Đồng nghĩa của off colour


Slightly ill
ill poorly funny queer sick unhealthy indisposed queasy unwell peaky peely-wally run down under par washed out off form out of sorts under the weather green about the gills not up to par crook off colour below par bad nauseous lousy not oneself off rough wabbit seedy liverish crummy ropy grotty peaked nauseated peculiar sickly ailing rotten terrible awful run-down dreadful not well peakish infirm sickened weak down not very well bedridden unsound dizzy not in good shape giddy in poor health not up to snuff laid up sick as a dog debilitated punk diseased faint feeble off-color in a bad way on the sick list afflicted lightheaded light-headed frail infected groggy woozy valetudinarian squeamish sickish impaired rocky laid-up like death warmed up invalided invalid iffy queerish qualmish suffering feverish grim bummed laid low at death's door drained fatigued tired injured pale unfit out of commission disordered rickety out of action confined to bed queazy delicate pukish incurable under medication on sick list wretched confined feeling awful hospitalised hospitalized feeling rotten broken down down with slightly unwell horrible ropey not up to the mark qualmy reeling achy hypochondriacal in pain decrepit ghastly failing low mean green uneasy declining in bed hors de combat got a bug dying languishing miserable tottering ugly exhausted off one's feed not so hot imperfect defective not healthy wobbly enervated not yourself not a hundred percent unsightly knackered in bad health wasting enfeebled worn out in bad shape not feeling up to snuff pallid pasty pasty-faced the worse for wear not feeling well haggard ashen whey-faced gray colourless bloodless ashy grey ashen-faced anaemic disabled incapacitated housebound immobilized bilious corpse-like cadaverous sallow ill-looking seasick running temperature a wreck got the bug feeling terrible off one's feet wan pinched carsick trainsick airsick travel-sick ill in bed deathly pale uncomfortable upset sickly-looking drawn emaciated immobilised etiolated thin peelie-wally uncertain green around gills restless dubious unsettling troubling odd suffering from motion sickness concerned unsettled suffering from altitude sickness doubtful fidgety anemic as white as a ghost as white as a sheet in poor shape colorless strange waxen white chalky deathlike milky chalk-white blanched sapped ghostly deathly livid lymphatic bleached whitish jaundiced washed-out waxy tired-looking white as a sheet doughy lurid dull paled mealy wheyfaced white-faced listless white as a ghost leaden rundown fair spectral languid insipid unhealthy-looking light-coloured ghostlike faded light-colored looking as if one has seen a ghost out of condition yellowish weary worn-out characterless jaundiced-looking unstable pearly light wasted lacklustre lackluster watery yellow muddy greenish-yellow discoloured gaunt anaemic-looking sick as a parrot forceless depressed worn discolored ineffectual ineffective dragging shaky in ill health out of shape in poor condition in a decline alabaster creamy ivory cream waxlike milk-white fair-skinned light-skinned


