Đồng nghĩa của strict

Alternative for strict

stricter, strictest

Đồng nghĩa: absolute, austere, complete, exact, exacting, harsh, literal, perfect, precise, real, rigorous, severe, stern, stringent, true,

Trái nghĩa: lenient, loose,

Tính từ

Strict or exacting in standards
harsh rigid hard rigorous severe stern stringent tough dour inflexible oppressive unbending authoritarian draconian uncompromising unyielding disciplinary firm forbidding illiberal adamant grim picky uptight adamantine bullheaded determined exacting fixed hardline headstrong indurate intractable intransigent invariable obdurate obstinate pertinacious puritanical relentless resolute set solid steadfast stubborn stuffy unadaptable undeviating unpermissive unpersuadable unrelenting unshakeable unsparing unwavering cast-iron dead set hard-line heavy-handed iron-fisted no-nonsense stiff cruel austere merciless ruthless inexorable immovable hard-nosed implacable pitiless rough brassbound unfeeling unsympathetic extreme flinty demanding unforgiving heartless brutal hard-hearted hardened single-minded callous ramrod stony serious onerous hardheaded unchangeable grave tyrannical hard and fast punishing remorseless drastic fierce hard-and-fast dogged unalterable forceful immutable uncharitable definite solemn burdensome inhuman set in stone stiff-necked savage cold unsmiling insensitive unmerciful hard-boiled mulish pigheaded ironclad excessive steely trying murderous opinionated heavy binding domineering ossified rugged self-opinionated weighty cold-blooded dogmatic bound unvarying dyed-in-the-wool arduous despotic strong punitive diehard unchanging taxing locked in tenacious wilful difficult perverse willful sedate unkind unswerving earnest settled inconvincible hardhanded pat staid insistent astringent challenging humourless humorless self-willed determinate uncomic sober sobersided grievous inexpugnable searing stoney affectless compassionless desensitized stonyhearted ironhearted tight take-no-prisoners bitter exigent radical desensitised dead set on strenuous cold-hearted po-faced ferocious repressive entrenched gruelling sombre gruff somber tiring unpitying uncaring inhumane draining grinding staunch stable unappeasable concrete case-hardened final narrow unflinching resolved hard-core brick-wall rooted certain enervative wearing uphill stressful crushing vicious thick-skinned soulless pachydermatous insensate slash-and-burn doctrinaire established sharp hellish crippling sapping stony-hearted excruciating by the book killing nasty desperate back-breaking grueling distant aloof immoderate dire unemotional inconsiderate louring unsentimental swingeing intimidating lowering pontifical fanatical unfaltering dictatorial hard-hitting imperious arbitrary really hard incommutable ungentle ingrained refractory decided coercive unmalleable hard-bitten formidable hidebound iron-handed mean-looking inalterable autocratic incompliant hurtful frozen flat unswayable deep-rooted iron unmoving indomitable biased constant deep-seated iron-willed intolerant hard-shelled authoritative decisive truculent unmovable vindictive stand pat sadistic hardhearted hard-headed browbeating businesslike standing one's ground compulsory hard as nails not giving an inch absolute well-set bound and determined clear-cut incontestable incontrovertible systematic meticulous scrupulous painstaking ungiving militant spartan unfair abrasive unjust abusive Draconian inordinate unreasonable intense ironhanded summary hard to please ordered disciplined unvacillating extortionate outrageous fast forcible rowdy curt cynical suppressive exorbitant punitory brutish blinkered unaccommodating assiduous tireless sedulous unflagging unstoppable hostile inclement bullying unbreakable locked preconceived barbarous pressing cool virulent cut-throat world-weary uncompliant recalcitrant unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable irreversible exact compelling poignant valid powerful acrimonious drawing convincing confining ironfisted mean penal static testing crisp unflexible unabated pounding mortal indefatigable wearying overburdening debilitating overbearing tactless indurated very hard ascetical ascetic pugnacious changeless unmoved very severe dreary douce inveterate jelled unflappable ineluctable monstrous tyrannous coldhearted bloodthirsty vengeful bestial unremitting high-handed disciplinarian two-fisted lacking compassion lacking sentiment hard-edged as tough as old boots toughened by experience as hard as nails superincumbent tricky sky-high set in one's ways hanging tough dug in standing pat unhumorous dull set in your ways necessary immobile thoughtless do or die hold the line hold one's ground hold the fort serious-minded tough nut to crack writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced decided upon inept undiplomatic bungling with a heart of stone by the numbers sticking to one's guns mean business formal overstrict OTT solid as a rock no going back like death and taxes hell bent on regimental dictated mandatory irrevocable carved in stone conclusive written set in concrete prejudiced impractical speculative dogmatical theoretical opinionative opinioned reserved over the top unfriendly frigid chilly icy frosty uninviting zealous ideological unpragmatic unrealistic swivel-eyed hypothetical complex rule-bound surly sullen unapproachable caustic acerbic crabbed sour threatening glum churlish mordant complicated one-sided magisterial holding fixed views dictative bigoted remote grumpy cross fell sinister menacing stark enforceable traditional customary conventional limiting classical cutting morose bleak scowling sulky bureaucratic officious involved scathing trenchant sarcastic stinging penetrating sardonic piercing incisive splenetic cantankerous glowering crusty gray grouchy grey categorical bad-tempered legislating sanctioned didactic preceptive bossy normative accepted prescribed acerb wounding poisonous waspish spiteful ill-tempered bull-headed snarky catty mordacious sarky acidulous bloody-minded boot-faced die-hard toilsome wearisome prescriptive acrid acetic biting tonic stalwart assertive true whole-hearted emphatic in earnest committed dominant purposeful intent prevailing persistent sure unshaken persevering unshakable unqualified seasoned going bent positive explicit consistent strong-willed do-or-die never-failing bent on bent upon through-and-through hell-bent on hell-bent upon hang tough

