Đồng nghĩa của pleased

Alternative for pleased

Đồng nghĩa: proud of(p),

pleases, pleased, pleasing

Đồng nghĩa: delight,

Tính từ

Feeling or showing pleasure and satisfaction, especially at an event or a situation
happy delighted satisfied gratified contented glad thrilled chuffed content thankful tickled elated grateful overjoyed blissful euphoric joyful joyous wrapped complacent gruntled rapt smug appreciative charmed well pleased over the moon cock-a-hoop in high spirits pleased as punch tickled pink on cloud nine on cloud seven as pleased as Punch made up like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails ecstatic cheerful jubilant cheery exhilarated gleeful exultant mirthful gay laughing enraptured merry jovial fulfilled rapturous transported amused jocund sunny in seventh heaven on top of the world excited blithesome sparkling bright beaming unworried jolly untroubled radiant blithe chirpy beside oneself with joy entertained lighthearted stoked relaxed walking on air in raptures comfortable smiling triumphant exuberant floating on air rejoicing blissed out pleasant genial at ease upbeat can't complain honored honoured jumping for joy up at peace on a high as happy as Larry hilarious festive as happy as a clam entranced carefree chipper tickled to death peppy rhapsodic light-hearted buoyant diverted wonderful serene enjoyable in good spirits tranquil proud placid felicitous appeased pleasing effervescent flattered spirited captivated lively grinning frolicsome convivial bubbly enchanted jocular peaceful blessed intoxicated orgasmic exalted boon optimistic prideful perky gladsome hopeful sent beatific pleasurable smiley flying occupied interested cheered as happy as a sandboy without a care in the world beside oneself with happiness engrossed beguiled willing thrilled to bits gladdened animated glowing delirious ebullient airy sprightly breezy high-spirited appreciatory light playful blest jaunty gratifying jocose reassured gloating treading on air ravished esteemed dignified flying high looking good delightful heartwarming deliriously happy high enchanté positive fantastic vivacious peart sparky sportive happy-go-lucky good-humoured good-humored rollicking amusing humorous rhapsodical winsome boisterous riotous uproarious larking jumping grooving zippy saturnalian zingy zappy rocking flipping wild fun-loving full of hope mad of good cheer full of the joys of spring rip-roaring doing handsprings in transports of delight complimented lauded enthralled assuaged agreeable thrilled to pieces electrified atingle providential sober poised measured collected composed pacific possessed commodious having fun enjoying oneself privileged loving it high as a kite vigorous heartening triumphal aglow overwhelmed comforted relieved consoled blissfully happy easy unruffled hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed funny comical comic crowing soothed solaced facetious crank glorying triumphalist exulting elevated good unconstrained entertaining celebrating in transports of pleasure in transports of joy only too happy extremely happy giddy pacified enrapt wigged out heady welcome self-possessed enthusiastic satisfying in transports heavenly happy as a lark happy as a clam carried away filled with joy gone spaced-out harmonious crazy cool perfect turned-on idyllic dreamy floating paradisiacal sanguine paradisiac rousing well rosy paradisal fun paradisaical paradisaic magical in ecstasies secure safe Panglossian in the twilight zone in ecstasy like the cat that's got the cream in a good mood protected calm sheltered popping feel-good starry-eyed full of beans rose-colored very pleased revered venerated confident involved engaged pleasantly surprised well-pleased absorbed pleasantly occupied at one's ease at rest home-like eathful at home cared for beautiful cheering obliged indebted