Đồng nghĩa của roving

Alternative for roving

roves, roved, roving

Đồng nghĩa: drift, gad, meander, ramble, roam, stray, tramp, wander,

Tính từ

Regularly moving or wandering from place to place
ambulant ambulatory errant fugitive galavanting gallivanting itinerant nomad nomadic perambulatory peregrine peripatetic ranging roaming vagabond vagrant wandering wayfaring arrant desultory digressive discursive drifting meandering migratory mobile moving rambling rootless travelling traveling moving around on the move migrant unsettled transient floating migrating gypsy touring homeless journeying shifting displaced footloose restless perambulant seasonal voyaging itinerate jet-setting on the wing on the go of no fixed abode walking globetrotting erratic immigrant of no fixed address trekking driving prodigal strolling flying Romany destitute devious maundering fly-by-night down and out traversing digressionary digressional leaping temporary changing tramp casual migratorial immigrating migrative emigrating impermanent kinetic advancing motile deviating verbose excursive progressing migrational transmigratory passing over passing through in motion locomotive pastoral vagarious hiking ambling cruising commuting riding tzigane didicoi idle shiftless rangy rubbernecking globe-trotting gadabout expatriate Gypsy on tour excursioning constantly traveling afoot active sweeping spanning extensive widespread covering translocating relocating unstationary on foot disenfranchised freewheeling jaunting winding bustling riding the rails landloping planetary straying without family ties having itchy feet without a settled home movable refugee straggling sauntering mendicant wayward stray aimless down-and-out episodic diffusive indirect going unfixed running fancy-free diffuse roundabout prolix long-winded circuitous lengthy periphrastic long wordy circumlocutory loose pleonastic waffly ambagious logorrhoeic broad spreading free musing conversational informal

Tính từ

Changing or varying at regular intervals
capricious erratic fickle inconsistent whimsical unstable irregular variable fluctuating shifting varying unpredictable volatile unsteady inconstant changeable uneven turbulent uncertain unreliable mutable fluid unsettled changing wavering undependable unequal ever-changing changeful fluctuant wandering iffy flakey flaky rambling vagarious full of ups and downs fitful protean eccentric desultory labile meandering directionless dicey dubious incalculable undirected nomadic blowing hot and cold dynamic temperamental alternating moving deviating oscillating vacillating mercurial nonuniform spasmodic sporadic episodic haphazard altering swaying random irresolute flighty scattershot developing growing unmethodical episodical skittish flickery waffling mobile discontinuous quicksilver kaleidoscopic impulsive up and down chameleonic chameleon-like wayward movable unfixed untrustworthy up-and-down faithless moody excitable giddy variational everchanging peaky yo-yo up in the air reckless versatile irrepressible intermittent untrue disreputable ephemeral patchy transitory floating flexible jerky active elastic momentary transient fleeting bipolar impermanent tempestuous short-lived shifty not conscientious ever-shifting continuously changing broken always changing progressive polymorphous many-sided multiform stayless bitty evolving adaptive alterable flickering adaptable unequable inexact chancy not constant irrational slippery contradictory unsteadfast ambiguous unsound suspect weaving doubtful paradoxical frivolous constantly changing incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory discordant incongruous irreconcilable incoherent not fixed fluky in a state of change discrepant warring lubricious illogical dissonant incongruent vicissitudinous at odds transitional restless variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive in conflict at variance fiery impassioned out of step emotional intense passionate passing brief hot-tempered quick-tempered short evanescent temporary fugacious flitting flying flash deciduous fading fly-by-night here today and gone tomorrow quick fugitive

