Đồng nghĩa của stinking

Alternative for stinking

stinks, stank, stinking, stunk

Đồng nghĩa: odor, smell, stench,

Tính từ

Having a strong unpleasant smell
foetid fetid reeking smelly foul-smelling malodorous noisome rank funky mephitic stinky evil-smelling pongy putrid reeky whiffy acrid humming niffy noxious pungent foul frowsty frowsy frowzy fusty ill-smelling musty niffing olid ripe stenchy strong festy miasmal miasmic yucko odiferous offensive rancid stinking to high heaven strong-smelling rotten nasty high off nauseating disgusting stale revolting repulsive sickening obnoxious bad loathsome nauseous vile repellent horrible repugnant odious unpleasant abominable mouldy horrid awful gross dreadful horrendous appalling hideous moldy distasteful gamy decayed tainted abhorrent spoiled ghastly lousy obscene repellant ugly shocking spoilt sour scandalous fulsome disgustful poisonous terrible rotting decomposed pestilential disagreeable dank objectionable unsavoury yucky skanky beastly unsavory God-awful loathly sick-making bogging evil dirty on the nose baneful frightful putrescent detestable uninviting grotty unpalatable gruesome off-putting diabolical icky odoriferous decomposing decaying squalid stenchful very unpleasant skunky filthy miasmatic evil- baleful gamey putrefied airless stuffy stagnant odorous mildewy mildewed displeasing hellacious from hell graveolent turned feculent polluted infested execrable hateful harmful damp unventilated strong-tasting going off going bad strong-flavored strong-flavoured hurtful injurious deleterious mischievous unhealthy pernicious mucid contaminated corrupt addled corrupted pestiferous unwholesome immoral deadly insalutary dangerous nidorous rotted acid bitter moldered spoiling harsh putrefacient acidic putrefactive mouldered atrocious vomitous grimy grubby unappetizing yecchy pigpen gut-churning stomach-churning stomach-turning vomit-inducing

Tính từ

Very bad or unpleasant
rotten vile appalling awful disgusting dreadful frightful ghastly nasty terrible unpleasant contemptible shocking wretched very bad foul rancid loathsome gross revolting offensive horrible nauseating repulsive abominable repugnant sickening noxious putrid noisome distasteful odious repellent horrid horrendous obnoxious hideous beastly bad rank nauseous yucky objectionable fetid abhorrent disagreeable lousy foetid festy God-awful grotty icky unpalatable skanky repellant diabolical smelly gruesome obscene unsavoury loathly disgustful ugly unsavory scandalous evil fulsome yucko sick-making detestable deplorable sour displeasing off-putting filthy malodorous mephitic uninviting polluted bitter harsh despicable dirty unappetizing putrescent acrid off execrable unwelcome decomposed unclean unpleasing funky spoiled grody decomposing rotting decaying dire decayed hateful atrocious mouldy yukky whiffy bogging spoilt mouldering wicked tainted sordid uncongenial unlovely sullied soiled olid moldy moldering mean on the nose festering perished evil-smelling foul-smelling hellacious contaminated pongy stinky niffy miasmal stale squalid infected reprehensible vulgar worm-eaten wormy cruddy scummy grisly maggoty flyblown abysmal stained dusty grimy muddy scurvy godawful grubby mucky grungy hellish reeking sleazy putrefied distressing poor addled horrifying heinous unsightly carious corrupt rotted smudged bedraggled besmirched befouled smutty sorry unfair blackened cheap bemired uncleanly lame unsportsmanlike black dingy draggled sneaking pitiful ratty scabby begrimed illegal paltry impure pitiable gangrenous poison bum ungodly unholy yecchy raunchy very unpleasant pathetic brackish woeful dismal tasteless crummy mildewy corrupted horrific egregious infested tremendous dirtied unhygienic insalubrious germy unwholesome feculent monstrous intolerable rubbish lamentable miserable grim stomach-turning from hell exceptionable undesirable septic scungy disintegrating unhealthy poisonous alarming messy harrowing grievous stomach-churning diseased hairy unacceptable macabre vomitous unhealthful depressing galling base creepy godforsaken putrefacient putrefying overripe annoying unbearable turned unsanitary cringe-making rebarbative invidious off-color gut-wrenching scuzzy mouldered moldered sad unfit for human consumption gut-churning beyond the pale disease-ridden stenchy vomit-inducing germ-ridden desperate crying deleterious toxic insufferable offending biting embarrassing cutting opprobrious crumbling dislikeable wasted flat scabrous unsound corroded serious censurable spoiling gnarly carrion dislikable hateable unfiltered adulterated insipid pestiferous pill ornery pesky heel shameful unspeakable outrageous shameless stagnant sulphurous sulfurous withered ruined riddled insupportable unpardonable inexcusable musty pungent wasting away sick unforgivable unlikable dismaying accursed villainous cursed chronic damnable revulsive brutal nidorous unfresh degenerated graveolent curdled inedible strong-smelling stenchful fermented soured dank putrefactive reeky acid shady bland tart sharp shifty seedy rough squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball insanitary disconcerting troublesome troubling zestless faded dried watery weak parched disquieting worrisome irksome discomforting severe unsettling forbidding agonizing traumatic stressful perturbing daunting torturous harmful tarnished sloppy humourless sombre unnerving disturbing humorless difficult discomposing distressful sober uncomfortable doleful agitating irritating mortifying upsetting solemn somber gloomy unsatisfactory lurid sedate tormenting worrying heartbreaking unfortunate troublous unendurable frightening fraught vexatious nightmarish regrettable grave tragical uncool cruel unhappy saddening unappealing awkward afflicting tragic afflictive affecting excruciating hurtful hostile concerning agonising anguished sorrowful heartrending painful putrified nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking corroding defiled caried purulent pustular smelling faecal fecal bad-smelling

