Đồng nghĩa của nerves on edge

Tính từ

Showing or feeling insecurity or uncertainty
on edge anxious edgy nervous tense uneasy troubled worried antsy jumpy jittery nervy perturbed upset uptight insecure unquiet queasy queazy restless agitated hinky aflutter fidgety dithery goosey atwitter unsettled restive hung up twitchy ill at ease keyed up wired apprehensive unstable excitable neurotic unnerved highly strung hysterical sensitive brittle skittish beside oneself excited feeling anxious high-strung hyper in suspense nail-biting nerve-racking nervous wreck overanxious stressful wound up het up bundle of nerves in a tizzy on tenterhooks disturbed uncomfortable disquieted bothered on pins and needles fretful self-conscious embarrassed discomfited discomposed awkward hesitant unsure shy strained unrelaxed unrestful stressy shaken uncertain out of place bashful retiring fazed suspicious impatient flustered irresolute wavering irritable alarmed fearful unruly tormented vexed dismayed perplexed shaky like a fish out of water fidgeting strung out active tossing and turning distressed turbulent unpeaceful sleepless in turmoil twittering tentative indecisive disorientated dithering vacillating curt stiff bewildered disoriented faltering inhibited unnatural gauche swithering stilted prim lost strange shrinking blushing disconcerted ruffled rattled shook up concerned confused unbalanced thrown disorderly withdrawn lacking social skills timid discomforted reserved tongue-tied introverted unconfident discombobulated distrustful all of a dither in a flap doubtful recalcitrant fractious refractory worked up overwrought ornery stubborn obstinate unyielding perverse fraught like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks champing at the bit harassed palpitant anguished afraid peevish irascible wrung footloose hurried transient spasmodic unsteady itchy inconstant wandering intermittent roving fitful nomadic bustling changeable on the qui vive all nerves wakeful insomniac attentive awake unsleeping watchful without sleep insomnolent wide-awake vigilant wide awake alert

Trái nghĩa của nerves on edge

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