Đồng nghĩa của orderly

Alternative for orderly

Tính từ

Carried out using a planned, ordered procedure
organised organized methodical systematic businesslike regular systematised systematized neat careful logical ordered precise trim well-organized coherent efficient methodic meticulous punctilious structured tidy well-kept in order shipshape well organized well-regulated alike arranged clean conventional correct exact fixed formal framed rangé regulated scientific set-up slick spick-and-span thorough together uniform well-ordered well planned well regulated all together in apple-pie order in shape to rights in good shape neat as button neat as pin controlled planned disciplined methodized well ordered coordinated consistent scrupulous painstaking clear analytical strict standardized deliberate systematical well thought out standardised rigorous routine practical rational intelligible comprehensible sound fastidious self-controlled thoroughgoing regimented by the book by the numbers joined-up skillful skilful effective well thought-out streamlined reasonable legible accurate sensible conscientious standard sedulous diligent industrious lucid analytic valid readable understandable exacting decipherable consequent good well run complete mathematical fussy judicious objective heedful finicky solid distinct out-and-out well-maintained delimited supervised measured well-arranged rigid steady governed restrained nonrandom law-abiding well-behaved peaceable professional integrated straightened out correlated cataloged classified tabulated settled cohesive smooth-running workaday matter-of-fact severe deductive experimental grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared formulated competent conscionable punctual demanding reasoning sorted out consolidated collective unified cerebral thinking intelligent practised insightful in sync cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious pragmatic no-nonsense firm wise hard productive economic unchanging even unvarying unvaried economical hard-headed straight-thinking resourceful organic laborsaving timesaving expeditious earnest practiced accomplished serious enterprising direct concentrated purposeful intent hardworking monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull saving restricted closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein plain reasoned cost-effective well-planned labour-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving sharp articulate fluent graphic easy to understand unmistakable straightforward easy to read unequivocal explicit simple flowing easily deciphered smooth clear-cut easily read cogent well-grounded well-founded relevant meaningful well reasoned attentive particular identified assiduous exhaustive provident thoughtful faithful dedicated full cautious laborious circumspect intensive religious prim searching observant elaborate regardful concerned picky selfdisciplined chary pernickety persnickety loving nice discreet perfectionist strenuous in-depth going to great lengths

Tính từ

Neatly and methodically arranged
neat shipshape tidy trim antiseptic bandbox crisp groomed kempt prim smug snug straight tidied trig uncluttered well-groomed in order picked up well kept well ordered in apple-pie order spick and span shipshape and Bristol fashion as neat as a new pin spruce in good order immaculate clean smart neat and tidy spotless well-ordered spick-and-span in good shape well-kept natty organized dapper tricksy nice organised apple-pie order neat as a pin systematic elegant chic proper arranged methodical fastidious regular dainty ordered exact sleek correct slick finical finicky businesslike taut chipper well-turned-out well organized well-dressed presentable clean-cut well groomed well-regulated sorted out straightened out well turned out to rights arranged well well turned-out as fresh as paint tight snappy compact spiffy sharp impeccable well-presented together cleanly well arranged symmetrical soigné sorted well-organized well-pressed personable well looked-after well maintained in tip-top condition well disciplined well regulated in place in position fit to be seen Bristol fashion in good condition put to rights systematized methodic besuited systematised attractive well-turned out well-designed stunning beautiful inviting alluring cute swank good-looking hospitable welcoming gorgeous adorable decent stylish suitable appealing as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox snazzy classy debonair dashing fly dressed to kill rakish jaunty modish nifty sassy kicky fashionable well dressed schmick chichi with it on fleek trendy ritzy swagger cool glamorous swanky groovy tony kicking dressy sophisticated efficient meticulous as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox clever ingenious crucial spruced up dressed to the nines suave dressed to the teeth well-tailored charming spiffed-up hip fine polished dolled up fashionably dressed lovely swinging splashy pizazzy jazzy flashy pizzazzy bright upscale loud flamboyant ostentatious uptown colorful now voguish gay colourful smartly dressed sporty swell spry showy nobby doggy posh nimble brisk spiff in vogue turned out dressed to nines

Tính từ

Upstanding, especially law-abiding
solid upstanding honorable honourable respectable noble respected venerable esteemed fair good decent dutiful glorious lawful virtuous civilised civilized distinguished reputable duteous peaceful trusty upright honest notable proper principled great just moral worthy eminent ethical reliable trustworthy peaceable prestigious respectful righteous high-minded high-principled law-abiding morally correct right-minded stand-up well behaved obedient compliant disciplined peacekeeping complying correct amenable docile manageable conformable biddable submissive tractable clean-living straight deferential above board scrupulous right pure innocent saintly incorruptible blameless sinless irreproachable exemplary guiltless meritorious laudable praiseworthy true pious conscientious conscionable equitable angelic uncorrupted faultless anti-corruption straightforward nice charitable holy spiritual noble-minded squeaky-clean commendable all right strict responsible God-fearing punctilious devoted philanthropical reverent devout impartial matchless philanthropic faithful godlike creditable deserving peerless moralistic chaste seemly truthful chivalrous aboveboard immaculate gallant magnanimous decorous salt of the earth square true-blue courteous kosher dignified rectitudinous professional lofty saintlike admirable godly untainted squeaky clean favoring unimpeachable balanced elevated right-thinking self-righteous sound incorrupt unbribable pure as the driven snow whiter than white incorrupted clean lily-white well-behaved estimable cultivated inculpable irreprehensible sanctimonious saving favouring religious dinkum prim proud sportsmanly lenient sportsmanlike