Tính từ

Under the influence of alcohol
wasted plastered inebriated intoxicated hammered high drunk smashed blitzed stoned bombed tipsy sozzled blotto inebriate canned drunken sottish stewed loaded sloshed pickled blasted soused squiffy tight tiddly tanked ripped stiff juiced squiffed besotted wet slang fried crocked blind cockeyed lit impaired gassed oiled boozy looped potted pie-eyed lit up wiped out under the influence buzzed in the bag in one's cups three sheets to the wind befuddled drunk as a skunk under the weather three sheets in the wind crapulous flying fuddled crapulent under the table totaled woozy wrecked merry legless liquored up zonked steaming boozed up paralytic bladdered bevvied trashed dead drunk bibulous out of it rat-arsed soaked tippling mullered bashed groggy Brahms and Liszt lashed ratted trolleyed gin-soaked slaughtered blind drunk roaring drunk rolling drunk worse for drink half-seas over seeing double feeling no pain worse for wear well oiled drunk as a lord tanked up foxed sotted screwed ebriate half cut well away flushed reeling cut tired and emotional half seas over fou monged maudlin incapable toping laced muddled glazed wired monged out guttered stinko steamed full shickered shot munted inked lekker cock-eyed pixilated steamboats ebrious two sheets to the wind ebriose mashed sodden having had a skinful lush grogged up off your face having had one over the eight out to it as full as a goog as tight as a tick high as a kite sauced kaylied boozed-up langered dronkverdriet broken ossified stukkend in tanked-up blatted polluted elephants sat happy strung out crock swacked zoned intemperate babalas red-nosed well-oiled gin-sodden in your cups one over the eight spaced tripping jacked irrigated unsteady bacchic drinking faced dazed beery gone schnockered Adrian Quist half in the bag slightly drunk dead to the world half-crocked hard-drinking the worse for drink out of one's head feeling good hooched up out of one's skull out of one's box under the influence of intoxicating liquor boozing baked drugged doped blazed demolished stupefied cooked obliterated boozed unsober sloppy elevated mellow addled snockered out off one's head tied one on drunked up geeked blown-up spaced out zonked-out out of one's gourd half-cut spaced-out burned-out on a trip hopped-up off one's face narcotized comatose on drugs delirious hallucinating euphoric hyped up charged up freaked out dopey benumbed floating unconscious coked drugged up junked-up blown away dead-drunk turned on out of one's mind off one's head on a high drugged-out drunk as a fiddler plowed tiddled pixillated ploughed punchy full of well-being tozy-mozy bibacious alcoholic insensible anaesthetized anesthetized knocked out out of your mind

