Đồng nghĩa của flaming

Alternative for flaming

Tính từ

Passionate or violent
intense vehement angry frenzied impassioned passionate raging ardent furious violent aroused blazing burning charged demonstrative emotional fervent fervid feverish fiery glowing hot hot-blooded incandescent passional perfervid red-hot religious superheated torrid vivid warm warm-blooded incensed scintillating fierce heated stormy white-hot very angry zealous eager enthusiastic earnest excited keen spirited fanatical strong profound wild animated consuming vigorous heartfelt powerful acute deep inflamed deep-seated tempestuous wholehearted forceful urgent ferocious extreme impetuous explosive lively frantic excitable committed energetic uncontrollable heightened sincere tumultuous avid rabid excessive volcanic dedicated on fire turbulent forcible thrilling delirious unrestrained hellacious severe heavy blistering ungovernable temperamental frenetic rash convulsive all-consuming uncontrolled impulsive potent deeply felt sentimental paroxysmal melodramatic concentrated hopped up dithyrambic assiduous fevered messianic feeling ghastly almighty enraged rough raw emphatic hectic hard exquisite great dreadful sharp terrible fearful boisterous expressive fearsome serious stirring vicious hearty mad keen frightful excruciating deep-rooted full-hearted moving cyclonic intensive enthused inordinate ecstatic immoderate intemperate desperate tender responsive volatile heavy-duty hyper steamed up amorous blustery true blue emotive overemotional intensified hysterical unbridled gung ho knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bang-bang hammer and tongs ablaze mercurial fired up hot-tempered fuming arousing sexy titillating wrathful mighty tremendous seething desirous red-blooded aflutter devout vivacious sultry inspired effusive irascible marked bubbling over steadfast allegiant rousing penetrating unqualified piercing overzealous card-carrying mushy romantic touching agitable neurotic clamorous outspoken vocal loud noisy vociferous susceptible nutty gung-ho relentless short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung worked up starry-eyed from the heart forthright insistent strident pious unfeigned warmhearted sensitive savage resounding compelling full-throated pronounced opinionated rampaging rampant riotous devastating roaring foul mad gusting gusty squally windy agitated howling stirred exciting overcharged loving roused heartwarming major storming uncurbed biting unchecked unmanageable overwhelming harsh unfettered gotta have dying to keen as mustard hot for dirty nasty filthy agonizing painful ruinous strenuous peppery sentient verklempt touchy-feely drastic agonising dynamic outrageous coercive blustering rampageous inspiring eloquent poignant high-pressure hotblooded stimulated precipitate affecting headlong quickened high-powered out of control full of force gale force significant extraordinary on the make exceptional febrile critical pyretic cut-throat flushed sweating cataclysmal cataclysmic shivering aguey burning up with a temperature with a high temperature above normal running a temperature devoted impatient hungry athirst intent voracious resolute antsy solicitous crazy determined raring willing agog ambitious pumped thirsty yearning longing raucous anxious active interested stoked appetent ready ready and willing ebullient exhilarated aggressive motivated zestful exuberant craving uproarious nuts high-spirited juiced greedy geeked genuine uninhibited blunt restless hopped-up champing at the bit hepped up mettlesome conscientious raring to go demanding obstreperous direct driven warmblooded faithful obsessed staunch desiring loyal itching firm afire true rowdy diligent titillated self-starting punchy hankering pining hard-hitting touchy hasty hot to trot frank restive keyed up as keen as mustard bright-eyed and bushy-tailed chomping at the bit plain-spoken candid open quick-tempered vociferant industrious shouting tough sprightly importunate overwrought thrilled unwavering pleased wishing animate hopeful voluble blatant sworn stanch hotheaded militant deafening blaring hyperactive ripe adherent clangorous possessed effective stentorian assertive dramatic revering wishful in-your-face venerating dying breathless rarin' to go covetous cogent nervous persuasive articulate weighty convincing dutiful aflame raving intent on telling pulling no punches true-blue efficient influential plausible adoring credible unanswerable spasmodic very excited big in a frenzy easily provoked puissant on a short fuse full of beans short-fused bursting plucky contentious overpowering acquisitive spunky bitter gingery all out thirsting aching towering unmatchable unmeasurable free-spoken inspirited galvanized energized overactive moved influenced activated encouraged uplifted hoping diehard fond doting supportive potty daft untrammeled untrammelled unconcealed primal visceral undisguised galvanised energised off the air on the warpath foaming at the mouth fit to be tied indignant irate acrimonious ireful jumping up and down stirred up fast good down-the-line constant steady pledged habitual rackety set on on the edge of your seat gagging bent on on pins and needles desirous of on tenterhooks waiting with bated breath hankering after self-driven deep-dyed dinkum facile plainspoken smooth-spoken glib fluent free venting round fundamentalist orthodox clamant heart-and-soul goody-goody worshipping worshiping pietistic shrieking clattering clattery screaming traditional conservative reverent loudmouthed pure prayerful amenable inclined engaged hung up disposed happy unreluctant game glad goody two-shoes yawping yauping ranting vociferating caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling squawking clamorsome honest resolved adamant deliberate definite full-blooded arduous muscular taxing pushy crazed berserk obsessive distracting shrill all-out rigorous exhausting brisk distraught unrestrainable distracted lustful fanatic itchy manic purposeful unhinged deranged beside oneself maniac maniacal distrait unruly headstrong zealotic fired fireball sonorous ringing thunderous thundering booming earsplitting in earnest set meaning what one says meaning business decided hell-bent serious-minded swivel-eyed berko go-ahead edgy skittish valid impressive single-minded wild-eyed irrepressible in a state carried away maddened driven to distraction very upset unnerved out of one's wits panic-stricken in a panic beside yourself overexcited in a fit hysteric jumpy tense coming on strong plangent slam-bang blasting strict unstable brittle uptight chippy moody twitchy unsettled jittery hyperexcitable skittery fluttery snappy spooky hot and heavy hyperkinetic adrenalized flighty testy stressy wired uneasy reverberating armed efficacious on the ball rational logical meaningful impactful lucid reasoned capable grand material striking pertinent charming histrionical trenchant able sufficient well-founded definitive relevant well reasoned imposing irresistible satisfying coherent reasonable authoritative successful theatric sound graceful important performant clear powerhouse easily frightened easily upset inflammable fiddle-footed intolerant short fused reckless blowing hot and cold galvanic easily agitated peevish quick alarmable fidgety fascinated fulminating cacophonous crashing resonant rich forte pealing ear-splitting conclusive lusty ear-piercing full wakes the dead high-sounding rotund rambunctious turned up full-mouthed compulsory loud-voiced rhapsodic wacky concerned tantalized tantalised bugged zesty gaga turnt gone on

