Đồng nghĩa của timid

Alternative for timid

timider, timidest

Đồng nghĩa: bashful, cowardly, coy, demure, fearful, meek, reserved, restrained, retiring, sheepish, shy,

Trái nghĩa: bold,

Tính từ

Easily anxious or frightened
cowardly scared afraid fearful frightened nervous timorous pusillanimous quaking weak-kneed apprehensive easily frightened faint-hearted gutless lacking courage mousy shrinking lily-livered meek anxious chicken cowering craven cringey fainthearted irresolute jittery mousey panicky pigeonhearted pigeon-hearted sissy skittish spineless trembling tremulous unheroic wimpish wimpy yellow yellow-bellied browbeaten bullied capricious cowed daunted dismayed feeble gentle hesitant intimidated Milquetoast poor-spirited recreant shaky soft spiritless submissive tentative unassured unnerved vacillating wavering weak wet having cold feet shy chicken-livered chicken-hearted scary diffident dastardly chickenhearted fearsome milk-livered poltroon unassertive candy-assed sissified wishy-washy characterless weakling nerveless pathetic namby-pamby boneless limp-wristed effete invertebrate frail ineffectual jumpy bashful milk-and-water retiring self-effacing unmanly weakened reticent weak-willed unconfident coy indecisive ineffective abject base quiet tame wussy modest unassuming impotent feart squeamish nervy spooked antsy white-livered indeterminate faint half-hearted milksoppish unsure lame inept caitiff easily led reserved demure humble trepidatious inadequate declining worried alarmed easily scared excited inefficient incompetent shuddering sheepish uncertain agitated coward funky agog debilitated petrified enervated startled mean-spirited insufficient silly terrified niddering foolish insignificant poltroonish weedy ignoble sookie fickle passive dishonourable dishonorable cringing weak-minded drippy deceitful offensive treacherous sneaking low unprincipled unethical tricky faltering dithering useless cowhearted backward worthless daft nerdy reluctant afraid of one's own shadow doubting withdrawn introverted unforthcoming persuasible persuadable infirm impressionable doubtful compliant powerless undetermined fallible wary suspicious chary paper tiger no guts running scared unobtrusive introvert corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling yielding unreliable undependable biddable feeble-minded having the willies colourless pale colorless plain quivering twitchy stressy windy distrustful overstrung unquiet keyed up spooky forceless pithless having kittens unconvincing unenthusiastic unsubstantial meager fragile a bundle of nerves in a cold sweat without a will of your own moderate mild flimsy tenuous meagre afraid of one's shadow like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks frightened of one's own shadow low-key languid insipid vapid enfeebled slight wasted sapped delicate asthenic tender softened prostrate prostrated down-and-out jejune limp listless dull innocuous soppy disorganized wasteful epicene simpering swishy snowflake disorganised flabby bland vulnerable errant defenceless susceptible malleable imperfect erring flawed resistless without guts changeable flavourless mediocre watered-down sapless flavorless easily tempted defenseless exhausted drained spent decrepit worn out vitiated washed-out played out lacklustre droopy apathetic lifeless melancholic melancholy passionless dispirited torpid unmoved lackadaisical bloodless despondent languorous depressed mopy desiccated dejected flat unimpassioned wooden languishing dry uninspired anaemic uninspiring unconcerned draggy slothful broken boring blue down lackluster disconsolate dopey subdued inanimate downhearted indifferent sad blah downcast anemic down in the dumps flat tire cast down down in the mouth lacking in vitality

