Đồng nghĩa của glaring

Alternative for glaring

Đồng nghĩa: blazing, blinding, crying(a), dazzling, egregious, flagrant, fulgent, glary, gross, rank,

glares, glared, glaring

Đồng nghĩa: blind, burn, dazzle, flare, flash, glaze, glow, glower, scowl, shine, stare,

Tính từ

Highly obvious or conspicuous
obvious conspicuous gross patent blatant flagrant outrageous overt striking visible egregious manifest obtrusive unconcealed unmistakable inescapable open outstanding rank unmissable apparent audacious pronounced transparent undisguised plain to see brazen capital clear crying evident excessive extreme inordinate noticeable protrusive stark as plain as day as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile staring someone in the face sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb palpable plain barefaced distinct bald bold unequivocal unambiguous straightforward clear-cut marked prominent decided unambivalent nonambiguous undeniable bald-faced discernible crystal clear explicit out-and-out perspicuous open-and-shut pellucid observable naked ringing salient definite lucid perceptible recognizable indisputable outright arrant luminous shameless utter recognisable complete luculent broad downright self-evident bright-line writ large sheer unqualified perceivable distinguishable unmitigated absolute unquestionable dreadful categorical remarkable notorious significant positive detectable notable tangible thoroughgoing incontrovertible atrocious certain arresting signal conclusive total monstrous bodacious thorough beyond question unsubtle shocking open and shut written all over someone perfect pure scandalous heinous indubitable unconditional unadulterated distinctive cut-and-dried undoubted pointed particular sensible impressive terrible infamous emphatic easily seen flat shameful as clear as day beyond doubt clear cut as plain as the nose on your face noteworthy brass-necked incontestable consummate showy wholehearted extraordinary frank exceptional categoric memorable serious public eye-catching unalloyed unhidden profound momentous regular simple axiomatic unusual self-explanatory special unforgettable awful plumb exposed definitive revealed surpassing rare fair uncommon dead understandable important stone clean sure deadly blooming crashing blank very flaunting all-out flat-out straight-out enormous through and through ostentatious cotton-picking unashamed reprehensible disgraceful wicked iniquitous villainous deliberate bare-faced direct considerable dramatic flashy major unfeigned avowed inveterate full forceful appreciable demonstrable blinding real out and out flamboyant brilliant grabby commanding seeable substantial splashy catchy irrefutable recognized strong great kenspeckle noisy on view on display earnest right headline plainly seen recognised undiluted eventful in evidence written all over one heavy as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell as clear as crystal on show staring one in the face beyond a doubt in every respect plain as the nose on your face out in the open full-bore potent deep-dyed right-down under one's nose accessible preposterous ill-disguised extravagant genuine immodest easily noticed unexaggerated flagitious unrestrained glaringly obvious exclusive controlled evinced divulged disclosed flagitous blunt unveiled evidenced dinkum grody flaming candid veritable noncontroversial crass very great discernable apprehensible comprehensive distinguished unchallenged uncontested accepted eminent black-and-white exhaustive undiminished stick out like sore thumb dominant predominant above board plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming illustrious cut and dried plain as day uncompromising whole hanging out infernal entire blasted standing out clearly visible superior matter-of-fact artless make no bones much in evidence staring you in the face famous forestanding prestigious preeminent to the fore in the foreground true-blue dyed-in-the-wool through-and-through full-scale renowned viewable seen published noble well-defined comprehensible sharp understood intelligible clear as day unabashed telltale visual discoverable macroscopic ocular univocal unique star noted impudent unblushing in view in sight publicized inimitable unembarrassed brash insolent anywhere to be seen not hidden big as life to be seen bright unrepentant redoubtable well defined acknowledged snazzy without shame meretricious gaudy glitzy screaming overbold loud brassy garish for certain no ifs ands or buts as plain as daylight publicised known in circulation freely available shared public knowledge in the public domain in the open broadcast widely known astral in plain sight arrestive peculiar identifiable grievous exorbitant immoderate vigorous energetic vehement assertive insistent forcible firm citable ardent determined mentionable namable nameable precise unregenerate resounding aggressive violent full-blooded muscular strenuous dynamic distingué right under one's nose vile for a face confident trenchant sober one hundred per cent express cogent no mistake accented dogmatic stressed solemn assured consequential red-letter big sizable fundamental critical sensational much weighty preponderant heavy-duty severe meaningful earth-shattering landmark resonant cardinal especial impactful large-scale deep historic high-priority material decisive large mighty portentous urgent pivotal all-important intense keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum generous imposing burning milestone fateful front-page high-level extensive monumental hefty unordinary vital ponderable climacteric newsworthy pressing glorious crucial principal earthshaking grave far-reaching final compelling convincing unreserved specific straight unanswerable unarguable authoritative true proven forthright inarguable telling irrefragable exact unassailable valid limpid established