Đồng nghĩa của placid

Alternative for placid

Đồng nghĩa: calm, pacific, peaceful, quiet, smooth, still, tranquil, untroubled,

Trái nghĩa: rude,


Not easily upset or excited
calm peaceful cool serene quiet tranquil collected composed gentle mild self-possessed undisturbed equable even-tempered imperturbable unruffled unexcitable untroubled even peaceable poised still unmoved unperturbed cool-headed easy-going halcyon temperate bovine coolheaded equal hushed level level-headed limpid lown phlegmatic possessed recollected sedate self-composed smooth steady stilly stolid together unemotional unfazed unshaken unworried chilled equanimous nonplussed unflappable detached docile easygoing good-natured irenic cool, calm and collected cool as a cucumber relaxed unflustered laid-back nonchalant unagitated at ease at peace restful unbothered self-controlled mellow unconcerned pacific dispassionate controlled easy casual carefree insouciant stable sober balmy soothing impassive as cool as a cucumber relaxing undismayed happy-go-lucky formal blithe confident self-assured dignified reposeful patient agreeable pleasant stoical staid unhurried cool as cucumber assured tolerant comfortable indulgent unbroken comforting levelheaded complacent breezy serious leisurely devil-may-care proper well balanced content uninterrupted seemly sedative decorous somber moderate distant demure restrained stiff solemn sunny stately cold prim sombre unexcited clement close fair inhibited bashful unvexed grounded idyllic calming amenable amiable arcadian grave warm forbearing pacifying unstirred friendly uncommunicative bright civil reticent reserved unaffected affable conciliatory undemanding fine taciturn retiring aloof shy undemonstrative unapproachable secretive windless self-contained benign lazy close-mouthed complaisant sunshiny withdrawn stress-free diffident cautious modest cloudless free and easy frigid unresponsive standoffish urbane soft-spoken misanthropic solitary backward uncompanionable conventional icy ceremonious noncommittal reclusive offish eremitic unclouded clear summery clearheaded self-restrained businesslike self-confident well-balanced low-pressure happy liberal paradisiacal without a cloud in the sky contented tranquilizing reassuring protected enlightened flat lulling pleasing lenient satisfied cheerful secure unanxious lax reassured motionless peace-loving blasé easy-peasy undaunted tame remote permissive waveless amicable settled constant lackadaisical tranquillizing gratified somnolent pastoral unflinching soft trouble-free dry without a care in the world deliberate harmonious rational pacifistic unshakable reasonable unflurried unfluctuating realistic informal practical stoic untouched philosophical stormless logical soothed nonbelligerent at home wise mollifying suave pacificatory sensible calmed good elegant commonsensical closemouthed laconic dumb disimpassioned keeping your cool at rest good-tempered sunlit sure of oneself like a millpond laid back rainless not surprised flexible unburdened regular unchanging unvarying resolute firm unalarmed unperturbable broad-minded considerate blissful uniform nerveless sure sanguine undistracted understanding open-minded cordial good-humored generous good-humoured stabile orderly systematic methodical stagnant glassy mirror-like stationary clubby supine consistent invariable centered safe measured easeful not moved mild-mannered unobstructed silent graceful pellucid reconciled centred resting quiescent in control anxiety-free mirrorlike unaltering unalterable sheltered debonair repressed suppressed quieted unsociable thick-skinned immovable smug self-satisfied in repose fun not dismayed well-disposed down-to-earth hard-boiled unforthcoming unsurprised pacifical breathless breezeless passive balanced sure of yourself private Zen keeping a stiff upper lip not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on have one's act together pragmatic circumspect prudent mature earnest summerish summerlike hot unfriendly constrained stand-offish sane judicious reliable sound dependable prelapsarian heavenly bucolic sociable eathful pleased hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches offhand outgiving indolent uncritical hang-loose uninhibited media-shy guarded storm-free cozy comfy aestival estival resigned dead calm snug cosy chilly timid tight-lipped shrinking introverted self-effacing straight understated cushy nonviolent downbeat assertive favourable unwarlike serious-minded Olympian retired snobbish comforted accommodating long-suffering cared for in peace without interruption pacifist stuffy homely fatalistic at one's ease home-like narcotic quieting dreamy brilliant starlit beautiful moonlit sunbeamy radiant shiny stick-in-the-mud boring starchy with one's feet on the ground full of common sense well adjusted well-adjusted non-aggressive non-violent non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive conflict-free dovish without hostility free from strife favorable clarion unthreatening smiling undarkened light unsentimental emotionless tender meek low-key soporific accepting profound deep moral ethical philosophic deep-thinking learned uncomplaining live-and-let-live chilled out cooperative genial dovelike anti-war nonpassionate indifferent cold sober leisured clinical unpassionate warming consolatory softening relieving easing remedying consoling unfeeling analytical scientific rested diplomatic ordered compliant neighborly neighbourly uncaring unsympathetic restored fresh tough abstract iceberg non-emotional cold-blooded cold-fish cool cat poker-faced couldn't care less willing to please appeasing placatory propitiatory unwrinkled velvety silky peacemaking propitiative disarming placating conciliating reconciliatory assuaging placative willing yielding low-pitched low subdued so as to pour oil on troubled waters hush faint curbed mute mousy inarticulate inconversable iced mom nonvocal checked indistinct mum incoherent whispered dummied up closed up buttoned up clammed up not talkative


