Đồng nghĩa của dallying

Alternative for dallying

dallies, dallied, dallying

Đồng nghĩa: dawdle, delay, lag, linger, loiter,

Tính từ

Moving or proceeding at a slow speed
slow unhurried sluggish crawling languid tardy creeping dawdling dilatory laggard leisurely dillydallying dragging lagging snaillike pokey poking poky snail-paced procrastinating delaying lazy lingering loitering deliberate slow-moving idle measured tarrying indolent slack unrushed late lackadaisical unhasty snail-like slothful slow-going temporizing time-wasting easy dull postponing relaxed moratory gentle comfortable delayed casual putting off sedate temporising listless lethargic sluggardly tortoise-like plodding lax torpid leaden apathetic inert undemanding steady lollygagging behindhand passive supine remiss slow-paced moving slowly restful stalling laid-back easy-going halting hindering obstructive gradual effortless languorous painstaking patient shelving dilly-dallying tabling deferring shiftless on hands and knees free slackened relaxing slow and steady retardant cunctative work-shy stupid undeveloped imbecile checked moronic dense underprivileged behind arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal Fabian inactive heavy do-nothing enervated ponderous moderate inattentive unenergetic tired comatose snoozy otiose lifeless loafing laboured leaden-footed bone idle laggy worming skulking writhing slithering shuffling quailing slinking wriggling squirming inching sneaking shambling groveling hobbling grovelling tortoiselike labored phlegmatic drowsy dreamy imperceptible backward unpunctual on all fours barely moving problem neglectful negligent flagging impassive indifferent sleepy unconcerned uninterested limp spiritless languishing stagnant energyless unenthusiastic feeble moony offhand careless leisured pococurante easygoing calm slow-footed nonchalant weary blah weak dopey uncaring nebbish lymphatic faint blahs pining sickly infirm wimpy sleepyhead insouciant slapdash slap-happy disinterested fainéant faineant laid back workshy regardless peaceful chilled unexciting lumbering cumbersome recreational even regular still laborious amusing frivolous entertaining fun good-for-nothing non-job related non-work related derelict inefficient slipshod procrastinative incompetent disregardful delinquent disorganized neglecting sloppy disorderly asleep at the wheel disorganised slovenly quiescent asleep on the job unprofessional permissive dormant cavalier artless detached unstudied blasé loose cursory flippant superficial complacent light carefree cool disimpassioned breezy at your own pace in your own time simple informal abstracted half-hearted lukewarm happy-go-lucky devil-may-care free and easy without hurry without haste passionless bloodless aimless incurious sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted Laodicean daydreaming easy going spring fever

Danh từ

An affectation of amorous tenderness, especially of a woman directed towards a man

