Đồng nghĩa của uncaring

Alternative for uncaring

  • tính từ
    • không để ý đến, không quan tâm đến, thiếu lòng trắc ẩn


Characterized by a lack of care
indifferent negligent unconcerned unfeeling unmoved unsympathetic aloof blasé callous cold cool detached disinterested dispassionate hardhearted heartless impervious insensible listless nonchalant passionless selfish unaroused unemotional uninterested uninvolved unresponsive not caring apathetic heedless distant inattentive bored lukewarm regardless impassive careless emotionless phlegmatic stoical pococurante laid-back uncurious weary jaded glutted not interested world-weary offhand unexcited carefree laid back relaxed cloyed impartial objective unconcerned about equitable unbiased passive offhand about uninvolved with unimpressed unprejudiced insouciant heedless of apathetic towards nonpartisan apathetic about uninvolved in casual about nonchalant about uninterested in uncaring about fair reckless about careless of regardless of neutral frivolous about cavalier about bored by evenhanded dismissive of square mindless of candid oblivious to just unimpressed by equal weary of lukewarm about nonaligned unenthusiastic about unmoved by phlegmatic about unresponsive to stoic scornful unsocial supercilious highbrow silent haughty uncommunicative diffident superior lethargic sluggish languid torpid lackadaisical non-committal half-hearted affectless undemonstrative supine stolid unambitious numb impassible cold-blooded inert unmotivated not giving a monkey's Laodicean untouched draggy lazy flat droopy dispirited wimpy moony blah what the hell could care less couldn't care less don't give a damn


