Đồng nghĩa của hard line

Tính từ

Stubbornly, and usually unreasonably, holding to an opinion, decision or purpose
unyielding inflexible rigid uncompromising resolute stubborn adamant determined firm immovable obstinate tough unbending intractable relentless unwavering dogged implacable intransigent obdurate inexorable pertinacious stiff stiff-necked hardline hard-line uncooperative unpersuadable unshakeable iron-willed single-minded staunch unrelenting adamantine bullheaded diehard grim hard hardened hardheaded hard-nosed headstrong inconvincible mulish opinionated ossified pat perverse pigheaded self-opinionated self-willed steadfast stiffened tenacious unappeasable unflinching wilful willful bloody-minded indurate renitent unmalleable durable fixed hard and fast hard-core immalleable merciless refractory ruthless uncompliant unmovable unswayable locked in not giving an inch dead set on strict bull-headed dyed-in-the-wool unaccommodating entrenched inveterate indomitable balky difficult deep-dyed long-standing settled committed fractious unmanageable explicit die-hard unshakable contrary unfaltering dedicated decided incompliant incurable recalcitrant unsparing seasoned rooted stalwart set true harsh deep cantankerous obstreperous intrenched narrow-minded froward definite insistent persistent confirmed pitiless dogmatic trying perfectionist fussy faithful devoted deep-rooted bred-in-the-bone deep-seated importunate tiresome dictatorial critical hang tough overbearing unamenable demanding troublesome querulous set in stone unreasonable hypercritical hard to please tyrannical hard to satisfy over-particular winner-take-all zero-sum high-stake win-or-lose unbudgeable strong rugged categorical brick-wall severe all-or-nothing set-on one-sided stern awkward crisp doctrinaire unflexible reactionary traditionalist conservative dug in standing pat unruly wayward do or die hard as nails hold your ground standing one's ground hold the line hold the fort wild ultra-conservative unprogressive disobedient ungovernable uncontrollable sticking to one's guns undisciplined unadaptable contumacious rebellious restive untoward defiant rock-ribbed rebel recusant insubordinate unchanging extreme remorseless mortal insoluble thorny unpliable locked problematic knotty indocile clamorous judgmental rigorous disapproving blimpish out-and-out sworn deadly bitter chronic habitual overexacting imperious cavilling nagging stringent exigent resolved established tough nut perennial lifelong thorough devout quibbling disparaging needy possessive hairsplitting caviling sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous censuring cavillous unswerving irreconcilable enduring loyal proved fervent earnest vehement indelible complete wholehearted incorrigible ardent immutable fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist radical fiery torrid irredeemable unreformable fanatical compulsive ineradicable thoroughgoing zealous impenitent obsessive longtime supreme unapologetic unashamed demeaning over-rigorous over-strict serious cynical over-exacting fault-finding carping censorious over-censorious high-maintenance assertive whole-hearted emphatic staid ingrained accustomed inured habituated constant in earnest determinate bound decisive dominant purposeful stable certain unalterable intent sicker obscene pornographic X-rated prevailing sure undeviating unshaken inexpugnable domineering persevering unqualified going bent positive consistent long-established bona fide strong-willed hard-and-fast through and through well established deep-set red-hot hard-shell all-consuming firmly established card-carrying well-established unwaivering do-or-die never-failing bent on bent upon through-and-through hell-bent on stand pat hell-bent upon grumbly disobliging strong-minded irritable set in one's ways boorish finical vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured temperamental crotchety ornery uppity touchy uptight chippy feisty quarrelsome disputative sour oafish discontented cussed picky prickly dissatisfied rude bearish crabby thrawn huffy stroppy argumentative negative delicate oppressive irritating contrarious overcritical wrong-headed impolite opinionative disputatious irascible obstructive particular fastidious finicky bolshie ungracious

