Đồng nghĩa của perf


gratified content contented happy pleased satisfied accomplished achieved actualized attained comfortable compassed concluded consummated crowned dispatched effected effectuated executed finished fulfilled matured obtained relaxed at ease brought about carried out made good brought to a close delighted serene glad untroubled thankful placid at peace cheerful unworried complacent cheery tranquil chuffed blissful appeased completed rewarded reached realized performed perfected realised joyful assuaged joyous tickled put into effect gruntled triumphant willing agreeable smug pacified well pleased can't complain tickled pink like the cat that's got the cream pleased as punch done settled complete finalized finalised over discharged ended terminated wrapped up through sewn up over with done with sorted out up down resolved polished off finished off in the can wound up over and done with closed clinched full-fledged all over consummate at an end full wrapped-up in the bag produced final decided made established buttoned up out of the way brought to pass materialized substantiated materialised built determined handled organized organised exhausted depleted spent rendered set prepared effete wrought willing to accept ceased taken care of a wrap used up lapsed entire elaborate mature developed faultless conclusive ripe thorough knocked off tied up worked out come to an end over and done dead defunct kaputt obsolete expired extinct kaput all-inclusive sweeping all-embracing that's it fini all over but the shouting home free

Trái nghĩa của perf

perf Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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