Tính từ

Having a shy or bashful nature
shy modest reserved retiring bashful diffident withdrawn coy reticent demure quiet introverted unassuming unassertive sheepish humble backward recessive self-effacing shrinking timorous meek restrained blushing insecure self-conscious unconfident aw-shucks hesitant embarrassed mousy silent inhibited prim unpretentious apprehensive constrained reluctant nervous shamefaced unforthcoming unobtrusive unsociable mild prudish unassured reclusive undemonstrative introvert unsure media-shy uncommunicative unpresuming wary lowly fearful withdrawing secretive rabbity private cool cold nice retired standoffish solitary offish strait-laced ashamed blushful coquettish old-maidish kittenish niminy-piminy simple suspicious abashed unostentatious taciturn skittish proper inward-looking overmodest subdued aloof chary seemly down-to-earth self-contained distant uptight chaste inconspicuous unpretending guarded mim remote close-mouthed detached sedate close cautious stand-offish thoughtful eremitic unresponsive nongregarious soft-spoken collected uncompanionable arch flirtatious submissive passive simpering costive doubtful flushed reddening humiliated flushing docile evasive repressed apologetic uncertain self-doubting unaffected natural genuine turning red red-faced fussy artless unambitious frustrated ordinary ingenuous plain low-key unaggressive distrustful dubious blenching flinching unpoised low-profile unnoticeable uncomfortable uneasy socially inhibited pernickety niggly finicky tongue-tied ill at ease unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious retreated recluse uncurious casual uninterested indifferent formal passionless unapproachable unboastful discreet hung up temperate overcautious overparticular seclusive secret keeping a low profile self-restrained hermitic anchoritic eremitical bottled up unfriendly unaffable unexpansive introspective moderate resigned prudent closemouthed unemotional frigid chilly tight-lipped laconic dumb old-womanish not forward snobbish Olympian decorous indrawn prissy gentle serene misanthropic icy peaceful ceremonious noncommittal composed placid conventional sober respectable ladylike staid decent contemplative pensive self-absorbed self-interested innocent virginal pure maidenly virtuous priggish meditative reflective ruminative inner-directed self-centred straight puritanical goody-goody starchy affected square self-centered earnest serious solemn doubting prim and proper verecund recoiling faint-hearted easily embarrassed

Tính từ

Readily conforming to the authority or will of others
submissive compliant yielding malleable acquiescent accommodating amenable tractable manageable unassertive non-resisting passive obedient biddable dutiful duteous docile ductile pliant meek mild patient resigned forbearing subdued humble self-effacing spiritless deferential obsequious servile slavish self-abasing spineless groveling grovelling lamblike supine bootlicking subservient under someone's thumb resistless longanimous abject bowing down comformable complying domesticated giving-in ingratiating nonresistant nonresisting obeisant obeying pliable tame uncomplaining unresisting agreeable amiable conformable fawning kowtowing law-abiding lowly menial obliging placable soft subordinate surrendering controllable disciplinable governable handleable teachable trainable under one's thumb sycophantic cringing gentle demure shy quiet unobtrusive unprotesting cowed cowering downtrodden unambitious subject fearful reverential truckling polite sheepish supplicatory snivelling inferior craven hesitant timorous tentative apprehensive mim self-conscious dancing sniveling ignoble mean weak at one's mercy in one's power in one's clutches a slave to in one's pocket weak-kneed wimpish boneless frightened modest at one's beck and call unassuming peaceful wussy unpretentious long-suffering cringey like a lamb to the slaughter retiring reverent peaceable dominated down-to-earth diffident subjugated browbeaten bullied oppressed intimidated repressed nagged wishy-washy nothing orderly pabulum Milquetoast serene tolerant zero plain lenient constrained uxorious henpecked led by the nose ground down treated like dirt tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging without a mind of one's own wife-ridden in fear of one's partner under someone's heel respectful regardful toadying low attentive willing complaisant deferent base civil courteous considerate thoughtful mannerly vile unresistant dull calm ignominious tolerating easy accepting venerating unworthy ready genial following humiliating crawling toadyish creeping solicitous gracious awed sequacious chivalrous courtly gallant admiring stoical consenting ingratiatory appreciative fatalistic reconciled philosophical non-resistant assenting acceding cooperative flexible agreeing conforming approving persuadable enduring adapted well-disposed phlegmatic renouncing cordial satisfied quiescent stoic relinquishing adjusted accommodated unskilled well mannered well-mannered persuasible boring degrading low-status convincible routine acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive game humdrum degraded contemptible worthless easily persuaded despicable sorry debased demeaning Uriah Heepish well-trained sordid low-grade reprehensible blue-collar good observant under control tender shabby dishonourable scungy detestable disciplined tedious common baseborn basic pacific horrible gloomy dishonorable dismal hangdog deplorable humiliated dejected outcast placid well trained well disciplined mellow devoted loyal honoring faithful sheeplike well-behaved honouring docious hearsome unquestioning moderate warm easy-going soft-hearted kind forgiving conciliatory warm-hearted compassionate tender-hearted indulgent good-natured sensitive sympathetic pleasant tranquil wrapped around finger on a string merciful affable equable chilled easy-oasy easygoing mild-mannered good-tempered flat good-humoured jejune good-humored vapid smooth forbearant