Tính từ

Making strict requirements
stringent exacting inflexible rigid rigorous strict demanding severe tight tough firm uncompromising binding brassbound cast-iron draconian hard-line harsh stiff acrimonious brick-wall compelling confining convincing drawing dyed-in-the-wool extreme forceful hard hard-nosed ironclad iron-fisted picky poignant powerful rough set stern unpermissive valid hard and fast by the book by the numbers dead set on unyielding unbending fixed authoritarian resolute heavy-handed invariable unwavering austere unadaptable unalterable undeviating oppressive immutable unsparing unchangeable adamant unvarying intransigent unshakeable determined steadfast unchanging obdurate bullheaded unrelenting relentless solid intractable hard-and-fast inexorable fierce immovable ramrod dour unforgiving set in stone disciplinary changeless headstrong obstinate no-nonsense dead set drastic flinty unmoving imperious unsympathetic callous cruel merciless hard-hitting formidable hardheaded hard-hearted single-minded regimented disciplined controlled established locked spartan despotic savage ironhanded onerous entrenched incommutable inalterable closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced final rooted unswerving exact irreversible concrete bound remove hard to please static incompliant definite settled fast determinate challenging ruthless complicated inexpugnable unbreakable locked in tough nut to crack unsentimental brutal writ in stone strait-laced cut-and-dried decided upon cool cold uncaring ferocious awkward difficult refractory desperate pugnacious stony grave stony-hearted two-fisted hard-bitten hard-shelled hard-boiled dire forbidding illiberal grim uptight uncharitable pitiless unflinching pressing dogged hardhearted hardened autocratic hard-core adamantine hardline indurate pertinacious puritanical disciplinarian resolved astringent absolute browbeating mulish ossified ascetical stiff-necked domineering ascetic tyrannical stubborn stuffy unpersuadable unfeeling heartless remorseless unmerciful insensitive implacable inhuman cold-blooded inhumane unpitying stoney affectless stonyhearted compassionless desensitized take-no-prisoners ironhearted unkind desensitised unemotional unfriendly thick-skinned sadistic insensate slash-and-burn soulless case-hardened pachydermatous icy gruff mean cold-hearted intense inclement hostile bullying immoderate diehard systematic meticulous scrupulous painstaking ironfisted staunch militant ungiving tenacious unappeasable apathetic stand pat with a heart of stone anesthetized feelingless cold fish uncompassionate unamiable churlish sensationless crotchety emotionless surly anaesthetized deadened cantankerous unempathetic uncordial unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable not giving an inch ineluctable necessary immobile unmovable compulsory formal serious bound and determined mean business no going back hell bent on like death and taxes solemn maleficent brutish wolfish violent truculent tormenting torturous barbaric reserved steely barbarous unsmiling frosty frigid chilly distant aloof tyrannous abusive intolerant dictatorial louring murderous suppressive remote lowering intimidating rugged critical sombre earnest ungentle somber hardhanded mean-looking hard-shell