Not having or showing feeling or sympathy
stony unfeeling hard callous heartless unsympathetic merciless pitiless ruthless insensitive cold uncharitable inhuman unmerciful inhumane remorseless unsparing harsh compassionless obdurate cruel affectless indurate indifferent severe soulless stonyhearted ironhearted pachydermatous desensitised desensitized unemotional insensate cool stern impassive unresponsive frigid unfriendly blank unforgiving expressionless deadpan inflexible hardened unbending tough unmoved steely icy flinty frosty unyielding inexorable uncompromising unrelenting uncompassionate chilly firm hostile unwelcoming fixed adamant coldhearted adamantine Rhadamanthine hard-hearted cold-blooded case-hardened hard-boiled cold-hearted stony-hearted thick-skinned slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners poker-faced lacking compassion marble-hearted unkind brutal stoney unpitying savage hardhearted with a heart of stone unconcerned sadistic barbarous apathetic mean inconsiderate barbaric vicious implacable relentless aloof nasty fierce ferocious wicked monstrous thoughtless mean-spirited hard-nosed austere untouched brutish emotionless spiteful unloving fiendish malicious unpleasant hard as nails bestial bloodless hard-bitten unremitting beastly bloodthirsty unsentimental malevolent grim evil disinterested atrocious unsusceptible unstirred heinous vindictive impervious ungenerous dispassionate hurtful rigid truculent butcherly brute wanton lukewarm obtuse intolerant repellent malignant cut-throat hateful unaffected diabolical inclement strict inured stolid vile rigorous toughened antipathetic draconian unkindly impassible calm dastardly stiff halfhearted aversive repugnant sanguinary feelingless tactless dog-eat-dog heedless cutthroat unperturbed unruffled insensible surly stoical unappeasable undemonstrative selfish murderous unmindful unempathetic fell unflappable disagreeable collected oblivious detached passive unfair phlegmatic stubborn indurated stone-hearted equable stoic without sentiment abominable punishing passionless shabby resolute deadened nonplussed violent unamiable exacting seasoned flagitious egregious heedless of deaf to unchristian unimpressionable stringent uncongenial depraved snide distant as hard as nails inattentive base crass ill-natured rough imperceptive imperturbable benumbed hard-as-nails malign wolfish incurious catty cold fish impenetrable bad impotent not nice virulent stonehearted killer rancorous mortal ironfisted feral revengeful satanic hatchetjob coldblooded without pity uncommiserating self-centred hellish illiberal stingy ungracious unaffectionate killer instinct appalling armour-plated invulnerable cannibalistic tyrannous constant vengeful punitive censorious matter-of-fact premeditated nonresponsive ice-cold stone-faced torpid insentient impenitent spiritless careless self-centered unsympathizing crude coarse insusceptible unnatural abusive infernal bearish gruff crotchety cantankerous anesthetized churlish sensationless anaesthetized uncordial foul petty stony-eyed despicable with a hide like an elephant contemptible obnoxious blind to unimpressed sexually unresponsive odious unsensitive loathsome hard-hitting blind dry-eyed undismayed untroubled drastic inured to indifferent to insensitive of insensible to insensitive to disregardful of insensible of authoritarian unworried wounding upsetting unapproachable cowardly timid servile weak intractable low uninterested horrible uncivil inhospitable withdrawn neutral numb restrained horrid hardheaded desperate hard-line hard-shelled two-fisted ramrod refractory headstrong immutable pugnacious heavy-handed immune rotten low-down remote uninvolved impartial cold-faced accustomed ill habituated gross ardorless inhibited forbidding cold-shoulder loveless unromantic formal execrable deplorable scummy ignominious currish dirty dishonourable despiteful dishonorable detestable low-minded immune to impervious to oblivious to unmindful of proof against strong cast-iron vigorous hardy experienced sturdy rugged stout acclimatized coarsened used hard-edged inaccessible acclimatised steeled cynical contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent unrepenting resistant impious prepared disdainful unashamed sober nonchalant composed temperate nonpassionate homicidal unflustered placid clinical unpassionate unexcitable analytical moderate tranquil unfazed scientific devilish logical businesslike serene unexcited cold-fish level-headed quiet self-controlled cool cat laid back non-emotional self-possessed abstract cool, calm and collected laid-back iceberg couldn't care less hideous ghastly nefarious pernicious maleficent immoral wrathful roughshod slaughterous terrible dreadful awful shocking villainous offensive demonic outrageous diabolic unspeakable grievous black-hearted disgusting oppressive frightful bitter demoniac dark infamous abhorrent insufferable onerous revolting ungodly black wild fearful dire demonical horrifying hardhanded Mephistophelian scandalous intolerable iniquitous sinful calamitous cacodemonic trying excruciating repulsive heavy burdensome uncultured alarming frightening harrowing searing unutterable demoniacal bloody uncouth vulgar accursed horrendous unrefined gruesome corrupt boorish degenerate indescribable reprobate untamed satanical ghoulish nightmarish uncivilized perverted bleak wretched torturous uncultivated grisly horrific stark primitive rude sickening demonian Luciferian perverse obscene debased damnable criminal unprincipled dour crazed shameful animalistic animal natural subhuman ignoble hellacious tyrannical unruly unsavory tortuous unsavoury uncivilised disgraceful dangerous flagrant wooden dead crushing reprehensible macabre terrific grewsome lurid nightmare nauseating carnal senseless ferine inexpressive facinorous unsophisticated swinish loutish degraded aggressive unlawful comfortless objectionable lewd indecent heathen Hadean tormenting wrong ogreish amoral overwhelming felonious lawless godawful unscrupulous immoderate tigerish oafish distressing gray grey faceless extreme unbearable steep yucky ill-bred unpolished unendurable crooked dishonest exorbitant excessive red in tooth and claw Neanderthal intimidating ill-mannered from hell dissolute scoundrelly shady unethical profligate licentious mad bent unrestrained unrighteous louring extravagant barbarian unhallowed ungentle unconscionable heathenish sour serpentine lowbrow improper intemperate great lowering intense inexpressible ogry ogrish difficult ravening ignorant reptilian unlettered gloating lifeless demanding Stygian destructive mechanical spartan solid unholy unflinching morbid aberrant ominous frenetic maniacal possessed utilitarian piggish gluttonous God-awful unclean irrational prurient barren grinding Spartan bare-bones desolate philistine uncomfortable discomforting iron-fisted uncalled-for world-weary hard-headed mean machine having a killer instinct ravenous lupine voracious untold uneducated undescribable indefatigable avaricious unregenerate greedy uncontrite wearing despotic dictatorial illiterate thuggish biting suppressive glazed flat hellborn cursed cloven-footed wilful Neandertal benighted lacking sentiment obstinate undue inordinate crippling menacing furious worthless deliberate needless unjustified arbitrary unmannered yobbish fiery debauched critical unbelievable inconceivable toughened by experience swingeing sharp towering overweening threatening unprovoked abysmal unimaginable sinister shameless rabid fearsome dull inert graceless contaminated faulty putrid insubordinate impure libidinous demoralised miscreant abandoned demoralized as tough as old boots ineffable impetuous raging delirious convulsive baleful unreasonable overextravagant insane plethoric baroque overmuch overdue gratuitous groundless motiveless deceitful devious raving uncontrollable enraged incessive undomesticated illegal illicit numbed hollow asleep hard-shell delinquent slippery two-faced defiled scheming disreputable sly underhanded shifty unconscientious insupportable unjustifiable frantic infuriated rapacious angry illegitimate robust terrifying indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond words too horrible for words preternatural beyond description undefinable indescribably evil unwarranted maddening impossible OTT preposterous exasperating venomous biffo aggers self-indulgent vitiated disparaging errant exploitative libertine evil-minded self-seeking conscienceless morally wrong dodgy decadent questionable corrupted crafty scrofulous squalid incorrigible scornful indictable sordid transgressing insipid vacant glassy O.T.T. extortionate willed unmotivated ruffianly blackguardly roguish underhand scurrilous too great shaming disgracing debauching notorious depraving debasing contumelious opprobrious brusque blunt curt impolite thievish malfeasant stinking warped rascally toneless paralysed paralyzed still aimless discourteous over the top very bad painful physical galling ribald indelicate profane indecorous bluff unmannerly neanderthal troglodytic undisciplined unjust contrary ornery insolent wayward double-crossing culpable not cricket knavish peccant undesirable poignant bodily inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy filthy agonizing disturbing heartbreaking reserved heart-rending vexatious disquieting fleshly less than human bad-mannered untutored unwelcome unhappy distasteful afflicting heartrending chilling unlovely unpleasing tragic sad yukky traumatic miserable unpalatable displeasing tasteless lowbred foul-mouthed artless unceremonious common loud distressful icky sore mortifying afflictive provoking annoying agonising roughneck incult unladylike ungentlemanly raffish stilted starchy sensual unforgivable gut-wrenching corporeal intuitive visceral corporal mammalian inborn biological innate bureaucratic gelid stand-offish sick-making scurvy disgustful sick loathly subconscious instinctive somatic organic instinctual featureless straight colorless colourless impersonal equal measured uncolored depersonalised candid unpassioned careful depersonalized nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic hairy grody beyond the pale fleshy appetitive material strictly business cold turkey earthy earthly beastlike