unchallengeable accurate honest sound ultimate coherent confirmed lucent crisp accomplished crystalline determinate apodictic not in doubt actual vivid pertinent nailed-on undebatable point-blank unblurred outspoken undisputed audible straight from the shoulder hard powerful settled straight out clinching upfront uninhibited watertight concrete black and white crystal unrestricted beyond dispute plain-spoken graspable relevant well founded unquestioned effective articulate beyond a shadow of a doubt fixed persuasive defined no catch guaranteed influential deciding undisputable easily understood set sincere plainspoken forthcoming uncontroversial unlimited last rational intelligent clearly expressed provable no-nonsense hard and fast well-marked graphic well-founded transpicuous verifiable free-spoken uncontestable no holds barred all out solid no fine print convinced efficacious undoubtable unquestioning crystal-clear clean-cut demonstrative incisive unstinting well-grounded openhearted bluff unguarded tactless unerring undiplomatic consistent necessary airtight satisfying authentic unconstrained freehearted translucent straight-from-the-shoulder not in question deducible settling prima facie easy to follow sure thing straight to the point plenary wide point blank singular see-through liquid factual legitimate proper up-front fathomable clearly defined knowable nailed down thick speaking as one finds not afraid to call a spade a spade user friendly user-friendly no kicker no strings measurable unshakable without doubt easy to understand pat well focused unchangeable assumed stunning wholesale enduring steadfast abiding steady never-failing unfaltering coercive irresistible determining truthful eloquent reasoned in focus ascertainable detailed irrevocable closing unimpeachable confirmable establishable unalterable unvarnished effectual guileless logical reasonable concluding natural strict faultless for sure faithful literal out-front determinative reliable narrow well reasoned puissant correct sharply defined hard-and-fast close spelled out veracious infallible not beating around the bush charming without reservations good up front bull's-eye on-target no strings attached right on dead-on on the ball call a spade a spade on the money dead on spot on on target spot-on bang on from the hip on the button like it is comprehendible perspicacious cognizable manifestly joined-up fresh digestible shallow simplistic colourful focused classifiable easily grasped well-known abrupt questionless crystalling runaway tyrannous admitted arbitrary official unproblematic patently true jejune naive glib enunciated unembellished unsparing spectacular obligatory binding compulsory well constructed forward colorful cinched focussed surefire unequivocable unadorned upright sure-fire readily comprehensible limitless well-worn freely admitted not disputed safe to say dense heartless attestable evincible holding water perceptive subtle wise justifiable discriminating judicious germane commonsensical kosher extensional juridicious analytic well-organized analytical congruent legit discerning consequent inferential holding together key foursquare on ice peremptory sign-posted easily distinguishable undivided well grounded brutal flawless dependable well-established supposed reputed putative ostensive presumed ascertained legible in the bag beyond the shadow of a doubt in full view can't miss it prime unconditioned boldface bold face no lie stone cold no beating around the bush diaphanous thin filmy formidable inexpugnable stable frozen sealed cold sure-enough without reservation blessed confounded unwavering unfailing unchanging doubtless free from doubt unvarying persuaded unshaken satisfied constant changeless for a fact finite circumscribed bounded restricted measured limited with no strings open-ended well-proven agreed clearly explained without explanation fit so on the nose just so no ifs and or buts verified right under your nose no two ways about it supreme safe sticking out projecting outwards checkable supportable sustainable empirical empiric hearable minute undubitable silhouetted stated down pat bona fide determinant resolving revealing irrefrangible state-of-the-art limiting terminating terminal completing finishing ending intuitive insightful ingenious assigned prescribed irreversible free unevasive divergent discrete individual having down pat beyond a shadow of doubt astonishing inferable ingenuous efficient not vague litmus test what you see is what you get as sure as eggs is eggs there are no two ways about it all sewn up aboveboard capable decided upon writ in stone orderly compulsive systematic methodical undoubting moving able wonderful drop-dead surprising staggering astounding amazing incredible dazzling double-checked veridical unfabled saying what one thinks calling spade a spade lay it on the line straight-talking straight-shooting laying it on the line sufficient successful roaring auricular aural deafening carrying vocal sounding given apt justified convictive fitting apposite inducing satisfactory suasive ratiocinative eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz phenomenal exciting punchy histrionical theatric acute performant powerhouse grand high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting graceful expressive startling jazzy lofty wondrous dynamite fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre granted that's a fact well organized out of the ordinary no ifs ands or buts about it indemonstrable presupposed loud enough within earshot goes without saying aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic proverbial able to be heard identical impeccable unmixed errorless verbatim on the nail blow-by-blow on the beam error-free inch-perfect on the mark on the numbers expected hackneyed predictable anticipated foreseen plodding plain as a pikestaff most likely