Danh từ

A lack of seriousness, especially in the context of fun or entertainment
frivolity frivolousness levity flightiness flippancy puerility silliness triviality facetiousness jocularity joking skittishness superficiality unimportance vacuity zaniness dizziness foolishness frothiness fun gaiety giddiness inanity childishness coquetting daftness dippiness ditziness flirting folly fribble frippery game inconsequentiality jest lightheartedness merriment nonsense perkiness play playfulness shallowness sport toying trifling whimsicality whimsy lightness light-heartedness empty-headedness light-headedness light-mindedness mirth humour humor joviality cheerfulness drollery cheeriness amusement absurdity hilarity jesting waggishness glee wit laughter wittiness jollity senselessness asininity comedy high spirits fatuity festivity irresponsibility jokiness madness imbecility lunacy brainlessness fatuousness buoyancy craziness insanity irreverence foolery simplicity mirthfulness carefreeness repartee good cheer conviviality fickleness funniness raillery banter pleasantry volatility tomfoolery badinage blitheness witlessness nonsensicalness preposterousness hollowness paltriness insignificance triteness wackiness nuttiness idiocy clowning emptiness balminess hijinks shenanigans unwisdom dottiness clownery happiness laughs slapstick inaneness bêtise cheer monkeying skylarking horseplay monkeyshines mindlessness irrationality ludicrousness exhilaration joyousness buffoonery gleefulness gayness jocundity gayety merriness ridiculousness joyfulness delight stupidity entertainment hysterics nonsensicality foppery high jinks monkey business horsing around unseriousness pettiness insubstantiality inappropriateness glibness worthlessness capriciousness airheadedness whimsicalness roughhouse roughhousing vapidity pleasure malarkey futility scattiness impulsiveness overexcitement immaturity crassness pointlessness revelry roguishness impishness cheekiness mischievousness ineptitude frolic merrymaking rejoicing archness insouciance sauciness sassiness injudiciousness chaff elation euphoria gladness exuberance meaninglessness fruitlessness rashness impracticality foolhardiness fooling around enjoyment joy boisterousness vivacity liveliness whoopee frolics kicks frolicsomeness hysteria convulsions jollification jauntiness joshing give-and-take teasing backchat sportiveness wordplay mockery chaffing picnic persiflage eccentricity lack of depth lack of substance absurdness strangeness outlandishness goofiness incongruency ludicrosity oddness risibility illogicalness oafishness unconventionality jocoseness illogicality witticism comicality humorousness jocosity incongruity wisecracking incongruousness bizarreness uproariousness comicalness farcicalness farcicality hilariousness unreasonableness gormlessness drollness moronism moronity wildness doltishness clownishness cloddishness animation zest effervescence pep sparkle jolliness vitality enthusiasm zing ebullience brightness geniality chirpiness verve spiritedness energy jubilation breeziness zip bounce life vigour vim brio sprightliness sunniness vigor good humour good spirits spirit exultation high-spiritedness gusto excitement vibrancy relish grins pizzazz blithesomeness optimism get-up-and-go joie de vivre good humor pzazz satisfaction dynamism dash irrepressibility felicity gratification vividness gladsomeness vivaciousness ecstasy spark contentment bliss contentedness zeal fire go wingding shindig revel oomph welly beatitude bounciness zestfulness larking about prosperity delectation brilliance blessedness wellbeing blissfulness fizz airiness content hope delirium ardour peppiness confidence ardor exuberancy rapture jouissance living it up solace hopefulness transports of delight peace of mind cloud nine warm fuzzies revelling reveling indulgence brawl recreation self-indulgence hoopla casualness bubbliness effusiveness comfort bubble drive molliness encouragement punch merry-making ferment agitation lustiness beguilement regalement gladdening virility love of life being full of the joys of spring esprit joys of spring peartness moxie juice sanguineness positiveness bullishness snap lightness of heart excitedness spring vim and vigour hardihood sap ginger starch gas field day high time beans moroseness push cordiality congeniality thrill vinegar feistiness affability warmth friendliness blast bound bob festiveness ball wantonness friskiness knavery distraction gamboling romping gambolling waggery riot kick treat good time gambol mischief diversion rascality amiability heartiness warm-heartedness sociability well-being kindliness amenability enchantment sanctity seventh heaven scintillation good nature bonhomie fieriness elan show colour glitter colourfulness showiness gaudiness pleasantness radiance colorfulness color

Động từ

Present participle for to move or act at a slow speed
delaying dawdling lingering loitering lagging tarrying dilly-dallying trailing wasting time ambling crawling creeping diddling dillydallying dragging lallygagging lollygagging meandering moping plodding poking shilly-shallying straggling trudging drifting killing time procrastinating boondoggling falling behind hanging about puttering whiling away time dragging your feet fooling around fooling with frittering away hanging around horsing around putting off trifling with whiling away fooling about playing games with taking one's time waiting idling pausing stalling staying dithering hesitating temporizing lagging behind marking time temporising remaining taking your time hanging fire sauntering trifling vacillating hanging back hovering dropping behind moving slowly hanging out staying put getting no place fast trailing behind shuffling slouching biding faltering stopping resting pottering around goofing off sticking around playing for time humming and hawing using delaying tactics taking too long playing a waiting game loafing lolling pottering limping inching flagging strolling abiding slackening falling back havering wavering lounging going slowly swithering retarding dwelling staggering halting losing time moseying mooching residing tailing tooling pottering about rambling wandering traipsing filibustering pottering round bringing up the rear holding back sitting around lodging passing time warming a chair kicking around hanging round waiting around goofing around hanging on putting off doing something dragging your heels sitting tight slacking losing ground fluctuating shirking taking time frittering away time taking one's own sweet time whiling away the time fiddling about piddling burning daylight passing the time twiddling stonewalling hemming and hawing pussyfooting around blowing hot and cold skulking kicking about fribbling lurking dabbling shambling sloughing diminishing dropping failing decreasing gaining time tottering stopping over dragging behind waning ebbing doodling walking slowly taking a stroll strolling along taking it easy postponing prolonging adjourning deferring protracting holding the phone slowing jellying hobbling using dilatory tactics putting on the back burner goldbricking cooling playing buying time toddling diddle-daddling slowing up inching along falling off frittering time away losing strength taking a raincheck deferring action letting something slide holding off shlepping along scrounging around bumming around puttering around messing around monkeying around postponing action haunting standing nosing fiddling around snailing living roaming sticking settling suspending action kicking the can down the road awaiting hanging sitting on one's butt oozing draggling enduring squatting bunking continuing roosting nesting outstaying perching kicking your heels spending time lying around creaking along putting down roots remaining behind sweating it out staying out establishing oneself keeping on staying behind holding on establishing yourself holding the fort limping along creeping along wearing on advancing slowly hanging heavy appearing to pass slowly slowing down going on and on going on too long becoming tedious maundering straying tootling frittering fiddling roving footling messing about lounging about acting the fool mucking about clowning lounging around playing around tinkering following bimbling pootling coasting swanning floating dragging oneself dragging yourself tagging along dragging along tagging along behind larking futzing going aimlessly poking along fannying about relaxing letting slide ranging moseying around puddling dangling drooping sagging doing nothing much chilling out amusing oneself faffing about playing the fool lazing around mucking around larking around pratting about having a lark mooching around having a laugh clowning around resting up lolling around spreading erring scrambling straddling hanging down poking around strining out