beholden pleasurably entertained filled with gratitude in someone's debt obligated in your debt under obligation much obliged bouncy ludic bright-eyed and bushy-tailed frisky gamesome full of vim and vigour lightsome mischievous roguish hearty chucklesome celebratory jokey frivolous kittenish snappy eupeptic canty frenzied hysterical impish insouciant coltish bright and breezy glorious easy-going flippant antic devil-may-care frolic waggish full of life witty diverting festal aroused skittish puckish corybantic prankish gladdening droll teasing debonair delirious with happiness laughable larkish elvish energetic enlivening full of fun joshing daffy gala roused inspired swaggering great boastful jesting flushed arch puffed up romping game splendid joking unconcerned encouraging friendly fabulous slaphappy whimsical alert free and easy elfish larky frolicky fay sportful vibrant noisy risible wild with excitement naughty exciting stirring cheerly bouncing tongue-in-cheek tricksy rascally devilish dizzy turned on amiable in heaven uplifting bantering vital good-natured silly perk in a frenzy of delight in a frenzy flip Pickwickian zestful pizazzy jazzy pizzazzy ludicrous exhilarating easygoing lots of laughs brash heart-warming as merry as a grig as lively as a grig full of pep sunny side up stimulated uplifted fervent impassioned inspirited sublime spectacular showy enthused beside oneself psyched pumped bonny laughter-filled seraphic dynamic athrill overexcited in exaltation out revelling fun-filled irrepressible scintillating bubbling colorful colourful coquettish warming unthinking fresh in paradise in rhapsodies bucked coy very happy victorious reveling wowed vivid saintly loony nutty chaffing jollying flirtatious lusty prizewinning lucky champion dominant roseate pixieish scampish glib pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy carnival holiday off-the-wall blown away clever smart cute terrific active mettlesome springy kinetic pleasure-seeking animate pert racy rakish spanking brisk clowning in fun in jest sportsmanlike gentlemanly fair glass half full flakey wacky boffo for grins camp flaky joculous gagged up campy Christmassy zesty forward pushy self-assertive keen presuming shallow superficial cheeky trivial fulfilling soul-stirring frolicking wanton capering excitable espiègle rowdy grand charming engaging excellent comforting empty-headed demure scatterbrained flirty feather-brained rumbustious roisterous back-slapping good-time lovely feeling one's oats full of get-up-and-go full of joie de vivre robustious rambunctious awesome backslapping considerate sportsmanly decent generous rewarding unruly knockabout hell-raising cavorting swashbuckling raucous unrestrained uninhibited magnificent marvellous marvelous decorated carnivalesque go-go swinging feastly feastful childish expansive resilient super volatile feelgood honest honourable evenhanded just honorable reasonable square rollicksome thumping ripping loud laid-back side-splitting farcical sensational outstanding superb juiced up hopped up set up fired up heartfelt sweet loving inspiring touching killing priceless sporting ridiculous comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming rib-tickling hysteric promising very funny extremely amusing hysterically funny straight shooting square shooting square dealing scream gut-busting riot cordial warm killingly funny a scream a hoot affable congenial too funny for words companionable sociable comradely hospitable matey approachable chummy hail-fellow-well-met sympathetic kind kindly bluff neighbourly buddy-buddy well disposed outgoing pally bonhomous palsy neighborly company-loving palsy-walsy collegial gracious gregarious amicable warmhearted hail-fellow extroverted extrovert clubby warm-hearted regular easy to get along with favorable favourable upper welcoming