(of a person, action, or motive) Making decisions based solely on one's own self-interest or personal profit
selfish inconsiderate ungiving thoughtless unthinking heedless unmindful regardless insensitive tactless apathetic discourteous uncharitable unkind mean miserly grasping greedy mercenary egocentric egomaniacal egotistic egotistical introverted self-loving acquisitive opportunistic self-absorbed self-centered self-centred self-obsessed self-regarding self-seeking self-serving inward-looking money-grubbing looking after number one on the make out for what one can get wrapped up in oneself narcissistic rude impolite vain self-interested undiplomatic unthoughtful wrapped up in yourself inward looking ungracious uncivil disrespectful impertinent unrefined indelicate antisocial boorish brash asocial indiscreet disregardful blundering careless injudicious unmannerly unmannered self-involved self-preoccupied self-infatuated egoistical solipsistic self-oriented egoistic self-concerned unfeeling unhandsome frank unsympathetic hurtful outspoken blunt obsessive individualistic personal self-important isolated inflated snobbish boastful intimate haughty vainglorious pompous bragging proud opinionated stuck-up intrinsic affected autocratic boasting conceited subjective inner-directed self-admiring aloof prideful superior swollen abrupt unladylike sharp impolitic cruel uncivilized unconsiderate bluff ungentlemanly unceremonious uncivilised speaking as one finds plain-spoken uncalled for calling a spade a spade ill-mannered ill-bred puffed up uncalled-for stuck on oneself overweening arrogant swaggering cocky biggity smug swellheaded self-conceited self-opinionated swollen-headed bigheaded biggety big-headed supercilious imperious immodest uppity uppish self-congratulatory high-and-mighty snooty snotty full of oneself toffee-nosed chesty high and mighty know-it-all egomaniac stuck up in love with oneself hubristic too big for your boots high-handed pontifical pretentious lordly blustering overbearing scornful bold patronizing presumptuous contemptuous disdainful insolent elitist snobby self-affected bloated self-righteous bumptious self-promoting self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying mocking lofty self-engrossed brazen scoffing huffish self-asserting hoity-toity huffy high-hat impudent stiff-necked hifalutin toploftical self-assertive assumptive orgulous condescending cavalier highfalutin brassy sneering toplofty sniffy fancy-pants snippy audacious cheeky bossy overconfident smarty cold-shoulder patronising important peacockish wise guy jumped up self-satisfied complacent consequential assured think too highly of oneself pleased with oneself on an ego trip have an excessively high opinion of oneself full of yourself think a lot of oneself looking out for number one in love with yourself self-contained snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet above oneself brag boast ham full of hot air strutting cocksure smart-alecky loudmouth windbag big talking phoney phony gall conceity swanky ostentatious selflike pleased with yourself think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift self-indulgent self-minded megalomaniac individualist