Tính từ

Of a bright orange or red colour
bright brilliant vivid flamboyant red blazing crimson dazzling ginger glowing reddish-orange scarlet luminous resplendent radiant shining rich colourful colorful lustrous beaming incandescent refulgent shiny vibrant lambent flashy lurid gaudy showy splendid splashy loud jazzy intense bedazzling clear glittering sheeny candescent strong irradiant striking garish gleaming warm bold glossy gay eye-catching fluorescent lucid effulgent exciting glamorous deep ostentatious glitzy psychedelic luminescent glaring kaleidoscopic glistering swank sparkling ablaze florid swashbuckling peacockish camp pretentious outrageous deep-coloured luxuriant sporty luscious chichi bright-coloured highly-coloured highly colored glorious transcendent full visual dramatic whimsical theatrical elaborate convivial extravagant merry baroque dashing ornate rococo fun scintillating swanky noisy flaring razzle-dazzle brash stylish brightly coloured brilliantly coloured bling flakey bombastic gassy flaky lucent fulgent Day-Glo conspicuous flash vulgar tawdry tasteless ritzy meretricious kitsch overdone tinsel fancy obtrusive noticeable brazen snazzy arresting bling-bling tacky prominent affected flaunting pronounced remarkable emphatic grabby tinselly catchy marked commanding pompous bodacious kenspeckle over the top classy trashy naff over-elaborate tony glittery fancy-pants cheap spectacular OTT screaming chintzy sumptuous luxurious crass grandiose sensational peacocky opulent expensive jaunty histrionic exaggerated brassy splendiferous actorly brummagem nifty raffish blatant smart over-bright superfly multicoloured trendy plush dicty overwrought gimcrack artificial elegant multicolored mannered crude pizazzy pizzazzy harsh Brummagem sharp gorgeous overripe snappy in bad taste cheap and nasty startling beautiful flaunted melodramatic deluxe plastic posh fashionable stagy specious grand gross imposing many-coloured impressive lavish splurgy exhibitionistic hammy catchpenny common graphic stilted unreal brave actressy overacted outstanding violent swish plushy lively uptown natty superficial stunning obvious animated attractive nauseating bilious distasteful unattractive forced stagey sickly rakish manifest ham campy kitschy wild attention-grabbing spiffy sassy staged unnatural comic looking like an explosion in a paint factory over-the-top like an explosion in a paint factory flowery casual informal decorated dark sham upmarket high-class festooned tatty pinchbeck unrefined corinthian daring saucy audacious adventurous unspeakable shameless fussy saturated distinct nasty low orotund turgid tumid declamatory imaginative stimulating effective interesting cheapjack cheap-jack rubbishy paltry salient high-flown schmick vain vaunting boastful egotistic swankish exclusive with-it shocking daredevil defiant arty-farty well marked forceful evident definite plain shabby shoddy junky worthless richly coloured fresh titillating poor sleazy dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny pizzazz frou-frou coarse barnstorming pzazz trumpery common as muck gussied up ceremonious putting on the ritz large motley variegated in poor taste emotional legitimate acting show amateur tragic schmaltzy dramaturgic vaudeville multicolour rainbow-like many-hued varicoloured prismatic polychromatic harlequin rainbow magnificent Day-glo multicolor superb costly posturing theatric farcical breathtaking majestic noble regal palatial stately proud awesome astounding awe-inspiring amazing surprising staggering expressive fine lovely astonishing notable distinctive extraordinary unusual incredible phenomenal noteworthy engaging Daliesque handsome princely kingly spruce debonair rare captivating uncommon imperial royal heroic august splendorous splendrous heroical monumental magnific epic massive splendacious gallant baronial trim modish swinging camped up magnolious palatian chic fly dapper kicky groovy kicking cool far out trig dressy voguish upscale swagger with it sophisticated now slick solid gold magnifico Homeric on fleek can't miss it out of the ordinary as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox in vogue dressed to kill