Tính từ

Exact in correspondence or adherence to something
accurate exact precise literal meticulous scrupulous careful conscientious fastidious unerring painstaking particular punctilious unwavering faultless rigorous stringent thorough defined judicious unmistakable veridical errorless methodical rigid systematic detailed perfect specific unambiguous certain definitive flawless reliable correct explicit infallible formal pinpoint delicate uncompromising clear-cut error-free close faithful true proper right fussy authentic veracious spot-on diligent pedantic genuine nice finicky attentive factual religious regular studious exacting ultra-careful punctual valid laborious on the button assiduous sedulous elaborate bang on definite verbatim mathematical fine persnickety refined minute just direct heedful undeviating honest truthful good unadulterated scientific legitimate dead-on unvarnished conscionable searching word for word industrious on the money spot on on the nail hairline veritable demanding unembellished distinct undistorted real on the nose bona fide on-target actual credible concrete solid perfectionist hard-working persevering nitpicking picky finical narrow loving unabridged orderly dependable on the beam on the mark inch-perfect discriminating matter-of-fact realistic right on lifelike sharp skilful skillful unquestionable standard straightforward ceremonious stiff sound express official constant exhaustive zealous indubitable unequivocal word-perfect hard unflagging clear pernickety thoroughgoing authoritative so kosher certified complete dinkum categorical dead on on target convincing deft discriminative trustworthy justified word-for-word ultraprecise conventional verisimilar severe simple letter-for-letter busy similar orthodox persistent fixed set established creditable fair well-founded full absolute tied-up active hopping engaged employed working occupied bustling overnice prim stilted decorous stiff-necked well defined formalistic natural steady tireless determined loyal letter for letter tough to the letter pure hair-splitting starchy critical upright cautious outright strenuous plugging true to life observant impeccable dedicated appropriate downright certifiable fact-based unmistaken amen echt letter-perfect legit clearly defined high-principled pukka pucka sure-enough nit-picky normal inerrant blow-by-blow bull's-eye by the numbers by the book without error unswerving resembling calculated measured nominal unremitting keen indisputable uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked sterling well-established up front original unfailing crystal clear ordered controlled earnest identical in depth deliberate line-for-line fussbudget stickler steadfast univocal provident reputable particularized conforming circumspect intensive thoughtful walking on eggs minding p's and q's hanging in heart and soul into hanging tough playing safe literatim regardful concerned surgical determinate decisive individual selfdisciplined discreet chary line for line line by line well organized subtle swotty nailed down on the numbers in-depth utter itemized well-defined going to great lengths straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy for real based on facts civil seemly overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous out-and-out textbook unwearied untiring indefatigable microscopic clocklike specialized particularised itemised specialised dainty exquisite nuanced technical total characteristic archetypal representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical irrefutable undeniable conclusive undisputed unimpeachable unrefuted plain grinding whiz picture-book dead right model unbroken to a T picture-perfect perfected classic whole to a turn polished artless unaffected unmitigated consummate satisfactory unqualified sheer duteous stickling ultra-fine fine-drawn finicking hairsplitting incorrupted finespun winning superior nifty de facto average unpretentious effective undesigning unpretending existent fitting OK inflexible choosy good eye admissible unalloyed arrant honest-to-goodness dinky-di real McCoy objective unexaggerated moral acceptable O.K. undoubted sure watertight immaculate solemn righteous stone okay equitable bare prompt timely principled honorable eager beaver unelaborated gospel stark puritanical choosey sticklerish priggish prissy on the right track for sure on track right stuff along the right lines honourable ethical in every respect crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's historical documentary nonfictional recognized regimented legal traditional documented authorized prescribed true-blue undeceptive right as rain on the ball on the right lines free of error cooking with gas according to Hoyle cut-and-dried black-and-white logical reasonable responsible approved lawful sanctioned accepted rational justifiable reasoned defensible warrantable commonsensical firm levelheaded sober defendable warranted commonsense commonsensible sensible informed apparent ordinary unembroidered written usual verbal high-minded incorruptible immediate seasonable on time early speedy ceremonialistic ritualistic ritual authorised routine ceremonial recognised nit-picking vindicable on the level as true as I'm sitting here on the line on the up and up as true as I'm standing here like it is dutiful pious upstanding expeditious recurrent in good time on the dot periodic cyclic quick ready veristic not figurative balanced well grounded cogent well-grounded well founded to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed telling it like it is spot on time under the wire bang on time as it really happened very comprehensive circumstantial ideal suitable special naturalistic deadly obvious manifest positive specified unblemished assured verifiable extensive diametrical just right extreme guaranteed limited irreproachable true-to-life even confirmed all-inclusive requisite indefectible graphic all-embracing seamless final sweeping supreme entire prudent vivid understandable lucid efficient peculiar satisfying round cinematic filmic required undivided given photographic expected rich flat reserved restricted discrete proven elaborated best apt bounded near tailor-made lethal seriatim secure incontrovertible single blunt circumscribed living exemplary speaking opportune optimal emphatic believable stainless selective dead profound naturalist distinctive sincere fit finite encyclopedic photo-realistic three-dimensional sure-fire just so quintessential spotless foolproof analytic analytical encyclopaedic virtuous stated plausible coherent safe open definable intellectual clean inerrable all right desired right-minded predetermined fail-safe clearly expressed unblurred transparent florid exactly right well-advised polar spelled out all the way royal plenty whole-hog from A to Z all-out soup to nuts full-dress slam-bang especial canonical case intrinsic topical singular separate isolated straight preferable like precision pictorial alike uncanny inevitable vérité what really happened what actually happened prepared invariable relevant visual retentive hunky-dory well aimed in accordance with the facts significant deep failsafe in accordance with reality thoroughpaced irrefragable undisputable pertinent prototypical personal plentiful copious profuse abundant lavish ample copybook same selfsame intense photogenic acute camera-friendly picturesque unquestioned undoubting overt last unconditional deciding intricate experienced without blemish without fault unchallengeable liberal sufficient just what the doctor ordered just what we need inveterate universal vested accustomed mainstream familiar rooted acknowledged dead-center developed incontestable uncontested crimeless unspotted intact unguilty exclusive weighty consequent peremptory patent enumerated telling well-suited ultimate perspicuous absolutely right exactly correct very accurate penetrating firsthand unarguable persuasive uncontradicted accomplished tangible unanswerable unambivalent evident nonambiguous identified point-by-point to the point stone cold no ifs ands or buts nailed-on made to order just the job demarcated all there holding water holding up holding up in wash got it together together unassailable advisable right-thinking standing up cool unadorned sole identifiable straight-out designated essential elemental practical at length terminable delimited necessary earmarked select representational broad-ranging in detail legible comprehensible well-marked graspable audible intelligible lucent diametric due hands-down black and white open-and-shut sharply defined hard and fast cut and dried surefire unbeatable can't-miss efficacious enlightened sagacious philosophic reflective collected deductive thinking synthetic intelligent discerning ratiocinative trustable reasoning cerebral perspicacious intimate conditioned assigned convinced forthright frank candid unprejudiced unbiased custom-built purpose-built as sure as eggs is eggs beyond question beyond a doubt applicable settled substantiated shrewd corroborated colorable knowing validated verified determinable first-hand recommended outspoken easily understandable suggested predictable subject to limitations confined bound not infinite maintainable calculable supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive empiric tried and true handy agreeable useful helpful undeceivable omniscient effectual always effective apodictic tried and tested never failing true-life card-carrying beyond doubt optimum upfront harsh unconcealed brutal undisguised unveiled intended prerequisite chosen preferred needed describable known ascertainable perceptible becoming suited befitting meet qualified felicitous pretty arranged very same anti-corruption noble agreed straight from horse's mouth raw peak top prime selected rightful de règle well-thought-out well-reasoned decent respectable explicable idyllic foremost ruled straight from the shoulder trusty thinking twice extremely careful fair-minded looked-for anticipated finest plain-spoken warts and all open and shut choicest choice sought after called for best possible pre-eminent best-case sinless blameless incorrupt untarnished innocent guiltless cleanhanded inculpable white uncorrupted lily-white squeaky-clean ten aces beyond criticism unsullied A-okay unflawed note-perfect squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless apple-pie above suspicion above reproach whiter than white as pure as the driven snow

