Đồng nghĩa của demurring

Alternative for demurring

demurs, demurred, demurring

Đồng nghĩa: demurral, demurrer, except,

Động từ

Present participle for to complain or raise objections
objecting protesting cavilling caviling complaining dissenting remonstrating deprecating disagreeing disputing excepting expostulating opposing scrupling stickling baulking balking boggling challenging disapproving fighting kicking resisting combatting combating taking exception taking issue expressing doubts raising objections expressing doubt kicking up a fuss kicking up a stink raising doubts lodging a protest arguing griping expressing disagreement inveighing raising objections to sounding off condemning protesting against moaning expressing disapproval arguing against taking exception to criticizing expressing disagreement with lodging a protest against expressing disapproval of taking issue with making a fuss denouncing taking a stand against criticising making a fuss about making a stink kicking up a fuss about making an objection kicking up a stink about reasoning dissuading contesting admonishing reproving deploring protesting about opposing strongly protesting to complaining to objecting to objecting strongly to squabbling finding fault decrying speaking out against nagging bickering complaining vociferously about frowning upon animadverting picking at disparaging withstanding recriminating censuring raining blaming making a protest to expressing objections grousing minding expressing objections to quibbling grumbling remonstrating against railing fulminating beefing having a problem spurning quarreling with disapproving of revolting grousing about grumbling about cavilling at kvetching having a problem with drawing the line complaining about moaning about hollering blasting rebelling squawking howling discommending drawing the line at crossing disavowing beefing about quibbling about discountenancing crabbing disesteeming griping about ranting about begging to differ frowning on kvetching about taking on railing against raising objection speaking out expressing opposition making a protest making a stand crying out tangling with saying no voicing disapproval putting up a fight kicking against taking a stand saying no to inveighing against taking up the cudgels back-talking mixing it up with going-one-on-one resenting taking offence at demurring at raising an objection disagreeing with taking umbrage at taking offence taking offense taking umbrage differing coming out against thinking wrong rebuking reproaching not supporting taking a dim view taking issue to taking up on knocking looking askance at dispraising reprehending slamming passing on panning finding fault with chastising zinging disfavoring raising an disfavouring negating detracting expressing a poor opinion of

Động từ

Present participle for to be hesitant or show reluctance
hesitating pausing vacillating balking baulking doubting pussyfooting wavering jibbing refusing shying expressing misgivings expressing reluctance expressing reservations hanging back thinking twice hemming and hawing waiting and seeing dragging your heels dithering faltering shilly-shallying teetering staggering wobbling halting wabbling scrupling boggling lingering recoiling from flinching from shrinking from hovering hanging back from vacillating about thinking twice about having scruples about having misgivings about having qualms about holding back shying away from shying away holding off straggling lagging procrastinating staying in the background staying back shrinking back dragging your feet hanging fire shrinking balancing sticking at baulking at balking at sticking questioning demurring about worrying gagging having reservations about demurring from stickling fretting hesitating to scrupling about boggling at wavering about minding doing something having qualms disrelishing stalling delaying fluctuating havering swithering oscillating dawdling equivocating temporizing dallying waiting hedging alternating tergiversating dillydallying seesawing stumbling deferring deliberating stopping floundering mammering weighing hanging pondering debating temporising dilly-dallying humming and hawing sitting on fence thinking about pulling back blowing hot and cold sitting on the fence yo-yoing pussyfooting around swaying trembling changing reeling waffling getting cold feet running hot and cold changing mind keeping changing your mind wasting time tumbling bobbling quavering rolling lurching flickering trifling messing around hanging about hanging around umming and ahing dodging varying quivering paltering trimming whiffling waffling shuddering taking your time slow-walking playing for time straddling fence-straddling swinging rocking whiffling chopping and changing faffing about

