Đồng nghĩa của phobic

Tính từ

Having or involving an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something
afraid anxious apprehensive discomposed disquieted disturbed fearful fixated frightened irrational jittery jumpy nervous neurotic obsessed overanxious panicky paranoid scared shy skittish tense terrified worried hung up have cold feet unstable maladjusted nervy hysterical wired hysteric unbalanced psychopathic psychoneurotic alarmed compulsive obsessive manic mentally ill mentally disturbed mentally deranged overwrought oversensitive uneasy abnormal twitchy unhealthy hesitant timid petrified highly strung stressy hyper shrinking intimidated affrighted horrified aghast horror-struck terrorized scary diffident shocked spooked upset inhibited disoriented uptight aberrant deviant erratic distraught choked clutched disordered faint-hearted timorous pusillanimous afeared frit scared stiff rabbity worried sick chickenhearted quivery spineless in a blue funk running scared unmanly scared to death weak-kneed lily-livered sheepish in a funk aflutter shaky goose-bumpy terrorised nerveless in a dither perturbed agitated solicitous nervous wreck basket case bundle of nerves excitable edgy high-strung touchy troubled emotional sensitive temperamental fidgety restless fiery on edge chippy insecure antsy irascible passionate unsettled irritable queazy stressed brittle dithery queasy hot-tempered easily upset volatile keyed up thin-skinned impatient het up quick-tempered overstrung hot-headed unquiet impetuous hinky excited goosey tempestuous moody atwitter adrenalized hypersensitive worked up ill at ease in a state deranged on tenterhooks short-tempered frantic flighty concerned spasmodic unhinged prickly wild overexcited tetchy defensive crazy feverish mercurial restive beside oneself testy violent vehement umbrageous psychotic easily frightened easily agitated petulant agitable fierce ticklish in a tizzy on pins and needles easily offended distressed confused mad frenzied skittery trepidatious distracted bothered crazed raving fluttery toey maniacal berserk susceptible uncontrolled curt strung out ill-adjusted hyperactive strained hyperexcitable hyperkinetic spooky swivel-eyed huffy snappy crabbed messed up screwed up mixed up impassioned intense high stiff peevish heated unnerved wound up rabid strung up rash overemotional tooshie easily hurt demonstrative overzealous crotchety impulsive in a twitter ornery volcanic blazing bad-tempered beside yourself ill-tempered in a cold sweat in a sweat explosive hotheaded melodramatic headstrong froward flipped out like a cat on a hot tin roof willful prima donna-ish like a cat on hot bricks wilful on a short fuse in bad mood hot-blooded mean self-justifying eccentric conservative stilted prim nerve-racking stressful nail-biting in suspense feeling anxious alienated hyper-sensitive withdrawn nerves on edge strict conventional cautious easily affected insane on the defensive old-fashioned ardent demented lunatic captious querulous untogether estranged muddled fervent dysfunctional hasty critical demonic demoniacal unrealistic shaking trembling quaking spirited unfit hung-up maladapted fevered wrought up febrile fervid incandescent perfervid passional sectionable in a state of agitation squirrelly in a state of nerves windy torrid charged sulky in a stew suspicious doubtful foreboding mistrustful burning superheated religious warm dithyrambic sullen inflammable intolerant reckless galvanic enthusiastic quick alarmable uncertain weak in a flap bricking oneself having kittens in a tizz nutty freaky busy up flipped choleric angry frozen flaming all of a dither in a twit all of a lather grumpy morose all of a doodah over-emotional short-fuse red-hot warm-blooded having butterflies in the stomach having stage fright biting nails having cold feet having a funny feeling angst-ridden short fused offended cantankerous cross blowing hot and cold pretentious senile frowning saturnine sour crusty glum miserable moping mopish uncontrollable fiddle-footed dour crabby freaked out turned out hopped up emotionally confused unrestrained delirious splenetic mardy dejected piqued mopey waspish broody tender unrestrainable huffish blue mumpish wounded kittle mopy soft supersensitive vulnerable delusional maniac out of control distrait ill-humoured ill-humored convulsive berko delicate ultrasensitive irrepressible maddened turbulent driven to distraction raging incensed fuming frenetic possessed panic-stricken in a panic in a frenzy rampant seething furious desperate quick to take offence carried away very upset in a fit out of one's wits overactive hectic wrought-up freaked-out overwhelmed wound-up under a strain keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn worked-up unstrung tired spent taut throwing a wobbly angsty steamed up out of your mind fretful hot under collar all shook up flurried at the end of your tether careful unglued shivery mousy uncomfortable

Danh từ

A person who has been diagnosed with a psychiatric or anxiety disorder

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