Tính từ

Giving out or reflecting a strong or dazzling light
dazzling blazing strong blinding bright fluorescent glowing harsh brilliant gleaming glimmering glittering intense shimmering extremely bright beaming shining effulgent luminous radiant lustrous incandescent vivid refulgent sparkling lambent fulgent shiny bedazzling scintillating lucent coruscating flashing lucid phosphorescent ablaze candescent sheeny splendid resplendent irradiant light glistening twinkling aglow glossy clear lighted luminescent glistering polished fulgurating illuminated burning alight relucent flickering glittery fulgurant fulgurous iridescent lit burnished flashy sunny illumined golden argent sunlit moonlit beamy auroral fulgid irradiated silvery mirrorlike clinquant stunning glinting fierce overpowering glazed opalescent splendorous sleek splendent noticeable rutilant conspicuous agleam limpid flaming fiery aflame afire kindled ignited inflamed enflamed combusting conflagrant scorching smouldering varnished radiating blistering roaring baking on fire searing smoldering glassy satiny smooth nitid scintillant buffed rubbed satin slick starry sparkly vibrant silky silken glowy translucent shimmery reflecting ardent crystal Day-Glo luculent lively exciting animated stimulating transparent vivacious ebullient effervescent exhilarating invigorating crystalline witty clever glorious see-through fervid warm lacquered waxed japanned beady fervent shellacked crystal clear pellucid unclouded envigorating scintillescent chatoyant liquid entertaining spangled winking cheery red-hot twinkly glimmery small round white-hot beautiful luminiferous starlit healthy aglitter reflective convey hot white spruce slippery beamful glacé sharp powerful concentrated gold waxy level soft shinning intensely hot rich enamelled furbished ground sanded flaring brightening illuminative patinated suffused silver enameled lit up gleamy irradiating ruddy rosy coruscant astral star stellar reflecting light dancing impassioned dynamic vigorous spirited mantling gaseous full of life uncloudy bespangled radiated celestial sidereal stellary stelliform amusing smart fascinating sprightly