Having a gentle or calm temperament or disposition
mellow soft tender gentle peaceful pleasant meek pacific compassionate affable caring peaceable unassuming modest benevolent benign calm easy serene sympathetic docile softhearted sensitive demure lamblike reverent warmhearted angelic complaisant deferential gracious harmless mild retiring subdued tame unoffensive good-natured tender-hearted mild-mannered soft-hearted non-confrontational genial moderate kind amiable tranquil easygoing quiet equable bland delicate light pleasing soothing balmy smooth restful warm agreeable temperate clement zephyr-like forgiving merciful cool obliging forbearing good-humoured good-humored lenient polite untroubled slow muted feeble nonabrasive softened halcyon caressing deliberate considerate easy-going lovable laid back friendly kindly humane conciliatory warm-hearted indulgent understanding humble respectful kind-hearted amicable likeable likable sociable decent loving sweet-tempered dove-like congenial cheerful shy easy-oasy chilled tenderhearted moral large-hearted kindhearted goodhearted dovelike faint good-tempered submissive flat jejune subservient spiritless vapid obeisant patient forbearant dull motherly fatherly maternal brotherly soft-spoken sisterly paternal nice lovely cordial personable engaging delightful approachable helpful tolerant well-disposed sweet affectionate charming jovial unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome bighearted good-hearted accommodating sweet-natured big-hearted even-tempered good well meaning wonderful well intentioned swell ingratiating self-effacing thoughtful appealing enchanting captivating winning taking unselfish mushy simpatico reasonable companionable barley-sugar as nice as pie generous civil cheery sensible amenable urbane hospitable unreserved chirpy neighbourly bonhomous perky civilized convivial neighborly courteous social well disposed civilised