Tính từ

Showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements
complacent smug conceited proud pompous vainglorious egotistical vain egotistic overweening egoistic bigheaded prideful egoistical important biggity assured biggety swellheaded consequential happy content gratified satisfied contented serene confident wisenheimer gloating triumphant unconcerned obsequious self-satisfied self-important stuck-up self-conceited self-opinionated self-righteous self-congratulatory self-admiring self-regarding self-approving pleased with oneself pleased with yourself self-assured proud of oneself self-contented easy-going self-pleased self-possessed resting on your laurels like the cat that got the cream secure arrogant sure certain superior narcissistic flushed puffed up full of oneself like the cat that swallowed the canary proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary well-pleased like the cat that's got the cream I'm all right, Jack goody-goody too big for your boots well pleased flushed with success cocky haughty swaggering boastful supercilious pretentious snooty bumptious swollen-headed presumptuous snobbish imperious uppity high-and-mighty uppish self-centered full of yourself immodest lordly lofty strutting cavalier huffy self-centred patronizing overbearing disdainful egocentric sniffy condescending overconfident high and mighty domineering patronising hifalutin high-handed highfalutin opinionated bragging impudent ostentatious insolent hubristic toploftical toplofty cocksure big-headed forward self-assertive brash pontifical aloof self-confident inflated presuming puffed-up affected chesty audacious huffish high-hat masterful peremptory snobby self-loving know-it-all selfish holier-than-thou hoity-toity toffee-nosed stuck up contemptuous bloated impertinent magisterial self-asserting self-absorbed stiff-necked self-affected self-promoting self-adulatory self-glorifying bossy self-engrossed blusterous dismissive scornful vaunting pushy braggart pontificating saucy bombastic self-applauding boasting snotty peacockish above oneself in love with oneself blustering full of hot air assuming too big for one's boots cool bold crowing sententious grandiose cheeky swanky brazen fresh assumptive individualistic autocratic inner-directed swollen sassy showy egomaniac snippy smart-alecky loudmouth windbag smarty think too highly of oneself elitist wise guy have an excessively high opinion of oneself too big for your breeches too big for one's britches self-serving too big for one's breeches hotshot orgulous self-respecting think a lot of oneself stuck on oneself braggy self-complacent unreserved self-flattering self-gratulatory self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery dominating extroverted extraverted uninhibited self-opinioned stiff loud obnoxious standoffish blowhard egomaniacal blowing one's own horn insufferable on an ego trip on one's high horse cold-shoulder persnickety priggish big-mouthed swanking stuffy self-obsessed commanding airy wiseguy aristocratic offensively self-assertive too big for your britches nervy self-aggrandizing big exultant brassy snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet brag boast ham big talking phoney phony gall conceity la-di-da wise flaunting flatulent highfaluting portentous swollen with pride puffy wrapped up in oneself posh brassbound arch brazen-faced smart aleck jaunty bold-faced positive smart guy smarty pants on ego trip hot stuff think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift rude free familiar pert overbold nose in the air overfamiliar rash impolite impetuous uncivil previous premature overhasty hasty foolhardy precipitate ingrained obsessive personal intimate inborn inherent idiosyncratic intrinsic isolated introverted subjective presumptive officious contumelious inconsiderate disrespectful improper inappropriate shameless

Tính từ

Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm towards doing something
keen eager enthusiastic excited itching anxious pumped raring enthused hungry yearning agog ardent exhilarated passionate vivacious exuberant interested longing sprightly zealous animated determined willing ambitious dedicated impatient wholehearted wishing antsy ebullient fervent nuts stoked animate committed desirous lively solicitous thirsty vehement appetent avid dying energetic hot thrilled athirst crazy driven intent juiced motivated titillated wild devoted fanatical geeked ready spirited voracious gung ho hepped up high-spirited hopped-up intent on keyed up mad keen as keen as mustard chomping at the bit keen as mustard raring to go ready and willing earnest warm vigorous hearty rabid obsessed fervid fiery dynamic fascinated passional great zestful forceful rhapsodic tantalized aflame industrious concerned afire unqualified nutty intense wacky perfervid gaga active diligent tantalised assiduous bugged conscientious zesty warmblooded turnt gone on red-hot greedy hot to trot bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans champing at the bit craving desiring hankering pining gagging covetous breathless bursting aching wishful hopeful thirsting inspired inclined moved restive restless itchy desperate amenable fired up rarin' to go straining at the leash psyched ravenous gluttonous delighted stirred aroused acquisitive rapacious insatiable stimulated insatiate awakened edacious wanting ravening hoggish piggish swinish feverish dying to expectant esurient psyched up on tenterhooks beside oneself worked up desirous of elated heated unquenchable electrified unappeasable burning prodigious self-starting ripe engaged glad charged high happy uncontrollable intemperate aspiring lustful hung up disposed wolfish game unsatisfied hoping piggy gutsy gannet-like grasping pumped up in a hurry hankering after juiced up geared up itching for on pins and needles waiting with bated breath in want of dying for cranked up on fire in suspense approving touched atingle aspirant wannabe would-be edgy curious chafing straining impetuous restored refreshed revitalized enthralled diehard aggressive proactive bullish banzai lusting revitalised for ok with sympathetic habitual longful daydreaming take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic lacking full of enthusiasm all agog all a-gog impassioned mad potty spoiling bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless supportive urgently requiring inquisitive quenchless set on bent on chafing at the bit longing for hoping for atremble aquiver consumed with desire unreluctant daft dotty enamoured of nutso hot for smitten with infatuated with devoted to keen on partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust crying out in great need of anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on spoiling for in urgent need up for it ready for willing for avid for importunate clamorous insistent crying pressing urgent unsatisfiable exigent limitless demanding on the edge of one's seat joyful buoyant joyous jovial aspiring towards prehensile amorous keen for hopeful for envious never satisfied encouraged excitable enlivened euphoric enraptured ecstatic overjoyed in favour in favor thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for jolly roused exultant predatious uncontrolled giddy piqued peppy elevated tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated hungered unfilled unable to be satisfied turned on aspiring to omnivorous compulsive blissful jubilant tumultuous alive anticipatory devouring covetous of lusting after waiting expecting cock-a-hoop starving empty starved gorging dog-hungry gross sating in need of with an appetite with a yen awaiting anticipant anticipating agape watchful apprehensive very hungry starved to death on edge with bated breath alert looking for anticipative prepared vigilant waiting on