Tính từ

Showing or feeling insecurity or uncertainty
unquiet aflutter antsy anxious atwitter dithery edgy goosey hinky insecure jittery jumpy nervous nervy perturbed queasy queazy tense troubled uneasy upset uptight worried active agitated bustling changeable disturbed fidgeting fidgety fitful footloose fretful het up hung up hurried inconstant intermittent irresolute itchy nomadic sleepless spasmodic transient turbulent unpeaceful unruly unsettled unstable unsteady wandering ill at ease on edge strung out bundle of nerves tossing and turning apprehensive restless twitchy keyed up overwrought bothered wired on tenterhooks stressy concerned worked up on pins and needles restive disquieted fearful distressed stressed uncomfortable overstrung like a cat on a hot tin roof discomposed flustered strung up alarmed in a state shaky frightened in a tizzy spooky strained ruffled shaken afraid toey scared like a cat on hot bricks windy disconcerted a bundle of nerves all of a dither rattled spooked excited unrestful squirrelly in a state of agitation in a stew irritable in a flap in a tizz unrelaxed having kittens trembling dismayed unnerved panicky discombobulated wrought up hyper uncertain hesitant in a state of nerves self-conscious all of a lather distraught timid quaking timorous impatient fazed shaking vexed highly strung adrenalized unsure in a sweat in a twitter wound up in a cold sweat in a twit shook up excitable embarrassed shy touchy shrinking fractious retiring flurried annoyed taut febrile irascible peevish discomfited sensitive neurotic quivering tormented irked confused anguished worried sick harassed choked under stress unglued angsty bricking oneself hot and bothered stressed out beside oneself all of a doodah inhibited awkward tetchy testy querulous bashful fretting diffident creepy hysterical crotchety doubtful crabbed captious distracted wavering discountenanced unhappy unconfident fraught short-tempered bad-tempered fevered hassled suspicious ill-tempered beset riled perverse ornery introverted tortured plagued angstful solicitous withdrawn bugged white-knuckled muddled inconvenienced irritated frantic clutched wreck critical thrown perplexed a wreck high-strung in a dither worried stiff moved in a spin all of a flutter with one's stomach in knots put out shot to pieces with butterflies in one's stomach in a flat spin with one's heart in one's mouth like a fish out of water twittering indecisive tentative dithering vacillating swithering caught up weak cross complaining under pressure frisky petulant under a strain disorderly reserved fussy exercised careful frazzled miserable unbalanced unsettling unnerving pressured out of place faltering unnatural gauche disturbing disquieting palpitant wrung recalcitrant moving fluttery shot overanxious cowering daunted cowed hurt shivery watchful blushing lacking social skills discomforted tongue-tied refractory charged hairy inflamed aghast dreading in suspense cowardly pusillanimous faint-hearted obstinate stubborn unyielding grumpy ill-natured exciting in turmoil all nerves up the wall nervous wreck white knuckled overactive frenzied hectic heated feverish hyperactive afflicted asea grieved tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails distressful on the qui vive skittish yellow chicken stirred up flapping having butterflies in the stomach a basket case sweating bullets agitating exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated pained mortified pestered harried harrowed miffed provoked terrified gutted sad brittle cranky splenetic out of sorts whining crabby grumbling ratty distrustful hot under the collar in a panic in a lather aroused self-doubting unassertive self-effacing prickly saddened hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered meek lacking confidence unforthcoming champing at the bit offended angered disappointed fretted snappish contrary caviling faultfinding carping huffy mean rigid worrisome oversensitive moody not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive shocked low stressful frightened of one's own shadow strict conventional cautious verklempt blue unzipped wounded mousy distressing cavilling come apart psyched out bummed out broken up cut up at sixes and sevens in disorder all torn up amazed concerning vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised nerve-racking nail-biting nerve-wracking touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice old-fashioned on the defensive shaking in one's shoes grouchy pettish cantankerous choleric sullen waspish surly narky liverish soreheaded ill-humoured disagreeable ill-humored crusty sulky peppery eggy miffy fiery dyspeptic peckish scratchy snaky churlish sour curmudgeonly snippy bilious snarky stroppy snippety stuffy raspy whingy bitter shirty angry in a bad mood whingeing sorehead exasperated morose like a bear with a sore head waxy mardy resentful thin-skinned out of humor disgruntled discontented acrimonious spiteful quarrelsome out of temper dissatisfied cynical difficult volatile nasty on a short fuse tart shrewish waspy mumpish out of humour fault-finding in a mood as cross as two sticks harsh glum piqued peeved fed up pouty whiny tough unsociable pouting scrappy trying acrid sharp gloomy grousing gruff bearish griping sore acid dour trepidatious waiting with bated breath cross-grained short-fused having got out of bed the wrong side argumentative hostile feisty truculent arsey unfriendly huffish frustrated contentious malcontent disaffected snarly brusque misanthropic pertinacious crybaby ungracious aggrieved plaintive discontent snarling envious salty curt ungratified malicious venomous malignant vindictive grudging jaundiced malcontented picky kvetching cheesed off growling saturnine blunt cussed childish chuffy ireful uncooperative waiting for the axe to fall brooding brassed off ugly tooshie browned off short hacked off ticked off teed off wild foul-tempered out of joint nasty-tempered out-of-sorts having got out of bed on the wrong side not best pleased in a funk embittered flighty skittery belligerent ticklish violent bellicose antagonistic destructive vicious bad wicked uncongenial atrabilious zowerswopped inhospitable inimical fierce loudmouthed confrontational pugnacious adversarial ungenerous perversely irritable easily frightened easily agitated abusive malevolent warlike threatening defiant combative militant jerky froward mopey irate indomitable uncompliant indocile squirmy wiggly wriggly offensive galled bloody-minded bristly unsatisfied unfulfilled livid apoplectic anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting hotheaded rancorous unkind mighty assaultive antipathetic agonistic discordant disorientated mad hypercritical glowering mopish scowling steamed iracund iracundulous disputatious steamed up crook vex ropeable sharp-tongued restlessly moving moping dark aloof hoha wroth passionate vinegary hasty filthy obstreperous aerated disoriented bewildered disapproving regretful in a paddy up in arms on the warpath foaming at the mouth in a bate hopping mad bent out of shape fit to be tied frowning sourpussed sulking dismal depressed cheerless strange lost ennuied sniveling put-out unassuaged begrudging insatiable fed-up unappeased not satisfied unsated jealous hot-blooded aggressive easily offended snivelling in a huff down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in the sulks in a strop intimidated petrified horrified startled terrorized affrighted afeared hysteric sick and tired sick to death peed off feart frozen stunned frit terrorised murmuring scared out of one's wits in awe horror-struck in a blue funk alarmed at terror-stricken running scared apprehensive about scared to death intimidated by shaking like a leaf frightened out of one's wits panic-stricken in a fluster scared stiff horror-stricken having cold feet scared witless terror-struck censorious fed up to the teeth with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth grumbly moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing negative crying deploring lamenting hard to please huffy irascible