Tính từ

Easily agitated or alarmed
nervous agitated anxious apprehensive overwrought tense uptight jittery taut unsettled angsty concerned excitable queazy shy disquieted overstrung skittish trepidatious troubled distressed flighty fretful neurotic stressed bothered edgy flurried skittery spooked worried antsy brittle fidgety restless spasmodic upset afraid careful frightened perturbed scared unglued dithery fluttery insecure jumpy toey twitchy discomposed hysterical mousy shivery timorous uncomfortable disturbed fearful nervy queasy shaky uneasy easily agitated easily frightened highly strung high-strung panicky shrinking diffident hesitant bashful self-conscious retiring alarmed terrified petrified intimidated horrified aghast shocked unconfident faint-hearted uncertain unsure strained scared stiff unquiet scared to death ill at ease on edge lacking confidence embarrassed frantic self-effacing awkward sheepish wired affrighted terrorized cowardly hysteric pusillanimous inhibited daunted afeared frit startled rattled trembling cowed unassertive introverted terrorised horror-struck discomfited aflutter frozen stunned worked up terror-stricken panic-stricken meek in a funk in a flap weak in a tizzy self-doubting in a blue funk running scared passive unassured lacking self-confidence not self-assured have cold feet in awe mouselike frenzied windy graceless reserved withdrawn unrelaxed scary discomforted abashed dismayed perplexed fearsome suspicious funky aroused blanched discouraged unnerved disheartened rabbity worried sick chickenhearted quivery unmanly weak-kneed lily-livered goose-bumpy nerveless solicitous phobic spineless annoyed ruffled sensitive in a dither submissive wimpy lacking social skills tongue-tied irritable febrile flustered lacking assurance not confident lacking in confidence run scared faltering stammering stuttering stumbling fussy adrenalized unnatural strung out strung up gauche modest blushing shamefaced stiff mannered artificial stilted ill-at-ease affected aw-shucks out of countenance unsure of yourself like a fish out of water doubtful unforthcoming hinky goosey atwitter vague hung up Delphic questioning touchy het up choked unpoised touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice shaken cowering chicken yellow feart apprehensive about intimidated by alarmed at beside oneself in a fluster in a state scared witless in a tizz in a cold sweat horror-stricken terror-struck shaking like a leaf having cold feet scared out of one's wits shaking in one's shoes with one's heart in one's mouth frightened out of one's wits keyed up stressy on tenterhooks disconcerted on pins and needles all of a dither hyper excited in a stew spooky squirrelly distraught in a state of agitation in a sweat in a twitter all of a lather in a state of nerves wrought up having kittens in a twit all of a doodah vexed feverish like a cat on a hot tin roof confused fazed in a panic discombobulated harassed overexcited restive distracted bricking oneself manic shook up heated in suspense irked shaking thrown like a cat on hot bricks hot and bothered hectic stressed out overactive a bundle of nerves wound up irrational discountenanced irritated emotional unstable quaking hassled fevered moved desperate overanxious out of place clutched under stress hyperactive distrustful bugged inflamed wrought-up unrestful tormented mistrustful intense muddled waiting for the axe to fall high waiting with bated breath swivel-eyed impatient inconvenienced in a lather carried away put out beside yourself in a frenzy quivering white-knuckled fretting obsessive maladjusted frazzled mad disordered under a strain wild dubious wary wavering angstful delirious hurt fixated galled nervous wreck exasperated cautious stirred worked-up frenetic disoriented chary uncontrolled flushed aggravated tensed unbalanced paranoid hot under the collar furious grieved shot to pieces sceptical in a spin violent sad maniacal a wreck unhinged bundle of nerves unstrung cynical unhappy saddened enthusiastic anguished hot leery unrestrained in a flat spin beset riled rabid obsessed harried tortured plagued skeptical unsteady provoked unconvinced undecided trustless unbelieving zealous fanatical gutted disappointed turbulent cagey worried stiff crazy angered angry jealous with one's stomach in knots in pieces blue with butterflies in one's stomach cut up passionate been hit before broken up in a pother in a tiz-woz twittering pessimistic burdened indecisive tentative under pressure dithering vacillating irresolute curt creepy frisky caught up peeved narked scunnered creeped out swithering aquiver prim pressured disorientated unreluctant wreck moving shot exercised animated roused hyped-up fraught afire atingle hyperexcited white knuckled bewildered overemotional up the wall disorderly chafed stirred up flapping strange in turmoil lost anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting unpeaceful teed off zipped up juiced up compulsive falling apart histrionic agog eagerly worrying afflicted asea disbelieving doubting exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined pained mortified pestered harrowed miffed all agog avid open-mouthed all of a flutter oversensitive foreboding at fever pitch tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails unhealthy abnormal pyretic burning incredulous with bated breath suspecting negativistic show-me circumspect distrusting offended fretted lacking faith lacking trust angst-ridden sweating erratic aberrant deviant having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having a funny feeling tooshie low freaked-out overwhelmed wound-up keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered weary strung-out worn tired spent verklempt unzipped wounded dysfunctional throwing a wobbly in disorder amazed burning up febrific on fire basket case uncontrollable steamed up flipped out out of your mind come apart psyched out bummed out at sixes and sevens all torn up hot under collar all shook up crazed berserk at the end of your tether rigid raving unrestrainable ashamed humiliated shamed deranged maniac out of control distrait humbled flexed tight watchful convulsive berko messed up screwed up mixed up untrusting dreading demeaned irrepressible fiery impetuous impassioned maddened vehement driven to distraction raging incensed fuming very upset possessed out of one's wits rampant blazing tempestuous in a fit seething hard fierce emotionally confused ill-adjusted a basket case sweating bullets solid firm tightened unyielding dishonoured discredited chastened ferocious wishing the earth would swallow one up with egg on one's face put out of countenance dishonored caught with egg on your face not know where to put yourself shown-up red-faced stretched having butterflies in the stomach exciting close inflexible snug extended tightly drawn busy like one possessed