Tính từ

Displaying a lack of sympathy, empathy or general emotions
hard-boiled callous case-hardened cynical tough hardened indurate unsentimental affectless cold-blooded compassionless desensitised desensitized hard hard-bitten hard-headed hard-hearted hard-nosed heartless inhuman inhumane insensate insensitive ironhearted merciless obdurate pachydermatous pitiless remorseless ruthless slash-and-burn soulless stoney stony stonyhearted take-no-prisoners thick-skinned uncharitable unfeeling unmerciful unsparing unsympathetic world-weary indurated firm hard-edged hard-line hard-shelled headstrong inflexible lacking sentiment obstinate rough stern strict unbending toughened by experience as hard as nails hard as nails as tough as old boots cruel harsh uncaring cold hardhearted unforgiving brutal unkind severe cold-hearted stony-hearted uncompassionate unpitying unemotional savage indifferent barbarous with a heart of stone unconcerned unmoved sadistic relentless coldhearted unrelenting unresponsive lacking compassion uncompromising implacable mean cool impassive barbaric unyielding austere rigid unfriendly toughened apathetic inconsiderate inexorable stiff rigorous fierce grim intolerant exacting aloof steely frigid matter-of-fact inured unsusceptible down-to-earth marble-hearted businesslike stringent unaffected adamant draconian vicious no-nonsense calm obtuse dispassionate flinty illiberal practical realistic cold fish bestial rational unremitting monstrous brutish level-headed reserved mean-spirited ferocious bloodless unimpressionable cast-iron truculent thoughtless distant stolid dog-eat-dog cut-throat wanton sanguinary impersonal remote sober emotionless cutthroat rugged vindictive frosty solid deadpan formal icy chilly forbidding unruffled feelingless imperturbable incurious authoritarian ramrod heavy-handed shrewd fiendish diabolical spiritless insensible stubborn pragmatic sensible evil wicked heinous cool-headed stone-hearted atrocious impervious inclement butcherly unkindly brute beastly dastardly lifeless feral detached bloodthirsty strong vigorous hardy sturdy stout unloving flagitious egregious fell phlegmatic selfish surly seasoned self-controlled inexpressive flat collected deadened wolfish unappeasable impenetrable adamantine benumbed hard-as-nails intractable serious hurtful disinterested dry composed solemn dour stoic impassible tranquil crass without sentiment tyrannous tactless imperceptive stuffy poker-faced laid-back tyrannical murderous unrepenting inattentive hardheaded disdainful sombre with both feet on the ground steady unexcited somber casehardened stonehearted demanding depraved hellish ungenerous dead satanic hatchetjob coldblooded appalling heedless uncommiserating armour-plated invulnerable blank unpleasant self-centred expressionless untouched mechanical killer rancorous malevolent mortal ironfisted revengeful premeditated punishing stingy unfair ungracious killer instinct insusceptible constant vengeful punitive repellent lukewarm halfhearted aversive repugnant faceless utilitarian gray subhuman grey bleak hostile unchristian censorious unwelcoming fixed unsensitive oblivious mean machine having a killer instinct iron-fisted uncalled-for unflinching Rhadamanthine without pity accustomed habituated violent tormenting maleficent torturous bloody sour avaricious unregenerate greedy indefatigable uncontrite crotchety cantankerous unempathetic anesthetized unamiable churlish sensationless anaesthetized uncordial self-centered unsympathizing spiteful hard-hitting inured to torpid insentient impenitent careless desperate two-fisted refractory drastic resolute immutable pugnacious unimpressed uninfluenced oppressive despotic abusive dictatorial grave with a hide like an elephant experienced suppressive onerous hard-shell hardhanded critical tough and shrewd tough-minded acclimatized coarsened used blind to deaf to unsmiling inaccessible acclimatised steeled contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent resistant impious prepared unashamed louring gruff earnest intimidating ungentle lowering mean-looking astringent withdrawn easy-going casual nonaffected astute unsociable uncommunicative undemonstrative controlled passionless immoderate undeviating extreme intransigent diehard brassbound antisocial standoffish clinical restrained unforthcoming set compacted packed iron concentrated consolidated compressed hard-handed compact rocky unapproachable single-minded staunch hard-core steadfast unwavering ungiving militant offish clear-thinking stoical unexcitable plain malign hateful malicious cannibalistic malignant unclubbable dull asocial sharp-witted sharp unagitated serene haughty mundane prosaic standoff uninterested straightforward unvarnished unembellished literal unimaginative factual equable numb supercilious commonsensical stuck up lone wolf uppity laid back buttoned-up cold-eyed lofty snooty on ice proud stand-offish putting on airs stand pat not giving an inch earthy pragmatical uncreative unadorned quiet chill reticent marble blah objective listless glacial humdrum pedestrian faithful unimpassioned naked straight-thinking truthful accurate unembroidered undistorted exact