Tính từ

Following carefully and exactly a set of rules
devout fundamentalist orthodox pious religious conservative reverent traditional conscientious prayerful pure dedicated devoted faithful true genuine loyal sincere staunch ardent committed passionate steadfast deep fervent firm zealous profound resolute serious unwavering adherent stanch sworn vehement fervid revering dutiful venerating conformist observant doctrinal constant dependable patriotic impervious fanatical steady unfaltering emphatic stalwart trusted enduring stout trustworthy true blue obdurate solid supportive impassioned of the faith of the true faith reliable strong close inexorable hardened persistent allegiant trusty unflinching perfervid stable good unswerving immovable true-blue true-hearted tried and true true to life tried and tested keen fast dyed-in-the-wool down-the-line enthusiastic honest upright sure earnest attached unfailing diligent honourable tried honorable assiduous wholehearted hard-working card-carrying unchanging deep-dyed responsible truthful straight tried-and-true hard-core behind one scrupulous incorruptible driven pledged studious confirmed eager avid trustable obedient calculable uncompromising effective mad keen high-principled confiding truehearted loving liege affectionate string along with circumspect on the level attentive concerned motivated active bound intent veracious in good faith die-hard consecrated admiring engagé infallible boon as thick as thieves bosom inseparable on one's side unmistakable tested certain red-hot correct believable unshakable never-failing fond rabid adoring big doting exuberant intense sound industrious impeccable principled adult rational tireless capable of being trusted nationalistic competent capable qualified efficient able self-reliant through and through purposeful sedulous unflagging dynamic hard untiring energetic indefatigable single-minded jingoistic nationalist chauvinistic spirited persevering out-and-out single-hearted old faithful as keen as mustard given over to true to the end flag-waving righteous right secure just moral virtuous ethical nice safe decent right-minded xenophobic jingo loyalist no lie on the up and up worthy veridical undistorted estimable up front creditable square all right spreadeagle isolationist statesmanlike