Tính từ

Passionate or violent
enraged fuming infuriated mad seething wrathful irate livid waxy wild furious angry incensed indignant boiling cross outraged ireful angered exasperated choked raging maddened inflamed riled enflamed rankled ticked rabid foaming wroth choleric sore apoplectic hot incandescent steaming annoyed roiled infuriate ballistic hopping shirty beside oneself horn-mad irritated riley tooshie steamed up offended as black as thunder seeing red up in arms off the air foaming at the mouth hot under the collar beside yourself cheesed off on the warpath teed off fit to be tied black hopping mad bent out of shape in a huff going crook in a fume in a pet blue in the face vexed piqued in high dudgeon irked upset provoked raving ropeable frenzied ticked off ranting aerated in a frenzy resentful aggravated peeved steamed in a lather very angry displeased miffed browned off in a temper nettled soreheaded as cross as two sticks aggrieved snaky crook galled huffy frustrated spare worked up put out disgruntled hacked off affronted antagonized in a paddy in a bate frantic perturbed heated antagonised agitated discontented bitter boiling mad narked irascible hurt with all guns blazing bothered burned up hacked troubled insane ruffled vex chafed splenetic bent stroppy hostile gnashing one's teeth ill-humored wound up bummed out hot-tempered bad-tempered ill-tempered ill-humoured not best pleased peed off in a rage raging mad at boiling point sullen surly fiery hot and bothered dissatisfied disgusted berserk acrimonious testy violent desperate corybantic demented crazed maniac irrational unreasonable smoking pained bugged blazing dirty filthy roused fierce unglued up the wall raving mad scandalized unhappy antagonistic scandalised shocked storming dark passionate eggy hoha at daggers drawn flaming mad blazing mad fed up in a towering rage all steamed up overcome with anger beside yourself with rage pushed too far blown a gasket in a filthy temper sombre somber mad as hell good and mad ready to be tied scalding steamy piping crazy hateful insulted air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air airborne crackers rousted radge rancorous dishonored slighted humiliated sour dogged uptight buffaloed ferocious stung embittered umbrageous dishonoured grieved out of control very upset red swollen cray-cray full-on all-out uncompromising breakneck energetic concerted manic vehement in a wax acrid afflicted weighty grieving brassed off hard annoying distressing vicious frenetic rage rubbed the wrong way at end of one's rope extremely angry raw infected reddened chafing septic festered itchy angry-looking painful itching smarting tender stinging burning snappy fizzing irritable grumpy impatient petulant distressed puffed up festering fevered sensitive disturbed churlish disagreeable chagrined grouchy peevish fractious scornful p.o.'d blustering uncontrolled rough rampant powerful intense tetchy snappish crotchety waspish cantankerous querulous scalded blistered burnt bloodshot doing your nut throwing a fit mad as a hornet boiling over going ape blowing one's top blowing a gasket ranting and raving captious touchy crabby ratty dyspeptic pettish narky prickly cranky snippy snarky snippety perverse short liverish raspy stuffy crusty fretful jumpy faultfinding mardy cavilling caviling short-tempered quick-tempered out of humour in a bad mood out of sorts out of humor

