Đồng nghĩa của brilliant

Alternative for brilliant

Đồng nghĩa: alert, bright, clear, intelligent, shining, smart, sparkling, vivid,

Trái nghĩa: dismal, gloomy, melancholy,

Tính từ

Exceptional for its kind
superb excellent splendid wonderful great magnificent outstanding exceptional fantastic marvellous fine terrific tremendous awesome good fabulous grand marvelous remarkable inspired sensational stellar superlative supreme cracking glorious matchless notable peerless rare smashing sterling ace admirable brill celebrated cool distinguished eminent fab illustrious impressive renowned skilful skillful sublime amazeballs bonzer famous mean mega topping wicked very good first-class first-rate tip-top top-notch out of sight out of this world top-hole on fleek amazing super superior wizard extraordinary heavenly phenomenal crackerjack beautiful divine neat capital lovely swell incredible spectacular noble phat accomplished nifty masterly keen peachy crack fantabulous groovy dazzling dandy magic prime stunning radical expert virtuoso slick supercalifragilisticexpialidocious consummate dope choice corking jim-dandy striking hot dynamite unsurpassed skilled adept proficient quality top champion top-shelf breathtaking boss delightful gorgeous bully adroit exquisite talented able boffo mind-blowing primo stupendous high-class topflight righteous gilt-edged beaut deft classic bang-up out-of-sight masterful immense gifted astounding perfect competent prizewinning master capable experienced rad supernal spiffing dexterous A-OK bumper banner bodacious top-of-the-line ripping par excellence astonishing blue-ribbon blue-chip clever practised gilt-edge number one dextrous frontline bosting practiced peachy keen formidable numero uno gangbuster gangbusters prize versed first-string five-star wondrous educated dreamy bonny world-class enjoyable awe-inspiring staggering prodigious bonnie down polished complete brag veteran memorable compleat noteworthy schmick hype imposing four-star brave gone bright crucial noted pre-eminent sik preeminent professed efficient tasty arresting exo trained unreal sharp splendiferous elite majestic genius def savvy pleasurable professional resplendent exalted unparalleled unbelievable artful beezer A1 exemplary exciting gratifying dramatic select sovereign conspicuous august ingenious miraculous prominent jaw-dropping thrilling worthy belting smart apt fabby far out chillin' class well versed sound mind-boggling handy venerable spanking pleasant goodly too good to be true pleasing singular important pearler surprising barrie seasoned premium tiptop unrivaled workmanlike leading elegant elevated proud marvy unrivalled eye-popping unique special lank kif satisfying A-1 radiant bravura unforgettable delicate applaudable significant bad uncommon esteemed transcendent lofty monumental commanding eye-catching habile stately top-drawer bold well-known marked of high quality knowledgeable delectable famed ideal signal high-grade showy hotshot qualified star incomparable deluxe catchy powerful shining meritorious estimable fascinating nice of the first water best emphatic agreeable heroic brainy honored high-quality of the highest quality of the highest standard noticeable intense honoured intelligent acclaimed commendable standout attractive pronounced topnotch unusual a dab hand at dominant out of the ordinary big league overwhelming momentous massive distinctive greatest splashy surpassing flamboyant sumptuous startling deadly splendorous luminous noisy eye-opening moving valuable entertaining luxurious gee-whizz delightsome congenial charming quick laudable enthralling enchanting splendacious imperial lavish captivating magical strong plush royal on the ball jolly exhilarating respected sweet delicious blissful flawless prestigious pro redoubtable engaging top-level demon kenspeckle grabby unequalled whiz immortal portentous triumphant awesomesauce salient unequaled solid pretty schooled coruscating way-out beyond compare bosker rewarding smooth opulent enviable out-of-this-world zero cool vivid regal to die for of the first order ravishing felicitous vintage certified praiseworthy outrageous desirable magnolious fancy mighty savory savoury fantastical faultless grandiose luscious welcome palatable electrifying epic grateful specialist foremost dulcet gallant baronial tops inspiring optimum heroical unexcelled darling blessed blest magnific influential amusing facile unmatched eventful posh the dog's bollocks effulgent frabjous far-out fun ritzy Homeric there scrumptious time-honored practical au fait exceptionally good observable well-versed confounding refined honorable honourable unheard of effective highly regarded hunky-dory never to be forgotten without equal well known precocious immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled highly trained of the highest order too much of repute of distinction wised up glittering super-duper of high standing up to speed a hand at invaluable exclusive perceptive legit priceless entrancing mint rich colossal copacetic palatial high premier kingly crowning advanced really good stupefying unimaginable inconceivable crash hot dignified likable versant learned cheery princely unprecedented stimulating unmistakable gripping top-of-the-range historic obvious unbeatable creditable reputable intoxicating golden principal manifest uppermost superhuman chief telling untouchable predominant stirring rousing astral paramount lionized consequential considerable refreshing effusive excessive highest extreme winning diverting old vet heart-stopping quintessential exaggerated worthiest inflated rapturous notorious cherished especial awful alluring worthwhile idyllic something else unusually good arrestive lordly attention-grabbing visible ducky unco lionised model absorbing splendrous aristocratic pompous top-grade fly fit banging likeable endowed highest quality very best eloquent nonpareil ambrosial yummy lush touching mind-bending hair-raising spine-tingling effectual like wow with it class act best ever second to none of highest order ka pai rip-roaring in a class all by itself on the beam well thought of first class above and beyond red-letter no slouch tuned in shining at scintillating reliable luxury cheerful tasteful bewitching chic luxuriant beauteous of a high standard indomitable invincible finished joyous theatrical high-ranking handpicked insane picturesque replayable humbling cream sunny proper convivial balmy immaculate impeccable familiar conscious acquainted lead ostentatious colorful crazy flagship cordial happy agitating most high-born decisive conclusive hallowed finest paragon pointed extremely good rockin jovial top-class puissant hundred-proof artistic genial adored fluent ridiculous top-tier legendary colourful gaudy evident distinct solemn a million dollars baller resounding A-number-1 mostest what award-winning prize-winning optimal fat titantic utmost large ready creative awe-striking paradisal paradisaic paradisic adorable spiritual saintly solid gold supremely skilled sup rior better improved enhanced conversant portly staid hep hip surpassing belief cat's meow profound the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout decided definite storming positive unblemished grade A popular major all very well well and good tense really nice drilled phenom having a knack for