Tính từ

Having tastelessly contrasting colors or patterns
blatant blazing blinding brash brazen chintzy clashing flashy florid garish gaudy glowing jarring loud meretricious shining tawdry vulgar tasteless showy flash tacky ostentatious flamboyant glitzy tinsel lurid jazzy splashy ornate kitsch pretentious cheap swank swanky brassy naff overdone extravagant noisy glittering screaming bright obtrusive flaring flaunting brilliant tinselly harsh brummagem bold razzle-dazzle snazzy crude trashy raffish bilious kitschy overwrought splendiferous gimcrack in bad taste ritzy bling-bling Brummagem over the top cheap and nasty over-bright violent gross distasteful unattractive nauseating sickly colorful crass pompous tatty colourful resplendent sensational classy peacocky opulent histrionic sumptuous tony luxurious dashing over-elaborate common conspicuous catchpenny OTT fancy fancy-pants dazzling painful to look at expensive plastic fakey eye-searing glittery pizazzy pizzazzy nifty unrefined cheap-jack cheapjack rubbishy paltry bling in poor taste sparkling shabby junky shoddy worthless low nasty poor sporty dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny sleazy splurgy affected theatrical kenspeckle commanding striking bodacious prominent superfly catchy noticeable eye-catching grabby marked pronounced arresting remarkable emphatic dramatic gay dicty pizzazz frou-frou chichi coarse common as muck pzazz trumpery gussied up putting on the ritz bombastic outrageous elaborate inferior second-rate low-grade mediocre bad lousy wretched substandard low-rent miserable execrable schlocky rotten two-bit base third-rate bargain-basement low-quality schlock terrible sorry rubbish crummy grotty ropy duff sad junk average ordinary second-class useless middling lemon poor-quality cheesy el cheapo dime-a-dozen imperfect bum hack unsatisfactory cut-rate below standard pitiful dreadful deficient good-for-nothing inadequate poxy poorer below par déclassé awful mean dismal pitiable not up to snuff indifferent subpar atrocious dire lame appalling abysmal pants valueless tinny below average not up to much run-down a load of pants lamentable deplorable diabolical direful low-end unacceptable dodgy bush-league sub-par ratty cruddy flimsy unsound pathetic disagreeable jerry-built downmarket suboptimal contemptible bodger flawed subnormal unexceptional pedestrian wanting under par dissatisfactory the pits leaving much to be desired scruffy dingy tinhorn broken-down dilapidated cheapo seedy pinchbeck makeshift inelegant slipshod grungy tattered cheapie worse poor quality insubstantial a dime a dozen lowbrow two a penny trifling improper unbecoming unsuitable disreputable dud mangy indecorous grubby punk scroungy indelicate scrubby indiscreet rickety rude thrown together frightful threadbare ramshackle uncouth neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel timeworn fair graceless impolite rough inept commonplace low-down entry-level of little value unseemly untidy unkempt rinky-dink dime-store of no value bottom-rung piss-poor wild half-pie of no financial value no great shakes of a sort frowzy thin down scale cheap-looking badly built squalid grandiose sordid down-market specious superficial sham garbagy sucky slummy insalubrious tinpot reject grim faulty abject defective run down unsaleable down at heel chronic throwaway poopy aureate end-of-the-pier insufficient scuzzy twopenny corny unpleasant cheeseball so-so tenth-rate of negligible value egregious not up to par not good enough not up to scratch second-best bedraggled decrepit worn-out would fetch nothing no good run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-the-mill run-of-mine insignificant menial meritless strictly for the birds rundown outclassed undistinguished bog-standard uninspired uninspiring second class not much cop without value inglorious fair to middling of no worth low quality of little worth nickel-and-dime outmoded faded out-of-date stodgy frumpy slovenly waxy poky messy sloppy of poor quality of low quality of little financial value unstylish styleless unfashionable ticky-tack dowdy ticky-tacky gilded prosperous festooned inappropriate ten a penny undignified unbefitting bohemian casual unconventional rakish jaunty careless bogus empty garbage no-good low in quality despicable abandoned barren out of place unfitting unworthy devil-may-care rough-hewn roughneck uncultured incult insensible unpolished tactless lowbred uncultivated rugged ill-bred illiberal incorrect unfit ill-advised perverse inapposite incongruous unhappy amiss unapt untoward unladylike infelicitous discreditable malapropos ungentlemanly inapt wrong dapper louche stupid raunchy hideous foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous off-color unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial artificial unlovely barbaric shameful malodorous rowdy indecent out of keeping ruffian ungodly out of the way dissolute dissipated decadent debauched fast unusual free-spirited individual