Động từ

Present participle for to engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreation
frolicking sporting playing rollicking disporting skylarking toying recreating capering romping gambolling gamboling frisking cavorting larking having fun fiddling amusing oneself reveling revelling entertaining oneself jumping carousing diverting oneself enjoying oneself cutting capers larking around disporting oneself larking about fooling around letting loose making merry letting go kicking up one's heels wantoning trifling relaxing resting participating rivalling contesting contending rivaling vying challenging clowning fribbling joking doodling occupying oneself jesting fooling kidding rejoicing diverting puttering around kicking around idling away having a good time messing around hanging about fiddling around monkeying around playing games amusing yourself goofing around pottering around messing about horsing around playing around engaging in games letting your hair down enjoying yourself going on a spree carrying on cutting up taking on engaging in taking part dancing prancing leaping skipping tripping hopping springing scampering caprioling curveting bobbing bouncing curvetting rioting spreeing whooping it up going on a tear cutting loose raising hell bounding jigging roistering celebrating partying lolloping loping painting the town red drinking binging bingeing wassailing raving eating birling making whoopee having a party kidding around stepping anding be merry having a fling living it up having a ball painting the town hoofing it vaulting swaying rocking spinning whirling roughhousing hurdling feasting galloping flitting occupying yourself entertaining yourself crowing larging it rolling delighting wallowing luxuriating savoring gloating indulging basking thriving savouring pogoing bopping going on a binge going on the town running around pushing the boat out stepping out stepping it blowing off steam cutting the rug footing it cutting a rug galumphing caracoling swinging horseplaying cutting wiggling kibitzing around twirling bounding about jumping around springing about springing around jumping about bounding around gyrating hurtling going places and do things socializing taking satisfaction socialising glorying taking pride going to town exulting lopping skittering pirouetting cutting a caper boozing leaping about strutting pouncing saltating making mischief footling about playing tricks monkeying about fooling about boogying jiving boogieing swaggering letting off steam overindulging sashaying parading discoing moshing stomping grooving footling around clowning about indulging in horseplay clowning around stalking drinking heavily pub-crawling quaffing bevvying drinking freely imbibing slam-dancing swanking drinking and make merry playing up mucking about mucking around fannying about getting down waltzing jogging trotting dashing running going boozing going on a drinking bout showboating going on a pub crawl acting the goat sprinting bending the elbow raising Cain going on a bender getting drunk sweeping mincing flouncing treading acting the giddy goat going on the bevvy going on the piss raising the roof showing off treading lightly running lightly cantering bucking sliding enjoying relishing lapping up kicking over the traces