Slightly indecent
coarse crude dirty obscene smutty blue filthy improper indecent pornographic raunchy vulgar bawdy lewd racy risqué suggestive X-rated indelicate prurient salacious off colour ribald rude offensive naughty gross profane adult foul lascivious near the knuckle spicy earthy indecorous impure saucy nasty wanton locker-room porny gamy fruity off-color trashy gutter unprintable stag immodest titillating Rabelaisian scatological raw scatologic licentious erotic unseemly sexy vile broad low near the bone porno salty sordid nudge-nudge porn scurrilous foul-mouthed immoral wicked off hard-core steamy rough explicit tasteless off-colored gamey uncouth inappropriate distasteful juicy colourful scandalous blasphemous colorful crass disgusting abusive arousing base shameless soft-core close to the bone impolite unwholesome depraved unrefined taboo lecherous Fescennine skin cheap rank libidinous unchaste unbecoming outrageous debased lowbrow scabrous shocking sleazy lowbred loose Cyprian rakish bad-mannered lustful unclean in bad taste shady obnoxious indiscreet provocative untoward corrupting boorish sensual carnal exploitative mature sick sexual profligate sexually explicit foulmouthed purple repulsive mean hot lurid exciting questionable randy lusty ithyphallic malicious odious inelegant tacky mucky unvirtuous low-down-and-dirty unconventional page-three malodorous risque daring ruttish illicit shameful full-frontal sooty unmannerly vulgarian tactless lively stimulating entertaining sizzling corrupt farmyard lowdown and dirty profanatory rogue devilish unrestrained vicious scurvy grown up XXX seductive tempting gruesome unsavory ignorant in poor taste undecorous ridiculous awkward unsophisticated grody ill-bred blunt dirty-minded out of line low-down and dirty sly rascally low-minded sexually suggestive lubricious uncivil uncultured uncultivated ignoble goatish dissolute amoral degenerate debauched unrightful ungodly unjust unrighteous wrongful unequitable reprehensible grimy grubby concupiscent insensible unsavoury unpolished roughneck common raffish rugged incult illiberal barnyard excessive beyond the pale unfitting bad dishonourable dishonorable sneaking contemptible slippery villainous discourteous outlandish unworthy fractious fast libertine incontinent unladylike ungentlemanly undignified bold forward embarrassing fresh cheeky brazen barro out of keeping unblushing brutish callow untactful sinful reprobate dissipated unprincipled evil perverse abandoned perverted promiscuous unscrupulous disreputable nefarious decadent unethical horny iniquitous wrong graceless dishonest demoralized despicable passionate demoralised criminal atrocious profaned low-down desecrated unsuitable disgraceful degraded inapt incorrect lubricous satyric hypersexual itchy warped unfit inapposite impious infelicitous malapropos incongruous discreditable lickerish intemperate inept unapt disrespectful uncleanly abominable detestable ignominious impudent sacrilegious defiled fleshly appalling jackleg rakehell irreverent rakehelly voluptuous devious brutal unconscionable unhappy amiss infamous degrading unholy deplorable monstrous unfair abhorrent not pure crooked heinous miscreant rotten out of place diabolical tawdry insulting brash churlish godless irreligious loutish flagrant flirtatious unspeakable ill-mannered insolent tainted unacceptable execrable wretched unlawful unbefitting pervy opprobrious uninhibited fallen fiendish loathsome kinky contaminated abject wild underhand wayward dark morally wrong murderous inviting egregious flagitious of easy virtue tantalizing alluring not cricket low-life beastly unabashed unashamed amorous audacious orgiastic hankering sullied itching desirous derogatory barefaced cruel disparaging unsuited tarty blatant unembarrassed ungracious unhealthy vitiated inconsiderate shabby whorish vituperative underhanded inhuman fierce atheistic sexually arousing sexually exciting remorseless blameworthy contumelious impertinent harsh deceitful corrupted illegal maleficent undisguised grim unutterable voluptuary heathen pagan brassy lowlife dangerous truculent shoddy incorrigible black louche barbarous tantalising swinging unconstrained untimely hurtful presumptuous undue dreadful dastardly unseasonable hateful heartless inexcusable felonious malevolent loud unforgivable affronting indictable lawless ill-advised sneaky deceptive drunken uncomely overbold terrible unhallowed scummy censurable out of the way easy worthless awful horrible slimy noxious fast and loose bent sickening in the fast lane no-good in the gutter vilifying revealing evil-minded bodily libellous libelous fleshy hedonistic freethinking unpleasant ill-suited uncontrollable non-theistic corporeal morally bereft scungy improprietous depraving thoughtless uncontrolled delinquent lawbreaking poor rowdy ruffian demonic uncurbed rough-hewn savage despisable disagreeable snide paltry currish hot and heavy perverting culpable under-the-table condemnable uncivilised uncivilized infernal satanic lax relaxed unruly animal unmoral disorderly unchivalrous ardent objectionable ferocious lame lousy meanspirited against the law amatory unhandsome clumsy gauche unlovely unworthy of maladroit strong violent colloquial derisive unsettling aphrodisiac annoying irritating vitriolic blamable base-minded groveling lacking in propriety aphrodisiacal demoralizing subversive slipshod scabby malignant ratty cruddy disdainable displeasing craving sadistic pejorative denigratory invective deprecatory hedonic deviant hircine barbaric hot-blooded grovelling brusque curt inglorious venomous riotous sorry undesirable callous cold-blooded ruthless merciless wounding exasperating tough indulgent flagitous twisted demoralising erring bloodthirsty bloody bestial galling personal vexing provoking slighting exceptionable humiliating vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless sybaritic sicko unnatural severe hard oafish dour bluff unrespectable knavish indefensible notorious shy ungentlemanlike insensitive diabolic guilty good-for-naught no-count meritless good-for-nothing no-account brute homicidal inhumane butcherly fell illegitimate roguish deteriorated violated open forbidding bearish roughcast stern stiff austere deleterious injurious damaging contemptuous sensuous slinky baneful harmful pernicious mischievous malfeasant scoundrelly stinking prejudicial nocuous adverse baleful fast-living detrimental peccable ill sanguinary offending vituperous defiant louring grievous steely stark untutored intimidating gruff black-hearted bad news self-indulgent pleasure-seeking high living upsetting faulty untamed putrid insubordinate come-hither piquant coquettish pert brazen-faced night owl lacking restraint gone bad gone to the dogs oppressive flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless unceremonious bitter hardhanded rancid repellant repellent nauseating horrendous fulsome horrifying horrid repugnant insupportable hideous revolting noisome intolerable ugly nauseous hardened forbidden fraudulent lowering unpardonable frightful desecrating pushy voyeuristic prohibited proscribed overt desperate red hot backbiting untrue crying highly improper maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting longing beguiling enchanting intoxicating heady intriguing enticing encouraging bewitching interesting cutthroat Machiavellian dodgy arch cocky wise bold-faced sassy nervy cocksure brassbound interdicted banned ineffable censored impenitent arrant unconcealed unrepentant transparent violating irreverential infidel heretical saturnalian indescribable flip meretricious hotshot gritty flashy smart-alecky spunky gutsy bald-faced as bold as brass inopportune inexpedient without shame high-handed frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits inapplicable inadvisable unwarranted discordant inharmonious unmentionable impermissible restricted off-limits irregular discrepant erroneous inadmissible imprudent not to be spoken of no go inaccurate abnormal preposterous ludicrous odd false ill-timed uncalled-for out-of-place out-of-season off-base at odds bad form that dare not speak its name


