Đồng nghĩa của deranged

Alternative for deranged

Đồng nghĩa: crazed, half-crazed,

Tính từ

Crazy or mentally unstable
demented crazy mad crazed unbalanced unhinged daft disturbed unstable maniacal psychotic sectionable wacky delirious frenzied loopy psychopathic insane irrational lunatic touched batty cuckoo dotty gaga loco loony mental nutty psycho raving screwy unglued wacko whacko whacky balmy bonkers brainsick bughouse certifiable crackbrained cracked crackers crackpot cranky daffy frantic fruity haywire kookie kooky looney maniac meshugge moonstruck unsound bananas barmy bedlam disordered nuts scatty unsettled ape barking berserk distracted maddened meshuga schizzo slang unscrewed wud bats raving mad barking mad flipped out off one's gourd off your head around the bend of unsound mind round the twist looney tunes loony tunes one card shy of a full deck out to lunch a few cards shy of a full deck non compos mentis a few sandwiches short of a picnic not all there mad as a hatter buggy nutsy mentally ill dippy round the bend nutty as a fruitcake hysterical nutso distraught squirrelly not the full shilling away with the fairies manic mad as a March hare stark raving mad porangi off the wall bushed out of one's mind sick in the head eccentric up the pole not right in the head as daft as a brush not right upstairs not quite right in the head stark staring mad wild off your rocker potty foaming at the mouth stark mad schizoid not together idiotic stupid yarra gonzo silly foolish rabid neurotic have kangaroos in the top paddock off your trolley schizophrenic paranoid have bats in the belfry bizarre with a screw loose confused out there have a screw loose doolally sick fatuous crazy as a loon senseless peculiar off one's nut erratic flaky flakey troubled flipped preposterous raging queer zany absurd off the air odd screwball mixed up ridiculous strange sociopathic screwed up oddball berko off derailed off-the-wall witless not in your right mind out of one's head simple unwise asinine incoherent half-witted mentally deranged freaky nonsensical schizo psychopathological a bit lacking weird freaked out wrong daft as a brush unrealistic off the deep end not of sound mind babbling out of one's gourd imbecilic severely mentally ill dull moronic uncontrollable violent inane brainless outlandish simple-minded dopey thick bedlamite uncontrolled dim-witted feeble-minded slow fried dim dumb furious ludicrous harebrained kinky pea-brained fantastic idiosyncratic goofy moonstricken featherheaded aberrant mindless demoniac unreasonable dazed dreamy unconventional impractical amok illogical soft in the head disarranged out of control off your chump unusual half-baked in the ozone touched in the head in a daze hare-brained manic-depressive flipped-out in another world out of one's tree non compos having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits over the edge having a screw loose out of one's skull having kangaroos in the top paddock dysfunctional diseased paranoiac paranoic psychoneurotic daggy baked unzipped dingy unsafe invalid psyched out schitzy gibbering ranting phrenetic rampant off the chain nobody home irresponsible few X short of a Y panic-stricken yampy bemused dull-witted slow-witted cretinous dunce-like demonic demoniacal empty-headed vacuous vapid pixilated fanatic obsessed flighty off the rails chaotic out of your mind simpleminded bovine dozy pig-ignorant birdbrained bubbleheaded lunkheaded cockeyed disorganized severely mentally disordered offbeat boneheaded chuckleheaded dunderheaded wooden-headed lamebrained fat-headed brain-dead muttonheaded as mad as a hatter jerky two sandwiches short of a picnic tomfool sappy doltish not right inept topsy-turvy fool hyper way-out madcap quirky unintelligent excited high out of one's box agitated busy overexcited up as mad as a March hare faulty tangled shambolic surreal one sandwich short of a picnic thickheaded dense far-out funny pretentious senile gormless spare slow on the uptake thick as two short planks giddy not quite right nonfunctional wonky broken fuddled feverish amusing unpredictable clownish freakish comic barro postal crook laughable braindead twisted risible unorthodox Bohemian far out beside oneself disorganised orderless amiss defective messy weak-minded dead from the neck up backward imbecile outré off-centre rum remarkable funky spaced-out queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way curious bizarro up the wall through the roof on the rampage not functioning properly out of order turned out hopped up fierce frenetic ferocious out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout delusional mentally unbalanced acting crazy way out swivel-eyed hot hallucinating restless light-headed fevered rambling wandering lightheaded deviant bewildered hallucinatory deviate outrageous bewildering mystifying extraordinary baffling puzzling farcical unthinkable shocking implausible unbelievable abnormal singular droll uncommon comical anomalous irregular whimsical atypical hilarious out of the ordinary different unfamiliar humorous unnatural witty unique imprudent left-field cockamamie uncustomary entertaining chucklesome freak foolhardy injudicious fanciful unexpected jocular rare sidesplitting facetious diverting out of the way grotesque rib-tickling untypical uncanny light-hearted incongruous