Tính từ

Morally depraved
evil wicked bad wrong wrongful immoral sinful ungodly unholy foul vile base ignoble dishonorable dishonourable corrupt iniquitous depraved degenerate villainous nefarious sinister vicious malicious malevolent demonic devilish diabolic diabolical fiendish dark black-hearted monstrous shocking despicable atrocious heinous odious contemptible horrible execrable low-down dirty shady warped bent rotten unethical unlawful unrighteous unsavoury unsavory crooked dastardly reprobate black damnable hateful hellish infernal rancorous satanic spiteful wrathful egregious flagitious shadowy peccable morally wrong bad-hearted reprehensible mean abominable beastly detestable sordid shameful outrageous dissolute unprincipled murderous barbarous low dishonest unscrupulous loathsome underhand malfeasant cruel criminal infamous perverted disgusting offensive roguish scoundrelly rascally scandalous irreligious profane sacrilegious impious blasphemous not cricket godless nasty illicit disgraceful lawless illegal abhorrent wretched debased illegitimate terrible abject shabby impure maleficent obscene ignominious scurvy currish snide paltry low-minded unspeakable felonious unpleasant repugnant revolting hideous obnoxious indictable ugly erring fallen dreadful deplorable uncharitable treacherous lamentable underhanded unworthy awful pernicious sullied tainted injurious harmful gross worthless degraded noxious abandoned inhuman transgressing ruffianly blackguardly sneaky notorious disreputable thievish unbecoming undignified cowardly inequitable discreditable peccant culpable undesirable knavish caitiff inelegant menial servile appalling horrid repellent nauseating repulsive vulgar sickening disagreeable distasteful off-putting malignant off-color unfair sorry horrendous horrifying grave miserable yucky humiliating debauched gut-churning icky degrading sick-making God-awful coarse inexcusable horrific vomitous sick lousy bogging noisome no good yucko disgustful loathly ghastly unpardonable godawful unforgivable sleazy filthy irreverent cheap guilty dangerous raunchy flagrant frightful amoral deleterious damaging incorrigible baneful nocuous adverse hurtful mischievous prejudicial baleful wayward heartless indecent ill detrimental accursed crying cursed shameless vomit-inducing beneath contempt beyond the pale bad news improper lewd wanton smutty bawdy ribald naughty savage salacious blue unconscionable deceitful opprobrious indelicate immodest rude suggestive devious racy spicy barbaric unjust blameworthy crude brutish licentious perverse fraudulent cacodemonic unseemly dissipated untrustworthy lascivious intolerable unhallowed risqué miscreant pornographic X-rated demoniac Mephistophelian profligate atheistic delinquent brutal dodgy gamy heathen off colour prurient lustful unclean ruthless errant bestial saucy pagan raw objectionable demoniacal indefensible sexy nightmarish vindictive inhumane near the knuckle cheating grisly gruesome adult locker-room trashy decadent scurrilous disrespectful unwarranted lurid merciless faithless fruity shoddy non-theistic two-faced erotic censurable off sadistic unchaste salty titillating sly juicy gamey loose broad questionable terrific macabre grewsome nightmare unregenerate facinorous grievous porny unprintable gutter intemperate porno rank earthy double-crossing scatological off-colored louche scatologic brute uncivilised uncivilized cutthroat demonian near the bone Machiavellian blamable unvirtuous unrespectable glaring Luciferian indecorous violent arrant nudge-nudge perfidious unwholesome condemnable contrary conscienceless disobedient venal rough excessive stag wild desperate distressing insufferable extreme petty serpentine under-the-table harsh beyond contempt double-dealing unacceptable grim unbelieving low-life virulent vice-ridden blameful Hadean Rabelaisian corrupted foul-mouthed shy butcherly truculent corrupting exploitative demonical inglorious lawbreaking rakish slippery unreasonable inappropriate deceptive callous malign unjustifiable unruly preposterous exceptionable reproachable insupportable against the law fearful lecherous exasperating rancid repellant fulsome nauseous taboo immoderate unfaithful boorish traitorous unbearable pitiful shifty libertine exorbitant insubordinate grody cold-blooded blameable undue invidious malefic ridiculous dire poor recreant forbidding crass untrue at fault hellacious agnostic deadly false frightening two-timing very bad abysmal intimidating calamitous non-believing scummy wilful idolatrous despiteful senseless unjustified barbarian groundless depraving Stygian infidel needless unprofessional deliberate arbitrary lowlife unsanctified toxic blatant iconoclastic unkind deceiving lying venomous impish aberrant harrowing nullifidian irreverential heathenish provocative unhealthy scampish puckish prankish tricksy undecorous furtive sinning disloyal disbelieving defiled feral inconsiderate fast unconscientious obvious prohibited barefaced misbehaving putrid demoralized undisciplined disorderly mercenary possessed responsible hypocritical extravagant amiss uncouth demeritorious ferocious offending brazen steep vitiated unsanctioned unauthorized troublesome scheming tragic arousing squalid unlicensed explicit tawdry recusant contraband enormous banned bloodthirsty conspicuous uncultivated self-seeking crafty unrefined undisguised utter sad forbidden graceless answerable good-for-nothing inordinate carnal disruptive patent actionable pitiable apostate mutinous audacious naked evident OTT unofficial proscribed ill-bred manifest outlawed evil-minded libidinous reprovable unconcealed unfeeling