Tính từ

Ready, eager, or prepared to do something
willing inclined disposed ready happy prepared amenable agreeable compliant consenting game glad eager enthusiastic accommodating content keen obliging predisposed prone set acquiescent cooperative desirous favorable biddable fain favourable helpful minded one open persuadable receptive responsive tractable zealous in favour well-disposed of a mind so minded so-minded in favor in the mood in accord with like-minded nothing loath delighted apt given likely wired ardent game for raring to go have-a-go engaged great enthused interested gung ho craving hung up longing pining avid athirst hungry agog ambitious impatient appetent thirsty solicitous restive hankering greedy covetous intent excited of a mind to complying ungrudging agreeing assenting cheerful liable subject tending biased partial capable of tending towards antsy anxious devoted obsessed active unreluctant crazy diligent fervent committed breathless assiduous restless habitual vehement dedicated voracious warm nuts wholehearted diehard passionate pumped hearty raring fanatical wild at drop of hat feeling like in danger of tending toward contemplating decided convinced planning determined resolved intending purposing liking aiming at leaning toward aspiring to settled on thinking of joyful elated buoyant thrilled joyous jovial enraptured rhapsodic encouraged ecstatic excitable exhilarated stoked motivated overjoyed enlivened euphoric inspired exuberant jolly roused electrified exultant giddy awakened piqued animated peppy elevated tickled sparky tickled pink bursting on cloud nine intoxicated geeked hepped up full of beans hopped-up blissful bright-eyed and bushy-tailed alive jubilant moved tumultuous aflame cock-a-hoop beside oneself more than willing

Tính từ

Showing approval, appreciation or praise
appreciative admiring enthusiastic sensitive supportive responsive sympathetic aware conscious understanding applauding approbatory approving commendatory complimentary favourable favorable friendly good knowledgeable mindful positive respectful cognizant encouraging perceptive regardful affectionate alive considerate cooperative cordial enlightened generous keen receptive satisfied in the know flattering deferential laudatory acclamatory congratulatory praising adulatory panegyrical praiseful laudative eulogistic encomiastic approbative encomiastical fulsome glowing recommendatory commending fawning rapturous plauditory sycophantic rave adoring full of praise sugary honeyed idolizing extolling accepting gracious celebrating celebratory raving eulogizing unctuous affirmative idolising highly favourable kind eulogising worshipful worshipping worshiping appreciating acclaiming esteeming panegyric glorifying condign commendable excellent great fine advisory warm supreme ingratiating high honey-tongued obsequious flannelling cajoling silver-tongued blarneying predisposed okay reassuring agreeable well-disposed benign amicable inclined well-intentioned welcoming benevolent assenting servile crawling oily sweet-talking bootlicking soft-soaping gratifying oleaginous creeping saccharine smarmy well-wishing polite courtly civil honoring honouring fair-spoken toadyish smooth in favor of highly favorable with high praise with highest recommendation rhapsodic ecstatic lionizing lionising highly complimentary very happy