thoughtless exceptional dubious mirthful side-splitting humoristic comedic unwonted reckless ill-advised fantastical unco avant-garde hysteric uproarious rash ill-considered waggish perplexing pointless out in left field jocose unreal incautious indiscreet mysterious jolly riotous eerie merry surprising capricious fishy unaccountable aberrated killing off-center priceless cockamamy preternatural outre unaccustomed in left field spooky joshing camp weak extravagant questionable suspicious alternative derisible dilly incredible astonishing phenomenal nonconformist slapstick damfool antic creepy especial screaming glaikit pathetic chowderheaded derisory dotish exceeding extraordinaire untenable campy original good-humored inexplicable groundless nonrational unreasoning good-humoured puerile lively individual perverse scatterbrained novel bohemian doubtful frivolous quizzical derisive uncharacteristic inconceivable ill-conceived jokey monstrous unheard of gelastic fallacious unfounded cock-eyed specious inconsequential unjustifiable illegitimate flawed feather-brained sparkling inconsequent radical cheerful improbable suspect unlikely unscientific contradictory alien impracticable meaningless far-fetched exotic unreasoned ignorant esoteric amazing nonconforming unprecedented inconsistent sportive foreign divvy softheaded feebleminded blockheaded anomalistic tongue-in-cheek slaphappy boffo special dof nonstandard pleasant full of holes short-sighted off beam for grins jovial impolitic unthinking false individualistic spurious distinctive sophistic arbitrary unconvincing unworkable dizzy incorrect inconclusive unknown beat characteristic bent playful hollow divergent innovative joking impossible childish irreconcilable unrepresentative wayward isolated immature featherbrained shaky rollicking poor inappropriate halfwitted hippy aberrational pinheaded devious engaging wry malformed obscure nerdy unearthly extreme eye-popping boho prodigious heterodox problematic heteroclite misguided hysterically funny unparalleled a scream dappy bugged out unheard-of grandiose smart clever unimaginable fresh self-contradictory naive without foundation non-typical without basis off the beaten track out of the common out of line off-base not making sense off-color too funny for words gagged up out of this world make-believe half-cracked birdy clock oddish intriguing wigged out infantile not tightly wrapped incomprehensible progressive advanced mentally incompetent unpractical chance animated high-spirited maverick informal unordinary kookish experimental old-fashioned out-there inadvisable custard-pie goofy loony exclusive callow untraditional eccentrical tenuous vagarious changeable teratoid fitful idiotish green credulous retarded unceremonious vivacious excentrical obtuse contemptible smoothbrained shady vague unpersuasive deviating new unrecognized extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible very unconventional inexperienced disputable equivocal dodgy dubitable disquieting debatable doubtable foolheaded laffer riot crack-up scarce very stupid ill-thought-out not well thought out risky bad problematical unhealthy warped perverted avant garde inscrutable unsatisfactory flimsy lame nebulous farfetched inadequate unsubstantiated feeble distorted unrecognised smooth-brained thick-witted idiotical improvident corrupt noisy rowdy boisterous like nothing on earth wigged-out imaginary unnormal heteromorphic jesting as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears incomparable inimitable soft incredulous illusory indefensible unsustainable unsupportable sketchy teasing sensational astounding impulsive ribald funny peculiar off-beat not normal romantic ambitious visionary unconceivable misleading uncompelling artificial notable momentous miraculous stunning striking funny strange roguish off-key untried nitwitted unforgettable eye-catching arresting delightful interesting enjoyable suppositious illusive airy unimpressive reachy vain thin slight groundbreaking wonderful a laugh light killingly funny goofus ironic fool-headed a hoot gump tongue in cheek noteworthy spectacular stupendous conspicuous dopy diagnostic discriminating classic symptomatic identifying one and only diagnostical barbarous erroneous awkward daredevil heedless out of sight cock-and-bull serious wondrous tremendous ludic jocund a card a caution unjustified pie-faced sheepheaded muddle-headed amazeballs rad hippie ultramodern contemporary groovy modern modernistic deep mod cool hot-headed frolicsome gleeful cheery festive blithesome laughing gay sunny blithe won't hold water won't wash flash heavy gnarly forby crazy shtick Mickey Mouse fool around cheering charming beguiling pleasurable pleasing fun gratifying gladdening off beaten path never to be forgotten daring adventurous agreeable gut-busting enchanting flip joyous mischievous joculous flippant happy lighthearted temerarious audacious brash overbold overconfident hasty ditzy sophistical unconforming radge casuistic ditsy unsubstantial cut up baseless inconsiderate hotheaded something else unproved frothy irrelevant unconnected out of keeping yeasty futile reasonless scintillating beyond belief not following counterintuitive disconnected disjointed beyond the bounds of possibility light-minded rich laugh-a-minute quick-witted funny ha-ha ha-ha funny

