Đồng nghĩa của well focused

Tính từ

Sharp and clear with no fuzziness
in focus distinct sharp clear crisp clear-cut focussed focused well-defined crystal clear well defined stark striking graphic sharply delineated clearly delineated sharply defined definite obvious audible precise defined marked pronounced visible manifest explicit evident unambiguous categorical unmistakable unequivocal plain straightforward specific definitive unambivalent nonambiguous patent transparent express palpable lucid open-and-shut apparent certain decided indubitable luculent perspicuous bald barefaced ringing luminous broad bright-line bald-faced univocal black-and-white direct exact positive pellucid outright unquestionable cut-and-dried undeniable indisputable noticeable concrete undoubted understandable intelligible black and white blunt detailed straight accurate conspicuous perceptible absolute strict candid downright unqualified decisive appreciable clearly defined true hard unreserved literal emphatic glaring observable set unblurred comprehensible self-evident lucent hard and fast cut and dried clean-cut no ifs ands or buts straight from the shoulder point-blank open and shut clearly expressed conclusive undisputed unquestioned crystalline recognizable incontrovertible distinctive pinpoint prominent close faithful telltale particular unique obtrusive determined established bold sure self-explanatory beyond question as plain as the nose on your face blatant beyond a doubt for certain inimitable as plain as daylight meticulous narrow outstanding enunciated dramatic incontestable uncontestable undisputable easily understood no strings attached flat-out no fine print limpid crystal-clear no holds barred crystal nailed-on no catch straight out correct stunning plain as day recognisable easily distinguishable error-free in depth comprehensive spelled out solid actual real substantial frank forthright open genuine abrupt flat discernible legitimate veritable authentic certified verifiable demonstrable material veridical confirmed valid legit factual verified certifiable straight-from-the-shoulder objective firm honest substantive proper measurable quantifiable well documented detectable bona fide tangible well-grounded perceivable sensible honest-to-goodness understood clear as day

Trái nghĩa của well focused

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