cut out for imaginative like a million dollars nang No. 1 superfine virtuous top drawer top-flight to your liking chur clear-cut fine and dandy name recognized unsurpassable paradisiacal inimitable paradisiac unexampled fateful landmark better than usual of the best quality better than average deep thundering thumping equal clean drop-dead clear the what great innovational innovative shocking suspenseful meritable dream applauded high-minded highfalutin' better than expected pure suitable tutored multitalented fitted well-rounded multiskilled sure-handed taught all-round all-around deserving respectable appreciable forcible perceptible innovatory daring impassioned affecting indelible haunting infamous main can't miss it well versed au courant well informed very able sharp as a tack know stuff nimble-fingered no dummy hypnotic mature forward enterprising original inventive jazzy compelling forceful cogent bizarre major league big name big-time talked of bewildering sufficient riveting lively pivotal fulfilling meaningful groundbreaking uncanny weighty recognised interesting resourceful crisp clued up genned up graphic climactic lasting virtuosic talked about much publicized far-famed widely knowbn big-name of note cheering uplifting material epochal heart-warming far-reaching unnerving disturbing unsettling disquieting hunky dory shock-horror stem-winding high-octane heady up to it know one's stuff know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know the ropes timeless unfading exceeding extraordinaire atypical abnormal aberrated freak anomalous peculiar odd preternatural unwonted aberrant uncustomary jolting dumbfounding dumfounding jarring flabbergasting blindsiding brightsome everlasting eternal perpetual undying treasured breath-taking sudden action-packed studied world class engrossing exhilarative imperishable enduring not to be forgotten huge substantial worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas charged galvanic galvanizing compulsive remembered rememberable extra special electric have smarts advanced for one's age have the goods ahead of one's peers old beyond one's years got it stamped on your memory fixed in the mind unputdownable kicky galvanising hard to swallow beyond belief of genius inviting well-written easy worth reading appealing easy to read relaxing well written readable propitious auspicious opportune heart-stirring optimistic advantageous hopeful towering swanky leet rosy heartening encouraging providential ineffable admired superstar heavy celeb very pleasant roseate favorable upbeat promising likely favourable fair profitable very agreeable very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable fortunate utopian full of promise one-off rose-colored weird cute spellbinding enchanted taking fetching magnetic mythical mysterious lovesome otherworldly comely bewitched sightly occult good-looking entranced charismatic mystic glamorous handsome precious wizardly ghostly fiendish conjuring pulchritudinous aesthetic seductive imaginary spellbound esthetic enticing well-favored thaumaturgic sorcerous spiritualistic unutterable spectral acceptable foxy knockout gnarly witching parapsychological haunted ensorcelled necromantic dreamlike thaumaturgical demoniac tranced diabolic spooky clairvoyant fey theurgic witchlike eerie runic theurgical telekinetic talismanic strange statuesque dainty angelic classy seemly whimsical amiable fairy-tale comfortable graceful charmed glamourous beguiling unexpected shapely unspeakable transcendental winsome unthinkable traditional romantic symmetrical top-quality drop-dead gorgeous storybook well-formed satisfactory tantalizing ecstatic tantalising indescribable recherche super-eminent shipshape super-excellent inexpressible indefinable supernatural unspoilt ethereal irresistible photogenic tempting illusory comforting flashy euphoric presentable incommunicable lovable dear dollish unorthodox intriguing sexy uncommunicable inenarrable nameless outlandish glossy showstopping zingy prettyish not bad mesmeric mesmerizing above average authoritative endearing plum queer telegenic recreative relishable irregular very nice wild extravagant stylish convenient improbable unlikely implausible incomprehensible irie mesmerising untold classical out of the way easy on the eye deviant fashionable beggaring description beyond words beyond description sacred holy curious loveable disarming impossible unthought of cutesy easy on the eyes mooi lekker adorbs chocolate-box prepossessing sensual top of the line top of the range unordinary buzzworthy splendent fairytale-like irreproachable key agile sophisticated exacting rocking juicy entire up to snuff unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt unbroken undamaged whole intact bestselling festive well-designed natty spruce definitive awing choicest first upscale upmarket spesh high quality top quality hand-picked elect peak red-carpet primary celebratory affable hunky mild eximious selected luring decorative preferential favored 10 preferred unmarred babelicious pleasureful to one's liking unfamiliar unaccustomed big not too shabby favorite snazzy OK in order dishy relief glad cunning soothing hospitable heartwarming favoured cherry-picked favourite bootylicious slap-up vital crash-hot far-fetched left-field very beautiful different inconsistent grade-A couthy inspirational abstract pretty cool unearthly carefully chosen first-line passable elating copasetic paradisaical calming one in a million of moment difficult to believe in a league of their own 24-karat physically attractive unconventional offbeat exotic freakish plummy cushy enigmatic the most unaccountable inexplicable unpredictable infrequent nice-looking aesthetically appealing aesthetically pleasing fine-looking paranormal seldom freaky divergent scarce one and only voluptuous curvaceous beddable fanciable from left field unpredicted chimeric out there romanesque out of the common unheard-of way out covetable plump preferable well-done dapper sheen willowy personable camera-friendly debonair filled with dreams metaphysical mystical supernormal unworldly other-worldly off the beaten track one of a kind beyond one's wildest dreams beyond the realm of reason undreamed of undefinable chimerical weird and wonderful deviating unnatural mythic provocative idealized halcyon untypical unrepresentative deviative supermundane meaty hypnotizing invigorating piquant preoccupying envigorating immersing hypnotising involving racy newsworthy thought-provoking worthy of note fresh trenchant topical unboring vibrant newsy relatable consuming mythological peaceful pastoral rustic fairylike celestial untellable empyrean empyreal folkloric fictitious cherubical cuddly cherubic phantasmagoric phantasmagorical visionary wistful hallucinatory oneiric pretty-pretty innocent as pretty as a picture twee kawaii fictional imagined apocryphal hypothetical proverbial too sacred for words allegorical parabolic symbolic storied rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic arcadian Elysian sylvan Arcadian fanciful made up fabled make-believe scenic restful calm serene idealised tranquil dream-filled just right the very thing well-suited appropriate useful pertinent just the thing befitting fitting just what the doctor ordered just what one needs made to order tailor-made just the job pick