Tính từ

Conspicuously or obviously bad, wrong or offensive
flagrant blatant barefaced glaring outrageous dreadful enormous shocking atrocious brazen open scandalous awful bold egregious heinous shameless undisguised arrant flaunting infamous notorious audacious conspicuous evident gross immodest naked obvious ostentatious patent unconcealed complete palpable transparent utter crying disgraceful flagitious manifest monstrous overt pronounced rank reprehensible striking terrible wicked flagitous iniquitous shameful unashamed villainous capital deliberate grody noticeable bald-faced bare-faced brass-necked out and out out-and-out stick out like sore thumb hanging out unmistakable clear plain apparent visible unabashed bald stark insolent brash unblushing downright unembarrassed sheer impudent outright recognizable brassy undeniable distinct perceptible observable recognisable discernible unqualified frank straightforward prominent unmitigated definite plain to see cheeky absolute extreme overbold explicit total thoroughgoing pure unequivocal unadulterated unrepentant as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile presumptuous indisputable standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb marked salient inescapable clear-cut thorough positive unambiguous unalloyed writ large hardened abandoned distinguishable crystal clear depraved profligate improper dissolute incorrigible unprincipled bodacious reprobate forward flat-out brazenfaced outstanding categorical perceivable obtrusive unchaste rude lewd immoral high-handed avowed self-evident detectable decided unhidden without shame consummate public cocky unsubtle categoric unconditional unfeigned real profound pellucid ringing unambivalent perspicuous lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous broad perfect flashy regular simple open-and-shut bright-line plumb surpassing fair exposed dead flat right stone clean as clear as day deadly blooming crashing blank very all-out straight-out through and through cotton-picking indecent saucy impertinent unconcerned unrestrained inordinate tangible excessive protrusive preposterous incontrovertible incontestable wanton wholehearted forthright fresh cut-and-dried sassy inveterate nervy meretricious loud grievous cocksure showy brazen-faced plainly seen demonstrable blinding wise recognized unquestionable arch brassbound remarkable as plain as day staring someone in the face unapologetic bold-faced recognised arresting beyond doubt beyond question bold as brass severe undiluted veritable brutal on show easily seen staring one in the face matter-of-fact in every respect full-bore deep-dyed right-down extravagant genuine amoral temerarious unexaggerated above board confident appreciable unveiled glaringly obvious dinkum serious full unmissable undismayed undaunted notable well-known defiant comprehensive exorbitant significant major pointed pert immoderate corrupt exhaustive undiminished much in evidence open and shut unchallenged uncontested accepted uncompromising whole artless pushy discernable apprehensible sensible fearless unawed unshrinking unflinching infernal entire blasted standing out clearly visible as clear as crystal impenitent remorseless sure plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming certain poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed true-blue dyed-in-the-wool through-and-through full-scale published written all over someone flip contumelious hotshot tawdry gritty smart-alecky spunky gutsy publicized eye-catching as bold as brass revealed acknowledged snazzy gaudy glitzy screaming garish publicised known shared broadcast in plain sight in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known flamboyant brilliant dominant grabby predominant commanding dramatic emphatic splashy catchy blunt kenspeckle forestanding noisy axiomatic candid unvarnished unembellished unstinting unsparing direct to the fore in the foreground honest straight upfront guileless upright outspoken unreserved unadorned uninhibited maximum utmost deep overwhelming intense radical thundering ultimate hellacious proper supreme harsh great tremendous acute almighty uber plainspoken heartless forthcoming unguarded natural self-explanatory conclusive understandable precise right under your nose as plain as the nose on your face written all over one clear as a bell free-spoken up-front no-nonsense brutally honest plain-spoken unregenerate vile indubitable irrefutable undoubted signal comprehensible intelligible definitive proven inarguable compelling irrefragable unarguable noteworthy unanswerable unchallengeable true distinctive express unassailable strong measurable accomplished accurate convincing coherent sharp confirmed impressive decisive watertight not in doubt apodictic sound beyond dispute undisputed graspable undebatable assured verifiable well defined identifiable fathomable nailed-on final limpid unusual rare uncommon discoverable substantial seeable well-defined specific firm audible extraordinary beyond a shadow of a doubt unquestioned knowable material crystalline under one's nose accessible particular cogent unblurred confirmable hard univocal out in the open considerable visual set telling undisputable authoritative forceful lucent provable seen arrestive important sure thing transpicuous authentic memorable macroscopic user friendly user-friendly viewable big as life concrete exact