Tính từ

Wildly excited or uncontrolled due to worry or fear
frantic frenzied wild hysterical agitated mad distraught excited furious feverish frenetic fierce distracted overwrought rabid crazed distressed delirious maniacal crazy raving anxious desperate hectic uncontrolled worried ferocious insane demented berserk fraught violent unhinged hyper distrait uptight fevered hysteric raging wired panicky berko corybantic unglued unscrewed unzipped angry weird zonkers beside oneself worked up swivel-eyed panic-stricken in a state panic-struck wound up keyed up shook up beside yourself in a flap out of control het up in a tizz having kittens in a tizzy flipped out wigged out hot under the collar in a cold sweat last-minute weirded out hot and bothered in a flat spin freaked out spazzed out at the end of your tether at wits' end in a stew overcome manic nuts passionate devastated in a panic intense very upset in a frenzy overwhelmed struck incredulous stunned overawed affected madding upset overpowered bothered troubled uncontrollable disturbed perturbed rattled flustered discomposed emotional unrestrained concerned unrestrainable neurotic confused destroyed tormented muddled shattered maniac thrown harassed not knowing what to do with oneself verklempt convulsive pained nonplussed addled irrepressible blazing fiery tempestuous incensed fuming impetuous spasmodic overexcited impassioned maddened turbulent vehement seething driven to distraction unnerved possessed rampant nervous worked-up wrought-up carried away out of your mind out of one's mind in a fit like a chicken with its head cut off out of one's wits extreme fanatical fervent uncompromising extremist bigoted intolerant over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard biased prejudiced one-sided irrational zealous unreasonable partisan illiberal gung-ho infuriated narrow-minded perfervid intemperate sick unwell mad-dog militant obsessed ultraist enthusiastic diseased ardent virulent infected flipped naked nutty dedicated sizzling ill poisoned keen bitten smoking overboard tense antsy jumpy uneasy nervy jittery dismayed apprehensive disconcerted fidgety saddened twitchy unsettled hung up edgy disquieted frightened aflutter shaken alarmed ruffled ill at ease stressed shocked unhappy sad hurt grieved gutted annoyed unquiet fearful dithery vexed irked stressy cut up atwitter unbalanced restless adrenalized on edge strung out disappointed scared traumatized discountenanced hyperactive discombobulated hassled traumatised irritated choked bummed out insecure inconvenienced queasy queazy goosey hinky high-strung flurried overactive heated afflicted spooked angsty bugged terrified miffed crushed all torn up angered bundle of nerves basket case provoked blue overstrung highly strung strung up afraid high energetic tumultuous obsessive heartbroken worried sick in a twitter confusing broken up on tenterhooks anguished chaotic beset riled tortured plagued clutched put out worried stiff fast and furious panicked undone mentally unsettled overemotional histrionic dispirited shaky miserable consumed emotive peeved dragged wretched wrecked ripped exercised shook strung-up hag-ridden falling apart confined having cabin fever horrified unconsolable up the wall disconsolate inconsolable shot down emotionally charged flushed startled skittish aquiver daunted out of one's wit unreluctant flighty exciting furibund phrenetic in pieces hyped-up febrile afire atingle hyperexcited stir-crazy asea in a bad way broken-hearted offended fretted exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated mortified pestered perplexed harried harrowed tearing one's hair out in a lather lost it low shell-shocked emotionally defeated wounded zipped up hot juiced up in disorder amazed come apart psyched out compulsive fretting fretful at sixes and sevens overanxious trembling quaking under stress fixated unstable oversensitive phobic dazed confounded toey unhealthy abnormal paranoid angstful uncomfortable spooky squirrelly solicitous windy knocked sideways maladjusted in a sweat a wreck ecstatic a bundle of nerves in a twit in a dither inhibited erratic nervous wreck disoriented aberrant deviant disordered all of a dither in a state of agitation bricking oneself knocked for six on pins and needles all of a lather thrilled elated with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof having butterflies in the stomach shaking in one's shoes with your heart in your mouth transported euphoric tooshie excitable freaked-out wound-up under a strain touchy keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent overjoyed rapturous throwing a wobbly jubilant exultant steamed up in seventh heaven Corybantic sent on cloud nine hot under collar all shook up drunk delighted enthused on cloud seven in raptures over the moon walking on air jumping for joy intoxicated wild with excitement blissed out in transports of delight in a frenzy of delight on a high