Tính từ

Pertaining to points, lines, angels and figures used in geometry

Tính từ

Reasonable and convincing
cogent compelling conclusive convincing effective forceful strong efficacious impressive influential irresistible persuasive plausible potent powerful telling weighty authoritative credible eloquent reasoned unanswerable articulate clear coherent compulsive decisive forcible logical lucid methodical rational reasonable relevant satisfying sound systematic urgent valid well founded apposite apt consequential consistent convictive fitting inducing justified meaningful momentous pertinent puissant satisfactory significant solid suasive well-grounded well reasoned well organized sensible well-founded commonsensical judicious levelheaded good effectual realistic intelligent firm just analytical discerning reliable analytic commonsense informed commonsensible justifiable sober objective moving prudent intellectual perceptive energetic believable emphatic legitimate striking vigorous congruent legit trenchant deductive true wise consequent hard probable well-advised balanced pragmatic acceptable practical well grounded holding water hard-hitting sagacious efficient grounded circumspect perspicacious defensible mighty aggressive fair dynamic perspicuous important accurate kosher likely well thought out down-to-earth obvious unassailable well-reasoned incisive incontestable coercive enlightened tenable sane astute sustainable authentic inspiring touching expressive supportable stringent impelling sharp alluring swaying impactful well-argued clearly stated shrewd unmistakable pithy pointed correct vehement categorical punchy thoughtful certain inferential direct incontrovertible defendable deducible powerhouse unequivocal discriminating assured clear-cut germane bona fide exact precise holding together well advised material definitive joined-up evident matter-of-fact irrefutable assuasive level-headed revealing dinkum ratiocinative possible substantial sincere verisimilar genuine glib smooth normal viable smooth-tongued smooth-talking colourable considerable violent workable enthusiastic crucial assertive insistent great indubitable real pivotal inspirational warrantable warranted organized verifiable trustworthy motivating presumable dramatic proper faithful constraining elemental gutsy electric proven confirmed accepted motivational swayful masterful philosophic operative definite faultless maintainable vivid cognitive enticing stimulating seductive impeccable critical common-sense veridical infallible veracious purposeful explicit organised straight capable sure decided together vindicable well-thought-out able well-defined coming on strong ball of fire clear-sighted clear-eyed insightful successful responsible unambiguous distinct far-reaching imposing extensional juridicious subtle well-organized necessary undeniable comprehensible intelligible marked admissible regular appropriate active armed animated vivacious zestful devastating conspicuous identified salient dispassionate thorough unemotional understandable rightful right passionate drastic compulsory winning politic healthy unidealistic strict undistorted arguable pukka acknowledged graphic deliberate intense militant determinative well-expressed considered well-presented well-established virile take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch silky slick silver-tongued stable sufficient in-your-face zappy well presented well-structured well expressed plain uncorrupted attested tested factual conceivable formidable crystalline inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling unctuous instrumental hard-headed with both one's feet on the ground on the ball exciting succinct terse thinking synthetic reflective trustable reasoning collected unquestionable cerebral stirring rousing imaginable feasible clear-headed thought through grand charming histrionical high-powered theatric graceful acute performant competent provocative useful contributory encouraging robust animating fateful formative guiding monumental central controlling affecting able to hold water specious creditable presumptive thinkable errorless corroborated colorable meticulous rigorous substantiated truthful secure inerrant knowing validated verified undisputed fair-spoken documented intuitive ingenious recognized watertight profound flawless advisable recognised established orthodox certified careful empirical open calculable empiric true-to-life carrying conviction trusty believeable hopeful dependable supposable earnest absolute right-thinking cool right-minded uncompromising tough provable unembellished demonstrable all there holding up holding up in wash got it together standing up decent estimable wholehearted like enough very likely within the bounds of possibility honest frank blunt forthright unsparing not taking no for an answer out-and-out positive ardent determined straight-talking condemnatory dead-on on-target letter-perfect spot-on resounding full-blooded muscular strenuous unconditional unqualified historical confirmable documentary literal actual nonfictional suggestive downright outright strongly worded dominant commanding upfront dynamical bullish loaded well balanced evocative ringing for a face confident glaring one hundred per cent express no mistake accented dogmatic flat stressed solemn authoritarian charged meaning no holds barred all out pulling no punches not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder imaginative revelatory inductive inventive seminal creative original syllogistic rich fecund pregnant redolent sententious suitable expedient fit legal official sage lawful worthwhile desirable advantageous beneficial sanctioned seemly permissible licit allowable helpful tactical recommended authorized excusable suggested approved gainful valuable upright canny profitable authorised well far-sighted veritable allowed traditional recommendable condonable best binding practicable usual productive applicable customary sapient respectable familiar standard righteous contractual serviceable popular fruitful well-thought-of discreet above board reputable highly regarded of good standing within the law of use bonafide passable learned preferable trusted attainable achievable tolerable permitted manageable mature pardonable doable commendable received respected usable having all one's marbles authenticated of good repute clever supported legalized worthy constitutional impregnable common controlled statutory licensed favorable ordinary copper-bottomed well-informed stock conservative ordered no-nonsense conventional prevailing straightforward mathematical strategic favourable opportune considerate mainstream regulated canonical full of common sense licenced legalised legally acceptable constructive routine virtuous rock-solid convenient traditionalistic old-fashioned scientific from the horse's mouth legally binding signed and sealed of help in effect in force of assistance adequate provident educated knowledgeable steady savvy calculating indisputable unadulterated uncounterfeited unfaked sterling up front proportional symmetrical well-proportioned well-adjusted operational realizable a good idea preferred well informed operable cautious harmonious mentally stable aware cognizant accomplishable well-judged based on hard data based on hard facts prosaic driveable safe experimental equitable loyal conforming within reach within reason accredited formal cast-iron propitious beneficent timely well-balanced unimpassioned cold confidential ratified serious-minded behooveful okay tolerated impartial certifiable effecting qualified accomplishing achieving fulfilling showing great knowledge with great knowledge percipient moderate restrained temperate unprejudiced auspicious attentive conversant bearable endurable OK unexcessive making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme realisable straight-thinking explainable forgivable street-legal thought-out of service to one's advantage in one's interest for the best of benefit endorsed unexpired best suited presentable au courant affordable sufferable brookable concedable well considered evenhanded fair-minded in right mind well judged thinking twice farsighted playing safe hedging one's bets leery vigilant within the realms of possibility within possibility remissible venial open to reason based on good sense in one's right mind undoubted uncontested unquestioned natural canonic functional not unlikely not impossible true-blue steady-going requisite enough by the book conformist roadworthy scholarly doctrinal traditionalist prevalent prestigious ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative circumstantiated honourable well established derivative counselable straight arrow pious by the numbers bien pensant in line religious according to the book admitted punctilious square excellent esteemed settled dyed-in-the-wool honoured principled inveterate time-honored of repute reputed well thought of irreproachable conscientious name well respected anti-corruption enforceable statutable set entrenched habitual fixed general straight from horse's mouth notable well known favored famous constant well-known renowned distinguished honorable prominent famed eminent high-ranking redoubted high-principled celebrated acclaimed honored illustrious accustomed ex cathedra wonted condign innocent protected precedented chartered de jure enjoined passed enforcible aboveboard due granted decreed card-carrying ordained judged prescribed enforced favoured with a good reputation tried and trusted expected universal classical typical long-established sure enough of good report in high favor salt of the earth historic classic on the level on the up and up deep-rooted widely used widespread ingrained old time-honoured old-style officially recognized rooted unshakable vested permanent most likely most correct