Tính từ

Tending to cause great distress or anxiety
grievous deplorable appalling shocking dreadful lamentable heinous outrageous shameful atrocious egregious grave dire distressful distressing flagrant gross heartbreaking heartrending iniquitous intolerable monstrous nefarious regrettable tragic tragical unbearable unfortunate unlucky woeful flagitious dismal disquieting disturbing harmful heart-rending offensive pathetic pitiful taxing troublesome upsetting villainous weighty abominable odious evil vile foul scandalous horrible abhorrent disgraceful wicked unspeakable bad detestable ghastly horrifying hideous disgusting awful terrible revolting sickening repulsive frightful horrific nauseating loathsome repellent repugnant obscene horrendous frightening stupefying grisly scary forbidding fearsome sinful terrifying horrid perturbing stunning intimidating rancid astonishing terrific nightmarish distasteful grewsome obnoxious staggering repellant startling fulsome alarming amazing bewildering direful unsettling nasty formidable gruesome ugly nightmare noxious lurid macabre noisome agitating fearful nauseous overwhelming godawful abysmal redoubtable surprising unnerving hellacious spine-chilling from hell hair-raising depraved infernal dark criminal vicious base unholy devilish diabolical fiendish execrable immoral rotten unsavory black satanic wrong infamous unethical unlawful opprobrious despicable knavish ungodly corrupt unrighteous underhanded miscreant putrid degenerate treacherous sinister perverse dastardly reprehensible disreputable unsavoury good-for-nothing grim unpleasant beastly disagreeable hateful objectionable contemptible God-awful harrowing lousy disgustful dread yucky chilling loathly displeasing off-putting wretched sick-making creepy daunting unpalatable eerie petrifying yucko uninviting spooky insufferable stinking very bad dirty beyond the pale bloodcurdling bogging morbid filthy calamitous worrying icky dismaying mean indecent skanky unearthly poor unacceptable vulgar depressing miserable smutty grody menacing severe improper inexcusable gloomy chronic coarse gut-churning scaring crummy cruel grotesque ominous scurvy inhuman sorry hopeless extreme immodest raunchy unsatisfactory unpleasing traumatic vomitous weird stomach-turning hellish grotty stomach-churning rank sick threatening unseemly disconcerting inadequate rude unforgivable shameless crude harsh savage pits malodorous wanton exceptionable hairy unwelcome vomit-inducing rebarbative dangerous undesirable sad unutterable lewd pitiable inferior annoying duff desperate baleful indescribable poxy fetid bitter sordid disheartening suggestive ghostly excessive barbarous unclean ribald spine-tingling pants serious painful salacious brutal festy discouraging bleak unreasonable bawdy gory foetid unlovely tremendous blood-curdling irritating insupportable sombre somber useless unpardonable unappetizing substandard disastrous mephitic galling off-color X-rated prurient a load of pants impolite terrorizing embarrassing uncongenial difficult bestial ghoulish indecorous tasteless blue foreboding indelicate scurrilous dislikeable irksome cheap violent on the nose ignominious awesome impure perplexing unsightly profane uncivilised uncivilized unfair lascivious unwholesome unhappy solemn sleazy smelly indiscreet paltry ignoble cringe-making sour yukky low grubby cruddy dingy rubbish troubling dishonourable invidious terrorising nerve-racking niffy preposterous afflictive eldritch olid crying disappointing degrading discomposing great funereal licentious pornographic thrilling risqué vexing shady shuddersome dishonorable barbaric excruciating ridiculous abusive awe-inspiring hurtful melancholy ruthless spookish immoderate damnable poisonous too much over the top discourteous extravagant scabrous bum squalid discreditable bloody mournful humiliating low-down brutish foul-smelling evil-smelling indefensible pongy stinky whiffy grimy funky lame scabby scummy sneaking ratty laughable miasmal discomforting exciting ropy catastrophic trashy undignified dreaded inglorious onerous crushing parlous blameworthy sepulchral punk devastating worrisome cold unrestrained depressive melancholic critical cheerless glum poignant racy desolate scatological emetic unconventional loose bodeful hostile vexatious scatologic unprintable dislikable dreary morose mortifying accursed unchaste rough strong cursed breathtaking sober imposing boorish mean-looking raw uncivil unmannerly gut-wrenching inappropriate agonizing naughty pestiferous crass impossible porno unconscionable agonising acrid polluted hair-curling suspenseful nagging sedate inordinate smudged bedraggled befouled sullied bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy illegal stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike grungy begrimed soiled rubbishy explicit poison revulsive shoddy terribly bad misshapen taboo merciless notorious third-rate unworthy ineffable unappealing astounding unsuitable exasperating sanguine unbecoming demoralizing unfitting bothersome juicy abject burdensome animal repelling reptilian extraordinary discommoding unrespectable shabby beyond contempt shaming exorbitant steep unendurable insulting unwarranted concerning hated inept cataclysmic stimulating dispiriting murderous baneful unjustifiable untoward trying provoking eery striking salty inconvenient OTT wearisome huckery uncanny saddening dispirited impressive drab demoralising unbelievable inconceivable strange unkind purple unpropitious sucky