Đồng nghĩa của burdened

Alternative for burdened

burdens, burdened, burdening

Đồng nghĩa: charge, load, task,

Trái nghĩa: lighten, reduce,

Tính từ

Having a handicap
handicapped incapacitated infirm invalid lame paralysed paralyzed wheelchair-using crippled disabled disadvantaged learning-disabled paraplegic quadriplegic tetraplegic baulked balked blocked checked curbed deterred encumbered foiled hampered hemiplegic impeded limited monoplegic obstructed paraparetic paretic restrained restricted stymied wounded differently abled having a disability physically challenged physically handicapped physically impaired having a mental disability having learning difficulties having special needs mentally disabled physically disabled maimed debilitated weakened hurt impaired damaged enfeebled injured sidelined bedridden weak helpless deformed powerless hamstrung harmed game laid up immobilized halt sickly limp ailing mutilated impotent broken-down laid-up out-of-action confined incapable housebound defective run-down frail stiff bruised sore feeble gimp hog-tied immobilised out of action out of commission vulnerable fragile unfit indisposed limping hobbling bad compromised wornout undermined battered tender hors de combat disadvantageous exceptional challenged immobile lifeless gammy disarmed worn-out out-of-commission wrecked stalled decrepit strengthless impuissant impoverished diminished raw pained gimpy handcuffed hindered toothless high and dry ruined destroyed spoiled palsied with a disability spoilt mangled broken confined to bed marred sick ill unwell valetudinary poorly valetudinarian weakly peaked down in poor health below par on the sick list laid low unable useless in hospital in the hospital numb inert afflicted aching prostrate stricken smarting painful throbbing hurting flat on your back stinging cut inflamed paralytic crushed discoloured scarred discolored black-and-blue benumbed dead insensible ineffective inactive nerveless torpid beaten grazed scratched burning sensitive lacerated gashed crook gutless chafed reddened agonised knackered ruptured mauled bleeding agonized disfigured scraped nicked in pain struck busted up hit unmoving fractured deadened smashed shattered unfeeling frozen at a loss bedfast bedbound insensitive insensate desensitized ill in bed effete incompetent diplegic off colour smitten palsified enervated unproductive forceless inept infecund puny dud desensitised excruciating agonizing delicate tingly distressed paper tiger past it under the weather achy afflictive prickly twingeing irritated severe gnawing suffering biting uncomfortable smartful laborious nagging sharp troublesome searing piercing pounding tingling agonising hurtful caustic abscessed flat on one's back harrowing red tired nasty achy breaky grievous ulcerated defenceless ineffectual inadequate dependent subject tied disenfranchised unarmed wishy-washy supine etiolated without power blank disfranchised defenseless resistless chicken wimp passive not able over a barrel with no say out of gas shot buffeted tortured warped

Trái nghĩa của burdened

burdened Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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