Tính từ

Exceptionally clever or talented
clever brainy intelligent genius accomplished bright gifted intellectual smart talented astute ingenious quick acute creative expert precocious sharp able adept crack elite keen knowledgeable learned masterly scholarly skilful skillful cerebral discerning educated erudite excellent exceptional inventive penetrating perspicacious profound virtuoso alert fast knowing rational superior choice eggheaded hyperintelligent nimble supersmart ultrasmart whip quick-witted sharp-witted first-class first-rate very intelligent Einstein whip-smart whiz kid perceptive canny savvy shrewd wise insightful sagacious intuitive quick on the uptake on the ball sage cunning percipient resourceful sapient subtle incisive observant adroit judicious piercing discriminating capable crafty quick off the mark enlightened sensitive fine razor-sharp nimble-witted competent ready dexterous dextrous wily critical artful argute prudent calculating deft quick-thinking sensible agile good proficient sophisticated whiz apt experienced streetwise foxy pawky heads-up aware long-headed rapier-like clear-sighted sharp as a tack witty deep skilled academic imaginative qualified cultured delicate bookish suss strong logical effectual cute well read active clear-eyed heady with it well-informed finely honed all there quick on the trigger exquisite quick on the draw gnostic well-read original highbrow sharpened informed efficient masterful politic thoughtful powerful trained precise effortless practiced refined razor-like effective sly alive cultivated penetrative lively au fait practised hardheaded slick hard-boiled responsible wide awake up to speed up to it up to snuff accurate brisk well educated well informed not born yesterday genial superintelligent einstein handy razor sharp prolific studious bluestocking media-savvy philosophical reflective tasteful balanced serviceable decent foresighted swotty lettered receptive clear hot kosher selective spirited swift PDQ prompt insighted phenomenal productive cluey innovative egghead keen-witted responsive fastidious sprightly happy pitch-perfect mentally keen curt vigorous wired mercurial guileful book smart searching probing steely analytical cagey cagy minute literate scientific schooled acuminous inspired enterprising thinking complex exacting analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed vigilant heightened devious scheming sneaky bright-eyed and bushy-tailed exact widely read tutored innovational fertile elaborate trailblazing innovatory originative Promethean not missing a trick fly worldly finely tuned smart as a tack having smarts knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool with all one's wits about one smart as a whip pioneering slim carny vulpine urbane unprovincial seasoned understanding instructed together comprehending with great knowledge well-taught artistic deviceful sentient conversant cognizant very smart fiendish well-developed well-honed clued-up with-it worldly-wise tuned-in having been around sharp-sighted thinking outside the box know how many beans make five having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on fit fitted suitable tasty suited equal adequate easy equipped endowed worthy prepared highly endowed know the ropes know one's onions know backwards and forwards careful reasonable sound commonsensical levelheaded cautious circumspect practical far-sighted reasoned realistic sane discreet particular contemplative conscious fussy lucid picky coherent well-advised choosy considerate pragmatic nice commonsense cogent attentive tactical wary well-founded valid watchful justified finicky tactful mindful persnickety diplomatic well advised finical sober commonsensible just demanding cogitative solid awake strategic pernickety far-seeing well thought out farsighted well-reasoned well reasoned philosophic level-headed meticulous smooth well-grounded plausible trenchant pensive justifiable visionary firm meditative down-to-earth grounded hard to please considered congruent tuned in objective ruminative faddish expedient reasoning full of insight faddy eclectic well judged scrupulous showing great knowledge choosey impeccable intent heedful fussbudgety astucious discriminatory common-sense prescient old-maidish deductive convincing introspective compelling consistent legit matter-of-fact relevant perspicuous pertinent legitimate consequent desirable choicy holding water advisable dainty slippery apprised acquainted reliable select museful musing apperceptive witting deliberative polite sympathetic open-eyed mature finicking judgmatical judgmatic apprehensive reflecting pondering certain observing sure ware well-balanced thorough telling squeamish stable courteous overnice germane right prissy hard inferential provident healthy deducible razor-edged knife-like fair holding together well balanced well grounded aesthetic clear-headed polished discriminative tricky designing familiar dodgy self-aware beguiling appreciative sophic opinionated normal downy versed abreast solemn esthetic earnest grave credible over-particular deliberate cool street-smart street smart seemly confirmed proven sustainable ruminant no-nonsense weighty concerned defensible efficacious serious respectful maintainable defendable supportable gentle kind cognitive absorbed wistful rigorous leery hard-headed inflexible overparticular inquisitive enquiring questioning inquiring engrossed broody rapt civil well-judged suave pedantic in the know on guard gracious preoccupied retrospective probable wise to perceiving wide-awake difficult to please softly-softly kid-glove clearheaded knows what's what nit-picking ear to the ground moderate treating with kid gloves compos mentis observative able to think clearly lost in thought interested in one's right mind playing with a full deck steady of sound mind abled well-thought-out au courant able to reason clearly joined-up mentally sound in possession of all your faculties fair-minded in a brown study right in the head right-minded obvious extensional juridicious well-organized necessary diagnostic differentiating hip over-fastidious Machiavellian consummate versant shady underhanded shifty forearmed concise measured studied eloquent cool-headed clairvoyant succinct punchy crisp pithy plotting mincing thoughty poetic expressive sussed businesslike articulate on your guard serious-minded frugal hep unidealistic arty dreamy brooding inductive likely hard-nosed abstruse recondite straight with both one's feet on the ground full of common sense having all one's marbles steady-going in right mind deep-thinking to the point difficult syllogistic deliberated guarded esoteric arcane arch opportunistic conciliatory bland contriving conniving detail oriented hermetic hermetical having fancy footwork as sharp as a tack fretful fuddy-duddy obsessive dreaming prayerful thinking twice playing safe acroamatic occult orphic secret ruminating deliberating immersed in thought deep in thought hedging one's bets cordial decorous seasonable judicial chary selecting satisfying dinkum choosing excogitative intense investigative examining exploratory researching pointed curious satisfactory poised mannerly reserved close-lipped with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground estimable speculative discriminational differential close-mouthed substantial meditating believable genuine viable bona fide sharp-eyed persuasive acceptable workable irrefutable true arguable gingerly conservative controlled temperate noncommittal precautious safe veridical faultless collected unquestionable veracious synthetic infallible trustable individualising individualizing treating something with kid gloves determinative conclusive authoritative vindicable forceful eagle-eyed substantiated secure errorless corroborated colorable truthful sincere inerrant validated verified uncorrupted trustworthy attested tested potent with good taste keen-eyed on lookout like a clam having foresight not rash puritanical prim prudish stuffy pure certified definite calculable explicit tenable empirical open stringent empiric concentrating hawk-eyed able to hold water well founded proper punctilious perfectionist regardful beady-eyed Argus-eyed tentie focused tenty feeling picking and choosing nitpicking hypercritical overdelicate surveying deducing correct eager considering intentive on the lookout discovering on one's toes detecting contemplating focussed on your toes advertent on the qui vive with eyes like a hawk compassionate tender supportive comforting warm empathetic condoling empathic commiserating commiserative tenderhearted tender-hearted consoling sympathizing schoolmarmish strait-laced nit-picky privy appraised recognizant clued Victorian awake to on-target letter-perfect clear-cut dead-on spot-on impossible to please caring patient well playing with full deck in your right mind both oars in water oriented self-possessed having all marbles noting recognizing noticing assured sensitized impressionable reactive remarking recognising impressible kindly sensitised unselfish emotionable sympathising responsive to aware of hep to alive to in the know about sensitive to cognizant of regardful of recognizant of hip to able to recognize seized of ware of on to mindful of in on sensible of clued-up on percipient of alert to supersensitive turned on to touchy feely underhand disingenuous shark calculated inside on the inside wised up up on on top of most likely