Defective in some way
wrong bad appalling awful contemptible crook cruddy deficient deplorable detestable dirty faulty grotty grubby harmful hateful loathsome nasty off colour out of sorts pitiable pitiful poorly rotten rough rubbish sick terrible vile dissatisfactory inferior lousy poor subpar substandard unacceptable off suboptimal unsatisfactory wretched ill unwell nauseous queasy paltry nauseated seedy crummy lame ropy under the weather revolting disgusting horrible sickening shocking dreadful horrid repellent abominable odious monstrous repugnant gross abhorrent ghastly gruesome frightful hideous horrendous repulsive unspeakable nauseating disgustful sick-making loathly horrific macabre horrifying offensive distasteful grisly heinous noisome fearful noxious obscene execrable evil atrocious beastly gut-churning foul obnoxious lurid despicable dire ugly unpleasant scandalous yucky egregious scurvy God-awful grody wicked grim terrifying outrageous unsavoury off-putting distressing reprehensible disagreeable nightmarish repellant icky intolerable spine-chilling terrific nightmare rancid fulsome vomitous unsavory sleazy bogging yucko morbid vomit-inducing beyond the pale brutal vicious savage base violent low fiendish nefarious diabolical villainous vulgar dark bloody low-down shameful hellish murderous black displeasing sordid objectionable creepy unforgivable stinking grewsome hellacious grievous uninviting undesirable flagitious filthy putrid godawful skanky rebarbative stomach-churning stomach-turning bloodthirsty cruel barbaric blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder sanguinary dislikeable forbidding very disgusting sanguine eerie indescribable terribly bad very bad blood-stained ruthless animal beast bestial inhuman barbarous infernal brutish fierce gory merciless frightening black-hearted flagrant weird from hell daunting spine-tingling harrowing infamous inhumane brute truculent sadistic heartless wanton butcherly cacodemonic facinorous desperate hairy exceptionable shameless insalubrious unattractive unhealthful unhealthy bilious unwholesome unpalatable insupportable inexcusable unpardonable unwelcome unlikable tasteless unpleasing dismaying galling sleazeball yecchy unappetizing squicky festy scuzzy cringe-making cloying surfeiting loud garish suffocating sickly overpowering morose mean disgraceful corrupt perverted sinful depraved degenerate debased iniquitous shabby dishonourable sorry miserable dissolute reprobate humiliating diabolic debauched damnable degrading abject coarse devilish ignoble worthless currish immoral dishonorable unlawful snide unrighteous ignominious unethical low-minded impure degraded abandoned

Trái nghĩa của off colour

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