Động từ

Present participle for to roam, or wander about at random, especially over a wide area
drifting gallivanting meandering rambling ranging roaming wandering cruising maundering traipsing stravaiging batting floating galavanting mooching straying strolling circumambulating gadding gadding about journeying moving peregrinating prowling straggling streeling travelling traveling vagabonding kicking around knocking about travelling about going walkabout going hither and thither walking ambling trekking tramping hiking sauntering moseying touring jaunting tootling traversing perambulating marching knocking around trudging pootling globetrotting backpacking hitting the road voyaging dawdling bimbling promenading proceeding migrating pottering rolling tromping trailing going travelling around traveling around footslogging swanning exploring yomping plodding treading striding crossing taking a trip stumping globe-trotting trooping hoofing parading following one's nose taking a walk advancing pacing departing tripping passing junketing wending junketting scrambling coasting hopping slogging circumnutating hopscotching making one's way toddling pushing on wending one's way legging it patrolling stepping making your way ambulating milling around milling round milling about mooching around taking the air walking the tracks going for a walk running around sailing filing cantering navigating flying schlepping scouring transitioning progressing jetting lagging pilgrimaging racing passing over wayfaring circuiting processing safariing following prancing lumbering strutting hieing hying faring hitting the trail circumlocuting going places trogging hoofing it loitering dallying dragging oneself setting out getting sidetracked tailing tarrying setting forth shuffling moping falling behind sashaying walking slowly lingering going on foot taking a turn bringing up the rear hanging about hanging hanging around bumming flitting running trekking through struggling along bumming around idling divagating loafing venturing sweeping twining extravagating changing recoiling dilly-dallying reconnoitering searching reconnoitring encompassing winding zigzagging repairing climbing wandering about clambering deviating padding wandering aimlessly going off at a tangent getting off the point moving aimlessly spreading through stepping out stooging shifting twisting and turning footing plodding on scuffing locomoting shambling stalking puttering traveling on foot travelling on foot making circuit itinerating emigrating batting around stretching your legs swinging getting some exercise going for a constitutional getting some air socializing raving partying leaving transferring immigrating nomadizing transmigrating jaunting around roaming around socialising flitting around percolating trilling oozing ankling limping staggering hobbling going partying going clubbing taking a stroll going for a stroll crawling raving it up living it up galloping heading slouching moving about moving around painting the town red dragging along tagging along behind moving slowly dragging one's feet getting no place fast hanging back dragging yourself tagging along having a night on the town pounding coaching cabbing transporting busing speeding approaching trundling gigging getting taking off barnstorming continuing escaping bussing springing motoring bustling trotting footing it going on safari going on an excursion going on a tour going on a trip going on an expedition covering toiling walking up and down marching up and down walking to and fro walking back and forth riding coursing transiting tracking circumnavigating transmitting cutting across overnighting moving round proceeding along going round dangling drooping sagging covering ground going riding getting through wending your way passing through spreading erring straddling hanging down poking going into orbit making a journey lagging behind dropping behind trailing behind poking around strining out taking a train taking a boat taking a plane going slowly lolling footling dabbling creeping dillydallying sloughing lollygagging skulking dragging walking casually shilly-shallying hanging out dandering quitting removing going astray wandering around roaming about moving abroad trolling fiddling tinkering going adrift breezing waltzing delaying walking around going aimlessly frittering fribbling trucking strolling along taking it easy boogying boogieing going on a excursion going on a journey finding one's way messing about mincing lallygagging diddling skipping ascending descending tiptoeing stumbling lounging pressing on going by foot moving forward going down going up going forward lurking slackening halting hovering frittering away passing time procrastinating flagging putting off pausing poking along tottering lazing waddling doddering galumphing floundering clumping barging scuffling stamping lumping stomping lazying mooning chilling droning chillin languishing flogging lurching vegging out kicking back hacking around goofing off dragging your feet

Động từ

(of a person or animal) Present participle for to move about restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of prey

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