prosy feasible unidealistic seemly sedate unperturbed together recollected untroubled pacific placid self-composed possessed staid decorous coolheaded undisturbed grounded cool as cucumber proper unworried self-possessed stately dignified unflappable along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches cool, calm and collected nasty vile despicable base horrible contemptible uninvolved aggressive bad foul coarse dangerous low abominable homicidal dishonourable low-down wild horrid catty nonchalant rotten snide degenerate terrible unstirred immoral dirty frightful unmindful detestable execrable dishonorable threatening pococurante heedless of virulent frightening obnoxious exploitative hideous disagreeable ghastly inhospitable wooden devilish shabby insouciant rowdy loathsome deplorable indelicate awful dreadful odious blasé abrasive negligent scummy crude degraded unruly unaroused ill-natured rude curt wounding nefarious corrupt lawless inert indiscreet uncivil perverted infernal neutral ignominious low-minded fiery stark boorish criminal perverse villainous passive oblivious to sinful abhorrent untamed petty fearful shameful antipathetic uncongenial grisly gruesome currish pernicious brash unprincipled debased reprobate unrestrained fearsome not nice infamous hasty wrathful ignoble nonplussed scornful profligate lethargic licentious blind lackadaisical uncontrollable despiteful languid supine crazed browbeating formidable venomous wimpy moony draggy could care less couldn't care less dire don't give a damn what the hell unhappy intemperate competitive unnatural loveless intense bearish upsetting stone-faced ice-cold unjust excessive forceful heavy dry-eyed undismayed horny ravening bullying ill stony-eyed demoniac unreasonable gloating disorderly immune cat-and-mouse glazed destructive not caring ruffianly lawbreaking bored non-committal half-hearted sluggish immune to impervious to unambitious unmotivated menacing furious cutting abject disgraceful proof against unmindful of biting red in tooth and claw Laodicean unmanageable indifferent to caustic droopy dispirited lazy numbed hollow asleep shocking horrific rabid wretched meanspirited self-contained impetuous raging delirious convulsive baleful insensible to insensible of insensitive of insensitive to disregardful of grating unfazed inscrutable raving enraged incessive undomesticated cold-faced insipid vacant glassy senseless grubby sordid vitriolic bitter frantic infuriated rapacious angry mad brusque annoying irritating acerbic horrendous horrifying harrowing tigerish biffo animalistic primitive aggers toneless paralysed paralyzed still worthless galling unimpressible cheap lame lousy narrow-minded carefree acerb comfortless blithe hair-raising macabre nightmarish unrevealing taciturn inexcitable disciplinarian resolved dogged ascetical immovable domineering by the book absolute mulish ossified determined pressing disciplinary bullheaded imperious dyed-in-the-wool stiff-necked ascetic autocratic contaminated faulty lewd putrid insubordinate impure libidinous indecent reprehensible demoralised miscreant abandoned demoralized spiky argumentative relaxed scurvy scabby scungy ratty terrifying unspeakable repulsive alarming unscrupulous debauched graceless amoral sinister shameless rubbing the wrong way hard to take devil-may-care happy-go-lucky terrific grewsome spine-chilling revolting lurid nightmare unanxious easy deceitful unlawful wrong unethical iniquitous dishonest devious nauseating terrorizing sickening lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair unsophisticated unsavoury delinquent crooked shady slippery scandalous unconscionable two-faced defiled scheming improper disreputable unrighteous sly felonious underhanded shifty unconscientious gross from hell lou bloodcurdling terrorising eerie unthinking unenthusiastic inept clumsy gauche unsubtle maladroit self-indulgent vitiated disparaging errant libertine demonic evil-minded self-seeking conscienceless morally wrong objectionable dodgy decadent questionable corrupted dissolute scoundrelly crafty scrofulous black-hearted bent squalid incorrigible ungodly unsavory dark clammy antiseptic hard-eyed brittle tasteless uncouth unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless deaf at ease undaunted slaughterous impolite discourteous roughshod gelid bungling unpolished blundering awkward unthoughtful disrespectful without a care in the world not giving a toss precipitate vulgar untactful rash unhandsome unmannered impertinent undiplomatic unmannerly impartial incautious short reckless ignorant unceremonious unconcerned about equitable unbiased uninvolved with apathetic towards apathetic about nonchalant about unprejudiced offhand about casual about nonpartisan regardless uncaring about uninvolved in uninterested in like a bull in a china shop bored by dismissive of mindless of equal careless of square frivolous about evenhanded candid just reckless about unimpressed by regardless of fair cavalier about ill-mannered ill-bred weary of unenthusiastic about unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned unsocial highbrow diffident silent superior not giving a monkey's

