous spirited mantling gaseous kindled inflamed conflagrant enflamed combusting polychrome corinthian luxuriant unobscured hued varied versicolor liquid extravagant breathtaking in flames sparking lacquered waxed japanned shellacked phantasmagoric particoloured picturesque particolored coloured full of life elaborate patinated notable stirring pronounced definite rousing heady electrifying high thrilling many-splendoured parti-colored many-colored multi-coloured biting energizing spine-tingling sharp powerful energising bespangled radiated celestial sidereal stellary stelliform amusing fascinating sprightly arousing gripping hair-raising refreshing Day-glo marked clarion undarkened

Tính từ

Direct in speech or behaviour but in a good-natured way
bluff blunt downright abrupt brusque curt direct no-nonsense plain-spoken short straightforward candid forthright frank hearty open outspoken rough gruff unequivocal approachable brusk crusty genial good-natured short-spoken snippy unceremonious friendly upfront barefaced bearish blustering breviloquent brief honest laconic loud rude sincere snippety tactless tart terse to the point speaking as one finds straight from the shoulder not afraid to call a spade a spade impolite uncivil discourteous sharp matter-of-fact snappy undiplomatic straight plain explicit churlish unreserved plainspoken ungracious offhand unambiguous forthcoming bald up-front truthful free-spoken surly snappish uninhibited unguarded openhearted harsh crude freehearted brisk out-front unqualified round undisguised foursquare caustic straight-talking unmannerly impetuous impatient up front crisp unvarnished point-blank ingenuous clear free categorical real straight-shooting point blank straight to the point abrasive bad-tempered ill-tempered cavalier short-tempered indelicate tetchy monosyllabic genuine thoughtless brutal off peremptory outright impertinent guileless artless unfiltered aboveboard calling a spade a spade unconcealed talking turkey call a spade a spade not beating around the bush from the hip like it is man-to-man testy pointed clipped imperious dusty succinct concise forward irascible unconstrained callous inelegant rushed pithy unfriendly petulant plain-speaking graceless grumpy sharp-tongued bad-mannered ill-mannered vociferous crabbed definite distinct specific no lie vocal undissembling unevasive absolute express straight-from-the-shoulder sullen bare stark simple unadorned opinionated strident unreticent square hard-hitting trenchant unembellished ill-natured unpolished out of sorts speaking straight from the shoulder crabby grouchy taciturn crotchety uncompromising pulling no punches sour cross no beating around the bush laying it on the line calling spade a spade not beating about the bush unrestricted unsparing offish ill-humoured easy flat-out apparent familiar naive upright natural brazen bare-faced scrupulous heart-to-heart on the level warts and all angry boorish boisterous truculent ill-humored nasty morose saturnine lay it on the line saying what one thinks on the up and up not mincing one's words speaking one's mind insensitive inconsiderate disrespectful unfeeling uncaring unkind hurtful unsympathetic uncharitable unladylike impolitic cruel uncivilized unconsiderate ungentlemanly uncivilised unbiased unprejudiced uncalled for unpretended frontal parrhesiastic right up front telling it like it is irritable cantankerous peevish touchy vulgar moody sulky splenetic uncouth ornery choleric dyspeptic bilious prickly waspish cranky coarse crass chippy ill-bred narky fractious dour oafish disagreeable stroppy loutish ratty clumsy unpleasant glum shrewish curmudgeonly quick-tempered hot-tempered uncultured eggy peppery peckish soreheaded liverish unsociable snaky querulous bitter huffy perverse gross unmannered pouting awkward cross-grained gauche pettish pouty like a bear with a sore head unrefined snarling gloomy scratchy shirty miffy acid insolent impudent bungling ignorant fiery out of humour ungallant short-fused in a bad mood hasty on a short fuse volatile mopey glowering resentful cloddish mannerless insulting uptight brooding uncommunicative indiscreet compact unsubtle abusive rash inept maladroit offensive brash bloody-minded in a mood blundering summary compendious temperamental scowling acerbic epigrammatic untactful elliptical sarcastic unchivalrous aphoristic uncalled-for unhandsome uncultivated sententious thumbnail tasteless apothegmatic capsule fretful tense clownish common telegraphic elliptic classless spiteful mumpish argumentative indecorous clodhopping lowbred mardy cussed unresponsive annoyed waxy frowning sourpussed mean rustic ugly sulking thin-skinned hot-blooded imprudent as cross as two sticks unpolitic injudicious decisive derogatory businesslike incisive uncomplimentary disdainful economical unsophisticated humourless humorless disgruntled disparaging hotheaded acrimonious captious moping snarky tough unsmiling flip thuggish quarrelsome fresh brutish miserable contumelious swinish indignant stuffy lumpen gnomic oversensitive barbaric obstinate yobbish philistine vitriolic uneducated short and sweet hostile uncooperative exasperated grumbling slobbish out of humor sorehead passionate complaining raspy compendiary lubberly bristly edgy vicious vinegary ireful wild fed up cheerless base joyless embittered having got out of bed the wrong side out-of-line having got out of bed on the wrong side low-bred vigorous disobliging catty misbehaved tooshie tempersome unhelpful scornful mean-spirited presumptuous gawky stolid spunky acute snarly atrabilious zowerswopped Eeyorish careless rowdy doltish lumpish bullying perversely irritable precipitate polite miserly unneighborly inhospitable unfortunate hoonish dense audacious piqued sharp-tempered lowbrow with a long face heavy-handed put out mopish obloquious foul derisive rugged like a bull in a china shop cheeky arrogant peeved vexed dark aloof roughneck incult sketchy insensible raffish low scathing degrading violent berating scurrilous reproachful obnoxious reviling denigratory belittling pejorative defamatory cocky lewd illiberal withdrawn dismal depressed disgracious ungenteel mouthy smart alecky lippy smart-alecky backward savage immature overbearing underbred inaffable insubordinate malapert vituperatory calumniating contemptuous vituperative intrusive yokelish bounderish psyched up angerful frenzied fuming fierce wrathful disapproving ranting in a temper raving cold pugnacious convulsed ferocious in a huff down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in the sulks in a strop unwise inadvisable rough-hewn foul-mouthed loud-mouthed cutting biting stupid unthinking unperceptive severe hard grating stern annoying irritating condensed ill-advised wounding galling critical neat pitiless acerb comfortless huffish sensitive feisty whingy misanthropic cynical difficult discontented contentious pertinacious aggressive hateful rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take displeased contrary whiny hypercritical whining crybaby hick iracund iracundulous fussy disputatious close cryptic taut clear-cut exact lean precise unsavoury waspy grousing acrid trying growling caviling sore on edge dissatisfied carping griping malicious venomous fretting whingeing childish cavilling malignant vindictive filthy obstreperous chuffy barbarous plebby countrified ocker inurbane unpoised boiled down Neanderthal provincial unsavory in a nutshell nasty-tempered hot under the collar fault-finding out of temper foul-tempered out-of-sorts easily offended cut to the bone

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