in sight in view special guaranteed pertinent relevant clear cut black-and-white valid infallible famous easily understood cognizable reasonable clearly expressed in the bag ascertainable bright comprehendible vivid ocular spectacular exceptional stunning actual clinching established digestible surprising sensational uncontroversial momentous airtight not hidden deducible not in question unforgettable to be seen settled legitimate unimpeachable fundamental legit singular weighty prima facie ascertained unerring legible fixed beyond a doubt reliable safe eminent well-marked establishable intelligent crystal logical well-founded on ice easy to understand out of the ordinary crystal-clear having down pat no ifs ands or buts distinguished noted articulate renowned principal protruding tidy sizeable superior intrusive translucent verified doubtless crisp astonishing goodly without doubt graphic assumed pivotal critical crucial vital understood demonstrative diaphanous thick lurid staggering astounding amazing solid bare plain as day incredible dazzling on display on view see-through certified phenomenal veridical surefire factual flawless undoubtable scrutable can't miss it penetrable consequential defined uncontestable startling determinate double-checked cold unique in evidence large sizable imposing forcible on the nose powerful no mistake for sure headline sure-fire ponderable well-grounded proverbial predestined determined trustworthy destined eventful worthy of attention clear as day plain as the nose on your face heavy down pat for certain bona fide black and white salted away as sure as eggs is eggs cut and dried urgent perspicacious rich manifestly traceable ill-disguised moderate easily noticed evinced disclosed divulged evidenced aboveboard attestable evincible wholesale enunciated unshakable runaway patently true good-sized healthy estimable resolved convinced satisfied joined-up noncontroversial exhibitionistic colourful lively glittery unequivocable cinched unalterable clean-cut easily grasped telltale thrusting protuberant unfailing glassy breathtaking well focused irresistible impregnable invincible easily distinguishable staring you in the face checkable supportable sustainable empirical empiric faultless dependable imaginable glanceable readable unrestricted unmodified inevitable crystalling inimitable liquid awe-inspiring attractive awesome determinable nailed down foolproof irrevocable well marked colorful supposed reputed putative ostensive presumed pat sure-enough spelled out well grounded chief primary engaging well-constructed anywhere to be seen divergent discrete individual truthful inferable resolute sign-posted well-worn well-proven make no bones thin filmy as plain as daylight holding water rational perceptive subtle justifiable discriminating judicious germane commonsensical kosher consistent extensional juridicious analytic well-organized analytical congruent necessary discerning consequent inferential holding together out of place sticking out odds-on irrebuttable ironclad apodeictic unimaginative describable all sharply defined hard and fast unproblematic gauzy unfabled gorgeous captivating beautiful attention-grabbing inexpugnable stable frozen sealed hard-and-fast secure citable beyond the shadow of a doubt in focus realistic no two ways about it no catch celebrated inerrant questionless failsafe unexpected detailed mentionable namable nameable certifiable readily comprehensible wonderful explicable no holds barred automatic no strings attached no fine print straight from the shoulder point-blank beyond a shadow of doubt straight out literal distingué substantive objective that's a fact can bet on it nof ifs ands or buts drop-dead of consequence of importance lacking nuance basic prime essential staple main key effective fail-safe can't-miss minute eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz given no ifs ands or buts about it declared popular familiar admitted confessed quantifiable stated definable there are no two ways about it all sewn up charming jazzy lofty wondrous dynamite fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre persuasive satisfying intuitive insightful incisive efficacious influential effectual trenchant coercive formidable ingenious well-established lacking subtlety red-letter over-literal granted leading moving paramount projecting central jutting focal true to life clearly explained without explanation illustrious proclaimed identified common honest-to-goodness well documented warts and all branded received indemonstrable presupposed easy to follow prestigious preeminent easily understandable goes without saying aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic in full view well known self-confessed generally known publicly known noble ratiocinative star outside big external outer much preponderant cardinal especial impactful high-priority mighty portentous keynote generous burning milestone fateful high-level newsworthy pressing glorious earthshaking heavy-duty earnest meaningful earth-shattering landmark resonant large-scale historic all-important carrying a lot of weight quantum front-page extensive monumental hefty unordinary potent climacteric grave far-reaching exterior redoubtable surface binding astral superficial peculiar outermost extrinsic no ifs and or buts outward over out on the surface to the eye toward the edge from within most likely