Tính từ

Overly cautious in style, lacking creativity or innovation
safe cautious circumspect prudent chary attentive boring dead dull flat ho-hum humdrum insipid mind-numbing monotonous old repetitious routine stale tedious tiresome tiring unexciting uninteresting unvaried wearisome calculating careful considerate gingerly heedful unadventurous wary conservative unenterprising leery hesitant reluctant delicate guarded alert suspicious fastidious dainty squeamish discreet cagey tentative traditional conventional timorous unimaginative stay-at-home stuffy narrow-minded limited straight square uncreative strait-laced restrained stick-in-the-mud shy uptight vigilant watchful observant canny mindful politic on guard on the lookout aware thoughtful on the qui vive judicious reserved scrupulous apprehensive moderate measured discriminating on the alert on your toes on the watch sly shrewd diplomatic tactful reticent intelligent unhurried temperate frugal deliberate thrifty sagacious sparing perceptive wise controlled provident noncommittal awake precautious softly-softly with reservations keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs playing safe watching one's step watching out all ears with eyes peeled thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves protective wide-awake non-committal sage doubting unwasteful saving vague unrevealing wide awake sensible punctilious overcareful overcautious playing one's cards close to one's chest strategic close-lipped judgmatic discerning close-mouthed judgmatical kid-glove having foresight like a clam civil reasonable on lookout worldly-wise not rash cunning designing manipulative devious crafty scheming Machiavellian uneasy prepared ready keeping one's eyes peeled psyched up on the job on one's toes open-eyed wired tentie keeping a weather eye open fast on the draw switched on keeping one's eyes open hip tenty Argus-eyed conscientious regardful loath distrustful sceptical dubious mistrustful doubtful paying attention taking notice afraid nervous averse disinclined mean disingenuous artful conniving slippery slick guileful sharp unscrupulous foxy contriving wily parsimonious stingy iffy inhibited miserly constrained skeptical economical particular subtle premeditating slim suspecting forethoughtful on your guard belt-and-braces hedging one's bets walking on egg shells with one's eyes peeled taking it slow