Tính từ

Unchanging in nature, standard, or effect
consistent constant stable steady dependable even regular reliable unchanging undeviating uniform homogeneous persistent unswerving unvarying predictable unfailing unfluctuating unwavering invariable same true expected true to type fixed symmetrical systematic methodical consonant similar static equable equivalent sustained identical unvaried invariant matching equal monotonous habitual irreversible incorrigible compatible plumb unmodifiable ossified unbroken level immutable fated fateful well-proportioned unalterable rigid smooth monolithic normal ordered well-balanced straight undiversified inflexible of a piece rhythmic regulated repeated recurring periodic set systematized periodical measured standardized patterned mechanical standardised harmonious successive systematised accordant balanced arranged precise congruous alternating serial punctual cyclic exact in order changeless continuous perpetual uninterrupted unchanged continual unfaltering eternal steadfast immovable firm resolute ceaseless permanent abiding enduring unchangeable continuing unremitting decided relentless stationary lasting stabile hard-and-fast sure unshaken never-ending solid staunch unrelenting unshakable never-failing metrical incessant settled nonstop endless resolved unflagging determined unfading unyielding certain unshakeable unqualified single-minded unaltered set in stone frozen dead set on unaffected fast tranquil alike incommutable unrelieved inalterable untiring unceasing faithful homogenous unhesitating unaltering established unending dedicated indefatigable tireless unvacillating undying dogged pat inexorable intense unflappable steady-going hard determinate inexpugnable definite brick-wall on an even keel hard and fast dyed-in-the-wool flowing fluent fluid frictionless unmodified unbothered unmoved untouched graded everlasting standing timeless perennial indefinite long-lasting regularized regularised deep-rooted cast-iron interminable unabated unabating non-stop cadenced solid as rock moderate temperate rhythmical plain inevitable strong indestructible ineradicable imperishable like the Rock of Gibralter fair non-extreme never-changing ageless lifelong perdurable unmovable cadent calm infallible boundless agreed final inexhaustible metric composed specified deliberate unruffled serene predetermined nonnegotiable preset flat fail-safe loyal unlimited surefire can't-miss unerring bottomless coolheaded undisturbed limpid peaceful unemotional sedate collected recollected cool untroubled placid possessed tried and true diligent tried and tested assiduous absolute tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy counted on rock solid strict unworried unperturbed together frequent adamant unflinching obdurate unbending nonrandom stalwart akin undistinguishable comparable self-possessed self-composed even-tempered insistent whole-hearted assertive emphatic intransigent stubborn obstinate analogous cognate kindred in earnest hard-line committed implacable bound decisive dominant unmalleable purposeful intent prevailing hardened tenacious seasoned domineering persevering not changing all alike harmonised harmonized stand pat hell-bent on going strong-willed do-or-die hell-bent upon bent on bent upon hang tough through-and-through explicit bent positive all the same all one much the same all-year-round round-the-clock of the same kind all of a piece much of a muchness