Động từ

Present participle for to criticize or reprimand (someone) severely
castigating lambasting berating censuring criticising criticizing chastising rebuking reprimanding admonishing scolding reproaching chiding reproving upbraiding blasting attacking lecturing carpeting rating hammering flaying ragging excoriating keelhauling slamming abusing objurgating reprehending slating vituperating basting bollocking savaging scoring bashing jawing rapping trimming wigging rowing dissing trashing assailing lashing chastening scathing belabouring belaboring pummelling pummeling disciplining railing caning potshotting punishing scourging whipping blistering correcting reaming scorching beating penalising penalizing flogging thrashing drubbing scarifying bawling out dressing down laying into telling off chewing out remonstrating with reaming out taking to task pitching into pulling up hauling over the coals lacing to tongue-lashing tearing into ticking off calling down ranting at having a go at railing against railing at reading the riot act giving a talking-to letting someone have it giving someone a dressing-down giving someone a roasting giving someone hell giving someone a telling-off giving someone an earful rapping over the knuckles giving someone a rollicking putting down coming down on giving someone a bollocking jumping on slapping down giving someone a caning tearing off a strip giving someone a wigging giving someone a mouthful giving someone a row giving someone some stick raking over the coals giving someone a rating giving someone what for giving a rocket putting on the mat blowing up at criticizing severely jumping down one's throat sending someone away with a flea in their ear laying out leaning on rapping someone the knuckles dragging over the coals condemning blaming slapping someone's wrist exprobating denouncing reprobating lessoning taking to the woodshed going on at vilifying lampooning shellacking denunciating ridiculing satirizing nagging panning skinning knocking fulminating bagging satirising haranguing reviling harassing chewing checking monishing lashing out at slanging blowing up discrediting defaming disparaging raking taking down dishonoring cavilling accusing jawboning caviling disgracing dishonouring cussing out criticizing hatefully tearing a strip off eating out shouting at giving one hell giving someone a carpeting jumping all over speaking to finding fault calling to account getting after getting on giving a hard time taking down a peg burning one's ears calling on the carpet talking to giving comeuppance laying on finding fault with expressing disapproval of calling to task pointing the finger at giving the devil lighting to yelling at giving a piece of one's mind coming down hard on cautioning laying down the law bringing to book reprimanding severely exprobrating ripping visiting warning adjuring advising counseling counselling zapping opposing frying trouncing raking over coals threaping speaking taunting recriminating giving tongue-lashing aspersing expostulating preaching ragging on making an example of meting out punishment to giving a going over strongly criticizing drawing the line telling a thing or two teaching a lesson criticizing strongly tearing down picking on slapping on wrist throwing the book at rapping on knuckles sounding off tearing apart carping on climbing all over going after sending someone away with a flea in his lowering the boom giving the dickens coming down on like a ton of bricks giving someone stick giving the business having someone on the carpet keeping after