shadowy ruinous mirthless spicy pressing brooding catty heavy powerful vilifying troublous as ugly as sin brute sadistic freaky doleful over-the-top stressful fierce drear impertinent insolent lustful urgent unfriendly toilsome sorrowful inexpressible haunting oppressive censurable uncomfortable lugubrious brackish reeking unhealthy affronting exigent unmentionable irrational dolorous unlikable barnyard humourless humorless sullen uncool pesky aggravating inauspicious uncouth ill-bred porny hateable biting cutting out of keeping gutter churlish ill-mannered testing yecchy stag ornery fruity deadly saucy adult acute off colour locker-room causing fear near the knuckle near the bone unthinkable unamusing bloodthirsty feared callous lou bone-chilling beast mediocre Kafkaesque bungling second-rate real incorrigible sublime aberrant senseless de trop eccentric fateful apocalyptic foolish detested loathed right tricky black-hearted unprincipled exhilarating rip-roaring exhilarant rousing electrifying beneath contempt blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder unheroic unsuccessful nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal unsocial absurd unimaginable abominated despised execrated demanding feeble frozen gnarly tenth-rate sickly challenging proper backbiting untrue maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting demeaning failed blood-stained intense crucial highly improper fugly misproportioned chunderous piggish gluttonous swinish degraded feral ferine carnal slimy torturous unwelcoming defective confounded like death warmed up sensational mighty inhumane heartless butcherly truculent beyond words preternatural undefinable pulse-pounding aggressive unapproachable pressuring browbeating bullying deleterious pernicious injurious mischievous red hot confronting tainted abnormal diseased offending reviled louche shy graphic exaggerated evil-looking unpromising facinorous cacodemonic indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil drastic afraid massive embittering shivery shuddery unfavorable unfavourable austere pestilential tormenting fraught irregular rocky woozy very disgusting stirring faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic dim deathlike corpselike unnatural anemic weak flavorless insipid flavourless yicky savorless flat melodramatic crippling irretrievable very unpleasant disrespectful pill heel untold undescribable reeky afflicting affecting awkward downer bummer faulty insalutary overpowering musty stenchy high fusty resolute doughty indomitable invincible commanding portentous irritable troubled frustrating unrelenting sexy not much cop too horrible for words anguished frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty inhospitable glowering life-threatening perilous ferocious like the back end of a bus unattractive surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy oppressing scowling gamy pigpen ripe antisocial not on exacting nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking mephitical distressed valiant derogatory wounding Rabelaisian sensationalist overdramatized colourful suggestive of evil tiresome intrusive hard consequential impeding disruptive harassing laborious inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed adverse disconsolate joyless rueful comfortless paralysing earth-shattering not up to snuff provocative personal impudent slighting entertaining off-colored broad lively off gamey averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic deformed all-powerful cliff-hanging kitschy pulp disfigured brave imminent courageous unpretty porn skin nudge-nudge outre dejecting dolesome tough hefty against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign unhandsome plain-featured unbeautiful plain-looking disparaging contemptuous libellous libelous unprepossessing unrefined loutish brash bad-mannered colloquial unpolished derisive lowbrow tactless inelegant ungracious uncultured tawdry vituperative blasphemous plain heart-pounding shattering paralyzing erotic close to the bone causing excitement undecorous foulmouthed in poor taste moving depressed late unheard of undue in opposition unladylike ungentlemanly shock-horror tacky vivid tenebrous gray grey pitiless murky ill-fated sobering fatal forlorn strenuous earnest ill-starred destructive far-reaching uncomely yellow full-frontal piteous pensive heart-wrenching lachrymose derisible plangent out of line out of order not the done thing over the fence a bit much bold forward very great fiery deep colorful distinct garish inapt incorrect inapposite unvirtuous tear-jerking overextravagant unnecessary insane plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy unmerciful disproportionate needless overmuch overdue overweening stiff forbidden off-colour fresh cheeky brazen incongruous amiss infelicitous malapropos unfit unapt graceless uncalled for prohibited proscribed ill-favored not quite the thing sneaky conscienceless unjust illogical interdicted banned censored bad-looking ill-favoured death-obsessed short on looks hard-favoured hard-featured abrupt maddening out of the way out of place in bad taste sudden O.T.T. extortionate too great malevolent disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious sharp frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits impermissible restricted off-limits unceremonious not to be spoken of no go unexpected that dare not speak its name unanticipated brusque swift unforgiving quick unforeseen immediate rapid unpredicted hasty