Tính từ

Free from dirt, marks, or stains
unsoiled immaculate pristine clean spotless unsullied unstained stainless pure untarnished chaste unblemished antiseptic fair fresh sanitary shining unpolluted clear neat speckless flawless washed tidy taintless laundered snowy unspotted cleansed hygienic sparkling trim faultless dirtless squeaky unsmudged cleanly delicate elegant graceful simple vanilla white squeaky-clean spic-and-span spick-and-span well-kept spic and span neat as a button neat as a pin scrubbed cleaned polished gleaming sanitized dirt-free sponged showered laved spick and span squeaky clean sanitised clean as a new pin as clean as a whistle apple-pie order shipshape untainted perfect untouched undefiled virgin intact unmarked undamaged unspoilt unaffected impeccable uncorrupted unharmed innocent virginal unimpaired unbroken sinless whiter than white new in perfect condition unimpeachable wholesome lily-white unflawed unchanged mint shiny unmarred incorrupt uninjured as new sound exemplary blameless unspoiled natural irreproachable ultra-clean bright guiltless without a scratch uncontaminated unmoved unscathed snowy-white spruce whole like new uninfluenced unaltered unhurt above reproach in mint condition modest decent neat and tidy unimpressed unstirred secure in good condition rustproof glowing burnished unagitated suitable for breathing fine cleared unmutilated undisturbed unblackened snow-white perfectly clean artless freshly laundered as pure as the driven snow well-preserved unopened unworn preserved unassuming unused clean and tidy brand-spanking new in tiptop condition cleaned up very clean errorless unexceptionable exquisite breathable brand-new brand new unprocessed recent crisp just out unstudied latest young original refreshing mint condition indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed entire untried good ideal neat as a new pin out of danger safe and sound seamless picture-book without fault picture-perfect absolute letter-perfect indefectible without blemish model beyond reproach pure as the driven snow sterile sterilized sterilised

Tính từ

Sensible, useful, and effective rather than fashionable or attractive
practical pragmatic realistic doable feasible functional utilitarian viable practicable sensible sound useful workable possible pragmatical reasonable serviceable working accomplishable actionable applicable applicative constructive efficient usable useable applied convenient helpful sane systematic utile factual handy plain solid unidealistic unromantic down-to-earth level-headed matter-of-fact real-world ultrapractical user friendly user-friendly nuts and bolts step-by-step within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility both feet on the ground effective unsentimental earthy hardheaded rational businesslike operative hard achievable manageable operational sober hard-boiled commonsensical wieldy realizable attainable robust profitable beneficial straightforward advantageous accessible running realisable adaptable commonsense prudent astute expedient unfantastic real suitable shrewd levelheaded exploitable valuable fit simple easy tough-minded no-nonsense neat durable ready hard-wearing nifty operable logical comprehensible easy to use functioning hard-nosed intuitive valid adequate employable hard-headed user-oriented available of use intelligible appropriate uncomplicated untroublesome obtainable within reach in working order unadorned lasting long-lasting at hand tough in order unpretentious strong easily operated easy to understand wear-resistant prosaic likely well-designed easy-to-use worthwhile objective common-sense natural acquirable reachable foolproof utilizable within reason current manipulable expendable unused consumable open good exhaustible instrumental subservient utilisable operating ergonomic up and running at disposal with both feet on the ground non-decorative sufficient enforceable real-life genuine productive comfortable made well uncompromising forceful approachable vigorous positive disposable substantive good enough gettable lifelike true naturalistic truthful workaday utility ordinary soulless formative encouraging available for use common-sensical tenable undecorative organizational procedural at your disposal fruitful multipurpose central versatile natty gainful performable sustainable wise judicious true-life in running order to the purpose no-frills unemotional grounded easily understood easily grasped ready for use fit for use well grounded well advised wearable practiced within possibility well thought out able to be done exercised empirical utilized used on the cards in the cards cinch breeze snap suited to the purpose clear-sighted adapted correlated related experiential tested empiric going practised utilised with one's feet on the ground dependable enforced duck soup no sweat aiding assistive sturdy invaluable stout methodological organisational hands-on brought to bear simple as ABC easy as pie piece of cake procurable non-theoretical active live living alive prepared on popular getatable high-functioning well-functioning unrefined rough unsophisticated readily available in easy reach on hand direct homely uninhibited in operation in force on line in use in action in commission in gear near at hand near-at-hand get-at-able close-at-hand hassle-free time-saving labour-saving in effect at your fingertips in service trouble-free ready for action frank easygoing lusty folksy mundane down homey funky lowbred gross basic outdoorsy dull home folk down home