Characterized by a state lacking warmth or happiness
cold cheerless depressing depressive joyless miserable comfortless lonely lonesome dreary dreich unimpassioned disconsolate desolate dire dismal drear forlorn glum godforsaken morbid morose murky solemn somber sombre sullen sunless tenebrific tenebrous wretched black bleak cloudy dark darkening gloomy gray grey unmoved elegiac elegiacal funereal lugubrious plutonian saturnine sepulchral chill Cimmerian grim melancholy sad mournful unhappy doleful drab depressed disheartening sorrowful melancholic blue dejected despondent dolorous woeful dispiriting dour dull woebegone uninviting oppressive dingy grave hopeless downcast crestfallen down in the dumps discouraging dispirited down dim unwelcoming pessimistic austere down in the mouth stark abject mirthless humourless humorless saddening distressed pathetic heartbreaking heartrending sorry in the dumps bare inhospitable in low spirits serious clinical impersonal rueful institutional downhearted moody dejecting uncomfortable sober mourning teary tearful piteous cast down unpromising dreadful drearisome severe shocking spiritless sedate horrific frightful horrid horrifying distressing dirgelike bland foreboding unsmiling draggy mopey low despairing moping wintery afflicted wintry jarring low-spirited hurting gruesome down-and-out ghastly hideous grisly macabre poignant frightening unearthly lurid hard lamenting earnest eerie harsh stern terrifying nightmarish tragic broken-hearted defeatist horrible grief-stricken heavy-hearted weighty dirge-like unfortunate monstrous fearsome revolting grieving devastated inconsolable ominous bitter terrible moving Eeyorish anguished taciturn sulky brooding grotesque gory staid loathsome shadowy long-faced appalling grewsome troubled sourpuss muted subdued spookish offensive weird scary shady chilling sickening spooky atrocious stony-faced no-nonsense poker-faced in the doldrums in a blue funk ruined abandoned deserted waste solitary unpropitious unfavorable unfavourable plaintive overcast sorrowing sinister heartbroken obscure deathly hollow Stygian maudlin in the pits chap-fallen adverse disadvantageous inauspicious downbeat nostalgic cynical exequial funebrial deathlike sunk in gloom portentous bad-tempered grumpy uncommunicative negative threnodic threnodial spartan phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive touching gloom-ridden bereft fatalistic given to looking on the black side frowning glowering crushed lorn upset companionless worrying demoralized oppressed weary dragged crabbed mopish surly chapfallen broody ugly poor lamentable regrettable forbidding acheronian having blue devils singing the blues having the blahs cut up pitiable pitiful demoralising upsetting demoralizing difficult distressful disappointing distrustful doubting unenthusiastic suspicious chilly demoralised alarmist excruciating traumatic troublesome crushing dolesome blue funk agonising harrowing vexatious agonizing painful unpleasant discomposing plangent lachrymose derisible mortifying pensive heart-wrenching grievous heart-rending tear-jerking horrendous ghostly pitiless terrific repulsive repugnant nightmare awful sick unhealthy God-awful death-obsessed bad heartsick heartsore caliginous dusky saddened brokenhearted heavyhearted hangdog darkened obscured lightless droopy darkish stygian unlit clouded nubilous nebulous leaden pitchy rayless dusk unilluminated overclouded pitch-black pitch-dark dimmed discouraged disagreeable foul deplorable ghoulish darksome darkling bummed out down and out in pain wistful uncanny supernatural colorless deadpan displeasing heavy disheartened devilish vile despicable contemptible detestable crummy destroyed cast-down unnatural dolent unhumorous lacklustre deep lackluster sobersided po-faced unexciting poorly lit blah uninteresting uninspiring colourless boring monotonous lifeless humdrum pained stony daunting afflictive sorry for oneself disconcerting weepy down-in-the-mouth dirgeful hellish unnerving disquieting discomforting dysphoric bleeding disenchanting diabolic diabolical sadistic twisted perverted shot down looking on the black side acherontic hazy uncomic cruel gross gut-wrenching hurtful torn up misty foggy heart-breaking sick as a parrot businesslike sickly unclear beclouded hazed opaque afflicting hurt emotional languorous triste agonised down in dumps broken disappointed aggrieved tristful listless agonized down-hearted languid uneasy squalid pokerfaced sordid calamitous rainy subfusc louring lowering clouded over shameful disgraceful contemplative intense execrable trashy rotten shoddy inferior lousy filthy indigent scurvy scungy impoverished destitute derisory in sorrow in mourning full of sorrow poverty-stricken quiet resolved introspective straight-faced composed ruminative unplayful resolute bound and determined thoughtful reflective bookish deep in thought shaded umbrageous repellent disgusting nasty objectionable distasteful unacceptable off-putting abhorrent obnoxious undesirable hateful odious nauseating reprehensible intolerable obscene insufferable strange phantom preternatural unsavoury sick-making unpalatable noxious beastly fearful nauseous bedimmed creepy spectral rebarbative godawful exceptionable disgustful loathly crepuscular adumbral umbral shadowed badly lit faint from hell mortuary haggard wraithlike unbearable beyond the pale corpselike anemic unsavory weak anaemic haunted extraterrestrial hair-raising mysterious other-worldly umbriferous umbrous umbrose tenebrious spine-chilling eldritch blood-curdling alien bizarre eery haunting not of this world phantasmal phantasmic demoniac fiendish heavenly sublime ethereal inappropriate hyperphysical