Dull, sluggish, or ugly
bovine slow stupid dense sluggish thick unintelligent dim-witted dull-witted half-baked ignorant imperceptive inert lifeless stolid vacuous blockish doltish lumpish mindless obtuse phlegmatic torpid witless wooden dim dozy dumb inanimate somnolent thickheaded blockheaded boneheaded chuckleheaded dopey dull dunderheaded heavy lamebrained birdbrained daft divvy glaikit inactive lethargic listless muttonheaded pea-brained pig-ignorant wooden-headed chowderhead dotish hebete slothful unresponsive slow on the uptake thick as two short planks dead from the neck up not the full shilling slow-witted simple brain-dead oafish brainless half-witted moronic cretinous dopy airheaded knuckleheaded pinheaded lunkheaded softheaded bubbleheaded empty-headed unsmart fatuous thick-witted imbecilic idiotic dorky senseless bonehead gormless weak-minded foolish opaque lamebrain simple-minded vapid fat-headed soft in the head dunce-like soft naive dof gullible crazy barmy dippy insensitive as thick as two short planks thick-skulled imbecile chowderheaded asinine boorish crass feebleminded simpleminded uncomprehending feeble-minded woodenheaded blind Boeotian thick as mince dimwitted daffy cloddish unthinking numskulled not with it slow on uptake thick-headed unperceptive unimaginative ill-mannered blundering duncelike coarse gross limited numbskulled clownish braindead impassive fatheaded silly unrefined purblind goofy thick-skinned insensate scatterbrained shallow not bright backward unintellectual halfwitted inane log-headed indelicate unreasoning loggerheaded clottish deficient not intelligent very stupid mentally deficient mentally handicapped nitwitted unhinged deranged insane mad touched nutty crackers nuts cracked mental unenergetic apathetic sleepy languid cuckoo batty bonkers indolent weary lazy passive fatigued drowsy tired idle heavy-eyed enervated brainsick cranky kooky bughouse loony crackbrained psychotic looney slang fruity unbalanced demented wacky haywire bats crazed gaga lunatic loco maniac screwy wacko wud maniacal moonstruck unsound bedlam scatty whacky crackpot whacko kookie meshugge psycho potty meshuga balmy certifiable sluggardly slow-moving yawny neurasthenic asthenic quiescent lacking in energy dotty lymphatic half asleep logy flakey giddy bedlamite not quite right not all there looney tunes flaky loony tunes fried draggy sleepyheaded stiff comatose hebetudinous slumberous down languorous leaden mooney sullen off sluggard laid-back blah drippy non compos mentis in the ozone off the wall out of one's gourd unwise absurd ridiculous thoughtless nonsensical harebrained tomfool hare-brained damfool ludicrous imprudent preposterous featherheaded ill-advised unreasonable injudicious pointless laughable risible sappy foolhardy inept rash ill-considered fool irrational jerky indiscreet irresponsible impolitic puerile unschooled clueless reckless screwball cockeyed zany incautious loopy uneducated vacant illogical untutored feather-brained unaware illiterate derisible untaught childish bizarre immature retarded impractical inexperienced flighty green unworldly unlearned benighted nonliterate unread unlettered madcap inadvisable analphabetic idiotical uninstructed frivolous credulous inappropriate weak misguided farcical superficial comical cockamamy addle-brained unmindful uninformed careless infantile innocent pie-faced know-nothing meaningless insipid out to lunch short-sighted off the air in the dark wet behind the ears childlike crude unstudied uncomplicated slumberish doolally stupefied anencephalic anencephalous surd unconsidered invalid notional nonrational boobish fallacious unreasoned buffoonish purposeless rude dark fantastic dummy nerdish feeble shortsighted ignoramus callow bone-headed idiot rattlebrained donkeyish obstinate outrageous addle-pated negligent soppy empty fanciful fantastical extravagant impracticable dappy forgetful neglectful without thought foolishly stupid complacent featherbrained ditzy dizzy skittish untrained unknowledgeable unworkable unpractical ill-conceived idiotish squirrelly trifling futile worthless mooning daydreaming inattentive spaced-out out moony derisive derisory unreal mentally slow smoothbrained unenlightened unsophisticated unscholarly unknowing unwitting cockamamie pathetic improvident eccentric as daft as a brush incompetent nescient oblivious out of it unqualified funny feather-headed wild lacking knowledge unconversant vain wishy-washy flat innocuous incognizant insensible unacquainted weird peculiar unconventional odd quirky uninitiated cock-eyed pea-brain strange avant-garde outlandish off-centre unconscious devoid of intelligence amusing oddball light-hearted comic a brick short of a load as green as grass two sandwiches short of a picnic hilarious waggish chucklesome diverting smooth-brained ill-informed dim-bulb kinky dilly hasty joshing in left field humorous way out out there camp witty campy ill-judged inexpedient spur-of-the-moment unguarded tactless inconsiderate ill-timed undiplomatic brash hot-headed graceless wrong-headed wrong unsuitable impulsive undesirable