complete annoying interdicted foulmouthed demoralised unrestrained ominous hostile palpable transparent porn overt froward dirty-dealing fierce unnecessary chargeable barnyard scabrous alarming verboten regrettable contumacious catty pronounced striking hard-hearted pathetic bootleg uncontrollable unreliable to blame cruddy adulterous over the top formidable terrifying insincere serious impolite black-market scary fearsome untamed treasonable unauthorised plain rowdy in bad taste uncalled for capital direful fickle out of line exciting redoubtable slimy hair-raising spine-chilling not permitted not allowed in the wrong scornful disdainful badly behaved no-good against the rules from hell purple under the counter out and out Janus-faced out-and-out brass-necked full of mischief false-hearted back-stabbing poisonous yechy cunning wrongdoing guileful embarrassing mephistophelean straying secular unblessed unconsecrated menacing tricky suspect ill-famed swindling threatening destructive morbid sceptical demonlike demonly demonish scathel ill-reputed remiss praetorian stop-at-nothing mercentary selfish casuistic drunken steamy uninhibited dirty-minded gossip-mongering raffish humble slavish unfriendly frenetic maniacal crazed mad morally bereft heretical insensitive bribable risque unprovoked remorseless barred abusive jackleg abased perverting great sexual unmannerly pixieish arch pixy pixie leprechaunish waggish elvish bloody unfortunate plebeian lowly common gratuitous motiveless dishonoured rakehell colourful colorful irritating foolish undeserved vexatious homicidal fell craven concupiscent unconstitutional thoughtless rakehelly dishonored hellborn satanical cloven-footed ghoulish sexually explicit skin disastrous sanguinary page-three demoralizing subversive unchivalrous stimulating entertaining lively profaned desecrated lame scabby grubby sneaking ratty frolicsome backbiting maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting LaVeyan tarnished dread willed unmotivated contaminated faulty aggressive unsafe negligent uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic not pure tempting seductive highly improper malodorous religionless nonreligious outright hairy tyrannical inexorable scungy ill-natured fishy slick flimflam scam hardened doubting canting defiling pietistical desecrative undutiful unctuous desecrating sanctimonious woeful heartbreaking mournful crummy biased prejudiced close to the bone sheer irksome red hot not nice shuddersome creepy spooky like death warmed up frozen gnarly intimidatory ill-boding foreboding aimless duplicitous modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful below contempt dirty rotten undevout freethinking self-indulgent pitiless vengeful absolute downright unqualified unendurable mendacious inconstant demoralising discriminatory apparent unmitigated significant major maddening impossible minatory viperous minacious unsound whorish promiscuous in poor taste ornery insolent skeptical free-thinking unspiritual O.T.T. extortionate ill-behaved badly-behaved untruthful defrauding not religious partisan too great shaming disgracing debauching debasing contumelious disquieting delusive saturnalian fly-by-night double-faced forsworn hollow-hearted mythomaniac renegade falsehearted perjured stupefying discriminating partial bigoted unequal liable convicted disparaging contemptuous mean-spirited scrofulous disturbing perturbing upsetting overextravagant insane plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy unmerciful disproportionate overmuch overdue overweening stiff startling agitating staggering stunning astonishing bewildering unsettling overwhelming amazing accountable deserving blame weighted distorted slanted preferential intolerant coloured unnerving surprising incriminated accurst freaking cussed darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst blasted danged durned dang confounded darn of easy virtue too much over-the-top unthinkable inconceivable illogical irrational on one's head impeached in error caught doomed censured convictable accusable condemned unbalanced loaded uneven misbehaved fractious anathematized underworld nether lower tasteless animalistic unmanageable refractory defiant ungovernable one-sided unrightful non-objective uncalled-for colored unsophisticated philistine unbiddable playful recalcitrant obstreperous ferine difficult uneducated unpolished uncultured primitive swinish blamed under a curse blessed dratted awkward Plutonian undependable Neanderthal brattish intractable open loutish benighted ill-mannered headstrong willful teasing gallus of bad faith snaky hard-core unconventional incontinent lusty bold tough Neandertal thuggish churlish uncivil natural subterranean Tartarean Plutonic Styxian flaunting clandestine animal illiterate unmannered yobbish slobbish anarchic terrorist self-willed ostentatious impermissible punishable bad-mannered attention-seeking ill-disciplined in a state of nature impertinent uncontrolled mannerless rugged discourteous insurrectionary anarchical rebellious seditious insurgent mutinying neanderthal troglodytic anarchistic noncompliant nonconformist chthonian of hell Acherontic Avernal chthonic helly violating turbulent ungoverned nihilistic infringing wildcat piratical heavy warlike criminogenic unregulated unpeaceful disordered racketeering subhuman unashamed flagitous haram tapu less than human flaming noticeable off base smoking gun bald-faced bare-faced sulphurous sulfurous under-the-counter under the table contrary to law not acceptable ruled out in violation of law off limits without law and order stick out like sore thumb hanging out