Showing no interest, vigor, determination, or enthusiasm
lackadaisical limp languid languorous listless enervated idle indifferent lazy lethargic spiritless apathetic indolent inert abstracted half-hearted lukewarm dreamy insouciant leisurely offhand aimless bloodless passionless sluggish torpid careless casual feeble impassive languishing lax relaxed shiftless slap-happy unconcerned unenthusiastic uninterested daydreaming disinterested dull easygoing energyless faineant fainéant halfhearted inattentive incurious laid-back laissez-faire Laodicean moony passive pococurante romantic sentimental slapdash slothful easy going laid back spring fever nonchalant detached blasé cavalier complacent insensible uncurious carefree heedless regardless breezy flippant informal cursory cool unmoved loose perfunctory disimpassioned unfeeling easy-going free and easy devil-may-care artless unstudied superficial light effortless trivializing simple happy-go-lucky dismissive trivialising dispassionate unperturbed clinical unresponsive bored unimpressible unexcited cold withdrawn remote just watching the clock not giving a damn negative slack airy blithe inactive tardy quiescent dormant otiose slow negligent sleepy stagnant neglectful somnolent slow-moving lifeless remiss tired sloppy derelict slipshod dilatory laggard disregardful fatigued static procrastinative heavy supine lymphatic drowsy slovenly workshy unenergetic flat depressed quiet weary insensitive neurasthenic dozy asthenic dead weak logy yawny improvident incautious haphazard thoughtless reckless irresponsible unmindful shoddy unheeding unthoughtful untidy unsystematic unmeticulous unthorough work-shy unambitious unindustrious unmotivated inefficient incompetent unworksome unoccupied unaspiring parasitic useless bone idle good-for-nothing bone-idle neglecting delinquent disorganized disorderly disorganised unprofessional permissive motionless numb asleep at the wheel comatose asleep on the job do-nothing benumbed narcotic stupid dopey leaden sodden stuporous latent unhurried paralyzed hebetudinous slumberous paralysed