Tính từ

Illuminating or reflecting light
bright dazzling shining intense luminous radiant ablaze lustrous vivid incandescent lambent refulgent scintillating beaming effulgent fulgent lucent resplendent blazing coruscating gleaming light lucid candescent glaring glittering irradiant luminescent phosphorescent sparkling bedazzling clear glistering glowing fulgurant fulgurating fulgurous splendid clinquant flashy glossy sheeny shiny shimmering vibrant flashing glistening rich illuminated colourful colorful strong lighted glimmering flamboyant burnished aglow sunny twinkling lit striking gaudy garish flickering warm polished bold showy flaming alight glinting deep illumined eye-catching fluorescent sleek stimulating splashy gay scintillant glazed sunlit glassy sparkly lurid satiny reflecting loud bright-coloured burning glittery jazzy smooth unclouded sunshiny fiery cloudless brightened slick lightsome lit up animated iridescent lively graphic exciting blinding psychedelic kaleidoscopic exhilarating deep-coloured glitzy fair glorious silky invigorating silken rubbed satin buffed glowy rutilant relucent golden beamy ardent multicoloured envigorating irradiated nitid shimmery multicolored fine brightly coloured flaring moonlit luculent many-coloured vivacious clement ebullient effervescent starry summery witty balmy clever red-hot highly-coloured highly colored fervid radiating limpid Day-Glo aflame fervent red splendent auroral argent fulgid silvery mirrorlike noticeable full hot translucent scintillescent fresh agleam crystal smouldering opalescent bombastic on fire multicolour smart florid entertaining chatoyant motley smoldering pleasant titillating varicoloured prismatic variegated polychromatic harlequin rainbow beautiful dramatic multicolor rainbow-like many-hued temperate rainless spangled mild extremely bright without a cloud in the sky looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory transcendent razzle-dazzle white-hot cheery unadulterated winking luminiferous gold healthy aglitter gleamy irradiating white beamful neon soft shinning dark richly coloured brave intensely hot glacé splendorous conspicuous reflective convey waxy stunning visual well-lit suffused saturated fierce overpowering glamorous transparent pure harsh exaggerated brightly illuminated well-lighted well lit well-illuminated silver brightening illuminative scarlet reddish-orange crimson ginger ignited snazzy ostentatious imaginative effective interesting afire well illuminated pellucid see-through crystalline halcyon pizazzy fancy pizzazzy raging baroque flowery brash astral star stellar coruscant reflecting light bling wild full of light well lighted multihued dancing rococo decorated sunbeamy blue azure chromatic uncloudy crystal clear festooned floodlit undimmed multichromatic varicolored colored propitious nice dry gentle moderate placid starlit impassioned dynamic vigorous spirited mantling gaseous kindled inflamed conflagrant enflamed combusting polychrome corinthian luxuriant unobscured hued varied versicolor liquid extravagant breathtaking in flames sparking lacquered waxed japanned shellacked phantasmagoric particoloured picturesque particolored coloured full of life elaborate patinated notable stirring pronounced definite rousing heady electrifying high thrilling many-splendoured parti-colored many-colored multi-coloured biting energizing spine-tingling sharp powerful energising bespangled radiated celestial sidereal stellary stelliform amusing fascinating sprightly arousing gripping hair-raising refreshing Day-glo marked clarion undarkened