Động từ

To have instigated the curiosity or attention of someone
interested attracted appealed to drew engrossed excited fascinated intrigued tempted captivated entertained enthralled lured snared tantalized titillated affected amused aroused concerned distracted engaged gripped hooked involved perked up pulled touched mattered to mesmerised mesmerized moved riveted rivetted tantalised turned on beguiled bemused caught one's eye diverted enchanted grabbed immersed piqued absorbed absorpt aroused one's curiosity bewitched captured one's imagination engaged one's attention floated someone's boat held held one's attention lit someone's fire occupied preoccupied sat up tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite arrested busied enwrapped inflamed roused allured enticed seduced stimulated thrilled charmed entranced sparked whetted spellbound teased wakened stirred up got going enraptured hypnotized hypnotised magnetized delighted magnetised bedazzled wiled caught up ravished transfixed bowled over dazzled overwhelmed witched killed gratified drawn gladdened caught won over wowed stirred carried away held spellbound ensnared invited transported captured tickled pink persuaded won raptured impressed monopolized enamored led on tickled amazed sent put under a spell monopolised struck enamoured astounded inveigled stupefied stunned satisfied infatuated baited awed knocked out slayed held the attention of swept off one's feet overawed astonished dazed overcome cheered exhilarated decoyed floored coaxed intoxicated betrayed solicited staggered overpowered provoked wooed solaced elated induced regaled rapped enslaved caught the eye of held in awe hit the spot knocked dead sucked in bedevilled bedeviled electrified employed influenced consumed engulfed disported obsessed cajoled fixated compelled dumbfounded overjoyed humoured beckoned humored courted inspired roped in come on steered pulled in brought in swept off your feet tickle to death whetted the appetite of swept someone off their feet appealed stricken tormented slew slain blown away blew away contented overcame plagued pleasured beset left speechless gained seized fixed misled elevated rejoiced delectated kindled deluded blinded entrapped harassed recreated confused filled indulged quickened vamped subjugated enlivened grooved tranced arrided fulfilled ensorcelled set at ease soaked made happy made someone's mouth water bid tied up put 'em away pleased greatly turned someone on rooted to the spot kept busy hit on put off guard made a hit with sent into raptures subdued caught hold of relaxed took taken given pleasure to took somebody's breath away kept taken up maintained took up tickled to death taken somebody's breath away gave pleasure to came on ruled tortured bewildered mollified called appeased haunted possessed dominated hounded converted placated petrified paralysed conciliated pacified propitiated sweetened charged galvanized taunted took aback taken aback assuaged gentled buried enveloped deceived trapped endeared uplifted heartened tricked annoyed palpated besotted frustrated gnawed beleaguered badgered pestered worried harried befooled grappled baffled thwarted controlled preyed on immobilized gorgonized halted prompted led leaded jubilated scored exulted gloried inclined warmed disarmed caught someone's eye sent into transports got lost in egged one on had a grip on mousetrapped held your attention become lost touted struck dumb riveted the attention of turned one's head freaked out stopped someone in their tracks dragged took your breath away inspirited kept hanging on exerted influence on got picked up tickled one's fancy made a fool of hogged trained turned one on applied cracked up led astray nurtured attended bound comforted tickled your fancy palsied ecstasized called forth fractured convinced cornered fired brought joy to signed urged preyed on your mind animated made a hit with someone indicated gladded partied gave a buzz asked agreed with filled with delight won the affection of flirted with switched on galvanised swept you off your feet subjected laughed it up wound up made content agitated swept off feet taken your breath away rooted held attention blurred gone over big drew one's attention had a hold on shilled got someone going made merry made someone feel good obtained led up garden path assimilated grabbed the attention of surprised become an obsession with taken someone's breath away brought around kept amused paralyzed drawn one's attention buoyed up demanded wrapped up tossed a party kept someone hanging on suited secured had a get-together brightened up went over big summoned made mouth water refreshed pumped up used up warmed the cockles of the heart stopped dead took someone's breath away kept hanging knocked 'em dead immobilised given a buzz panicked brought forth interested greatly exerted a pull on fractured one treated to elicited gave someone a kick tolled stricken dumb lost oneself in unarmed stopped in one's tracks commanded given someone a kick upped on kept alive cheered up stopped one dead roped bucked up tickled the fancy of aroused the curiosity of kept up conned gnawn besotten frozen froze gotten argued into aroused curiosity bade drew in drawn in gave the come-on to given the come-on to gave a party given a party sewed up became lost sewn up broke one up got one's jollies gotten one's jollies broken one up thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in given someone a thrill gotten going gave someone a thrill done it for someone did it for someone gave great pleasure to given joy to given someone a charge gave joy to given great pleasure to gave someone a charge got one's kicks gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift gotten one's kicks taken control of taken over took control of ate up became an obsession with took over eaten up

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