Đồng nghĩa của senile

Alternative for senile

Đồng nghĩa: doddering, doddery, gaga,

Tính từ

Of, or relating to, old age
old aged ancient senescent senior anile decrepit doddery enfeebled feeble long in the tooth past it in second childhood in your dotage elderly doddering superannuated ageing aging getting on mature older grey over the hill no spring chicken geriatric unyoung grey-haired gray grey-bearded weakly over-the-hill advanced in years frail hoary grizzled venerable septuagenarian octogenarian nonagenarian centenarian faltering antiquated longevous passé not as young as one was not long for this world as old as the hills declining matured long-lived olden not as young as one used to be been around on last leg of advanced years passe archaic outdated obsolete dotard weak patriarchal wasted debilitated infirm tired retired incapacitated tottering weakened long in tooth full of years lot of mileage past your prime crippled fragile antique age-old mellowing maturing deteriorating hoar immemorial antediluvian dateless cobwebby out of shape moth-eaten worn timeworn rusty creaky ripened oldie shot in bad shape senior citizen worse for wear in decline growing old ripe abiding long-lasting along in years of age gray-haired on in years not young past one's prime in one's dotage up in years old-fashioned out-of-date outmoded primitive dated old hat outworn out of date anachronistic bygone prehistoric mossy old-time behind the times obsolescent old-fangled moldy mouldy fossilized medieval old as the hills worn-out very old past mediaeval traditional primeval fossilised demoded primaeval clunky historic oldfangled primordial vintage time-worn of yore horse and buggy out of the ark long-standing musty quaint unfashionable moribund neolithic Noachian prehistorical kaputt kaput of old hackneyed Stone Age early of a certain age stale former corny relic past its sell-by date remote unoriginal dead extinct fusty ancestral time-honoured broken-down long-established defunct antwacky vieux jeu out of fashion advanced antiquarian odd white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly backward middle-aged done to death faded antediluvial disused sometime decayed old as Methuselah quondam late once aboriginal erstwhile pristine onetime done demode original cast-off crumbling past your sell-by date well-established of an advanced age on its last legs fixed rooted of olden days out of it old-hat unstylish out-of-style not with it neglected démodé rococo out dowdy not modern not current out of style grown old disapproved of the old school dry as dust timeless atavistic forever time-honored fallen into disuse no longer used clapped out discarded discontinued centuries old olde worlde rooted in the past past its prime old as Adam conditioned seasoned old-world retrograde old-school retro old-timey having seen better days old fashioned major past one's sell-by date pensioned emeritus ex- threadbare well-worn trite Elder I First banal leading above high-grade oldest higher over primary eldest first-born hackney shopworn cliche obligatory lined hack cliché-ridden stereotyped stock commonplace mellow ragged weathered rundown dog-eared shabby wrinkled clichéd the elder pensioned off resigned in retirement emerita classical ageless overworked battered tattered frayed used enduring next higher lasting established first ritual earliest ritualistic the worse for wear tried and true tried and tested of long ago more advanced

Tính từ

(of a person) Unable to think clearly
confused disoriented bewildered disorientated delirious muddled unbalanced unhinged addled befuddled demented unglued all at sea at sea dazed discombobulated irrational unsound absent-minded crazy deranged out-of-joint psychotic unsettled unstable whacko with Alzheimer's disease addlepated dizzy dopey dopy fouled up glassy-eyed gone mixed-up muddleheaded muzzy out to lunch pixilated pixillated punch-drunk punchy screwy shell-shocked shook up shot to pieces silly slaphappy spaced out spaced-out spacey spacy unscrewed zonked zonked-out addle-brained not knowing if one is coming or going not with it muddle-headed raddled spaced stunned fogged stupefied befogged confounded addle bushed distracted bemused bedeviled gaga groggy dazzled giddy staggered puzzled hazy unsteady tipsy woozy bedevilled staggering weak-kneed wobbly weak in the knees out of it fuddled perplexed baffled stumped faint lightheaded reeling light-headed nonplussed flustered flummoxed taken aback shaky numb dumbfounded woolly addlebrained wooly mystified disconcerted weak upset speechless vertiginous fazed bamboozled startled surprised breathless woolly-headed dismayed overcome overwhelmed slap-happy mixed up thrown off balance drugged floored thrown disturbed lost benumbed shaken rattled vague tottering disorganized teetering whirling bleary swimmy swimming off-balance disorganised fuzzy aswoon aghast gobsmacked numbed at sixes and sevens with rubbery legs off balance with legs like jelly weak at the knees eccentric inattentive trippy dreamy dumbstruck drowsy daft puckish touched impish prankish capricious whimsical pixyish senseless agog half-asleep maladjusted distraught stupid insensible cold stuporous foggy foolish not knowing if you are coming or going slow swaying sleepy tired come apart frozen intoxicated drunken shook clueless in a stupor preoccupied unnerved discomposed troubled discomfited balled up engrossed astonished astounded beaten at a loss shaken up mazed wildered blind blinded light dumb blown away out of control concussed incapacitated out on one's feet slapped silly knocked silly in a daze

Tính từ

Suffering from or characterized by delusions

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