Đồng nghĩa của consummated


To have carried out an action to the end
completed finished concluded achieved finalized fulfilled nailed accomplished did effectuated executed performed settled realized capped perfected actualized crowned ended polished terminated carried off carried out complemented did thoroughly finalised finished off got through polished off realised rounded off rounded out sewed up sorted out topped off went through with wound up wrapped up added the final touch to added the finishing touch to brought to a conclusion brought to an end brought to fruition brought to maturity called it a day made good on made perfect made up put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed ultimated clinched setted the seal on secured established put away sewn up put the tin lid on put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to sealed closed made good brought about brought off engineered ensured confirmed effected guaranteed done decided assured closed out tied up worked out carried through set up put into effect put the icing on the cake put lid on put the finishing touches to pulled off hit gotten through reached made won seized attained insured cinched reified discharged resolved incarnated brokered negotiated agreed climaxed gone through with done thoroughly went whole hog went the limit gone whole hog gone the limit made real culminated stamped called a day iced buttoned down shook hands on made concrete hammered out logged made a reality materialised thrashed out clocked up reorganised corporealized folded up nailed down knocked off reached terms on reorganized made certain racked up come away with chalked up mopped up come to terms on guarantied shaken hands on wrapped walked off with wrapt topped it off capped off notched up added the finishing touches to materialized cleaned up completed the arrangements for firmed up reached an agreement walked away with came away with made happen made to happen taken care of canned took care of got something done gotten something done shaken hands shook hands agreed on came to terms on rung up hat rang up hitten


To have accepted or received, typically something awarded
took accomplished achieved earned received won accepted attained reached scored acquired landed obtained procured secured snagged adopted assumed bagged came by collected gained got grabbed netted realized picked up reaped reapt scooped brought in came away with carried off copped racked up realised walked away with walked off with had conferred on one fulfilled clinched hit completed effectuated brought about pulled off carried through effected carried out executed succeeded in engineered chalked up brought off clocked up finished brought to fruition concluded managed performed discharged brought to completion perpetrated made arrived at followed through with made good on delivered on notched up finished off captured gathered finalized established produced finalised garnered found derived carried compassed struck seized conquered put the tin lid on come away with knocked down got there wrapped up prosecuted annexed satisfied made it pulled something off perfected pulled down put it over put through followed through on nailed it lived up to gotten gat hat hitten gotten done sewed up got done sewn up deserved justified merited brought to the end pursued warranted enacted contrived negotiated drawn drew founden fand nailed actualized catalyzed catalysed harvested nabbed swung hooked potted gleaned logged collared wangled honoured committed grasped conducted honored met cleared stricken brought home the groceries had a right to come to have brought home the bacon pulled had brought home hustled enlisted fixed fixt ameliorated cleaned up latched onto advanced gained fulfillment made fast buck paid one's dues followed through turned kept faith with made good fulfilled one's potential made hay scraped together wrangled scared up eked out profited fulfilled your potential made the grade built up made it big socked wrested saw through seen through swang swungen gone through with went through with came to have taken gotten hold of got hold of rung up rang up did proud bore out made to happen made happen done proud borne out taken care of got someplace done the trick did did the trick done justice to did one proud took care of did justice to gotten someplace done a bang-up job done done one proud did a bang-up job bought purchased appropriated accessed got possession of amassed got one's hands on laid hold of possessed oneself of come into possession of come into snapped up got one's mitts on corralled put money into fetched taken possession of took possession of encountered located come in for developed gotten one's hands on inherited laid hands on locked up grossed assimilated came into possession of came into taken receipt of took receipt of hit on pocketed come across come upon stumbled upon happened upon brought caught come up with returned accrued cost retrieved culled paid for gotten hands on got hands on reified redeemed recovered understood made a purchase of signed for splashed out on blagged invested in won possession of contracted for gotten your hands on made the purchase of latched on to took up got your hands on shopped for felt evolved originated sensed extracted elicited stemmed formulated came in for got paid took home sprung met with pulled in discovered accumulated uncovered taken up unearthed turned up ferreted out knew came upon fell upon came across fallen upon formed brought to light run to earth fostered yielded held snared learnt learned claimed came up with sprang recorded cinched beared gotten paid taken home retained owned enjoyed possessed paid costed snatched insured guarantied ensured iced got a hold of fell to the lot guaranteed assured patronized recouped sold ingathered saved made a profit drummed up took in gotten in exchange bought up got at glommed cultivated brought around gobbled up trapped bought out managed to get glommed onto dealt in made use of patronised sourced layed up tracked down laid one's hands on took on cornered made a haul made sure of searched out polished off tracked made a purchase scraped up tied up marketed knocked up prevailed upon made a buy lucked into commanded tried to develop salvageed tried to acquire got in exchange agreed to receive traded for salvaged accepted delivery of induced traced occupied solicited hoarded made sure laid up known ran to earth yolden yold extraught own bore borne fallen to the lot gotten a hold of given security gave security gone shopping for went shopping for taken into one's possession took into one's possession took delivery of taken delivery of taken in gotten at begged borrow or steal schlentered got as a result gotten as a result got in gotten in taken on bartered for went shopping bargained for gone shopping