Tính từ

Self-disciplined or ascetic
austere ascetic restrained abstemious abstinent continent exacting rigid spartan temperate moderate puritanical Spartan economical frugal simple solemn celibate refraining straightlaced self-disciplined self-denying self-restrained self-abnegating self-sacrificing strait-laced non-indulgent hair-shirt severe prim prudish proper narrow-minded stiff stuffy conventional conservative old-fashioned Victorian formal priggish starchy prissy staid sober square fuddy-duddy disciplined stick-in-the-mud narrow of the old school straitlaced moralistic uptight straight old-maidish schoolmarmish schoolmistressy rigorous stringent stern goody-goody bluenosed traditional Grundyish nice-nelly niminy-piminy pompous conforming fogeyish stilted correct decorous reserved sedate ceremonious stodgy conformist prim and proper genteel sparing abstentious teetotal moderating meager meagre mimsy governessy shockable punctilious overscrupulous monastic monkish buttoned-down bourgeois starched nice mannered impersonal anchoritic nunlike reclusive hermitic solitary cloistered chaste eremitic traditionalist Pecksniffian deadly musty suburban parochial humourless fusty harsh monklike mortified abstaining ascetical respectable Pooterish old-fogeyish dogmatic button-down small-town doctrinal comme il faut Biedermeier straight-laced bien pensant orthodox ceremonial stiff-necked smoky foetid supercilious self-important hot bloated smug humorless as dry as dust smelly magisterial important warm fetid arrogant puffy other-worldly puritan forbidding pietistic bigoted tight-laced disapproving fanatical sententious censorious moral fussy fastidious finicky overnice particular scrupulous demure pernickety upright squeamish self-righteous sanctimonious old-maid holier-than-thou precise overmodest self-satisfied polite pedantic honourable high-minded delicate honorable overparticular po-faced choosy square-toed meticulous nit-picking virtuous refined unadventurous precious goody-two-shoes unhip unrelaxed pious Pharisaic timid hypocritical complacent vain overexact simpering mincing pretentious artificial offish affected illiberal pi timorous niggly god-fearing unctuous PC mainstream socially acceptable epicene namby-pamby uncool overcautious prude conscientious principled politically correct goody two-shoes upstanding old-womanish righteous ethical right-minded discriminating seemly picky decent blue-nose cleanly good dapper stickling spic-and-span snobbish spruce wooden dignified dainty demanding becoming befitting out of date out of the ark boring out-of-date diehard dated behind the times discerning sensitive critical gentlemanly inflexible fine didactic ladylike hypercritical perceptive finical faddy fussbudgety pure faddish persnickety nitpicking overdelicate finicking hard to please difficult to please sharp choosey perfectionist keen over-particular impossible to please acute careful selective nit-picky fit right moralizing suitable modest mannerly fitting in line by the book meet comely de rigueur by the numbers done courteous well-mannered homiletic preachy sermonic homiletical serious moralising

Tính từ

Favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom
tyrannic dictatorial autocratic tyrannical despotic imperious absolute authoritative dogmatic magisterial totalitarian harsh severe rigid doctrinaire unyielding disciplinarian authoritarian oppressive tyrannous domineering overbearing bossy peremptory draconian masterful high-handed undemocratic arbitrary repressive anti-democratic autocratical autarchic illiberal overweening iron-handed iron-fisted coercive officious dominating arrogant inflexible pushy haughty commanding high and mighty monocratic tough cruel controlling subjugating czarist tsarist brutal dominant cocky egotistic imperative Neronian demanding heavy-handed all-powerful one-party unlimited overpowering dystopian pushing driving czarlike throwing one's weight about unjust fascistic lordly inhuman ruthless unreasonable willful wilful bullying dogmatical fascist firm dictative clamorous crack-the-whip pompous proud stern ironhanded mean suppressive throwing weight around bullish constraining prohibiting restrictive exploitive forbidding governing forceful insolent strong-willed imperial assertive pushful regnant on high horse crack the whip in driver's seat absolutist merciless summary uncontrolled unaccountable unconstitutional single-party monolithic Stalinist communist totalistic total unrestrained autarchical autonomous downright no joke flat-out no ifs ands or buts straight out omnipotent almighty invincible supreme pre-eminent heavy overwhelming burdensome crushing unconquerable pitiless murderous trying onerous stiff excruciating rough bitter unfair hard hardhanded punitive rugged inexorable grim relentless searing grievous disheartening gloomy backbreaking discouraging weighty sombre exacting hefty dismal depressive troubling dispiriting superincumbent bleak worrying distressing troublesome stressful exigent somber taxing depressing confining headache huffish self-asserting huffy high-hat bumptious stiff-necked pretentious hifalutin superior toploftical uppish lofty self-assertive supercilious chesty assumptive high-and-mighty uppity presumptuous important cavalier highfalutin toplofty presuming sniffy rough going inconsiderate nationalist xenophobic militarist nationalistic jingoistic Mosleyite chauvinist isolationist corporatist corporativist racist Falangist Francoist neo-fascist extreme right-wing far rightist anti-Semitic far right-wing ultra-right most high