Tính từ

Even-tempered and reasonable
equable calm composed even-tempered cool easy-going level-headed placid serene collected imperturbable self-possessed unexcitable blithe insouciant mellow nonchalant relaxed stable steady tranquil unfazed unflappable unruffled agreeable mild quiet at ease temperate together unagitated undisturbed unflustered unperturbed untroubled equanimous laid-back nonplussed dispassionate easygoing methodical phlegmatic smooth stabile systematic unfluctuating well balanced as cool as a cucumber cool, calm and collected unworried peaceful sedate poised coolheaded cool-headed unemotional unmoved self-composed unshaken possessed recollected unbothered chilled level easy self-controlled equal limpid impassive casual sober confident stolid patient controlled unconcerned levelheaded rational stoical assured at peace self-assured happy-go-lucky sensible businesslike grounded tolerant moderate cool as a cucumber even realistic indifferent breezy mature forbearing dependable practical balanced sound reliable free and easy wise commonsensical carefree still detached indulgent full of common sense unhurried reasonable pacific sane unaffected pragmatic halcyon cold apathetic circumspect complaisant unfeeling good-natured judicious prudent emotionless peaceable urbane clearheaded reserved self-confident stoic informal amenable mild-mannered staid well-balanced secure unexcited good-tempered low-key gentle subdued understated discreet amiable undemanding unresponsive civil restrained pleasant complacent untouched restful easy-peasy undismayed dignified downbeat clinical hard-headed unsentimental good-humored good-humoured heedless reposeful hard-hearted aloof uninterested passionless suave docile constant affable unshakable disinterested impassible elegant logical uncaring stress-free hushed stilly lown calmed callous insensitive philosophical unsympathetic content conciliatory cold-blooded flat serious keeping your cool poker-faced devil-may-care centered laid back low-pressure centred sure of oneself well adjusted well-adjusted in control cool as cucumber liberal regular unchanging unvarying flexible lenient no-nonsense uniform permissive consistent invariable unperturbable graceful muted broad-minded considerate deliberate sure sanguine debonair clubby benign deliberative farsighted unaltering unalterable understanding open-minded cordial generous straight unflurried assertive subtle unostentatious inconspicuous undistracted all there neutral unimpassioned blissful not moved nonpassionate soothed repressed suppressed quieted disimpassioned well-disposed unpassionate sure of yourself resigned with one's feet on the ground sombre somber analytical scientific pellucid satisfied reconciled resting fair quiescent comfortable balmy settled easeful at rest anxiety-free in repose keeping a stiff upper lip not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on have one's act together unimpressed unstirred bovine accommodating long-suffering tough abstract iceberg idyllic lackadaisical irenic fatalistic non-emotional played down unpretentious downhome toned down dry-eyed stony cold-fish cool cat couldn't care less soft responsible stony-hearted tender accepting enlightened profound deep moral ethical philosophic deep-thinking learned uncomplaining unswerving good calculable oblivious meek impervious immune down-to-earth having both feet on the ground self-restrained serious-minded resolute unmindful undemonstrative warm soft-hearted unassuming kind forgiving lax immune to insensate impervious to heedless of stubborn unyielding oblivious to impersonal friendly compassionate sensitive warm-hearted tender-hearted modest sympathetic airy leisurely unmindful of proof against deaf to merciful gay sunny light-hearted genial easy-oasy lacking concern pococurante buoyant unserious insensible incurious uncurious jaunty perfunctory frivolous remote unimpressionable frigid distant numb affectless submissive tame jejune obliging vapid deferential dull subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant upbeat thick-skinned chill coldhearted obdurate reticent marble hard-boiled uncompassionate heartless inexpressive blah objective deadpan listless glacial thoughtless careless live-and-let-live chilled out free from worry free from care with both feet on the ground along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches offhand cozy loose cosy cheerful lazy unceremonious slack comfy inattentive negligent open blasé irresponsible simple slipshod natural sloppy uninhibited congenial neglectful remiss cursory lighthearted relaxing disregardful slapdash derelict homely snug feckless delinquent cushy intimate lukewarm unconstrained lightsome regardless unanxious