Tính từ

Feeling confused mentally
addled bewildered confused befuddled dazed dizzy muddled mixed-up muzzy silly stupefied dopey fuddled addle addlepated bedevilled bedeviled befogged bemused bushed confounded demented discombobulated disorientated disoriented distracted dopy fogged foolish muddleheaded pixilated pixillated punch-drunk punchy raddled shell-shocked slaphappy spaced spaced-out spacey spacy stunned unbalanced unhinged wooly woolly woozy zonked zonked-out bamboozled fazed flustered perplexed addlebrained at sea gone rattled shaken shook slap-happy thrown unglued balled up fouled up mixed up not with it shook up out of it delirious all at sea senile irrational unsound unsettled unstable crazy psychotic out-of-joint absent-minded whacko with Alzheimer's disease glassy-eyed screwy shot to pieces out to lunch unscrewed spaced out addle-brained muddle-headed not knowing if one is coming or going puzzled baffled nonplussed groggy stumped dumbfounded flummoxed staggered mystified disconcerted taken aback surprised at a loss speechless startled at sixes and sevens astonished astounded dazzled overcome floored lost light-headed overwhelmed fuzzy lightheaded thrown off balance wobbly giddy shocked flabbergasted upset staggering unsteady dumbstruck disturbed foggy beaten gaga hazy aghast wildered vague mazed benumbed faint shaky woolly-headed disorganized breathless reeling clueless weak-kneed tipsy disorganised dismayed uncomprehending gobsmacked troubled dumb discomposed unnerved woolly-minded uncertain shaken up blown away bowled over weak in the knees off balance drugged vertiginous numbed numb swimming discomfited blind blinded light agog amazed agape blank off-balance awed awestruck foxed wonderstruck thunderstruck out of control in a dither misty shadowy blurred eccentric sailing adrift inattentive trippy dreamy whirling swimmy aswoon unfocused ill-defined maladjusted distraught drowsy daft puckish touched impish prankish capricious whimsical pixyish worried undone bleary half-asleep preoccupied hard-pressed nonplused engrossed frozen intoxicated come apart hard put stuck awe-struck tottering weak blurry unclear in a state of confusion in a muddle teetering asea made to scratch their head confusticated got vexed had their heads messed with besotted caused to be at a stand gravelled beat graveled buffaloed thrown off doubtful with rubbery legs with legs like jelly weak at the knees confusional turbid not knowing if you are coming or going incredulous awestricken dumfounded frightened alarmed jolted open-mouthed filled with wonder caught on the hop goggle-eyed in amazement taken by surprise at a loss for words wide-eyed filled with astonishment knocked for six filled with amazement openmouthed lost for words unable to believe your eyes filled with awe caught on the wrong foot unable to believe one's ears