Tính từ

Very severe or serious
extreme radical excessive dire drastic desperate harsh severe stern unbending uncompromising far-reaching forceful inordinate momentous serious tough consequential exaggerated exceptional heavy immoderate outrageous remorseless rigid sharp substantial undue unmitigated unreasonable unrelenting unusual unyielding zealous austere draconian egregious exorbitant extravagant fanatical punishing punitive rigorous steep stiff absolute baroque devilish downright ferocious flagrant gross intemperate oppressive overkill preposterous remarkable thorough uncommon unconscionable unconventional unmerciful unseemly fabulous fancy improper imprudent insane intolerable irrational lavish nonsensical overdue overextravagant overmuch overweening plethoric sheer swingeing towering utter out-and-out over the top too much O.T.T. out of proportion hard stringent cruel rough grievous onerous hardhanded bitter brutal rugged crippling grim burdensome murderous excruciating searing trying strong hardheaded pitiless relentless headstrong inhuman intractable inexorable intense robust great whopping sweeping harmful superfluous unrestricted enormous unbridled unwarranted unrestrained profuse boundless gratuitous needless extortionate disproportionate profligate surplus unlimited wanton grandiose vast prodigal tremendous uncontrolled immense limitless improvident super monstrous dissipated infinite dizzying prodigious indulgent overabundant massive stupendous uncurbed humongous astronomical unmeasurable wasteful huge monumental immeasurable astronomic redundant unbounded fantastic unhampered thumping giant superabundant epic mighty mega gargantuan more silly monster extensive ridiculous colossal recrementitious supernatural stratospheric unchecked overindulgent unfettered mammoth mountainous overgenerous gigantic extra unnecessary ludicrous overboard uninhibited sky-high self-indulgent super-duper uncalled for over the odds out of all proportion a bit much way out OTT too many

Tính từ

(of a person) Making others work hard or meet high standards
demanding perfectionist trying uncompromising clamorous critical dictatorial disapproving fussy importunate intractable judgmental obstinate rigorous tiresome tough cavilling difficult exigent fractious hard harsh imperious inflexible insistent nagging overbearing overexacting querulous stringent troublesome unaccommodating unamenable unbending unmanageable caviling cavillous censuring disparaging faultfinding firm hairsplitting hardheaded hypercritical needy obdurate overscrupulous possessive quibbling sticklerish stiff stubborn unflinching unreasonable unsparing carping censorious cynical demeaning serious tyrannical high-maintenance fault-finding hard to please hard to satisfy over-exacting hard-line over-censorious over-particular over-rigorous over-strict unrelenting grim recalcitrant picky boorish rigid hard-nosed argumentative pigheaded fastidious finicky pitiless dissatisfied bearish inexorable irascible opinionated resolute perverse immovable oafish discontented obstreperous refractory grumbly snappy irritable temperamental irritating set in one's ways cantankerous impolite unyielding uptight quarrelsome testy negative choosy dogmatic strong-minded intransigent single-minded rude indomitable wrong-headed bloody-minded opinionative headstrong stiff-necked sour pertinacious steadfast oppressive overcritical delicate disobliging prickly captious sensitive ill-natured crotchety ornery crabby contrarious thrawn uppity touchy finical huffy stroppy froward disputatious chippy obstructive feisty vexed unpredictable balky particular hard to handle invidious bolshie disputative bull-headed contrary cussed ungracious fiendish uncooperative wilful wayward contumacious awkward unruly uncontrollable disobedient ungovernable willful unhelpful insubordinate defiant rebellious undisciplined incompliant self-willed wild mulish disorderly rebel untoward disruptive restive recusant rowdy truculent mutinous annoying incorrigible vexatious incontrollable boisterous pervicacious out of hand out of control renitent turbulent inimical pat cross-grained impossible unwilling bullheaded resistant belligerent dogged adamant implacable hostile tenacious antagonistic determined troublemaking adamantine inconvincible hardened ossified problematic stubborn as a mule noncompliant unmalleable pig-headed self-opinionated lawless irrepressible adverse violent riotous uncontrolled unrestrained dissident unpersuadable capricious ill-disciplined unadaptable delinquent rock-ribbed exasperating anarchic deaf to reason unresponsive undisciplinable confrontational obstinately disobedient disagreeable attention-seeking complex insoluble dissentient unfriendly loud unsympathetic noisy contentious chaotic nonconformist unbridled opposing unpliable indocile rumbustious militant bellicose unpleasant antipathetic persistent uncongenial locked in relentless pugnacious strong-willed dead set on tetchy grouchy contradictory inimitable morose peevish irrational shrewish biased illogical inconsiderate unsupportive blinkered arbitrary grumpy ill-tempered sullen sulky naughty flyaway sticky prejudiced intolerant burdensome impudent insolent limit vexing pesky blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying badly-behaved incurable disaffected narky bad-tempered ratty shirty choleric not cooperative disturbed maladjusted bulky discommodious incommodious cramped unconstructive hindering badly behaved tricky resisting insubmissive radical withstanding unobliging impossible to cope with frustrating making difficulties not giving an inch scrappy non-compliant uncivil discourteous thorny locked knotty paradoxical contrariant nonconforming discordant arsey disagreeing difficult to handle insurgent insurrectionary wrongheaded converse problem challenging unamiable tough nut hang tough vociferous rough tempestuous uproarious raucous lively rollicking romping anarchical heedless reckless lawbreaking seditious rampaging rambunctious threatening impulsive impetuous impervious rash intemperate imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy mean roisterous rackety tumultuous resolved unbendable unshakable steely rip-roaring untimely unfortunate persevering unshakeable rampageous roistering uncompliant unalterable piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous inconvenient inopportune unfavorable unfavourable out of line unmoved indurate unbreakable fixed heady convinced remorseless raising Cain unanticipated ill-timed unexpected raising the roof with one's feet dug in iron-willed with one's toes dug in unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed adversarial dissenting aggressive crazy hysterical nuts outrageous madcap insurmountable berserk unlucky unwelcome infelicitous inauspicious inapt unsuitable inappropriate angry opposed combative oppositional malapropos badly timed unseasonable spiteful inhospitable wrathful conflicting vitriolic jaundiced virulent unpropitious misfortunate disturbing hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless adversative accusatorial allergic oppugnant opposite unsociable reluctant unreceptive ill-disposed at odds oppugning

