Đồng nghĩa của needy

Alternative for needy

needier, neediest

Đồng nghĩa: destitute, impoverished, indigent, necessitous, poverty-stricken,


In need of financial support
poor destitute impoverished indigent poverty-stricken deprived disadvantaged impecunious penniless underprivileged needful penurious broke hard up necessitous dirt-poor skint badly off dirt poor in want moneyless pauperized beggared beggarly down-and-out famished in reduced circumstances on the breadline strapped threadbare down at heel flat broke in straitened circumstances cleaned out flat stone broke stony broke strapped for cash unprosperous in Queer Street unable to make ends meet as poor as a church mouse dead broke in need down to last cent unable to keep the wolf from the door without two farthings to rub together without two pennies to rub together without two brass farthings to rub together insolvent bankrupt without a sou down and out distressed ruined in penury out at elbows out of pocket down on one's luck bust without a penny boracic short on your uppers without a red cent boracic lint without a bean short of money without a brass farthing homeless reduced depressed bad off pinched low-income wanting on skid row hard-pressed fortuneless in the red stony-broke straitened truly needy up against it busted lacking without two pennies farthings to rub together shabby vagrant unlucky unfortunate empty-handed low meager meagre broken suffering on your beam-ends wiped out clean rundown on the rocks on the streets behind eight ball on one's uppers have-not derelict stony low-paid neglected in debt struggling in distress handicapped in need of tapped out in the gutter on the bread line on one's beam ends without a shot in one's locker poor as a church mouse out of money stone-broke bankrupted economically deprived financially disadvantaged unfavored requiring help unaffluent base extremely poor severe difficult scanty crippled vile unmoneyed impencunious stranded in distressed circumstances workless unemployed laid off jobless between jobs redundant living rough sleeping rough idle wretched despicable mean discriminated against of no fixed address of no fixed abode miserably poor very poor financially poor unprivileged empty hurting sterile stripped totaled divested deficient squalid miserable pathetic shoddy foul sordid over a barrel on last leg without a dime in reduced out of a job resting signing on in dire circumstances in great need economically disadvantaged indebted deprived of devoid of played out down to last penny overdrawn pitiful unpleasant abject hindered impaired cashless denuded bereft on the dole without a penny to your name forlorn beaten vagabond defeated outcast finished contemptible ill-fated hapless ill-starred dispossessed on one's beam-ends craptastic without a penny to one's name on the wallaby track in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together in a bad way financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash in dire straits on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse slummy seedy in Chapter 11 without money ghetto ghost shanty run down run-down skid row failed lost gone under in administration in receivership gone bust in Carey Street gone to the wall in the hands of the receivers down-at-heel spent smashed in arrears owing money belly up exhausted depleted cleared out liquidated out of business defaulting foreclosed collapsed undone unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners


(of a person) Making others work hard or meet high standards
demanding perfectionist trying uncompromising clamorous critical dictatorial disapproving fussy importunate intractable judgmental obstinate rigorous strict tiresome tough cavilling difficult exigent fractious hard harsh imperious inflexible insistent nagging overbearing overexacting querulous stringent troublesome unaccommodating unamenable unbending unmanageable caviling cavillous censuring disparaging faultfinding firm hairsplitting hardheaded hypercritical obdurate overscrupulous possessive quibbling sticklerish stiff stubborn unflinching unreasonable unsparing carping censorious cynical demeaning serious tyrannical high-maintenance fault-finding hard to please hard to satisfy over-exacting hard-line over-censorious over-particular over-rigorous over-strict captious finicky overcritical pedantic pernickety picky niggling hair-splitting rejective nit-picking pass-remarkable nitpicking negative recalcitrant fastidious pettifogging refractory headstrong overnice perverse froward exacting severe exceptive sarcastic particular irritable testy cantankerous crabby contrary touchy persnickety nice deprecating judgemental criticizing criticising nitpicky trivial thorny unfair unjust peevish very critical petty acrimonious petulant cross tricky punctilious overparticular meticulous scolding humbling diagnostic calumniatory belittling discerning biting discriminating derogatory analytical lowering critic judgy reproachful trenchant sharp cutting penetrating contemptuous choleric condemning withering satirical stern uncontrollable ungovernable unruly incontrollable willful untoward wilful wayward awkward complex insoluble burdensome unrelenting grim boorish rigid hard-nosed argumentative pigheaded impossible to cope with out of control out of hand pitiless dissatisfied bearish opinionated inexorable irascible resolute immovable oafish discontented obstreperous grumbly set in one's ways choosy snappy temperamental irritating impolite unyielding uptight quarrelsome strong-minded single-minded rude bloody-minded stiff-necked steadfast dogmatic intransigent indomitable wrong-headed opinionative sour pertinacious oppressive disobliging prickly thrawn finical huffy stroppy vexed unpredictable hard to handle invidious bull-headed fiendish delicate sensitive ill-natured crotchety ornery contrarious uppity disputatious chippy obstructive feisty balky bolshie disputative cussed ungracious


Worthy of being treated in a particular way, typically of being given assistance
deserving worthy meritorious commendable praiseworthy estimable laudable righteous admirable good creditable decent excellent exemplary fine honorable honourable respectable upright virtuous due eligible fitting justifiable justified praisable rightful thankworthy applaudable sterling meritable reputable honest worthy of admiration noble upstanding exceptional noteworthy notable worthwhile stellar valuable first-class venerable worthy of commendation reliable ethical dependable moral respected grand right principled outstanding blameless choice smashing super wicked pure irreproachable fab reputed splendiferous ace champion solid beaut brill impressive true trustworthy first-rate bully tip-top conscientious select keen law-abiding top-notch high-minded right-minded top-hole well-thought-of palmary salt of the earth A-1 seemly smart of note well-favoured well favoured terrific mean world-beating meritious golden winner boss meedful top drawer esteemed pillar gone gnarly slick tough swell just name deserving congratulations wonderful great marvellous recognized prestigious valued superb salt of earth magnificent honoured splendid marvelous brilliant supreme innocent cracking cool superlative exquisite rad neat peachy tiptop angelic sinless saintly guiltless fair faultless major league august recognised prized admired in limelight meretorious appreciable big time honored big name high-powered superior prime crackerjack uncorrupted straight nice stand-up anti-corruption rare noted schmick dream distinguished dope phat capital masterly belting unreal sovereign attractive sik greatest pearler God-fearing squeaky-clean pious noble-minded equitable A1 exo barrie supercalifragilisticexpialidocious chillin' copacetic believeable satisfactory up to the mark organic suitable nasty devoted reverent impartial matchless faithful dutiful holy charitable punctilious philanthropical devout philanthropic scrupulous godlike peerless spiritual all right cat's pajamas of the first water best ever world-class A-OK super-duper ka pai second to none out of sight of the highest order zero cool of the first order hunky dory out of this world unimpeachable trusted model trusty incorrupt invaluable batting a thousand not too shabby high-principled right-thinking of good report squeaky clean

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