Tính từ

Of, supporting, or pertaining to traditionalism
traditionalistic traditional conservative orthodox reactionary unprogressive ultraconservative hidebound brassbound paleoconservative standpat archconservative mossbacked conventional right traditionalist stable unimaginative illiberal inflexible Tory unchanging rightist guarded quiet sober bourgeois constant controlled fearful firm fogyish obstinate redneck steady unchangeable uncreative undaring old-school old-fashioned old-line die-hard buttoned-down button-down right-wing middle-of-the-road fuddy-duddy hard hat holding to not extreme old guard old line white bread in a rut right of center cautious moderate dyed-in-the-wool unadventurous unenterprising safe careful prudent accepted established temperate fundamentalist purist ethnocentric conformist stick in the mud set in one's ways rigid uncompromising diehard blimpish intransigent official common set intolerant usual normal customary popular prevailing regular approved obscurantist familiar ultra-conservative mainstream historic well-established recognized old retrogressive regressive counterrevolutionary acknowledged routine standard long-established outdated sound sanctioned recognised strait-laced old-style extremist convinced immovable philistine unreconstructed stuffy boring alt-right counter-revolutionary Birchite backward-looking medieval prehistoric unreceptive mediaeval bigoted unreasonable right-leaning settled inveterate time-honored right wing to the right entrenched habitual fixed general accustomed confirmed narrow wonted prejudiced historical expected biased dogmatic former ancestral classical universal typical proven classic fanatical past ingrained deep-rooted acceptable widely used widespread puritan jaundiced intractable time-honoured stock officially recognized individualistic parochial ancient folk prior true rooted narrow-minded secure unshakable vested permanent small-minded familial family bygone lineal petty-minded close-minded oral unwritten received hard-line set in your ways set in one's opinions fixed in one's views handed-down from the past old-world outmoded out-of-date of yore correct proper authoritative doctrinal authorized prevalent canonical unoriginal ordinary unheretical derivative well established kosher religious straight admitted pious punctilious legitimate rightful square authorised bien pensant straight arrow in line according to the book by the numbers