reckless improvident slap-happy happy blithely unconcerned without a care in the world without care lively positive unrestricted cheery vivacious free familiar sprightly jolly effervescent overindulgent homey cavalier blithesome slaphappy unstudied uninvolved welcoming hospitable optimistic flippant half-hearted languid forgetful unheeding uncircumspect tardy incautious unaccountable undependable uncommitted unobservant untrustworthy good-for-nothing unreliable unrestrained liberated untaxing bright animated joyful merry homelike sparkling nerveless free-and-easy contented jovial uncritical unforced sparky bored glad spirited hassle-free certain passive spontaneous unflinching freewheeling unfussy frolicsome at home audacious chirpy peppy indolent fearless bold self-reliant self-asserting leisured unthinking dauntless supine gutsy unhesitating lethargic superficial high-spirited light immovable gung ho non-committal unstuffy soothing filled with aplomb neglecting non-restrictive bland wooden uninterrupted Laodicean unbroken withdrawn sociable trouble-free could care less wimpy non-formal slovenly measured full of beans amicable moony draggy expansive don't give a damn what the hell behindhand retiring resilient plain limp unstressed in a relaxed manner compromising harmonious overfamiliar even-keeled unreserved taking your time uninfluenced self-indulgent weary comforted unvexed unrestrictive effortless artless jaded glutted outgiving hang-loose protected comforting calming laissez-faire reassured matey take-it-or-leave-it couldn't-care-less world-weary chummy not formal gratified unexpressive brave courageous self-sufficient intrepid self-satisfied smug unbuttoned pally bouncy can-do cloyed fun surefooted sure-footed rested asleep at switch unheedful oscitant failing to take proper care expressionless toneless hollow dead blank vacant fancy-free free-spirited transparent free-wheeling unstructured off the hook unenthusiastic believing in oneself self-assertive self-respecting cold fish hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches nonaffected restored fresh nowhere icy nonemotional homestyle tractable cautious unoppressive careful unburdensome matter-of-fact straight-faced pokerfaced stony-eyed safe bubbly laissez faire free-minded snug as a bug in a rug delightful folksy down-home gleeful boon nonformal convivial footloose carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley torpid sluggish joyous ebullient vital homy uninquiring unofficial inert unambitious unmotivated gamesome frolic winsome gladsome zestful eupeptic perky chipper exuberant zippy crank bullish hopeful canty jocund uneager versatile sketchy zingy playful impartial removed spacey unprejudiced spaced-out out of it unpassioned unbiased funny footloose and fancy-free approachable supple invigorated full of zip elastic droopy dispirited desultory jocular unglamorous humorous chilly laodicean indecisive uncertain unenthused irresolute undecided wishy-washy hesitant halfhearted unresolved tepid receptive available gemütlich accessible easy to get along with communicative well disposed easy to get on with conversable non-hostile door's always open unobtrusive minimalist unspectacular unflashy hurried fleeting quick mechanical brief summary passing token hasty doubtless pushy implicit clear cocksure brazen facetious toned-down played-down modulated muffled low-profile softened conservative soft-sell low-keyed self-effacing free as the wind free as a bird unexacting commodious phoning it in dismissive going through the motions rapid walking through it jokey overconfident volatile feelgood rosy high puffed up pumped up brisk everyday frisky thoughtful inhibited leisure ventilated easy-breezy guarded caring pleasing under wraps uptight inobtrusive under control nonaggressive corked up unaffable unexcessive in charge bottled up in check on a leash unexpansive not given to excesses in control of yourself shrinking unextreme benevolent kindly lovable humane vague indefinite broad inaccurate general spicy racy workaday slouchy loose-fitting baggy day-to-day sporty ordinary non-dressy normal sportif flabby flaccid nonspecific imprecise over-tolerant shapeless inexact yielding bright-eyed and bushy-tailed humble likeable softhearted fatherly loving non-confrontational sweet-tempered lamblike sisterly brotherly likable gracious kind-hearted angelic soft-spoken unoffensive shy goodhearted motherly respectful demure decent dovelike tenderhearted maternal reverent large-hearted dove-like warmhearted kindhearted harmless paternal asleep on job nonjudgmental floppy paying no mind any way full of the joys of spring not bothered hardened self-centered blind self-centred deaf undaunted not giving a toss