Tính từ

Showy, bold or audacious in behavior or appearance
flamboyant prominent striking bold conspicuous dramatic pronounced showy splashy noticeable remarkable arresting emphatic grabby eye-catching marked commanding catchy noisy bodacious kenspeckle obvious evident salient outstanding distinct unmistakable plain recognizable manifest recognisable clear strong decided notable discernible flashy distinguishable blatant ostentatious vivid apparent patent signal definite palpable clear-cut spectacular identifiable significant loud glaring pointed arrestive garish easily seen broad considerable noted inescapable bright thick jazzy screaming glitzy substantial great assured obtrusive dominant predominant open flagrant forestanding lively glittery colourful exhibitionistic written all over one gaudy lurid in the foreground to the fore forceful colorful well marked perceivable perceptible appreciable detectable observable measurable undeniable visible sensational sensible noteworthy under one's nose right under your nose in plain sight in full view big as life open and shut can't miss it transparent unambiguous unequivocal unambivalent nonambiguous lucid perspicuous barefaced open-and-shut crystal clear straightforward bald-faced bald ringing pellucid explicit bright-line luculent luminous indisputable overt undisguised self-evident unquestionable categorical writ large beyond question tangible sticking out a mile standing out a mile as plain as a pikestaff sticking out like a sore thumb standing out like a sore thumb unconcealed certain beyond doubt indubitable understandable incontrovertible incontestable written all over someone well-defined unsubtle positive self-explanatory plain to see as clear as day sharp sure precise undoubted stark staring someone in the face cut-and-dried well defined black-and-white beyond a doubt demonstrable axiomatic blinding distinctive express undisputed definitive particular plain as day specific as clear as crystal comprehensible univocal as plain as day plain as the nose on your face as plain as the nose on your face cut and dried black and white sharply defined hard and fast direct frank full conclusive public exposed audible enunciated as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell right under one's nose stunning absolute divulged evinced disclosed revealed evidenced clean-cut apprehensible discernable easily distinguishable gross credible believable colorable plausible ostensible seeming runaway staring one in the face detailed comprehensive guaranteed unalterable cinched exact understood intelligible clear as day unquestioned crisp for sure on ice unblurred defined spelled out clearly expressed lucent crystalline in the bag telltale unique inimitable for certain no ifs ands or buts as plain as daylight seeable notorious clear cut much in evidence staring you in the face out in the open make no bones

Tính từ

Very showy or ornamented, now especially when excessive, or in a tasteless or vulgar manner
gaudy garish flashy loud glaring ostentatious tacky tasteless vulgar flash showy bright jazzy brash florid gay raffish tawdry brummagem glittering harsh over-bright violent bilious brassy distasteful flamboyant flaring glitzy lurid nauseating noisy razzle-dazzle sickly splashy swank swanky unattractive blatant bling-bling brazen catchpenny cheap chichi chintzy coarse colourful colorful crude extravagant flaunting frou-frou gross kitschy meretricious obtrusive pzazz pizzazz pretentious ritzy screaming snazzy splendiferous tinsel trumpery gussied up in bad taste putting on the ritz ornate dazzling bold resplendent overdone striking eye-catching glamorous overwrought flaming rich kitsch luscious opulent vivid conspicuous exciting kenspeckle commanding bodacious prominent catchy noticeable grabby marked pronounced arresting remarkable emphatic dramatic fancy theatrical brightly coloured over-elaborate elaborate swashbuckling peacockish camp outrageous luxuriant sporty baroque dashing sensational sumptuous rococo naff whimsical vibrant convivial merry multicoloured multicolored spectacular intense splendid stylish brilliantly coloured bling fun flakey bombastic gassy flaky fiery fluorescent bloody livid glowering sanguine overbright affected OTT superfly pompous fancy-pants dicty tinselly classy peacocky histrionic tony luxurious over the top fussy decorated ornamented busy beautiful detailed complex embellished elegant complicated adorned gingerbread flowery bedizened gingerbreaded overdecorated gingerbready overelaborate high-wrought bedecked aureate wedding-cake jewelled superficial metaphorical decorative fancily decorated highly wrought gilded glossy jeweled magnificent ornamental sparkling wordy verbose embroidered fine colored lavish coloured variegated trashy grandiose glittery gimcrack exaggerated expensive specious actorly artificial crass Brummagem cheap and nasty splurgy in poor taste tatty plastic sham pinchbeck pizazzy pizzazzy nifty fakey flaunted exhibitionistic jaunty uptown high-flown trendy fashionable deluxe plush posh upmarket high-class arty-farty overstated impressive melodramatic stagy exclusive grand swish snappy smart with-it plushy sharp swankish mannered unreal hammy stilted gee-whizz overacted actressy rude low forced ham overripe barnstorming campy stagey uncouth inelegant improper ceremonious rough-hewn insensible unrefined indiscreet unpolished roughneck rough lowbrow common tactless lowbred uncultured uncultivated rugged incult unseemly ill-bred illiberal indecorous indelicate graceless impolite unnatural emotional show amateur over-the-top legitimate acting tragic schmaltzy dramaturgic vaudeville staged comic stupid off-color raunchy unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial useless hideous foolish unlovely unsightly outlandish barbaric makeshift low-down wild barbarous