Tính từ

Having a base, nasty, petty, or malevolent disposition
mean-spirited base cowardly cruel harsh heartless malicious mean nasty servile spiteful uncaring uncharitable ungenerous unkind weak callous unsympathetic insensitive unfeeling merciless hard inhuman pitiless inconsiderate ruthless hard-hearted cold-blooded compassionless inhumane brutal stony affectless cold-hearted hardhearted unsparing insensate slash-and-burn thick-skinned remorseless stonyhearted desensitized stoney take-no-prisoners obdurate unmerciful ironhearted indurate soulless case-hardened hard-boiled pachydermatous lacking compassion desensitised unfriendly unpleasant thoughtless unforgiving cold hurtful unchristian stern savage unloving unconcerned unmoved stony-hearted uncompassionate unemotional hard as nails without sentiment with a heart of stone indifferent intolerant petty cold fish selfish heedless self-centred stingy severe unfair ungracious uncompromising inflexible censorious unsympathizing self-centered malevolent disagreeable vicious snide shabby ill-natured upsetting wounding uncivil hostile unkindly inhospitable unamiable beastly catty bad sadistic coldhearted malignant ill hateful barbarous not nice unpitying tough barbaric relentless hardened implacable unbending unrelenting apathetic unresponsive fierce grim frigid strict cool aloof inexorable brutish steely fiendish ferocious unyielding monstrous hard-nosed austere truculent impassive icy dispassionate wicked vindictive bloodthirsty emotionless rigorous passionless murderous rough hard-bitten bestial wanton marble-hearted violent brute undemonstrative disinterested detached butcherly rigid unremitting atrocious stolid imperturbable impassible fell cutthroat insensible matter-of-fact unsentimental unsusceptible cut-throat expressionless sanguinary firm bloodless phlegmatic indurated evil deadpan flinty exacting unaffected tactless calm stoical reserved adamant stoic diabolical numb heinous poker-faced obtuse dog-eat-dog inured unappeasable inclement feral wolfish draconian untouched illiberal impervious ironfisted spiritless blank toughened hellish controlled dead restrained remote unimpressionable authoritarian feelingless as hard as nails repellent lukewarm halfhearted aversive repugnant glacial distant stony-eyed gruff heavy-handed impersonal tyrannical revengeful self-controlled chill flat stone-hearted surly rancorous cool, calm and collected dastardly unempathetic loveless flagitious egregious adamantine vile wild careless sharp aggressive really hard abominable stiff bloody ramrod unmindful deadened abusive forceful tyrannous punishing hard-headed stringent inattentive listless serene tigerish malign furious rabid inexpressive unexpressive composed threatening impenetrable fiery crass nonchalant forbidding cynical unruly dour unexcitable unruffled unrestrained imperceptive bullying horrible collected incurious oppressive uncalled-for seasoned rugged impetuous delirious bland vacant toneless wooden hollow unstirred antipathetic uncongenial mad unrepenting headstrong nowhere unimpassioned immovable nonemotional frantic reticent hard-edged benumbed hard-as-nails insusceptible unhappy devilish exploitative stonehearted killer mortal depraved uncommiserating satanic hatchetjob coldblooded without pity appalling unnatural premeditated torpid insentient impenitent stubborn killer instinct demanding lifeless negligent ice-cold stone-faced solid red in tooth and claw bitter constant vengeful punitive abrasive heavy unjust excessive mechanical crotchety cantankerous anesthetized churlish sensationless anaesthetized uncordial intense blind to deaf to crude coarse sour avaricious unregenerate greedy indefatigable uncontrite faceless utilitarian gray subhuman grey bleak armour-plated invulnerable world-weary infernal bearish uninvolved unaroused uninterested blasé unsensitive oblivious cat-and-mouse tormenting maleficent torturous unflinching rowdy curt extreme lupine voracious ravenous no-nonsense browbeating self-contained inured to lacking sentiment hard-line hard-shelled obstinate despotic dictatorial very hard iron-fisted mean machine inscrutable unfazed having a killer instinct cannibalistic suppressive onerous toughened by experience frosty with a hide like an elephant blind chilly as tough as old boots unwelcoming critical fixed indifferent to unimpressible pokerfaced Rhadamanthine hardhanded cold-faced straight-faced laid back accustomed habituated unrevealing sedate placid dry taciturn inexcitable unflappable insensitive of insensible to insensitive to heedless of insensible of foul not caring hard-shell despicable contemptible obnoxious disregardful of dangerous odious loathsome menacing strong cast-iron vigorous hardy experienced sturdy stout untamed intimidating fearsome ungentle terrible clinical acclimatized coarsened used raging louring frightful convulsive frightening baleful rude low level-headed businesslike cool-headed incessive raving stark lowering uncontrollable enraged undomesticated fearful horrid angry infuriated crazed rapacious rational unagitated sober rotten inaccessible acclimatised steeled contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent resistant impious prepared disdainful unashamed low-down animalistic primitive venomous biffo aggers unthinking berserk equable tranquil indelicate frenzied intemperate gross dishonourable maniacal terrorizing pugnacious impolite discourteous quiet marble blah objective laid-back despiteful virulent execrable deplorable scummy ignominious currish dirty dishonorable detestable low-minded thuggish destructive unthoughtful disrespectful homicidal unhandsome unmannered impertinent undiplomatic indiscreet unmannerly explosive maddened hotheaded frenetic assertive boorish brash reckless ignorant incautious unceremonious short hasty impassioned demoniac fuming crazy terrorising radge agitated hysterical feverish potent forcible along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts full-blooded hot-tempered knock-down hammer and tongs out of control hot-headed drag-out bang-bang ill-mannered ill-bred

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