Tính từ

With bright or richly varied colours
colorful colourful brilliant rich vivid vibrant bright-coloured deep-coloured glowing motley multicolored multicoloured radiant variegated bright eye-catching flamboyant flashy garish gaudy multicolor multicolour psychedelic showy brightly coloured harlequin intense jazzy many-coloured many-hued polychromatic prismatic rainbow rainbow-like varicoloured Day-glo kaleidoscopic like an explosion in a paint factory looking like an explosion in a paint factory striking bold resplendent dazzling gay lurid strong splashy highly colored highly-coloured graphic lustrous deep bedazzling dramatic clear irradiant warm sheeny gleaming glittering glossy incandescent luminescent candescent luminous blazing flaming shiny lambent glistering sparkling beaming refulgent ablaze shining loud titillating scintillating lucid snazzy lively stimulating effective interesting exciting imaginative fancy pizazzy pizzazzy smart bling wild full visual glitzy florid bombastic colored glamorous ostentatious brash flaring multi-coloured coloured luxuriant dark saturated brave richly coloured fresh exaggerated extravagant elaborate animated multihued chromatic iridescent flowery baroque multichromatic varicolored rococo exuberant patterned decorated splendid swanky noisy swank razzle-dazzle stylish polychrome hued varied versicolor festooned swashbuckling brilliantly coloured particoloured phantasmagoric picturesque particolored corinthian flakey peacockish sporty gassy luscious chichi camp pretentious flaky outrageous lucent many-splendoured parti-colored many-colored fiery flickering light ardent effulgent shimmery fulgent shimmering glistening luculent