Tính từ

Funny and clever
witty humorous clever facetious jocular original amusing funny ingenious lively sparkling droll epigrammatic gay piquant waggish fanciful whimsical chucklesome comic comical entertaining quick-witted scintillating sharp-witted smart bright campy crazy diverting intelligent jocose joshing keen penetrating piercing quick ridiculous screaming sharp slapstick hilarious laughable mirthful risible farcical ludicrous merry jolly sidesplitting uproarious humoristic wacky comedic light-hearted hysteric playful rib-tickling hysterical riotous side-splitting killing priceless joking antic jokey silly zany absurd cheerful camp tongue-in-cheek blithe jovial sportive good-humored jocund mischievous frolicsome good-humoured lighthearted gelastic pleasant animated vivacious high-spirited sunny jesting gleeful eccentric goofy teasing blithesome flippant frivolous roguish odd preposterous rich festive ebullient effervescent bizarre ludic joyous flip clownish laughing wry boffo rollicking a scream flaky daffy light nutty hysterically funny quirky fun slaphappy flakey unusual fantastic ironic for grins impish exciting puckish dazzling stimulating riot inane happy arch cheery vibrant glib snappy coruscating exhilarating bantering jaunty bubbly delightful enjoyable invigorating spirited pleasing madcap peculiar daft quaint satirical engaging weird sprightly wisecracking stupid in jest unserious nimble-witted in fun killingly funny a hoot a laugh off the wall foolish unconventional envigorating dry oddball outlandish dippy tongue in cheek gagged up screwy loony jerky fool quick on the draw quick on the uptake off-the-wall derisory flighty dotty quizzical too funny for words not serious nonsensical kinky asinine putting one on pulling one's leg scream har-har mocking boisterous noisy rowdy irreverent lightweight ribald custard-pie carefree glad screamingly funny childish pixieish tricksy scampish pixy pixie prankish sly leprechaunish rascally devilish knavish wicked elvish joyful upbeat radiant recreative comedical interesting chirpy genial happy-go-lucky untroubled derisible kittenish clowning gamesome derisive trivial trifling highbrowed tactful knee-slapper perky a barrel of laughs beguiling novel cheering gratifying pleasurable charming gladdening recreational fun-filled bouncy buoyant breezy crack-up laffer snazzy smart-aleck smart-alecky cutting joculous agreeable gut-busting enchanting curious optimistic easy-going insouciant positive capering fool-headed batty gump dizzy goofus chipper queer a card a caution profound racy unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse cut up freakish in good spirits free and easy singular offbeat idiosyncratic capricious chimerical fantastical crotchety freaky dicey uncertain old-fashioned imaginative random creative chancy arbitrary kooky insane mad off-centre strange avant-garde crackpot glittering cuckoo laugh-a-minute nuts cracked wacko glimmering glinting fascinating inept cranky screwball looney featherheaded fatuous brainless weak-minded witless cockeyed harebrained simpleminded half-witted lunatic half-baked unwise tomfool lunkheaded whacky kookie senseless bubbleheaded sappy balmy dilly astute out there off the air in left field hare-brained dumb way out shrewd perceptive acute canny discerning brainy savvy alert wise perspicacious nimble fast knowing genius observant exceptional supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent gifted able penetrative whip-smart on the ball sharp as a tack sharp-sighted quick-thinking quick off the mark exuberant gladsome fun-loving in high spirits convivial peppy airy elated sparky zippy jubilant full of beans smiling without a care in the world cock-a-hoop frisky grinning euphoric unworried lightsome smiley peart winsome larking of good cheer full of the joys of spring hopeful pleased debonair content exultant zingy boon ecstatic eupeptic canty frolic bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim and vigour coltish delighted overjoyed amused gratified skittish exhilarated beaming thrilled contented festal unconcerned blissful wanton elfish larky fay sportful frolicky jumping rocking grooving devil-may-care friendly over the moon wild perk full of hope full of life Pickwickian good-natured for a laugh lots of laughs bright and breezy on top of the world as merry as a grig as lively as a grig beatific chaffing jollying triumphant warm carnival holiday celebratory espiègle laughter-filled outgoing rosy benign thankful satisfied on cloud seven beside oneself with joy tickled chuffed wrapped on cloud nine flirtatious easygoing unthinking amiable vigorous blessed heartening heartwarming wonderful rapturous cordial affable sunbeamy frolicking romping excited exalted smug gloating stoked Christmassy hearty gala as a joke to tease rejoicing full of fun game back-slapping good-time backslapping active pizazzy bouncing mettlesome springy energetic kinetic pleasure-seeking animate jazzy crank vital pert rakish spanking brisk pizzazzy unconstrained rip-roaring saturnalian zappy decorated carnivalesque go-go swinging feastly feastful confident forward brash pushy self-assertive presuming as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy juiced up relaxed expansive resilient volatile feelgood laid-back

Tính từ

Brief, sudden
meteoric fast overnight rapid spectacular sudden brief fleeting speedy swift ephemeral momentary transient dazzling flashing accelerated breakneck fast-track lightning evanescent instant mushrooming quick whirlwind dramatic impressive short-lived temporary transitory passing impermanent short cursory flitting short-term flash fugacious fugitive fading flying abrupt deciduous instantaneous rushed fly-by-night little limited hasty hurried perfunctory acute vanishing volatile curtailed flash in the pan here today and gone tomorrow immediate quickie short-lasting shifting interim short and sharp summary perishable over in a heartbeat short-haul of short duration gone in a heartbeat short-run small marked rocketing escalating unexpected accelerating snowballing startling explosive temporal unstable provisional changeable mortal acting provisory pro tem pro tempore stopgap makeshift substitute alternate temp unfixed slapdash band-aid make-do ad interim ad hoc mutable moving short and sweet wee gone in flash supply for the time being in wink of an eye unenduring provisionary whistle-stop short-range erratic succinct infinitesimal fly by night elusive non-permanent not permanent inconstant episodic intervening present tenuous incidental superficial desultory prompt here-today-gone-tomorrow glancing impulsive spasmodic dreamlike here today, gone tomorrow tactical like lightning vacating insubstantial migrating transmigratory emigrating flighty going by double time drive-by precipitous pell-mell gadarene helter-skelter precipitate headlong rash overhasty