Động từ

Present participle for to waste or spend time idly and unfruitfully
lounging lazing loafing idling lolling dawdling lazying bumming chilling chillin dillydallying footling droning hanging about goofing off kicking back kicking around vegging out hacking around hanging around hanging out relaxing loitering killing time wasting time taking it easy vegetating twiddling thumbs pottering slacking frittering away time passing time lying around lounging around frittering away sitting around fooling around stalling trifling skiving goldbricking whiling away the time doing nothing slowing down hanging round lounging about bumming around lolling around drifting languishing sprawling mooching reclining frittering sauntering lying slouching lollygagging resting outspanning unwinding malingering basking stagnating idling away time filling in time passing the time idling away the hours sitting on one's hands consuming time amusing oneself lying about loafing around chilling out loafing about kicking your heels lazing around messing around standing around marking time mooching around knocking around lolling about whiling away hours not lifting a finger lazing about mooching about vacillating drooping wandering ambling mooning stooging slumping flopping batting meandering staying remaining hovering frequenting lingering waiting haunting doing nothing in particular lying dormant futzing daydreaming vegging hanging chillaxing reposing sitting dossing leaning luxuriating whiling away the hours fooling away piddling around piddling about frittering time away draping oneself stretching oneself making yourself at home taking a break taking a breather putting your feet up taking five fiddling around messing about slackening leaning back lying back whiling mouldering slummocking degenerating bludging moldering resting on your oars sitting back and do nothing batting about slouching about whiling away sitting back fannying about batting around going to seed slouching around bobbing off strolling evading shirking dreaming piddling taking things easy letting down sagging stretching out wilting unbending lying down de-stressing slacking off loosening up flagging swagging sinking playing taking time off easing off easing up entertaining oneself enjoying oneself stretching collapsing staying loose subsiding weakening letting it all hang out taking your ease unbuttoning letting up taking time out sleeping straddling draping extending spreading out winding down faltering mellowing out lying spread-eagle hunching flumping settling bending drowsing slumbering couching napping decompressing standing down plopping oneself letting yourself go cooling off settling back letting your hair down going to bed straggling trailing spreading rambling crumpling falling tiring deteriorating existing spread-eagling hibernating decaying sunbathing quietening quietening down sitting heavily calming down quieting down retiring going to pot siestaing covering sunning warming oneself stretching oneself out turning in dozing stooping sunning yourself toasting yourself snoozing growing tired becoming fatigued losing energy growing weary losing strength growing weak swimming in pausing falling back stretching over extending over withering catnapping fading kipping zizzing taking a nap lying by having a snooze taking a siesta taking life easy having forty winks having a spell getting some shut-eye having a rest catching some Zs taking a rest having a kip having a nap refreshing oneself having a siesta lying still sitting down nodding off snatching forty winks getting some kip crouching bowing drying shrivelling shriveling wasting away lolloping unlaxing becoming flaccid becoming limp shriveling up going into a decline knocking off composing oneself making less tense lightening up simmering down collecting oneself taking one's time having a break stopping work breathing easy taking ten feeling at home laying down resting upon lying upon settling down

Động từ

Present participle for to aimlessly move or drift from place to place
drifting wandering meandering roaming walking straying ambling sauntering strolling prowling rambling traipsing coasting galavanting mooching roving trekking cruising dawdling floating gallivanting jaunting maundering moseying pottering ranging straggling tramping trudging batting bimbling gadding hiking peregrinating rolling stravaiging tootling circumambulating circumnutating hopscotching gadding about kicking around knocking about wandering aimlessly getting sidetracked getting off the point globe-trotting going off at a tangent knocking around milling about milling around milling round going walkabout mooching around following one's nose walking the tracks moving aimlessly perambulating promenading tromping streeling pootling loitering moping toddling ankling sashaying percolating lingering oozing trilling tarrying stumping taking the air taking a walk going for a walk going for a stroll taking a stroll swanning marching puttering moving treading vagabonding striding proceeding shuffling going travelling traveling traversing touring stretching your legs hoofing it trailing stepping ambulating breezing footslogging passing trooping journeying advancing waltzing pacing yomping plodding hoofing padding slogging backpacking tripping lumbering walking casually legging it going on foot patrolling hitting the road progressing parading filing cantering getting some exercise getting some air trogging taking a turn making your way prancing hitting the bricks strutting footing it wending your way circumlocuting going slowly dandering trundling trolling boogying boogieing divagating bumming pounding the pavement fiddling dabbling tinkering twining extravagating changing recoiling idling trekking through scrambling exploring climbing winding zigzagging footling frittering fribbling voyaging struggling along bumming around clambering stepping out stooging scuffing racing locomoting shambling stalking walking slowly twisting and turning migrating transitioning plodding on going aimlessly mincing footing messing about swinging departing venturing wayfaring globetrotting batting around skipping ascending descending tiptoeing setting out taking a trip pushing on setting forth pressing on going by foot moving forward going down going up traveling on foot travelling on foot going forward making one's way poking along schlepping sailing galloping going for a constitutional toiling pounding sweeping gliding crossing trotting dragging oneself trucking wending finding your way picking your way walking up and down marching up and down skimming slipping bowling brushing whisking streaming sliding flowing hurrying walking to and fro walking back and forth flitting moving briskly sallying

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