Đồng nghĩa của in control


Not flustered
unflustered calm collected composed cool imperturbable level-headed serene unflappable unruffled self-possessed undisturbed unmoved untroubled unperturbed sedate cool-headed relaxed unagitated unshaken self-controlled unemotional together coolheaded unworried self-composed at ease level equanimous unfazed equable unexcitable unbothered cool, calm and collected cool as a cucumber tranquil rational peaceful placid undismayed controlled possessed limpid urbane smooth stoical recollected equal nonplussed unflurried poised impassive civil centered unshakable dispassionate mild-mannered passionless casual self-assured unexcited neutral laid-back levelheaded even-tempered detached chilled stress-free stolid centred patient at peace steady unaffected unimpassioned assured nonchalant phlegmatic unconcerned quiet easygoing indifferent emotionless apathetic sober stoic insouciant easy-going easy undemonstrative carefree confident aloof restful cold mellow cold-blooded impassible staid unresponsive as cool as a cucumber dignified unfeeling numb reserved affectless serious self-confident remote temperate cool as cucumber fearless stable distant restrained happy-go-lucky flat stiff formal breezy mild unflinching matter-of-fact proper undaunted blithe seemly deadpan decorous callous even somber complacent solemn insensitive stately devil-may-care frigid sombre unafraid laid back businesslike well balanced impersonal relaxing thick-skinned heartless unimpressed secure sure of oneself poker-faced stony unvexed uninterested hard-hearted expressionless calming nerveless leisurely grave reposeful harmonious hard-boiled pacific dry halcyon unhurried passive untouched lackadaisical still deliberate gutsy comforting unfluctuating sanguine grounded disimpassioned glacial unsentimental sure soothing certain settled sensible upbeat immovable comfortable chill unsympathetic unalarmed sure of yourself blank vacant wooden down-to-earth icy supine heedless positive uncaring tolerant assertive careless balmy complaisant free and easy unwavering unvarying unchanging suave brave constant courageous uniform elegant reassuring tranquilizing moderate lulling pacifying invariable clinical clearheaded sedative unstirred intrepid benign hard-headed firm resolute inexpressive debonair audacious lazy bold philosophical self-reliant tranquillizing self-asserting reticent disinterested unalterable indulgent dauntless unhesitating unfaltering unexpressive insensible serious-minded dull filled with aplomb gung ho lifeless good-tempered gay keeping your cool stabile dead bland toneless hollow commonsensical unserious unanxious pococurante incurious oblivious nowhere nonemotional hardened uninvolved low-pressure unswerving impervious rigid enduring stony-eyed amenable regular free from strife tension-free worry-free stressless not surprised idyllic daring plucky graceful unperturbable consistent even-keeled unstressed well-balanced undistracted clubby agreeable unaltering imperturbed unabashed not moved not dismayed orderly systematic methodical smug self-satisfied self-contained happy uninfluenced without problems inscrutable cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear soothed calmed repressed suppressed quieted unshrinking unsurprised well-disposed unenthusiastic lukewarm subdued tepid euthymic waveless unbroken motionless overconfident hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches empty catatonic rosy high unimpressible insusceptible fun dry-eyed nonpassionate unrevealing indurated taciturn inexcitable spiritless earnest unpassionate puffed up pumped up stony-hearted unblinking lethargic torpid heavy resigned philosophic indomitable reliable dependable calm and collected keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together analytical scientific lighthearted slaphappy lightsome balanced demure cold fish nonaffected logical inactive contented inert not afraid unloving tough abstract iceberg immune not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on mature pokerfaced light non-emotional airy deaf not bothered forgetful self-centered feckless inattentive blind negligent self-centred narcotic quieting dreamy unapproachable responsible sound unmindful tender like a millpond cold-fish cool cat couldn't care less prim stuffy withdrawn good calculable stick-in-the-mud boring starchy immune to insensate unmindful of impervious to heedless of stubborn unyielding proof against deaf to oblivious to soporific sunny light-hearted without a care in the world not giving a toss full of common sense straight-faced impartial cold-hearted lacking concern buoyant uncurious jaunty perfunctory frivolous warming consolatory softening relieving easing remedying mollifying consoling unelectrified ardorless inhibited repellent forbidding chilly cold-shoulder loveless impotent frosty austere unbending unromantic cold sober having both feet on the ground thoughtless self-restrained free from worry free from care self-sufficient steadfast can-do informal practical realistic plain surefooted sure-footed stationary pragmatic believing in oneself self-assertive lax self-respecting unimpressionable affable mundane prosaic set immutable fixed friendly straightforward unvarnished no-nonsense unembellished literal unimaginative factual abiding changeless durable permanent coldhearted obdurate marble uncompassionate blah objective listless undemanding understated determinate lasting frozen established downbeat forbearing hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative unadorned deep-rooted long-lived hard well grounded staying put solid as a rock unchangeable long-standing hard-and-fast set in stone humdrum pedestrian faithful naked straight-thinking truthful accurate with both feet on the ground unembroidered undistorted exact prosy feasible unidealistic low-key easy-peasy live-and-let-live chilled out along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches


Predominant in influence, number, or importance
preponderant dominant prevalent predominant superior ascendant greater controlling extensive important larger leading predominating pre-eminent prevailing ruling significant supreme chief foremost main paramount prepollent prepotent principal dominating overpowering overriding powerful in the ascendancy successful compelling governing sovereign predominate overbearing regnant preeminent prime primary central major greatest big cardinal key grand great highest capital premier arch master first uppermost primal overmastering number-one sovran number one of greatest importance reigning numero uno commanding top outstanding prior pivotal overruling intervening imperious authoritative best superseding largest popular notable top-priority focal absolute widespread ultimate current first and foremost of prime importance of supreme importance surpassing biggest rife rampant directing dominative utmost vital general eminent topmost headmost crowning unlimited majority received overall common public vulgar royal prominent top-tier infinite boundless unrestricted regal unrestrained unbounded executive boss unconditional imperial utter full total kingly tops potent mighty influential omnipotent weighty superlative official efficacious almighty effective supervisory arbitrary transcendent all-powerful exceptional the most high-up world-class to the fore monarchical monarchal noteworthy lofty majestic matchless guiding monarchial peerless marked holding the reins special remarkable signal grander higher loftier particular striking distinguished bigger especial extra special out of the ordinary more bulkier weightier most longer better final determining of greatest significance essential more powerful more important most powerful most important most prominent most noticeable most obvious


Vigorous and energetic
high-powered dynamic driving effective energetic enterprising forceful aggressive go-ahead go-getting powerful vigorous fast-track high-octane ambitious assertive driven pushing pushy authoritarian authoritative commanding controlling dominant effectual efficient forcible go-go influential mighty potent robust ruling strong successful supreme weighty highly capable full of get-up-and-go in the saddle emphatic positive determined active passionate fiery bold full-blooded feisty gutsy vehement intense single-minded proactive can-do storming impassioned zealous punchy racy muscular resounding hard-hitting pulling no punches rugged in-your-face intensive all-out mettlesome strenuous formidable vital leading imperious prominent demonstrative surpassing domineering imposing reigning superior regnant transcendent impressive lively spirited decisive able towering efficacious capable magnetic electric competent hard invincible fearsome zippy peppy zestful eminent high-level heavy-duty redoubtable important flamboyant red-blooded lusty animated spunky ballsy gingery sparky tireless flush have-a-go indefatigable energizing vibrant charismatic self-motivated hyped-up activating highpowered energising go-getter compelling productive vitalizing play hard ball coming on strong full of life full of beans play for keeps full of vim and vigour vivacious sprightly high-spirited sparkling spry bouncing perky bouncy jaunty exuberant tough snappy chipper spanking brisk hale and hearty enthusiastic raring to go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed frisky bubbly hearty animate pert gay springy airy kinetic jazzy pizazzy pizzazzy in fine fettle full of the joy of living healthy hardy flourishing sturdy combative argumentative fit athletic fine strapping belligerent quarrelsome thriving blooming able-bodied bellicose pugnacious effervescent in good health playful contentious confrontational hale strong as an ox strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse in good trim sound in good kilter in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition truculent militant upbeat virile disputatious warlike scrappy wick agonistic chippy steamroller fighting fit persuasive take-charge hard-driving take-over dashing gladiatorial discordant full of vim in the pink alive and kicking assaultive brawly ornery touchy ball of fire difficult full of energy sensitive courageous excitable fit as a fiddle alive gritty gutty game thin-skinned full of pep hot-blooded on the warpath high-strung

Trái nghĩa của in control

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