Past tense for to come to an end or conclusion
finished completed concluded closed ended stopped terminated ceased finalised finalized halted accomplished culminated discharged passed lapsed elapsed expired settled wrapped wrapt clinched discontinued quit quitted shuttered folded scratched scrubbed finished off rounded off sewed up sewn up topped off wound up wrapped up broke off broken off broke up broken up closed out came to a close come to a close came to a conclusion come to a conclusion came to an end come to an end got done gotten done knocked off rounded out rounded up shut down brought to an end carried out dead-ended let up packed in brought to a conclusion brought to fruition carried through left off winked out brought to a close hung up setted the seal on put the lid on dissolved called a halt to axed determined crowned ultimated put an end to cut out cut off called off put paid to shut off cut short wound down put a stop to called it a day cut loose put a period to put to bed put a lid on dropped resolved suspended aborted canceled cancelled annulled abolished scrapped adjourned died sundered belayed relinquished belaid interrupted recessed capped desisted cinched prorogued cleared desisted from winded something up disposed of laid off switched off packed up ended up pulled the plug nipped something in the bud packed it in knocked something on the head got shut of nipped in the bud pulled the plug on buttoned down folded up buttoned up drawn to a close drew to a close brought down curtain broke broken brake canned given up lay off gave up given over gave over gave something the chop given something the chop got shot of gotten shot of drawn to close drew to close closed down died down climaxed come to a halt cut it out quit cold turkey come to a stop paused come to a standstill failed petered out faded away come to rest stopped dead refrained fizzled out died away collapsed cooled it died out run out stopped in one's tracks ran its course reached a standstill held stood refrained from intermitted stayed surceased brought to a stop brought to a halt came to a halt resulted backed off led up to built up to called it quits turned out reached a finale come to a head turned out to be came to a stop came to a standstill came to rest drawn to a halt drew to a halt went gone ran out holden came to a head


Finished or having been brought to an end
finished completed complete concluded done over accomplished executed final finalised finalized fulfilled achieved full terminated ended realised realized discharged settled through closed attained dispatched effectuated perfected ceased compassed decided down effected resolved entire lapsed made performed satisfied up done with sewn up wound up wrapped up at an end knocked off over with polished off tied up worked out over and done with over and done come to an end brought about sorted out carried out finished off in the can actualized all over full-fledged clinched wrapped-up in the bag produced happy established contented pleased content gratified buttoned up out of the way brought to pass comfortable obtained crowned matured brought to a close made good at ease materialized substantiated built determined exhausted depleted spent materialised rendered set prepared effete wrought dead defunct kaputt obsolete expired extinct kaput handled organized organised a wrap used up consummate relaxed perf taken care of all-inclusive sweeping all-embracing that's it fini all over but the shouting home free serene placid delighted reached untroubled rewarded put into effect at peace gone past no more bygone forgotten ancient history elapsed bypast gone by dead and buried out of hand a thing of the past former departed ancient earlier olden ripe vanished discontinued nonextant long-ago foregone of old of yore in the past run out out of date out-of-the-way caused run invalid unrenewed void dead and gone passed all up left removed voided induced finished with dispensed with developed elaborate mature previous lost antiquated one-time dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on conclusive thorough faultless fixed arranged ago nonexistent quelled outmoded erstwhile extinguished quashed stifled sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time dated oldfangled quenched smothered suppressed past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go

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