Tính từ

Refers to an intense or acrid flavor
sharp acrid pungent strong tangy sour tart acid bitter piquant acidic overpowering sharp-tasting vinegary acerb burning hot acerbic acetic acidulous acidy nippy acetous active astringent austere odorous strong-smelling suffocating spicy aromatic stinging peppery biting spiced zingy zesty poignant fiery rich seasoned savoury pert savory salty industrial-strength odoriferous effluvious snappy nosey racy whiffy stiff highly flavoured effluvial rotten distasteful unsavory unpalatable yukky yucky harsh unsavoury acidulated unsweetened zestful tartish sourish unpleasant lively powerful penetrating spirited highly seasoned sparkling vinegarish tasty colourful heady pervasive zippy witty stifling smarting nauseating offensive sickly nauseous fetid cloying keen mephitic sweet flavoursome vigorous fragrant colorful appetizing flavorsome flavorful foetid appetising humorous sapid gingery punchy bright irritating severe caustic briny amaroidal fresh animated energetic perfumed ambrosial scented redolent sprightly flavourful vivacious flavorous acetose bold vital peppy breathtaking pizazzy jazzy gay jaunty springy perky spanking kinetic sparky brisk pizzazzy animate airy frisky bouncing marked with a kick stimulating exhilarating pointed cutting acute lemony citrus rough sarcastic piercing flowery absinthian absinthal peppered soured green dry picante aromal herbaceous curried enthusiastic passionate red hot strongly flavoured well seasoned vibrant dynamic effervescent ardent gritty highly-seasoned chirpy valiant zappy avid barnstorming rocking full of life bouncy high-spirited hyper jumping extreme compelling overwhelming sickening distinct irresistible sharp-flavoured brusque well-flavored critical unmistakable invincible compulsive uncontrollable unbearable overshadowing consuming intense overriding very strong mettlesome wholesome respectable salt acceptable exquisite savorous mellow relishing decent full-flavored aperitive tempting exciting dramatic entertaining sexy buoyant brilliant dazzling clever sportive distinctive forceful playful forcible vivid striking graphic warm blinding radiant glaring notable stirring noticeable gleaming pronounced definite rousing electrifying high thrilling arousing gripping invigorating hair-raising energizing spine-tingling envigorating titillating energising refreshing