Tính từ

Tending to be fanciful or inventive
vivid expressive fanciful imaginative creative fantastic fabulous romantic dreamy exotic extravagant fantastical fresh original unreal artistic dreamlike eccentric fancy flighty inspired inventive mythical originative poetic quirky whimsical absurd artful curious experimental fertile freakish freaky genius illusory imaginary ingenious innovative keen offbeat radical unconventional wild astute bizarre chimeric chimerical crackpot innovational phantasmal phantasmic quixotic revolutionary ridiculous unorthodox visionary far-fetched far-out Promethean avant-garde head in the clouds blue-sky out of touch with reality enterprising clever innovatory resourceful insightful off-centre nonconformist unusual individual stimulating poetical pie-in-the-sky inspirational utopian fictive productive high-flown out of the ordinary way out brain wave breaking ground pioneering gifted perceptive novel strange groundbreaking talented trailblazing new different unprecedented unfamiliar ground-breaking newfangled deviceful unique formative discerning singular advanced modern unknown arty-crafty pretentious arty left-field picturesque intuitive contemporary state-of-the-art breaking new ground new-fashioned ultra-modern sharp untried disruptive skilful uncommon overdecorative intelligent futuristic unaccustomed aesthetic neoteric unheard-of skillful fine cutting-edge leading-edge odd constructive out-of-the-box sensitive seminal peculiar demiurgic capable impractical able outlandish adroit prescient sophisticated weird shrewd refreshing inspiring distinctive marvellous smart elaborate penetrating quick wise esthetic perspicacious knowing marvelous far-sighted modernistic surprising sharp-witted artsy-craftsy ornate profound cutting edge deep accomplished idealistic masterly grotesque virtuoso just out beautiful bright quaint cultivated crafty cultured refined elegant ambitious baroque percipient queer causative teeming forgetive fruitful unrealistic tasteful graceful wonderful individualistic special exceptional moving unworkable idealized idealist subtle awesome quixotical avant garde stylish daydreaming nifty quick-witted starry rare idealised fundamental capricious starry-eyed latest untested glamourous glamorous recent canny razor-sharp fairy-tale intricate ivory-towered atypical germinal artsy acute ready alert head-in-the-clouds knowledgeable brainy sagacious tuned in progressive sage unhackneyed understanding whip-smart pretentiously artistic forward-looking witty welcome prolific transformational eloquent variational lateral influential foolish crazy nonsensical insane slang preposterous unwonted alternative important funky elevated figurative symbolic flowery not just another discriminating brand new up to date Gothic gothic optimistic idyllic exaggerated hopeful incredible out of the common arty-farty unlikely unpractical far cry extraordinary wondrous up-to-date this season's new-fangled in a world of one's own improbable fictitious legendary surreal bizarro enigmatic astounding Panglossian Micawberish major full of feeling dexterous rococo Kafkaesque well-thought-out high-tech complex forward-thinking well-designed highly developed well-planned strategic multifaceted involved well-built mischievous playful dextrous sly cunning made-up sensational astonishing spectacular incomprehensible stupendous out there breathtaking romanesque waggish droll pivotal epoch-making primary critical crucial generative on the ball neat fashionable happening hot in far out modernist trendy groovy unexplored modish with-it cool hip unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional funny deviating drastic thinking outside the box flaky intellectual apt thinking homespun homemade handmade rational idiosyncratic weird and wonderful enlightened logical fast well-informed up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering scholarly supersmart precocious dotty crotchety rustic all there instructed having a good head on one's shoulders responsible alive highbrow together comprehending know how many beans make five ultrasmart having no flies on calculating cerebral very smart sensible nimble quick on the uptake hyperintelligent whiz decorative lovely dicey flakey amusing humorous quizzical random off-the-wall chancy uncertain kinky old-fashioned comical arbitrary ornamental exquisite spirited pleasing enthusiastic dreaming speculative unfeasible practical emotional attractive outstanding hypothetical theoretical adventurous energetic superlative exciting memorable superb thrilling otherworldly introspective musing abstracted noble prophetic exalted astral unworldly lofty impracticable grandiose delusory vigorous venturesome excellent enthralling magnificent supreme aesthetically pleasing active aggressive judicious sapient incisive impressive dazzling observant savvy thoughtful penetrative prudent tremendous awake argute conscious appreciative cute aware responsive grand musical harmonious pictorial ideal rhythmical sublime dramatic in the clouds super formidable virtuosic ace coruscating magic knows what's what ear to the ground smashing brill wicked mean with your head in the clouds first-class first-rate supercalifragilisticexpialidocious out of this world of genius