Động từ

Present participle for to refuse or say no to
declining refusing rejecting passing desisting dismissing rebuffing snubbing spurning denying repudiating shunning abjuring forbearing forgoing renouncing avoiding disapproving repulsing eschewing reprobating baulking at demurring at knocking back passing on passing up saying no to turning down abstaining from brushing aside balking at refraining from shying from desisting from not accepting withholding from opting out refusing to take advantage of look down one's nose at opting out of shaking one's head giving the red light giving the thumbs down scorning nixing disdaining negating negativing withdrawing repelling deselecting ignoring protesting throwing out saying no dispensing with brushing off turning away holding out setting aside holding back throwing over turning from holding off protesting at giving thumbs down to jibbing at not caring for turning back on drawing the line at refusing to receive turning deaf ear to sending off not buying cold-shouldering freezing out giving someone the brush-off giving the cold shoulder giving someone the go-by cutting dead slighting cutting stiff-arming giving the brush disregarding snouting disallowing sending to Coventry putting down telling someone where to get off steering clear of looking past vetoing prohibiting neglecting ostracizing giving the thumbs down to ostracising blanking withholding forbidding interdicting opposing blocking ruling out jilting giving the red light to stiffing giving the bum's rush giving the cold shoulder to looking down on sneezing at treating with contempt coldshouldering discounting preventing revoking discountenancing skipping overlooking excluding pooh-poohing turning your back on making unwelcome looking straight through acting cool turning up one's nose missing contemning not heeding shooting down giving something a miss precluding overthrowing sneering at scoffing at turning your nose up at holding in contempt begrudging outvoting scouting misprizing bilking ditching sniffing at looking down upon blinking at taking no notice of not giving time of day treating disrespectfully showing disrespect for shrugging off showing disrespect making light of checking restricting stonewalling discouraging resisting staying clear of stoppering stymieing keeping one's distance from recoiling from having no part in standing aloof from not touching leaving alone shying away from having nothing to do with shrinking from fighting shy of palming off giving a wide berth shaking off having no part of turning away from staying shy of keeping clear of giving the runaround keeping away from giving a wide berth to rebuking crossing reproving chiding giving the brush-off to fettering blackballing defeating warding off staving off fending off sending away telling off putting off beating off lashing out at keeping at bay not hearing of keeping at a distance keeping at arm's length putting in one's place relucting giving a pain

Động từ

Present participle for to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something
complaining griping grumbling beefing bellyaching bleating carping grousing moaning objecting protesting whining whingeing grieving grouching grumping bemoaning bewailing deploring fussing grizzling groaning growling lamenting nagging remonstrating reproaching charging denouncing hollering nitpicking caterwauling cavilling caviling chirping chuntering crabbing creating criticising criticizing croaking dissenting fretting inveighing keening kvetching maundering mithering murmuring muttering opposing repining screaming squawking squealing wailing whimpering yammering yauping yawping yowling accusing ascribing attacking contravening cribbing defying deprecating differing disagreeing disapproving expostulating gainsaying imputing indicting kicking knocking laying nattering refuting snivelling sniveling twining kicking up a fuss finding fault nit-picking sounding off finding fault with carrying on kicking up a stink objecting to railing at running down inveighing against making a fuss speaking out against taking exception to plaining over going on about picking holes in lodging a complaint making a complaint putting the boot in looking askance condemning mumbling anathematizing cursing excepting execrating censuring decrying disparaging blaming declaiming railing impugning lashing admonishing reviling lambasting castigating upbraiding ranting vituperating scolding fulminating trashing blasting recriminating vilifying roasting berating crying storming abusing denigrating raging scorching yelping bawling yapping laying into ripping into tongue-lashing grouching about laying out going after sounding off about working over having at letting someone have it cracking down on frowning on reproving bellyaching about jumping down one's throat beefing about kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about taking exception complaining vehemently about thinking wrong rebuking not supporting animadverting discountenancing looking askance at dispraising discommending reprehending slamming passing on panning chastising zinging disfavoring raising an disfavouring negating detracting expressing a poor opinion of disesteeming remonstrating against