Tính từ

Not up to the required standard or quality
unacceptable dissatisfactory suboptimal subpar substandard unsatisfactory unseemly deficient inferior deplorable disagreeable disgraceful displeasing distasteful exceptionable impermissible improper inadequate inadmissible inappropriate insupportable intolerable mediocre objectionable obnoxious offensive undesirable unsuitable wanting abject amateurish awful bad dismal dreadful imperfect insufferable insufficient lousy poor reprehensible terrible unimpressive woeful wretched abominable abysmal appalling atrocious contemptible cruddy crummy diabolical dire dodgy dubious execrable faulty hopeless horrible lame lamentable laughable low meager meagre nasty pathetic pitiable pitiful questionable repugnant rotten shoddy sorry unreasonable cheapo condemnable crude crumby damnable defective disappointing disastrous garbage gross grotty horrendous horrid indefensible irremediable loathsome miserable odious off out paltry punk rubbishy sad scurrilous stinky tatty trashy vile wack worthless wrong bush inacceptable reject unappealing uninviting low-grade second-rate below average below standard under par second rate third-rate bush-league not up to scratch not up to snuff not up to standard poor quality below par half-baked less-than-stellar out of order second-class tenth-rate not on not up to par low-quality poor-quality beyond the pale God-awful two-bit of low quality of poor quality won't do from hunger not cricket over the fence not quite the done thing cheap grim chronic frightful godawful downer bummer rubbish junky useless sucky unfortunate trumpery regrettable grievous rough low quality not much cop incompetent cheesy blah bad news sub-par raunchy tinhorn beastly ropy detestable icky duff schlocky cut-rate the pits unspeakable poxy bum low-rent pants el cheapo diddly not good grody bargain-basement egregious erroneous not the best fallacious valueless grungy unhappy distressing ratty grubby scabby dirty scummy heartbreaking melancholy scurvy sneaking despicable mean very bad calamitous blameworthy mournful unbearable sickening dishonourable dolorous dishonorable afflictive shocking opprobrious overwhelming scandalous horrifying sour ill shabby unjustifiable unworthy unsound outrageous coarse inexcusable a load of pants unpardonable unforgivable direful flawed common schlock weak unjustified unwarrantable base cheapjack junk unwarranted not up to much leaving much to be desired bodger subnormal dime-a-dozen jerry-built average lacking indifferent lemon middling ordinary unconscionable uncalled for unexceptional pedestrian censurable tawdry sleazy gimcrack excessive unprovoked vulgar shameful poorer downmarket inexpiable culpable rude remiss tinny disreputable hack ignoble discreditable good-for-nothing déclassé degrading impolite unsatisfying indiscreet without justification unjust indelicate gratuitous crass insulting no good not good enough careless immoderate half-pie groundless cheap and nasty iniquitous tasteless low-end baseless unfounded revolting ignominious tacky humiliating disgusting untenable without cause not acceptable without reason a bit much senseless preposterous unrefined flimsy damaged uncalled-for piss-poor unfair uncouth tactless irregular unnecessary undiplomatic no great shakes negligent for the birds unsustainable hateful sick disrespectful poorly harmful pits shaky too much piddling trifling indecorous derogatory discourteous sinful negligible hurtful invalid ill-founded inexpert provocative impudent impertinent affronting insolent inglorious wounding shy trivial minimal illogical abhorrent amiss provoking slighting wicked blamable criminal absurd specious implausible a bit thick unpleasant insignificant uncivil vexing unmannerly irrational repulsive gruesome inept out of line impaired feeble upsetting end-of-the-pier indecent unwelcome failing weak sauce bereft scant strictly for the birds minor-league minor league in bad taste small potatoes of a sort not satisfying out of sorts off-colour crook off colour inordinate undue extreme below the belt not done unskilful doubtful unarguable undefendable refutable slovenly uncomfortable ineffectual incorrect out of turn over-the-top dissatisfying very great infamous desperate naff commonplace ropey dilapidated puny iffy needless injudicious broken criticizable unpermissible unallowable not the done thing tragic repellant repellent stupid shady unrespectable louche notorious not cutting it disturbing disconcerting disquieting thin yucky second-best unprincipled monstrous ridiculous foolish off-color shlocky hideous ghastly unsightly sordid godforsaken seedy shlock cheapie less than ideal underwhelming cheap-jack immoral heinous second class hellish rancid rebarbative disgustful hellacious loathly not quite the thing unbecoming arbitrary run down down at heel anticlimactic found wanting not okay insubstantial inconsiderable too little a bit off over the top unbefitting unceremonious unfulfilling demeaning undignified unladylike unfitting ungentlemanly bathetic uninteresting ineffective leaving a lot to be desired craptacular debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening mortifying not all it's cracked up to be falling short disillusioning untoward beyond contempt abusive annoying irritating OTT lowbrow exasperating graceless personal galling embarrassing disparaging contemptuous nauseating gaudy ungrounded unmerited errant lowbred bizarre sketchy patchy incomplete erring short absent unfinished missing restricted scarce limited needing unpolished reproachable scanty omitted empty gone unfulfilled less devoid cooked away needed destitute bankrupt deprived delinquent blameable reprovable burned out in default cut off out of gas not up to expectations too little too late demeritorious guilty unholy at fault