Tính từ

In a state of complete confusion and disorder
chaotic confused disordered disorderly anarchic disorganised disorganized jumbled lawless messy tumultuous haywire shambolic cluttered disarranged disarrayed disheveled dishevelled disrupted frenzied hectic littered messed muddled mussed mussy orderless sloppy tousled tumbled turbulent uncontrolled unkempt untidy rumpled unruly purposeless rampageous riotous topsy-turvy helter-skelter pell-mell upside-down higgledy-piggledy hugger-mugger in a mess in a muddle in chaos in disarray in disorder harum-scarum in a shambles in pandemonium in turmoil in uproar out of joint utterly confused at sixes and sevens every which way violent rowdy ungovernable rioting uproarious uncontrollable unmanageable rebellious disruptive insubordinate wild brawling undisciplined unbiddable ugly mutinous refractory out of control revolutionary insurrectionary turbid hedonistic uncontained intemperate immoderate haphazard unsystematic unmethodical all over the place random indiscriminate unorganized hit-or-miss unorganised slapdash mixed up erratic tangled scattered scrambled slovenly irregular uncoordinated in a jumble out of order careless mixed-up all over the map undirected desultory messed up casual all over the shop arbitrary upside down unsystematized all over the lot aimless upset disjointed convoluted in a state systemless unthinking out of place complex complicated unplanned unfocused slipshod intricate incoherent thoughtless dislocated mussed up unsettled in confusion straggly unpredictable unpremeditated overturned unarranged heedless designless inefficient uncombed unstructured capricious offhand loose confusing shuffled blind hasty difficult tortuous badly organized without purpose inconsistent directionless discombobulated fluky disconnected ruffled out-of-line out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained heterogeneous tumult unrestrained lax awry askew wayward unguided snarled unselective catch-as-catch-can stray unconsidered incidental scattershot lost wanton fitful sporadic unprepared hit or miss like a bomb's hit it screwed up without goal without direction irresponsible unsorted multifaceted stirred up without a goal unregulated unclear fragmented scrappy slaphappy unorderly unfastidious strewn strewed into disarray jumbled up into disorder muddly untidied piled crowded multifarious manifold bedraggled snafu top uncritical undiscriminating variable dilapidated neglected rough crude like a dog's breakfast broken like a dog's dinner tangly anarchical matted into chaos into a jumble into confusion toppled varied in a clutter uncertain hit and miss illogical indeterminate whimsical in pieces dragged capsized spilled rambling windswept out of kilter misplaced displaced knotted tossed in total disarray inside-out into a muddle worse for wear kaleidoscopic many-faceted ungroomed windblown non-linear nonuniform promiscuous entropic fractal stochastic aleatory undiscerning undifferentiating unhinged cockeyed upended upturned luxated downside-up messed-up mussed-up out-of-place sketchy chancy incalculable tipped over inconstant occasional spasmodic intermittent involved unstable lawbreaking knotty ungoverned misruled misgoverned off and on involute labyrinthine without law and order cursory perfunctory accidental chance labyrinthian sophisticated byzantine baroque maze-like elaborate devious daedal complicate slack neglectful negligent remiss clumsy hit-and-miss imperfect botched shabby hurried unmeticulous shoddy threadbare unthorough faulty inexact junky inaccurate involuted poor inattentive lackadaisical lazy unprofessional unconcerned spontaneous sudden willy-nilly devil-may-care unexpected reckless fluke unconscious awkward tricky intertwined raveled ravelled interwoven slap-happy thrown together problematic any which way any old way