Tính từ

Unwilling or unable to change because of tradition or convention
hidebound conservative traditional reactionary orthodox unprogressive ultraconservative brassbound paleoconservative standpat traditionalistic archconservative conventional illiberal mossbacked narrow intolerant prejudiced inflexible rigid biased diehard dogmatic blimpish fundamentalist set uncompromising fanatical puritan jaundiced intractable individualistic parochial narrow-minded old-school small-minded old-fashioned old-line buttoned-down button-down die-hard dyed-in-the-wool petty-minded close-minded strait-laced ultra-conservative hard-line set in your ways fixed in one's views set in one's opinions bigoted provincial insular small-town petty limited sectarian myopic blinkered parish-pump inward-looking partisan restricted small localist right traditionalist picayune Lilliputian little jerkwater short-sighted fogyish Tory unimaginative discriminatory doctrinaire obstinate entrenched claustral firm rightist closed-minded bourgeois stable conformist unchanging timid sober quiet guarded uncreative controlled steady redneck undaring unchangeable constant fearful right-wing middle-of-the-road fuddy-duddy partial puritanical old line old guard white bread holding to not extreme hard hat right of center in a rut stuffy obscurantist chauvinist chauvinistic intransigent opinionated selfish pigheaded established backward-looking blind one-sided extremist moralistic prim prudish priggish starchy alt-right prissy ungenerous mean unsophisticated shockable philistine racist sexist uncharitable accepted racialist sectional local suburban unadventurous common extreme ordinary parti pris retrogressive regressive counterrevolutionary religious xenophobic outdated set in one's ways outmoded deaf unpersuadable resistant stubborn shortsighted constricted lopsided one-eyed convinced immovable unreconstructed cautious introverted moderate obdurate borné inexorable prudent unenterprising safe careful shallow regional hick temperate boring closed circumscribed counter-revolutionary Birchite ethnocentric purist contracted secluded sequestered confined separated factional middle-class medieval prehistoric unreceptive mediaeval unreasonable stick in the mud clannish cliquish schismatic self-centred self-centered exclusive fanatic denominational property-owning uninformed commonplace upcountry corn-fed materialistic shopkeeping propertied unfair homespun rude unpolished pastoral bucolic simple homegrown unfashionable sceptical nonconforming skeptical dissident nonconformist splinter Pooterish unjust predictable Victorian staid inequitable non-objective loaded weighted distorted unobjective warped influenced coloured ageist disablist conditioned anti-gay homophobic anti-Semitic heterosexist prepossessed classist fattist inclined presupposing predisposed leaning colored preconceived nationalistic past old ancient former folk from the past old-world historical familial prior ancestral out-of-date historic family long-established lineal bygone old-style oral of yore unwritten handed-down received unenlarged unenlightened authoritarian tight sordid approved popular strict despotic undemocratic parsimonious miserly stingy anti-democratic oppressive repressive tightfisted totalitarian recognized mainstream correct proper normal regular official authoritative usual customary close-fisted draconian fascist tyrannical prevailing doctrinal standard authorized prevalent canonical proscriptive greedy grudging antiliberal penny-pinching unoriginal familiar acknowledged unheretical routine derivative well established well-established kosher sanctioned straight admitted recognised pious punctilious legitimate rightful sound square authorised bien pensant straight arrow in line according to the book by the numbers general stock habitual typical expected average classical everyday accustomed characteristic classic universal widespread representative current natural archetypal archetypical wonted unexceptional fitting suitable quintessential model standardized ideal fixed typic formal prototypical respectable emblematic indicative standardised befitting prescriptive fit exemplary matter-of-course ubiquitous prototypal time-honoured true predominant settled acceptable confirmed illustrative run-of-the-mill symbolic appropriate paradigmatic bog-standard apt essential going comme il faut in keeping in character old hat suggestive archetypic regulation patterned prototypic seemly de rigueur overall majority shared time-honored decent decorous fashionable legal public becoming rife household vanilla genteel done well-known standard-issue proverbial chronic conforming widely held lawful ruling polite stereotypical proven refined just understood prosaic valid daily unremarkable plain legit garden-variety warranted frequent allowed moral cut-and-dried cut-and-dry garden variety in circulation in vogue statutory due wide collective generic endorsed nice fair pervasive broad reliable ritual widely used good staple basic mannerly sensible quotidian applicable licensed judicious prescribed workaday accredited stereotyped vulgar precise documented meet well-mannered de règle civilized OK virtuous stipulated common or garden comely permitted ceremonious day-to-day honest agreed upon civilised well worn okay licenced tried and true tried and tested stick-in-the-mud on the level par for the course across the board by the book in force on the up and up lamestream favoured extensive central definitive undoubted uncontested undisputed unquestioned canonic core textbook agreed imitable dominant primary circumspect discerning net protocol in order plastic white-bread so-so grind favored great signature touted boilerplate presentational socially acceptable couth courtly unopposed passed okayed preferred discreet abiding favourite comfortable favorite done thing one-size-fits-all standard operating procedure playing it safe sop same old wont in the groove according to Hoyle acquired honored enduring immortal ageless mutual diplomatic stilted stiff stiff-necked tralatitious apposite hackneyed derived lasting timeless traditionary stodgy known inveterate inherent symptomatic consistent fogeyish tasteful dignified right stuff honoured congruous adopted intermutual embraced united commutual like renowned believed immemorial Biedermeier straight-laced ceremonial of the old school anticipated foreseeable foreseen arrived at mass pukka presentable dependable in established usage formulaic distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing declared recognizable identified perceived serious highbrow right-leaning authentic memorable unforgettable ritualistic undying deathless dated native clichéd cliched realized remembered certified national blanket communal overarching global joint outright out of the ark behind the times out of date heavy symphonic concert heavyweight authenticated realised recognisable professed deserved comprehensive rampant true to form to be expected validated obedient to the right trustworthy right wing unquestioning astute merited only to be expected on the cards … all over true to type total sweeping epidemic nationwide societal wholesale verified widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted deep-rooted ingrained compulsory signed sealed ratified wise sagacious intelligent officially recognized bona fide rooted secure unshakable vested permanent signed and sealed ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared decisive cathedral positive real decided conclusive ex cathedra definite and delivered ex officio obligatory mandatory necessary required condign competent justified earned broad-spectrum across-the-board broad-brush all-round all-around percipient perceptive shrewd licit permissible allowable legalized admissible reasonable constitutional upright socially obligatory a must called for au fait holding water requisite fly faithful tried-and-true ethical principled noble reputable twenty-four carat significant well deserved card-carrying in principle equitable well earned right-minded legalised within the law conforming to accepted standards above board going by the rules accurate exact gentlemanly qualified felicitous pretty desired suited ladylike demure modest honourable sedate honorable courteous most common

Trái nghĩa của hard line

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