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Alternative for doddering

doddering /'dɔdəriɳ/ (doddery) /'dɔdəri/
  • tính từ
    • run run, run lẫy bẫy
    • lẫy bẫy, lập cập; đi không vững, đứng không vững


Lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness
feeble weak frail weakened delicate infirm debilitated enfeebled failing effete powerless puny sickly enervated wasted faint weakly ailing exhausted helpless impotent languid decrepit etiolated poorly shaky unwell asthenic doddery down-and-out incapacitated low prostrate prostrated sapped shilpit slight soft softened tender tottering tottery unsubstantial weedy wimpish wimpy trembling trembly aged dopey emasculated flabby flat fragile gentle half-hearted insufficient lame meagre meager pathetic sapless strengthless vitiated woozy out of gas crippled ill unsound in poor health indisposed tenuous old elderly senile faltering long in the tooth slender unhealthy lacklustre poor lackluster valetudinarian sensitive susceptible nesh shattery wispy shatterable brittle dainty fracturable thin spindly fishy sick unstable irresolute bedridden wobbly insecure wavering unsteady vacillating indecisive superannuated halting flimsy sensile anemic anile anaemic ancient senescent in declining health laid low out of shape past it in bad shape over the hill no spring chicken fatigued rickety drained tired worn out spent weary limp unfit flagging broken-down deteriorated languorous tumbledown in poor condition spineless run-down worn-out weak-kneed faded dilapidated ramshackle sluggish depleted bad disabled undermined handicapped game declining deformed unnerved down listless maimed devitalized crumbling lackadaisical precarious rocky weakling beat pooped stiff bruised sore unsafe jerry-built ruinous below par battered out of sorts rattletrap run down rundown out of condition tuckered out nerveless invertebrate yielding washed-out characterless wet falling to pieces physically challenged played out wishy-washy milk-and-water without energy namby-pamby limp-wristed hindered encumbered hampered drooping in poor shape crook light breakable diminished stricken dying sinking reduced meek withered atrophied deteriorating wilted haggard degenerative ravaged easily damaged rendered feeble dizzy passionless tepid unenthusiastic rotten lousy unexcited paralyzed done in rusty paralysed limping hobbling uninterested unwilling off-color low-energy burned out laid-up under the weather washed out gone to seed on the ropes blasé halt apathetic groggy bockety sick as a dog a wreck out of commission out-of-action tired out injured mutilated untrained derelict wonky dodgy awry unreliable decayed hurt gammy defective wounded wearied lethargic worn in disrepair knackered languishing raw gimp gimpy pained sidelined gone to rack and ruin shabby bedraggled tatterdemalion seedy neglected threadbare falling apart worse for wear imperfect broken disintegrating decaying dead aweary bushed done damaged beaten wiped out bleary burnt-out loggy burned-out jaded logy all in tapped out rachitic unbalanced shacky shambly rumpty geriatric tumble-down shaking tremulous quivering quivery quavery wabbling atremble aquiver wabbly quaking shuddery wobbling shuddering jellylike jittery tremorous shivering aquake nervous ashake not set rootless fluctuant unsettled unfirm all aquiver unsure


Present participle for to shake or tremble as one moves, especially as of old age or childhood
tottering staggering shaking teetering swaying trembling lurching quivering reeling shuffling hobbling quaking shambling shivering toddling careening faltering stumbling waddling wobbling hirpling quavering shuddering wavering weaving moving falteringly walking haltingly walking with difficulty rolling rocking floundering limping blundering swinging lumbering bumbling pitching seesawing walking unsteadily toppling moving clumsily plodding trudging slipping struggling zigzagging wheeling sliding clumping wiggling vibrating hopping scuffing shimmying oscillating wabbling wallowing walking lamely walking unevenly waving titubating walking with a limp jerking fluttering gimping pattering dragging one's feet varying rotating whiffling duckwalking waggling balancing swerving halting stotting pivoting walking falteringly bobbing winding dangling hovering yawing tilting ducking leaning dodging heaving going around feeling giddy tripping hesitating hitching moving unsteadily flogging trembling precariously walking like a duck moving to the side blundering about juddering jiggling undulating pendulating convulsing agitating joggling bucketing jouncing jolting swaggering pulsating moving back and forth moving to and fro moving from side to side flickering bumping moving moving up and down putting in motion flitting jogging flaunting stirring up flittering tremoring stirring dithering fluctuating commoving succussing whipping jarring palpitating setting in motion churning flapping ruffling twittering

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