Động từ

To have thrown into disorder
confused disorganised disorganized disordered cluttered disarranged disarrayed discomposed disheveled dishevelled disrupted jumbled unsettled agitated disjointed disturbed hashed messed messed up muddled mussed ruffled tousled dislocated mixed up rumpled scattered scrambled shuffled untidied upset mussed up snarled up threw into disorder tumbled confounded made untidy perturbed rummaged perplexed flustered made a mess of rattled tangled bothered turned upside down distracted thrown into disorder distempered spoilt spoiled derailed worried distressed dismayed troubled disquieted bewildered disconcerted discomforted flurried frazzled displaced fouled up put out of place put out of order made a shambles of alarmed concerned discomfited vexed muddled up puzzled entangled mixed addled fussed unhinged ailed unbalanced exercised embroiled alarumed convulsed hagrid complicated interfered thrown into confusion weirded out threw into confusion jumbled up freaked out destabilized thrown into disarray threw into disarray nonplussed befuddled threw thrown rearranged unnerved afflicted irked fuddled shaken shook piqued galled provoked riffled dispersed raveled ravelled dazed spread made uneasy changed discommoded misplaced tost discreated littered tossed turned brought into disorder interfered with put off reordered screwed up got into a tangle upset the applecart cut short turned topsy-turvy psyched out put someone off their stroke set hurdles destabilised put in disarray beat mucked up undone undid hagridden hagrode baffled bamboozled bemused destroyed disorientated disoriented mystified flummoxed stupefied overturned fazed excited dizzied reorganized intermixed trashed mistaken mistook embarrassed daunted besmirched dirtied mingled strewn showered startled frightened sophisticated got complexed complexified made anxious jolted snafued tormented shifted demobilized mislaid disbanded made difficult involved downed demented needled sickened spooked made disorderly discombobulated broke up broken up stopped harassed bollixed clogged played havoc with snarled brought into disarray rifled caused turmoil in obfuscated made more difficult intruded on subverted folded loused up gummed up annoyed shaken up interrelated outraged replaced stirred up combined foxed rattled one's cage changed the order pulled the rug out from under rendered unintelligible got to made waves wrinkled befogged intricated distorted interweaved made complicated astounded gotten out of order knocked off balance multiplied slopped frenzied meddled cluttered up intruded made intricate muddied demobilised aroused interfused caused confusion in crumpled broke down depressed reorganised muddied the waters got out of order scared tampered mired snagged made hay of pained handicapped elaborated infolded twisted tired bedevilled made complex amazed obscured turned inside-out impeded shook up convoluted gravelled roused disheartened posed shifted about thwarted dropped litter graveled wrecked buffaloed made a mess grieved transposed made difficulties sloshed badgered tilted pulled the rug from under opened can of worms bedeviled irritated reversed bestrewed bestrewn gotten mislay broken down added fuel to fire interwove interwoven broke the deck broken the deck gotten in the way burnt up burned up got in the way beaten thrown into a state of disorganization threw into a state of disorganization thrown into chaos threw into chaos thrown into uproar threw into uproar gotten to taken aback threw off took aback thrown off balance threw off balance thrown off thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of discountenanced abashed frustrated cast down bugged demoralized put out of countenance put someone off their stride put in the wrong place demoralised put in wrong place misaligned dealigned discouraged dispirited lost undermined dejected unmanned weakened randomized recombined missed sapped ruined surprised crushed enfeebled dropped forgot caught off balance chilled cowed devitalized mortified subdued enervated misarranged made fretful hindered pothered disempowered balked misfiled pestered brought low botched sent up mucked blundered gnawed at crippled randomised stopped someone in their tracks dampened disaligned disparaged caused to be at a stand encumbered caused mess debilitated unglued unzipped setted someone back on their heels knocked for six knocked the stuffing out of bungled baulked made dirty damped deflated filled removed fumbled made a scene knocked sideways muffed made someone scratch their head covered placed unwisely fouled placed wrongly lost track of left behind taken by surprise took by surprise forgotten threw out thrown out blown out took steam out blew up taken steam out blown up taken apart blew out took apart forgot whereabouts of forgot where one has put something forgotten the whereabouts of forgot the whereabouts of forgotten whereabouts of forgotten where one has put something

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