Tính từ

Excessively concerned with rules and order, always serious
uptight anxious nervous tense worried uneasy edgy jittery jumpy troubled nervy upset perturbed antsy apprehensive unquiet dithery insecure aflutter queazy bothered queasy hinky atwitter goosey concerned restive neurotic withdrawn cautious conventional on edge ill at ease keyed up het up worked up hung up on tenterhooks in a state on pins and needles old-fashioned on the defensive agitated twitchy restless fidgety overwrought wired stressed disturbed unsettled distressed stressy in a tizzy fearful fretful strung out strained overstrung frightened excited disquieted distraught scared hysterical toey shaky strung up discomposed afraid flustered hyper spooky in a stew highly strung in a flap high-strung spooked panicky excitable alarmed like a cat on a hot tin roof uncomfortable adrenalized skittish squirrelly windy wound up unnerved ruffled fraught in a tizz in a sweat unrelaxed all of a dither having kittens shaken tormented in a state of agitation sensitive disconcerted in a twitter irritable dismayed unstable all of a lather in a state of nerves shook up shy flurried unglued vexed impatient discombobulated hesitant distracted like a cat on hot bricks wrought up touchy emotional in a twit a bundle of nerves timid taut worried sick in a cold sweat beside oneself annoyed hot and bothered saddened all of a doodah in suspense brittle unhappy uncertain self-conscious bundle of nerves frantic anguished irked harassed in a dither timorous bugged choked bricking oneself febrile sad unrestful fluttery cut up shocked unsure oversensitive desperate grieved trembling hurt terrified shaking embarrassed afflicted irascible rattled discountenanced irritated discomfited hassled in a panic plagued stressed out trepidatious flighty under stress skittery frenzied all torn up angsty spasmodic awkward creepy temperamental hectic bashful paranoid quaking shivery nerve-racking nail-biting mousy disappointed disconsolate irrational retiring overanxious fevered inconsolable pained irresolute chippy confused conservative muddled gutted inhibited blue shook doubtful inconvenienced nervous wreck unsteady tortured peevish beset suspicious clutched hysteric perplexed bummed out like a fish out of water waiting for the axe to fall unsettling unnerving in a flat spin disturbing disquieting careful hairy prickly thin-skinned waiting with bated breath overexcited distressful miserable weak agitating startled stressful dejected despondent defensive worrisome out of place distressing overactive heated wrought-up volatile depressed grieving displeased tired heavyhearted sorrowful under a strain exercised unconfident wretched fretting mournful shrinking white-knuckled easily frightened easily agitated nerve-wracking umbrageous doleful heartbroken cheerless feverish quivering critical frazzled panic-struck panic-stricken down bereaved wrecked rueful thrown under pressure fazed miffed pressured hyperactive snappy desolate testy introverted moody angered fractious hot under the collar overwhelmed frozen unruly provoked despairing heartsick fidgeting fitful swivel-eyed turbulent low woeful up the wall broken-hearted brokenhearted distrait unpeaceful aghast angry hurried angstful solicitous violent stiff uncontrolled crazy wounded hot-tempered quick-tempered harried fierce riled harrowed easily offended easily upset frayed shot to pieces woebegone basket case unzipped beside yourself a wreck broken up disoriented hag-ridden grief-stricken flipped out lily-livered in turmoil emotionally charged put out worried stiff at the end of your tether with one's stomach in knots running scared with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth angst-ridden aroused twittering self-justifying indecisive tentative fussy dithering wavering vacillating overemotional drawn swithering flushed intense histrionic disorientated caught up graceless overtaxed taxed peeved dragged ripped aquiver daunted frisky reserved charged faltering unnatural gauche exciting unreluctant all of a flutter bewildered unconsolable shot down tetchy hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited blushing exasperated emotive curt trying sapped drained discomforted strange lost palpitant wrung falling apart strung-up straight unhip strait-laced crotchety agog eagerly difficult tricky short-tempered crabbed captious bad-tempered querulous rigid distrustful stilted prim wreck moving moved shot all nerves on the qui vive ill-tempered asea zipped up hot juiced up diffident active transient wandering intermittent changeable itchy inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting fatigued lacking social skills tongue-tied all agog avid open-mouthed feeling anxious compulsive manic obsessive exacerbated puzzled chagrined aggravated mortified pestered white knuckled recalcitrant shaking in one's shoes concerning tearing one's hair out refractory tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails self-doubting unassertive self-effacing forlorn sullen disheartened with bated breath mercurial perverse ornery obstinate stubborn unyielding watchful nerves on edge meek lacking confidence unforthcoming fixated phobic dreading foreboding mistrustful melancholic discouraged heavy-hearted glum aggrieved downcast passionate hasty not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive terrorized wild in a spin unhealthy abnormal offended fretted champing at the bit a basket case sweating bullets mad tossing and turning cowed hounded frenetic berserk maladjusted fiery tempestuous joyless tearful demoralised dispirited tristful down-hearted demoralized