Tính từ

That which is typical or expected
normal common standard usual ordinary conventional routine typical accustomed average habitual regular customary everyday expected stock acknowledged commonplace cut-and-dried cut-and-dry daily day-to-day established natural traditional unexceptional unremarkable wonted workaday fixed prevailing prevalent quotidian settled general prosaic set typic methodical popular familiar accepted orthodox run-of-the-mill frequent classic recognized characteristic ubiquitous garden-variety classical representative archetypical recognised universal archetypal household mainstream current widespread standard-issue common or garden plain standardized going time-honoured quintessential predictable model regulation standardised received confirmed ideal bog-standard prototypical exemplary matter-of-course prescribed vanilla prototypal stereotypical paradigmatic old hat sanctioned illustrative emblematic indicative essential staple in character official garden variety archetypic stereotyped approved prototypic time-honored symbolic rife public rampant suggestive in keeping chronic constant predominant patterned authorized prescriptive pervasive true basic proven fashionable authorised formulaic proverbial correct endemic agreed acceptable overall appropriate well worn proper par for the course obligatory conformist canonical mechanical majority admitted well established mundane sound rooted ruling steady long-established hackneyed undistinguished unoriginal dominant doctrinal native ritual widely used authoritative required by the numbers generic periodic tried and true tried and tested garden compulsory repeated mandatory textbook endorsed idiosyncratic symptomatic simple scheduled definitive well-established permanent chosen consistent passed favourite favorite understood ongoing humdrum shared traditionalistic old-fashioned imitable preferred ingrained systematic automatic domestic well-known stable traditionary inherent trite right derivative stipulated only to be expected agreed upon clichéd middle-of-the-road de rigueur hacky banal preponderant regnant ritualistic immemorial overused dull in circulation in vogue fitting obvious lamestream pervading diagnostic broad gut default comfortable extensive discreet mediocre indifferent inconspicuous central diurnal seasonal plastic white-bread so-so grind collective present core what one would expect monotonous across the board full-size valid adopted signature acquired honored uneventful OB prime undoubted legal lawful uncontested undisputed statutory unquestioned canonic boilerplate presentational derived sop wont numerous primary mimetic copybook original given used habituated staid known inborn local inbred innate one-size-fits-all honoured vulgar mimic ceremonial abiding periodical non-autistic allowed certified permitted supported legalized ratified backed certain validated affirmed OK'd same old imitative in use unadventurous acquainted decided enduring immortal ageless apish standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle unsophisticated persistent congruous touted repetitious practised practiced reiterative iterated long-term addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory cyclic seasoned widely held family casual terrestrial unimaginative informal lasting timeless arranged specified legalised recognizable recurring platitudinous overworked tired anticipated foreseeable foreseen reliable unopposed legit okayed predetermined slavish whitebread corny homespun humble recognisable circulating distinctive likely unsurprising distinguishing determined appointed existing taken for granted readily available widely available ready-made worn out worn-out formal of choice in the habit of epigonic epigonous non-disordered a dime a dozen dime-a-dozen nitty-gritty well known individualistic cliched prearranged made official vouched for memorable unforgettable undying deathless canned superior commonest true to form to be expected common variety matter-of-fact defined emulative afoot predominating on the cards … all over true to type planned methodic rigid influential operative main preponderating principal conservative about assigned recommended arrived at comprehensive catholic all-embracing in style sweeping fundamental in fashion worldwide ecumenical bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of traditionalist neurotypical on everyone's lips ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative kosher dyed-in-the-wool inveterate straight pious legitimate religious punctilious rightful square done bien pensant entrenched straight arrow in line comme il faut necessary according to the book socially obligatory a must called for au fait historic deep-rooted old old-style officially recognized conforming to accepted standards secure unshakable vested long-standing age-old ancient ancestral regulated in force definite folk declared old-world long-lived old-time ceremonious organized documented formalistic bona fide institutional explicit systematized structured accredited express precise confessed regimented exhaustive organised systematised avowed proclaimed societal renowned past venerable wide professed identified outmoded outdated ceremonialistic widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted timeworn favoured balanced respected contracted guaranteed granted exact contemporary latest extant modern in effect in thing sustained strict school well-founded well-grounded tralatitious decorous believed favored the order of the day regularized great net in established usage reigning perceived realized remembered historical realised former sacred ritualized formalized perennial prior bureaucratic procedural mutual installed mass serious highbrow familial bygone establishment stated lineal institutionalized intermutual embraced united well-tried regularised institutionalised commutual like national blanket communal overarching global joint outright heavy symphonic concert heavyweight licensed authentic businesslike ready oral unwritten ensconced authenticated broad-spectrum across-the-board total epidemic broad-brush all-round nationwide wholesale all-around noted reverent handed-down returned answered coherent celebrated warranted verified from the past of yore sworn conceded unchallenged signed sealed out-of-date passé démodé deep-seated hard-and-fast tried and trusted finest magisterial best consummate ultimate greatest notable famous notorious just genuine aged signed and sealed licenced ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared suitable decisive cathedral positive real conclusive ex cathedra okay and delivered ex officio ritualised formalised hoary superlative overt published early ossified publicized mother of all publicised revealed patent manifest branded anachronistic antediluvian self-confessed publicly known widely known generally known creaky mossy first oldie dated decrepit mouldy clunky earliest moldy hoar rusty out of date down pat of long ago as old as the hills old as the hills time-worn very old moth-eaten horse and buggy most common most characteristic most typical most usual most frequent most complete most reliable most perfect most scholarly most significant

Danh từ

A person who assists, guides, or provides a service
attendant assistant servant domestic retainer butler menial lackey manservant valet flunkey equerry footman guide aide page flunky squire helper skivvy companion batman usher underling houseman maid maidservant sidekick nurse follower waiter auxiliary concierge employee secretary understudy personal assistant right-hand man right-hand woman lady in waiting body man alarm clock baby sitter bird dog steward escort daily slavey vassal man minion houseboy drudge chaperone chaperon hireling Jeeves convoy slave factotum scullion guard varlet scout serf servitor hanger-on seneschal liveried servant galley slave gentleman's gentleman page boy junior gofer henchman courtier liveried manservant yes-person dependant supporter cup-bearer train-bearer doorkeeper tool cohort manciple doorman doorperson dresser dapifer toady major-domo duenna consort labourer usherette commissionaire personal attendant pilot yes man snob serving boy servant boy subordinate dogsbody inferior valet de chambre stooge domestic servant conductor carer protector minder protectress torchbearer peon wage slave laborer safeguard maid of all work leader pathfinder lead vanguard hewers of wood and drawers of water pioneer housemaid char cleaner housekeeper charwoman help charlady handmaid liegeman abigail bai amah tweeny postilion coachman chokra mozo bearer bedder boots jong gyp servingman turnspit servingwoman famulus server domestic help domestic worker cleaning lady cleaning woman maid-of-all-work hired help serving maid Mrs Mop parlour maid scullery maid live-in daily woman major domo serving wench cleaning person