Tính từ

Golden in color or shine
aureate grandiloquent rhetorical florid flowery highfalutin ornate overblown rhetoric purple magnific hifalutin golden splendid yellow high-flown high-sounding bombastic magniloquent oratorical orotund fustian euphuistic turgid overripe pretentious tumid overwrought overdone inflated declamatory grandiose verbose pompous ostentatious elaborate sonorous extravagant windy lofty flamboyant convoluted pleonastic affected hyperventilated Ossianic eloquent over-elaborate hyperbolic strained laboured showy silver-tongued wordy articulate fancy flatulent gassy gaseous baroque labored big complicated bombast mouthy effusive exaggerated formal ornamented theatrical histrionic swollen pedantic scholarly erudite Ciceronian stilted epideictic imposing periphrastic Demosthenic Demosthenean long-winded fulsome fussy rotund haughty figurative prolix ranting excessive embellished la-di-da rococo arty-farty ornamental dramatic overwritten grand-sounding exalted big-talking windbag fluent stagy elocutionary puffed-up majestic impressive curlicued busy gingerbread wedding-cake mannered very elaborate elegant actorly high Miltonian epic Homeric decorative luscious garnished rich bold oratorial over-the-top high-falutin overelaborate high-wrought arty blathering blustering snobbish high-minded tall-talking euphistic overheated overinflated discursive tall rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash highly decorated melodramatic arresting booming over the top diffuse redundant euphemistic stuffed shirt full of hot air linguistic verbal stylistic forceful fervid gesticulative senatorial loud impassioned noisy persuasive expressive intoning gesturing important noble vivid stentorian flashy contrived glib voluble tumescent vocal grand puffed complex decorated involved detailed rhapsodical overestimated heroic boastful braggart bragging long Falstaffian ponderous portentous self-important sesquipedalian tedious vast monumental elevated lexiphanic boasting tiresome solemn stodgy pontifical egotistic stuffy prim learned shallow superficial breezy effervescent fizzy carbonated sparkling bubbly over-embellished over-ornate serious arrogant grave overworked gingerbreaded bedizened overdecorated gingerbready overornate excessively ornate overembellished flattering well-spoken smooth-talking circumlocutory garrulous circuitous prattling expansive prating jabbering babbling lengthy gushing protracted tautological rambling indirect digressive wandering meandering talkative yakking multiloquent big-mouthed repetitious loquacious gabby tortuous multiloquous gobby logorrheic wittering talky palaverous tautologous repeating ambagious logorrhoeic yacking repetitive full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone

Tính từ

Of or full of expression
expressive moving vivid poignant striking meaningful passionate suggestive artistic eloquent emotional graphic intense revealing significant stirring strong ardent charged descriptive energetic evocative indicative lively meaning powerful pregnant revelatory sympathetic telling allusive deeply felt demonstrative emphatic forcible imaginative indicating emotion indicating feeling inspired visionary alive animated articulate colourful colorful communicative dramatic easy-to-read full of emotion full of feeling indicating ingenious masterly mobile open pathetic pictorial picturesque pointed representative representing responsive sensitive showy signifying silver-tongued spirited stimulating tender thoughtful touching understanding warm affecting redolent speaking clear deep symbolic inspiring fervent creative fiery impassioned uninhibited forceful realistic cogent lifelike rich telltale touchy-feely impactful effusive feeling profound loving detailed heartfelt mournful reminiscent unreserved aesthetic sad intriguing evocatory gushing haunting unrestrained resonant fervid remindful weighty graceful visual delineated compelling affectionate convincing vehement esthetic sentimental lucid emotive enthusiastic impressive exciting sincere thrilling original approachable explicit beautiful forthcoming cuddly friendly elegant symptomatic fine inventive doleful tasteful stirred illustrative expansive uplifting soulful significative consequential unconstrained candid warmhearted vibrant poetic figurative influential definitive persuasive hot-blooded cultivated full cultured refined perceptive inspirational lovey-dovey zealous giving an inkling feverish vigorous flaming fanatical melodramatic sententious important graphical heated burning torrid impelling authoritative true to life passional inspiriting punchy distinct active glowing blazing upsetting heart-warming perfervid effective highly coloured definite incandescent superheated religious heartbreaking irresistible red-hot warm-blooded heart-rending rousing grand heartrending soul-stirring tragic tear-jerking high-powered hard-hitting evoking noticeable narrative sophisticated discerning connotative fluent loaded arty resonating impressionistic warming tactual tactile cheering cheerful gladdening resonant with remindful of seminal arousing anthemic encouraging calling up momentous fecund insinuative insinuatory tragicomic emotion-charged eager arresting excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant insinuating heartening instigative elevating enriching inspirative improving stunning gripping breathless provoking affective fierce wild faithful memorable unforgettable authentic frenzied decorative lovely stylish scintillating sharp provoking doubt ornamental exquisite messianic violent interesting fascinating raging tumultuous uncontrollable consuming elevated flowery sly enigmatic cunning hip theatrical fresh pleasing impulsive impetuous ungovernable true-to-life sharply-etched crystal clear steamed up high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong hotblooded quickened attractive impish arch wise teasing mischievous playful efficient capable subtle aesthetically pleasing insightful able coherent knowing motivational authoritarian pivotal motivating swayful alluring masterful efficacious musical harmonious ideal rhythmical sublime sonorous mellow mellifluous rational reasoned pertinent sufficient successful dynamic temperamental plausible on the ball aggressive logical material charming mighty histrionical trenchant well-founded relevant well reasoned imposing satisfying credible puissant reasonable unanswerable direct theatric sound acute well founded performant powerhouse ringing illustrated purposeful bitter painful distressing excitable susceptible full-bodied melodious scenic representational storming flamboyant exuberant quick piteous pitiful dulcet fruity booming mellifluent pitiable disturbing saddening sorrowful sketched engraved portrayed pictoric painted illustrational blocked-out diagrammatic depicted etched seen pictured pictographic marked-out outlined traced iconographic heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused effervescent vivacious zestful far-reaching harrowing wretched tearful miserable sentient verklempt ecstatic phat canorous bright rotund silvery zesty animate peppy vital blithe agonizing plaintive gut-wrenching shocking lurid startling perturbing agonising agitating nostalgic buoyant zippy bouncy high-spirited sparky photographic well-drawn well drawn perspicuous comprehensible well defined well delineated well expressed unequivocal precise incisive concrete intelligible leaving nothing to the imagination


(informal, sarcastic) Used ironically to express disapproval

Trái nghĩa của brilliant

brilliant Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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