Tính từ

Highly stimulating to the senses
strong brilliant dazzling striking vivid bold bright blinding breathtaking colorful colourful graphic radiant warm definite electrifying exhilarating gleaming heady high hot notable noticeable pronounced rousing stimulating stirring thrilling biting energising energizing envigorating invigorating powerful sharp spine-tingling titillating arousing gripping hair-raising refreshing marked intense rich vibrant glowing deep flamboyant lurid garish eye-catching blazing flashy gaudy clear lively splashy lucid showy distinct full bedazzling resplendent gay interesting effective luminous lustrous flaming glittering shining lambent beaming loud visual jazzy bright-coloured exciting imaginative forceful detailed dramatic realistic picturesque irradiant scintillating sheeny telling glossy psychedelic incandescent luminescent candescent lifelike expressive shiny pictorial moving kaleidoscopic glistering sparkling delineated refulgent ablaze eloquent highly coloured highly-coloured deep-coloured highly colored dark effulgent close saturated exaggerated racy fiery snazzy fluorescent harsh fancy brightly coloured pizazzy pizzazzy smart bling wild glimmering shimmering extremely bright like an explosion in a paint factory looking like an explosion in a paint factory explicit illustrative descriptive uninhibited startling cogent shocking punchy well-drawn photographic convincing unequivocal well drawn well defined precise incisive forcible perspicuous concrete well delineated compelling well expressed comprehensible intelligible leaving nothing to the imagination figurative extravagant glitzy arresting evocative affecting elaborate bombastic animated memorable unforgettable faithful haunting authentic impressive emotive graphical fascinating active theatrical fresh crystal clear true-to-life true to life sharply-etched

Danh từ

(rare) A group of cats

Động từ

Present participle for to look or gaze at in a lascivious or unpleasant way
leering gazing staring gaping gawking ogling eyeing gawping goggling eyeballing watching squinting leching after leching over perving on looking lasciviously looking suggestively drooling over giving the once-over giving sly looks to making eyes giving someone the glad eye peering looking rubbernecking observing looking fixedly blinking focusing focussing getting a load of taking in viewing scrutinizing regarding scrutinising looking vacantly peeping peeking beholding contemplating inspecting gloating boring sizing up staring open-mouthed getting an eyeful staring in wonder seeing scanning surveying studying rivetting riveting gawping at checking out admiring gawking at giving something the once-over laying eyes on glancing leering at taking a look staring at spying eyeing up looking at gazing at beaming pinning fixing one's gaze laying one's eyes on giving the eye gazing open-mouthed yawping gaping at looking hard taking a good look feasting one's eyes wondering rubbernecking at leching fixing making eyes at staring stupidly prying examining looking closely giving someone the come-on making sheep's eyes at keeping an eye on giving the glad eye snooping looking earnestly squinnying mooning rubbering lamping piping going over squinting at screwing up eyes looking through narrowed eyes narrowing your eyes trying to see staring in amazement riveting the eyes on outstaring glowering looking intently having a good look riveting on focusing on fixing on watching closely considering marking glimpsing spotting paying attention to taking note of catching sight of taking a gander descrying espying having a squint giving something a once-over recceing taking a dekko clocking taking a butcher's taking a gander at taking a dekko at taking a shufti witnessing noticing auditing looking upon taking a good look at perusing penetrating piercing probing checking looking over exploring peering at seeing over noting sighting discerning perceiving distinguishing spectating catching reviewing flashing clapping eyes on remarking overseeing having a look-see at checking over checking something out digging slanging setting eyes on believing having a squint at assessing canvassing pondering overlooking taking a shufti at scoping having a dekko at having a gander at reading feasting eyes on

Trái nghĩa của glaring

glaring Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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