Phó từ

neatly adeptly expertly precisely adroitly deftly skilfully efficiently gracefully accurately agilely cleverly effortlessly nimbly aptly dexterously elegantly niftily cleanly fastidiously handily skillfully smoothly ingeniously resourcefully proficiently ably polishedly practisedly inventively artfully slickly dextrously effectively painstakingly readily facilely cunningly quickly glibly handsomely easily graciously delicately beautifully delightfully exquisitely tastefully charmingly daintily fitly rhythmically pleasingly trimly sprucely artistically harmoniously felicitously symmetrically talentedly experiencedly masterfully capably competently giftedly goodly greatly consummately masterly brilliantly excellently meanly sharply finely professionally qualifiedly savvily compleatly completely smartly professedly superbly stellarly outstandingly knowledgeably tastily exceptionally intelligently magnificently astutely superlatively impressively wickedly marvellously superiorly shrewdly marvelously cannily craftily splendidly keenly subtly wonderfully terrifically slily formidably supremely practically wilily peerlessly brightly hotly wisely proly coolly discerningly suitably knowingly awesomely brainily smashingly perceptively tremendously faultlessly acutely fantastically fabulously carefully foxily trickily perfectly dazzlingly remarkably admirably effectually learnedly conversantly schemingly magically calculatingly guilefully quick-wittedly creatively familiarly deviously oldly sensationally superly flawlessly imaginatively impeccably perspicaciously choicely cutely politically designingly maturely versatilely refinedly sneakily judiciously capitally thoroughly notably deceptively alertly beguilingly dodgily gloriously cagily methodically pawkily classically prudently sensitively discreetly deceitfully thoughtfully connivingly shiftily ambidextrously properly insightfully sterlingly duplicitously cautiously strongly discriminatingly penetratingly equally distinguishedly phenomenally precociously toppingly slipperily profoundly slimly sophisticatedly promptly vulpinely insidiously ingenuously intriguingly innovatively sensibly sagaciously diplomatically powerfully adaptably inspiredly exemplarily amazingly sublimely intellectually exactly primely divinely heavenlily complexly deeply grandly multifacetedly manipulatively usefully desirably considerately leadingly sapiently sure-handedly extraordinarily serviceably rationally dishonestly cerebrally famously disciplinedly preparedly nippily businesslikely fastly elastically plastically functionally variedly pliably proteanly variously productively adequately supercalifragilisticexpialidociously paradisiacally originally systematically soundly satisfactorily immaculately purely lovelily fluently strikingly politely ideally matchlessly flexibly complicatedly tactfully mightily notedly eligibly intuitively percipiently circumspectly dandily peachily groovily meritoriously understandingly reliably attractively estimably fertilely underhandly crisply awarely corkingly righteously bonnily bravely nobly radically immensely unsurpassedly fantabulously supernally importantly disingenuously elaborately stupendously transcendently untrustworthily originatively celebratedly enterprisingly strictly observantly shonkily fiendishly courteously seemlily variably urbanely eruditely eminently actively worldlily strategically spiffingly rippingly unscrupulously dominantly suavely argutely analytically detailedly warily devicefully eggheadedly confidently shadily quintessentially prodigiously prolifically redoubtably receptively ultimately straightly decisively invincibly indomitably decently artily untaintedly unblemishedly stainlessly blamelessly utopianly spotlessly foolproofly absolutely indefectibly teachably incisively incomparably distinctively firstly highly invaluably pricelessly long-termly forwardly virtuosically rarely kosherly hardheadedly headily appropriately nattily chicly conveniently stylishly enjoyably sufficiently stirringly dynamically noteworthily illustriously renownedly piercingly categorically expressly preeminently universally crucially bangingly maliciously stringently errorlessly trustworthily sportingly steadily watchfully accustomedly frugally vigorously curtly mercurially volubly feasibly cordially decorously respectfully happily prettily secretly hiply polygonally manifoldly multidimensionally puissantly ratiocinatively vigilantly exactingly goldenly cheatingly acceptedly fleetly affectingly inspiringly fittingly rightly covertly specially malleably dirtily astoundingly civilly sympathetically kindly gently useably usably practicably furtively patriarchally hardily prominently excitingly preferably stealthily principally pre-eminently adjustably polymorphously polymorphically multiformly opportunistically conciliatorily blandly archly teemingly poetically constructively formatively causatively fruitfully crookedly delusively dishonorably consequentially influentially dishonourably treacherously illusorily captiously momentously traitorously elusively evasively eventfully predominantly responsibly worthily meticulously correctly regularly routinely chiefly pioneeringly rousingly vitally intensely forcibly thrillingly matter-of-factly informedly nicely finically minutely finickily particularly unerringly closely definitely nuancedly persnicketily winningly expediently reasonably commonsensically advisably pragmatically logically soberly sagely sanely judgmatically stunningly spectacularly efficaciously hardworkingly purposefully intently diligently industriously directly seriously expeditiously sedulously concentratedly earnestly memorably radiantly enchantingly bewitchingly captivatingly entrancingly justly judicially seasonably unforgettably uniquely scrumptiously delectably badly unreally bodaciously movingly mind-blowingly eloquently incredibly surprisingly breathtakingly unbelievably

Trái nghĩa của orderly

orderly Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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