Failing to take care of matters which require attention
neglectful careless disregardful lax negligent remiss derelict heedless inattentive indifferent thoughtless unmindful irresponsible delinquent forgetful inadvertent lazy neglecting slack behindhand casual oscitant regardless slipshod failing to show proper care and attention reckless incautious unconcerned improvident blithe nonchalant unheeding slapdash sloppy carefree lackadaisical unthinking disinterested apathetic tardy perfunctory feckless cool devil-may-care slap-happy rash insouciant imprudent unaccountable easy uncircumspect unobservant untrustworthy unreliable undependable blithely unconcerned free and easy without care laid-back good-for-nothing foolhardy hasty unguarded unconsidered irreflective inconsiderate spur-of-the-moment ill-considered unthought-out untroubled oblivious unworried insensitive unwise indiscreet misguided cavalier injudicious unsympathetic harebrained offhand ill-conceived not thought through ill-judged hare-brained ill-advised badly thought out ill-thought-out impulsive precipitate unintended accidental unintentional unplanned unwitting chance mindless unpremeditated hurried overhasty sudden brash hotheaded careless of impetuous unsafe asleep at the switch fast and loose hot-headed out to lunch without regard innocent incidental involuntary unmeant fortuitous uncalculated flukey fluky unconscious blasé undevised unthought undesigned coincidental not on purpose disorganized disorganised haphazard unsystematic cursory slovenly hit-or-miss messy loose shoddy untidy unwary inaccurate inexact unthorough thrown together all over the shop all over the place unorganized unmethodical foolish blind disorderly fainéant absent-minded disregarding deaf shambolic shabby unmeticulous unorganised unwatchful uninterested indolent dilatory last-minute ignorant unaware slothful permissive unknowing senseless easy-going incognizant clumsy listless undiscerning imprecise unreasoning unacquainted unthoughtful unreflective unprofessional imperfect botched threadbare faulty junky napping asleep at switch otiose asleep on job faineant madcap asleep at the wheel any old way regardless of disregardful of inattentive to deaf to oblivious to taking no notice of paying no heed to unconscious of asleep on the job neglectful of blind to unheeding of unfeeling nonobservant ignoring overlooking omitting slighting barratrous disordered muddled failing chaotic unfastidious coarse blameworthy culpable slow defaultant woolgathering inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible uninformed procrastinating poor jumbled abstracted detached rude crude dispassionate couldn't-care-less insensible nescient careless of one's duty incurious pell-mell unheedful relaxed clueless scrappy at fault amateurish wild unfamiliar incorrect wrong sketchy erroneous failing to take proper care mechanical scatterbrained unnoticing uninstructed unrecognizing any which way instinctive error-ridden couldn't care less unmindful of stupid silly automatic fly-by-night impervious to impolitic off-guard spontaneous reflex intuitive unalert uncautious wary bold unvigilant caught napping fast-and-loose playing with fire sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin off guard foot-in-mouth pay no mind witless thrown-together brutish indelicate outrageous vacant blunt untactful heedless of catch-as-catch-can desultory helter-skelter erratic stray aimless random scattered arbitrary inefficient not paying attention procrastinative incompetent inactive idle soft lenient pococurante overindulgent lethargic leisurely workshy quiescent laggard inert passive dormant vague indulgent liberal complaisant indefinite broad non-restrictive general nonspecific shapeless yielding flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy accepting tolerant floppy nonjudgmental limp do-nothing tactless any way unreasonable paying no mind ditsy undiplomatic irrational flighty


Light-hearted and casual


indisposed disinclined loath reluctant unwilling hesitant averse afraid antipathetic unprepared cagey cagy dubious loth resistant reticent slow not ready opposed antagonistic backward hostile inimical not disposed not keen not minded uneager uninclined nervous about unenthusiastic about not in the mood not in favour of hesitating ill-disposed against unenthusiastic hesitant about chary of unsympathetic recalcitrant wary chary remiss scared allergic discouraged disheartened opposed to shy of diffident about resisting counter embarrassed timid balking afraid of nervous frightened reserved diffident ashamed sticking objecting shying protesting shy doubtful baulking wavering dead set against set against dismayed suspicious averse to unconfident circumspect about cautious with queasy about unfavourable anti unfriendly disliking nasty perverse unfavorable contrary opposing agin fromward down on resistant to hostile to antipathetic to ill-disposed to antagonistic to unfavourably disposed to having no use for squeamish queasy cautious calculating mind afraid to bashful about shy about coy about baulk at recoil from sweer demur at not about jib at shrink from flinch from hanging back ashamed to vacillate about have scruples about waver about stick at have qualms about shy away from have misgivings about boggle at think twice about disrelish something have reservations about not have the heart to be cagey about negative adversarial inhospitable adversary jaundiced mortal uncooperative disobliging aggressive at odds at odds with dissenting from in disagreement with at variance with on the warpath adverse contra unwelcoming in opposition cool cold incompatible confrontational combative belligerent opposite contentious at variance quarrelsome oppugnant acting in opposition grudging involuntary forced laggard enforced demurring refractory unwishful unaccommodating unobliging begrudging indocile

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