Tính từ

Filled or well-supplied with something
abundant abounding awash filled generous liberal flush packed replete rich rife teeming thick dripping flowing flushed fraught lavish overflowing overrun plentiful profuse swamped brimming full rolling saturated swarming thronging deluged lousy superabundant big crawling exuberant lank luxuriant knee-deep well-provided well-supplied in plenty crowded brimful bursting jam-packed thronged crammed seething jammed stuffed chock-full alive lush dense bristling populous congested loaded chock-a-block riotous flooded rank rampant jungly copious heaving compact spilling over heavy serried multitudinous overcrowded solid overloaded choked chocker abounding in full of overrun by bursting at the seams full to bursting like Piccadilly Circus overabundant numerous fruitful pregnant laden abundant in charged cramped mobbed bushy well-stocked glutted huddled impenetrable condensed concentrated well supplied well stocked well provided massed up to the hilt filled to the rafters crushed wall-to-wall supplied complete plenteous overfed luxurious impassable sardined elbow-to-elbow full up fit to bust busy full of commotion overfull bountiful cram-full close-packed overpeopled overpopulated running over crammed full thick on the ground like the Black Hole of Calcutta torrential bulging at the seams full to the gunwales inundatory scaturient full to overflowing cornucopian inundant packed like sardines covered close tight pullulating deep great compressed populated heaped crawling with cram-full of like sardines having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of chock-full of