Danh từ

Protest, objection, disapproving pleading, or an act thereof
remonstration protest remonstrance exception demurral protestation demur opposition challenge criticism grievance stink expostulation disapproval gripe question doubt cavil difficulty hesitation kick scruple declination disapprobation dissatisfaction censure discontent disesteem disinclination odium niggle squawk dislike displeasure rejection reluctance revilement repugnancy shrinking unwillingness counter-argument complaint dissent objection disagreement outcry fuss railing inveighing fulmination statement of opposition quibble grumble beef grouse demurrer argument grouch concern problem moan hostility worry dissuasion formal complaint taking exception whinge whine lament carp wail bleat murmur kvetch plaint yammer holler whimper miserere dispute condemnation reproach carping reproof uproar aversion denunciation blame groan whingeing resistance indignation row rebuke bellyache fault-finding nitpicking distaste vociferation griping beefing bellyaching furore stricture clamour tumult clamor disparagement opprobrium howls of protest furor muttering squabble flak hue and cry deprecation reproval scolding contention castigation stick quarrel sideswipe accusation annoyance grousing repugnance charge grouching hesitance howl hesitancy umbrage cavilling commotion caviling mutter conflict disfavour howl of protest misgivings disfavor ruction defiance reticence qualm big stink diffidence disrelish animadversion antipathy indisposition blast admonishment chorus of disapproval upbraiding chiding peeve objurgation excoriation grumbling outrage distress lack of enthusiasm hullabaloo recalcitrance clash feud reprimand hassle misgiving misunderstanding resentment hubbub roar outburst peep cry ticking-off squeal chastisement noise dressing-down brouhaha timidity blackball discord ballyhoo discountenance controversy dissension timorousness trepidation debate slowness ruckus wavering vacillation pettifogging bone backwardness captiousness discontentment boycott admonition yike falling-out loathness doubts qualms scruples foot-dragging contest knock bone to pick axe to grind trivial complaint trivial objection minor criticism vitriol sweerness nolition brickbat rhubarb civil disobedience ax to grind bickering reprehension difference of opinion bone of contention turf war thumbs down alienation hatred adverse comment aversion to abuse twine averseness commination reservation opposition to strife skirmish fray vituperation berating second thoughts call down combat struggle riot act dressing down backwardness in coming forward pangs of conscience lack of desire word protesting pain moaning whining murmuring affliction mithering twining niggling compunction loathing revolt chunter boggling clamouring questioning representation guff jeremiad statement of dissatisfaction rumble obloquy exclamation attack rumpus public outcry public outrage song and dance rallying cry hullaballoo clamoring ferment hubba-hubba hoo-ha uncertainty pique rancour case telling off rancor bugbear frustration aggravation scorn contempt turmoil riot declaration campaign crow to pluck confusion dubiousness tantrum hysterics inconvenience bane exasperation confrontation interrogation dubiety irk irritation dread bother nuisance headache scepticism contradiction petition anxiety irritant vexation conflict of interest friction work-to-rule stand against rebellion questioning of test of fear telling-off serve tongue-lashing wigging refusal trial argument against difficulty with skepticism disobedience hostility to bollocking rating question mark coyness dislike for indisposedness nolence distaste for ticking off unwillingness to accept zing boo catcall nix ostracism hiss hate prevarication query nicety equivocation objection to resistance to disliking refusal to accept lack of enthusiasm for reluctance to accept disinclination to accept fight slap on the wrist rap over the knuckles pet aversion thorn in the flesh thorn in one's side bane of one's life black list quiddity sophism brawl scrap altercation wrangle disturbance slap on wrist tiff spat duplicity subtlety subterfuge artifice pretense quirk nit-picker shift hair-splitter pretence disputation contretemps affray fracas set-to broil donnybrook panning slamming critique exchange tussle shindig breach broadside slating shindy run-in tangle smear recrimination slur slam knocking barney stand-up vendetta dust-up slagging denigration swipe examen verbal contumely rammy bunfight shouting match afters ding-dong ruck imbroglio bicker bust-up argle-bargle argy-bargy kickup rap takedown reprobation slap pan arraignment notice roast sledge faultfinding aspersion hit tracasserie bagarre tracasseries war of words miff dissidence biffo cut slanging match cross fire brannigan difference fisticuffs battle royal dust catfight put down bad press verbal disapproval critical remark slagging off bad notice character assassination nit-picking obstruction antagonism counteraction obstructiveness non-compliance animosity enmity contrariety warfare prevention defence repulsion duel negativism rivalry action contradistinction con contraposition violation grapple defense oppugnancy engagement brush antinomy war counterattack confronting opposure unfriendliness encounter

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