downhearted beleaguered having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having cold feet having a funny feeling vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised affrighted petrified verklempt having butterflies in the stomach hyperexcitable hyperkinetic furious erratic aberrant deviant disordered obsessed browbeaten in disorder amazed terror-stricken abashed gloomy droopy sombre teary sorry crestfallen weepy sore hangdog heartsore cast down burned wistful somber contused hypersensitive pressurized unhinged raging crazed delirious touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice come apart psyched out impulsive impetuous volcanic vehement inflammable rash intolerant demonstrative reckless agitable galvanic enthusiastic overzealous susceptible quick alarmable horror-struck scary horrified rushed demented maniacal rabid raving ferocious at sixes and sevens hyper-sensitive uncool out of control berko pressurised hunted chicken-hearted yellow numb chicken scared stiff rabbity sissy butterflies jellyfish in tears down in the mouth in grief down in the dumps in doldrums low-spirited in the dumps tooshie short fused deranged weird last-minute zonkers insane corybantic unscrewed hard-pressed at the end of one's tether with one's back up against the wall up against it under the cosh at the end of one's rope freaked-out wound-up high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn worked-up unstrung spent fiddle-footed blowing hot and cold hot-headed terrorised devastated traumatized morose broken melancholy bitter dolorous throwing a wobbly weirded out freaked out spazzed out at your wits' end wigged out at wits' end easily hurt in fear and trepidation very scared pushing the panic button have cold feet numb with fear steamed up out of your mind weeping hurting wriggly squirmy hot under collar all shook up mourning haunted crushed agonized dolesome easily affected wiggly sorrowing bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing agonised suffering aching traumatised in pain heavy with grief racked with suffering overcome with sorrow racked with pain all wound up nonplussed flummoxed fuddled dismal mystified at sea bemused befuddled regretful confounded unbalanced stunned floored baffled stumped preoccupied taken aback bad dumbfounded bamboozled oppressed bedevilled bedeviled bushed mazed wildered stupefied thrown off balance at a loss addled injured careworn dazed astounded astonished clueless mixed-up lugubrious shaken up overcome dreary put upon foxed beaten pessimistic solemn destroyed out of sorts bowed down spiritless listless fed up flapping wakeful insomniac galled absent-minded engrossed messed up long-faced weighed down surprised unsleeping stricken insomnolent funereal chapfallen grim bleak shattered down-in-the-mouth black befogged shell-shocked fogged hard put pensive worn out down in dumps sick at heart dull ruthful uncomprehending in a blue funk gray grey mixed up down and out languorous triste saturnine languid comfortless singing the blues sulky in shock overloaded burdened badgered undone disorderly damaged scunnered narked lamenting remorseful impaired frustrated constrained anxiety-ridden ground down pining inflamed nonplused grievous haggard besieged downtrodden stirred up emotionally unstable emotionally unbalanced worn down emotionally damaged emotionally injured depressive chafed panicked hopeless heavy luckless teed off put out of countenance dumbstruck in a lather discontented painful downbeat blank in a bad way in the pits elegiacal crummy cast-down elegiac emotionally defeated ailing racked grumpy lachrymose defeatist staggered flabbergasted mirthless rebellious alienated in despair in low spirits piteous on a downer bleeding sunk as sick as a parrot brooding mopey sick as a parrot awake dolent in sorrow heartrending full of sorrow in mourning tear-jerking affecting troubling hapless morbid down in mouth bowled over blown away speechless let-down not happy alert undermined reproachful besotted had their heads messed with nuts vigilant with one's back to the wall disgruntled stung piqued languished negative dysphoric crabby dysfunctional got caused to be at a stand made to scratch their head beat graveled buffaloed thrown off gravelled confusticated abstracted without sleep wide-awake attentive wide awake out of one's mind like a chicken with its head cut off very upset absent diverted at wit's end intimidated discontinuous disconnected interrupted inattentive visited by preyed upon abject cowardly distant absorbed faraway shook-up emotionally scarred emotionally disturbed incomplete fragmentary cowering heaving struck hit pusillanimous possessed psyched-out sorry for oneself chap-fallen afeared not best pleased absentminded feart frit gripped cut to the quick bumpy messed-up scared out of one's wits in awe alarmed at in a funk shaking like a leaf faint-hearted scared witless terror-struck apprehensive about scared to death intimidated by frightened out of one's wits in a fluster horror-stricken consumed caught off balance out of countenance in botheration emotionally confused screwed up ill-adjusted dominated controlled miles away dreamy sidetracked unfocused cursed seized jerky jouncy choppy disrupted sporadic dogged overpowered surrounded smitten devoured held bewitched rolly rough punchy dopey pixillated silly spaced spacey zonked-out muddleheaded spaced-out punch-drunk dopy addle pixilated muzzy addlepated raddled zonked slaphappy dizzy spacy not with it fiendish storm-tossed deeply affected driven to distraction harmed fuzzy taken over under a spell in the grip of herky-jerky struck down laid low