Phó từ

To a very large or great degree
extremely really exceedingly particularly very highly terribly immensely awfully seriously uncommonly vastly hugely especially extra enormously greatly mightily supremely eminently most majorly severely so frightfully real intensely mighty incredibly awful desperately way right surpassingly super heavily too wildly jolly blisteringly fantastically colossally fabulously specially fiercely almighty achingly sorely filthy dang exceeding far much roaringly that deadly thumping ever badly vitally archly cracking full corking beastly unco bone mortally whacking roaring spanking rattling wicked monstrous passing sore such exceptionally remarkably tremendously extraordinarily decidedly well ultra mega dead thoroughly oh-so unusually terrifically mucho ever so devilish markedly a lot devilishly truly good and as all get-out powerful singularly excessively outstandingly plumb distinctly inordinately lekker to a great extent madly darned bloody utterly notably acutely significantly fair abundantly dreadfully fearfully hellish strikingly quite very much profoundly positively considerably dirty overly all that staggeringly amazingly deeply too-too completely totally absolutely fully signally largely uniquely monumentally extensively astronomically monstrously gravely downright perfectly heartily to a fault mad entirely noticeably conspicuously superlatively surprisingly over in the extreme wholly critically to the nth degree painfully prodigiously immoderately hard stupendously massively peculiarly sizably broadly substantially appreciably altogether wonderfully big-time dangerously strongly vehemently passionately exorbitantly drastically astonishingly materially unduly unreasonably perilously grievously prominently immeasurably intently suitably ridiculously outrageously precariously obviously to fatally firmly hopelessly in every way in every respect clearly incomparably easily chronically parlously in all respects to the hilt to the core one hundred per cent a hundred per cent indeed irretrievably every inch dramatically unwontedly unnecessarily unconscionably hysterically disturbingly beyond strangely plenty rather over- horribly extremely badly very badly obscenely pretty discernibly par excellence by much palpably emphatically powerfully visibly radically dearly infinitely uber by far preeminently by leaps and bounds in a marked degree on a grand scale by a great amount to too great an extent too much in excess to too great an degree by a great deal like mad to a great degree like crazy by a mile très by a long way distressfully heartbrokenly positive simply screamingly thundering stonking socking disgustingly abominably revoltingly hazardously roughly flaming confoundedly blasted blooming sufficiently enough somewhat unhappily discouragingly unfortunately notoriously unbelievably carelessly harmfully manifestly thrice dashed really bad soundly exactly exaggeratedly too … for words plentifully marvelously marvellously … enough abnormally uncustomarily oddly unaccountably curiously undoubtedly veritably certifiably through and through all over darn all before all else in specie Esp principally hellishly lots a great deal a fair amount no end by half as all get out bizarrely rarely atypically weirdly queerly anomalously aberrantly unconventionally eccentrically freakishly outlandishly irregularly unfamiliarly unorthodoxly differently funnily quirkily phenomenally unexpectedly quaintly unnaturally novelly idiosyncratically preternaturally unaccustomedly freakily untypically originally noteworthily unprecedentedly wackily erratically kinkily uncannily kookily distinctively rumly crazily exotically mysteriously funkily crankily whackily queerishly newly inconceivably puzzlingly impressively astoundingly mystifyingly zanily divergently freshly uncharacteristically perplexingly individually sensationally bafflingly unknownly incongruously stunningly characteristically alternatively unimaginably isolatedly unthinkably awesomely foreignly alienly whimsically memorably inexplicably revolutionarily spectacularly breathtakingly miraculously pronouncedly deviously groundbreakingly aberrationally flakily dubiously momentously brilliantly pioneeringly wondrously exclusively spookily perversely suspiciously incomprehensibly startlingly diagnostically scarcely mind-blowingly preposterously superiorly daggily innovatively nonstandardly distinguishedly creatively infrequently questionably mind-bogglingly pervertedly absurdly typically unreally jarringly sizeably distinguishingly quizzically inventively individualistically modernly supernaturally imaginatively ingeniously importantly surreally experimentally saliently specifically fishily unforgettably fancifully interestingly heterodoxly nuttily capriciously observably classically glaringly creepily inimitably obscurely anomalistically neoterically insanely contemporarily incalculably implausibly grandly magnificently matchlessly by a considerable amount 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paranormally egotistically unlikely disparately arcanely wanderingly beautifully extravagantly latestly unceremoniously magically flukily flat-out crucially hotly esoterically unpredictably limitedly dottily meaningfully recently mystically egregiously suspectly unknowably electrifyingly foolishly problematically eventfully capitally improperly rummily unanticipatedly toweringly untraditionally occasionally reconditely remotely gloriously so much uncommon excitingly crazy shockingly disproportionately dissimilarly unexplainably forsooth frankly honestly admittedly truthfully verily actually illogically paradoxically fairly tidily reasonably representatively essentially privately sickly battily illustriously reputably sublimely alternately measurably detectably thrillingly unfathomably alonely awkwardly discretely unquestionably undeniably expressly ramblingly pre-eminently unsettlingly insolubly impenetrably pervily ineffably subnormally genuinely prestigiously alarmingly distressingly otherly pointedly indisputably certainly defectively disconcertingly fast entire even clean wide out flat cleverly renownedly tall in the saddle anarchistically on a large scale in great measure gorgeously captivatingly labouredly laboredly independently transcendently transcendentally readily crackingly shadily bigly movingly touchingly marginally prohibitively unspeakably unutterably violently insupportably artfully deathly unhealthily skittishly unrealistically shakily equivocally disputably dubitably debatably dodgily superhumanly metaphysically unharmoniously errantly discordantly mentally transformationally superly utmostly enigmatically abstrusely ideally grandiosely all of randomly supercalifragilisticexpialidociously dissidently iconoclastically corruptly brightly upsettingly confusingly unannouncedly discomfitingly dementedly determinedly surely sure variationally devicefully unsuitably inappropriately illegally redoubtably precisely separately occultly ghostlily luminously sort of unconstrainedly unfetteredly unintelligibly weightily heftily anarchically schismatically astrally majestically delightfully admirably in spades no mistake of course no catch straight out unforeseeably fortuitously historically resonantly fatefully burningly generously pivotally urgently conclusively pressingly earthshakingly earnestly quantumly potently preponderantly impactfully cardinally egocentrically vaingloriously conceitedly egomaniacally selfishly pompously narcissistically no holds barred no strings attached for a fact by all means goldenly forcibly visionarily unrelatedly loftily cogently fascinatingly charmingly tellingly compellingly jazzily no ifs ands or buts funny primely inspiredly inspiringly nondescriptly scatteredly subtly shortly scantily thinly subtilely semioccasionally unfrequently sparsely lightly tenuously deficiently flimsily artistically seminally excellently direly harshly uncompromisingly strictly unbendingly sternly toughly zealously unrelentingly unyieldingly unmitigatedly remorselessly rigidly nicely exquisitely punishingly steeply fanatically punitively stiffly draconianly austerely rigorously daintily superbly unseemlily flagrantly downrightly grossly oppressively ferociously baroquely unmercifully intemperately sterlingly splendidly popularly heavenlily optimally preferentially unsurpassedly fantabulously lovelily groovily plethorically swingeingly imprudently lavishly overweeningly sheerly fancily intolerably preciously corkingly neatly dandily meanly righteously slickly niftily elegantly bonnily divinely peachily defly choicely favouredly valuably supernally

Động từ

Present participle for to give the impression of being or having a negative quality or characteristic

Động từ

Present participle for to be very unpleasant, contemptible, scandalous, or low in quality

Trái nghĩa của stinking

stinking Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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