Not easily excited to action or passion
phlegmatic impassive stoical stolid heavy apathetic bovine undemonstrative unemotional emotionless impassible indifferent lethargic numb passionless unfeeling unflappable affectless cold deadpan desensitised desensitized disinterested dispassionate dry flat frigid groggy lifeless listless lymphatic passive tranquil uncompassionate unconcerned unexcitable uninvolved unresponsive blah detached dull sluggish along for the ride cold-blooded stoic calm matter-of-fact inexpressive empty vacant expressionless blank catatonic uninterested wooden torpid unmoved reserved cool insensitive inactive supine inert callous composed aloof self-contained serene unfazed inscrutable poker-faced unruffled insensible imperturbable unimpressible insusceptible collected indurated reticent spiritless unrevealing hardened heartless taciturn nonchalant inexcitable sedate stony unexpressive straight-faced remote vacuous fixed glazed restrained distant inanimate dead sober glacial incurious unaffected chill self-controlled languid impersonal unimpassioned stiff laid-back withdrawn controlled untouched uncaring bland unreadable hollow lazy icy stupid draggy wimpy moony lackadaisical lacklustre lackluster unloving uncommunicative resigned cool, calm and collected nobody home formal philosophic unapproachable frosty chilly lukewarm unenthusiastic absent hard-hearted unsentimental vague sleepy equable inane slothful rational level-headed businesslike hard-headed impervious enervated idle toneless indolent rigid thick-skinned unenergetic nowhere nonemotional immovable lusterless hard-boiled pokerfaced slumberous languorous serious fish-eyed what the hell could care less couldn't care less don't give a damn stony-eyed sangfroid enduring indomitable uncurious dumb unintelligent clinical introspective soulless devoid cool-headed non-committal bored half-hearted long-suffering unsmiling po-faced neutral unambitious unmotivated unagitated pococurante Laodicean impartial cold-hearted unaffectionate contained unimpressionable droopy dispirited accepting uncomplaining patient forbearing laid back ardorless impotent inhibited repellent forbidding austere unbending unromantic cold-shoulder loveless objective quiet coldhearted obdurate marble unsympathetic close unforthcoming secretive guarded fatalistic philosophical unfriendly offish longanimous unimpressed unstirred dreaming absent-minded dreamy insolent annoyed unsociable offended impudent impertinent unwelcoming procacious solitary stand-offish standoffish offhand vigorless sleeping vigourless going with the flow rolling with the punches thoughtless abstracted glassy dry-eyed undismayed unperturbed untroubled loafing stony-hearted unworried unthinking uncomprehending motionless ditzy stagnant leaden oblivious slow soporous soporose otiose slack limp silly witless foolish daydreaming vapid drowsy heedless immune lacking energy effete with the patience of Job somnolent unmindful nonplussed resolute debilitated insensate impervious to heedless of stubborn unyielding oblivious to immune to comatose stupefied down-to-earth shiftless unmindful of proof against deaf to weary fatigued quiescent tired practical realistic plain pragmatic meaningless masklike noncommittal immobile nebbish narcotic stretchy exhausted dopey unmoving dilatory snoozy laggard sleepyhead dormant mundane sensible prosaic literal straightforward unvarnished unimaginative no-nonsense factual unembellished commonsensical out of it without energy having spring fever hardheaded uncreative earthy pragmatical unadorned humdrum pedestrian accurate with both feet on the ground unembroidered faithful undistorted exact naked prosy feasible straight-thinking unidealistic truthful


Feeling a sense of fulfilment
fulfilled happy satisfied content contented gratified pleased comfortable serene accomplished achieved actualized attained compassed completed concluded consummated crowned delighted dispatched effected effectuated executed finished matured obtained perfected performed reached realised realized rewarded untroubled at ease at peace brought about carried out made good put into effect brought to a close cheerful glad unworried thankful complacent cheery tranquil relaxed assuaged joyous blissful joyful tickled chuffed willing appeased smug agreeable can't complain tickled pink pleased as punch merry jovial gay upbeat gleeful mirthful elated sparkling sunny bright jolly blithesome overjoyed radiant blithe chirpy peppy optimistic in high spirits genial thrilled buoyant chipper jocund lighthearted cock-a-hoop positive gladsome carefree ebullient bubbly light-hearted laughing exuberant effervescent breezy animated jaunty in good spirits grinning beaming smiling hopeful happy-go-lucky over the moon smiley sparky airy on cloud nine sprightly ecstatic pleasant euphoric lively up perky jubilant vivacious good-humoured good-humored zippy peart wrapped appreciative full of hope grateful full of beans spirited frolicsome without a care in the world exhilarated of good cheer full of the joys of spring blessed zingy rapt exultant cheering sanguine well pleased floating on air bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on top of the world felicitous rejoicing hilarious light festive bouncy gruntled wonderful high rapturous winsome on cloud seven honored tickled to death beside oneself with joy proud full of vim and vigour as pleased as Punch like a dog with two tails pleasing peaceful orgasmic convivial captivated playful blest intoxicated high-spirited heartwarming feel-good jocular honoured prideful esteemed dignified flying high looking good walking on air triumphant pleasurable enjoyable fantastic zappy rosy enraptured stoked bright and breezy eupeptic canty made up as happy as a clam as happy as Larry satisfying like a child with a new toy jocose excited gladdened perf providential sober poised measured collected composed pacific possessed commodious alert vigorous heartening electrified atingle easy-going free and easy appreciatory cheered fresh enchanté transported popping easy unruffled hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed flying flipping reassured overwhelmed comforted relieved consoled doing handsprings soothed solaced good pacified settled self-possessed like the cat that's got the cream welcome delightful willing to accept flattered amusing glowing humorous boon boisterous riotous uproarious larking jumping grooving rhapsodic saturnalian entranced paradisiacal beatific paradisiac rousing well rollicking paradisal rhapsodical enchanted fun paradisaical rocking paradisaic charmed sportive entertained magical wild Panglossian revered venerated in a good mood in seventh heaven on a high well-pleased rip-roaring blissed out fun-loving starry-eyed as happy as a sandboy rose-colored jumping for joy bucked enthusiastic hearty lightsome enlivening cheerly roseate snappy good-natured full of pep sunny side up glass half full gratifying beautiful

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