Động từ

Present participle for to criticize or disparage adversely
knocking criticising criticizing censuring condemning attacking disparaging denigrating slamming panning rubbishing lambasting slating denouncing blasting bashing deprecating reviling savaging dissing abusing belittling trashing reprehending blaming deriding faulting reprobating slagging depreciating dispraising bagging denunciating pummelling pummeling flaying skinning carping cavilling caviling mauling bad-mouthing slagging off running down finding fault with putting down pulling apart casting aspersions on pulling to pieces having a go at picking holes in cavilling at shooting down carping at scoffing at throwing brickbats at detracting from giving a bad press to nit-picking picking to pieces jeering at finding fault giving something a battering talking down castigating excoriating vilifying tearing into hammering roasting pillorying maligning laying into chastising crucifying berating vituperating reproving scathing slashing skewering inveighing against decrying objurgating reprimanding slurring rebuking cutting up execrating reproaching derogating fulminating against upbraiding railing against belaboring belabouring rating jumping on dressing down cursing impugning caning arraigning chiding giving someone a bad press disapproving of aspersing assailing potshotting besmirching pouring scorn on taking to task sledging ripping anathematizing bawling out nitpicking about lacing to chewing out cussing hitting out at blaspheming taking to pieces vituperating against trash-talking cutting down admonishing discrediting carpeting coming down on tearing a strip off diminishing scorning scolding rapping judging minimizing reaming out animadverting on nagging at hauling over the coals discounting giving someone hell giving a rocket giving someone a roasting taking down imprecating tearing off a strip crying down minimising haranguing bedamning rollicking bollocking taking name in vain using bad language uttering profanity talking dirty remonstrating with ridiculing blistering marginalizing sailing into dismissing lashing undervaluing giving flak to underestimating underrating deploring vilipending bagging on marginalising rapping over the knuckles disapproving pooh-poohing giving someone a rollicking passing strictures upon scorching animadverting giving some stick to giving someone a bollocking playing down defaming swearing picking at taking apart traducing kissing off tearing to pieces calumniating tearing to shreds calling down going for the jugular doing a number on dumping on doing down doing a hatchet job on giving something a bad press insulting fustigating nitpicking clobbering trivializing zapping slugging deflating mocking beshrewing detracting disdaining lecturing minifying hitting railing downgrading misprizing libeling slandering libelling reading the riot act throwing shade backbiting trivialising getting at lowering tearing apart smearing holding cheap sneering at treating lightly speaking ill of speaking badly of tearing down criticizing severely maledicting proscribing punishing finding lacking nitpicking over jumping down one's throat turning the air blue using foul language uttering profanities uttering oaths effing and blinding swearing at taking the Lord's name in vain swearing like a trooper lampooning harshing jeering scoring basting keelhauling tongue-lashing jawing ragging slogging fluffing trimming destroying accursing exprobating incriminating contemning disciplining ostracising remonstrating rebuffing ostracizing sniping degrading passing judgment jumping down someone's throat ranting at complaining about sneering picking apart looking askance getting after reading out telling off pitching into cutting to bits giving someone bondi weighing into skinning alive giving bad press giving a tongue-lashing railing at slighting taunting laughing off laughing at putting hooks in making light of dragging through the mud framing naming adjudging pronouncing charging offending nagging giving the business taxing putting away blowing whistle on hanging something on pointing finger at laying at one's door sending up the river letting someone have it pinning it on sending up frowning discommending selling short making little of objecting expostulating oppressing persecuting sticking it to expressing disapprobation thinking badly of jumping all over expressing disapprobation of climbing all over thinking little of slanging miscalling blowing off cussing out giving a black eye calling names cutting to the quick zinging shouting at injuring riding hosing dooming sentencing taking a swipe at not going for raging taking dim view of cutting down to size disgracing devaluing complaining sniping at darning banishing convicting casting out dratting thundering against complaining of penalising banning expelling confounding inveigling against objecting to penalizing thundering holding forth against marking down taking away ranting throwing stones at taking swipe at protesting fuming declaiming storming inveighing blustering spouting huffing protesting against raving speaking out mouthing off about fulminating making a stand intimidating going on about taking a stand kicking up a fuss about menacing kicking up a stink about animadverting upon vociferating about ranting and raving refuting assaulting verbally arguing with disagreeing with piling in starting on starting in taking on jumping on one's case snapping someone's head off biting someone's head off blackening stigmatizing dishonouring stigmatising scandalizing dishonoring scandalising sullying giving a bad name tarnishing staining slinging mud at tainting dragging through the mire flinging mud at speaking evil of damaging throwing mud at blotting bringing into disrepute debasing casting a slur on spreading scandal about smirching defiling bringing discredit to befouling soiling besmearing spoiling blackening the name of muckraking disrespecting spotting ripping up and down breathing on running smear campaign blotching shaming misrepresenting tarring and feathering bringing shame upon reducing reflecting badly on bringing shame on spreading lies about sullying the reputation of embarrassing telling lies about outraging badmouthing blackening the reputation of blackening the character of conducting a smear campaign against belying undermining dragging someone's name through the mud poisoning running a smear campaign against hurting affronting accusing mistreating wounding appalling humiliating prejudicing lighting to blemishing demonizing perverting burlesquing caricaturing demonising villainizing spreading tales about blackening someone's name blackguarding ripping up writing false reports about taking exception to marking wrong slinging mud dragging name through mud giving offence to lashing out at branding scourging speaking of with disfavour getting angry with reaming growling riling taking rejecting downplaying gossiping about lashing into ruining dragging through mud abhorring prosecuting raving at criticizing harshly criticizing unfairly giving black eye having a pop at indicting impeaching giving a talking-to raking over the coals giving someone a dressing-down lessening compromising devaluating cheapening annoying despising detesting provoking tying into laying down the law yelling at beating up on ripping into barking at gossipping backstabbing lying spiting gossiping aggravating arguing against taking issue with declaiming against charging with showing up upsetting mortifying accusing falsely casting aspersion finding unacceptable plastering strumpeting slapping teasing shocking disgusting harming looking askance at frowning on horrifying disobliging irritating abasing maltreating ill-treating taking a dim view of revolting nauseating repelling sickening cheating ill-using scoffing girding hurting somebody's feelings treating disrespectfully cutting dead stepping on one's toes causing offence to displeasing lying about casting slur on putting zingers on causing a few raised eyebrows amongst causing raised eyebrows raising eyebrows amongst blackballing dismaying offending against wronging imposing upon doing wrong to taking advantage of doing injury to doing an injustice to sinning against doing the dirty on trespassing doing a disservice to aggrieving voodooing jinxing digging putting a whammy on ragging on

Động từ

Present participle for cook on a bbq

Trái nghĩa của flaming

flaming Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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