Tính từ

(of an action) Performed well and with precision
clean precise adept deft dextrous dexterous facile smooth agile crisp decisive efficient exact expert masterly neat nimble quick sharp skilful skillful slick straight able accurate adroit artful nifty proficient proper canny categorical crack effortless express handy prompt skilled inch-perfect accomplished consummate competent capable talented virtuoso gifted splendid formidable excellent masterful brilliant outstanding impressive practised versed marvellous wizard practiced ace fine great crackerjack fab good smashing peerless experienced magic habile deadly savvy veteran tasty compleat brill hot hotshot master educated whiz mean complete a dab hand at A1 top-hole nimble-fingered very good first-class on the beam on the ball no slouch very able top-drawer no dummy tip-top top-notch sharp as a tack up to speed first-rate marvelous there know stuff clever polished trained qualified professed professional seasoned apt knowledgeable ingenious genius smart workmanlike well versed stellar delicate wicked bravura superb exceptional effective intelligent elite magnificent superlative pro astute suitable fit superior brainy practical effectual au fait cunning bright keen learned vet supreme well-versed world-class demon schooled old tested ready well trained hardened mature tried familiar class shrewd wonderful remarkable up to snuff alert terrific fitted long-serving scheming exquisite wily out of this world big league sly awesome dazzling battle-scarred crafty wise strong finished equal precocious acute perfect politic cool dynamite guileful multitalented multiskilled refined tremendous sharp-witted with it useful discerning knowing up to it serviceable certified sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded all-round all-around nippy topflight whip-smart leading fantastic fabulous suited conniving established deceitful extraordinary faultless specialist powerful subtle duplicitous versant equipped satisfactory cute calculating finely judged perceptive instructed adequate choice prepared creative phenomenal resourceful endowed cagey quick-witted fast perspicacious champion balanced supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent wised up reliable fluent thorough a hand at highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained tuned in businesslike tricky old hand sensational painstaking unrivaled unrivalled eligible flawless exercised designing time-served careful productive foxy devious impeccable best star discreet mighty intellectual sneaky worldly-wise weathered sophisticated super conversant active long-time disciplined worldly sensitive strategic cagy beguiling dodgy scholarly underhand admirable inventive profound erudite penetrating cerebral having know-how rational exceptionally good intriguing knowing the score eggheaded whip been around not born yesterday very intelligent Einstein whiz kid know the ropes class act quick on the trigger shining at quick on the uptake graceful very well methodic methodical impeccably credentialed systematic right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on sure-fire stringent prodigious preeminent transcendent quintessential sensible prolific decent exemplary ultimate handpicked capital deluxe sik exo redoubtable hardy kosher well credentialed first class virtuosic licensed chartered treacherous invincible indomitable drilled phenom top topnotch distinguished hep hip voluble organized appropriate specialized employable long-term certificated fleet rad phat schmick dynamic ultraefficient pitch-perfect happy advanced switched-on well-informed acquainted specialised artistic rangé dominant habituated hot tamale feasible having the know-how sussed organised right fitting puissant amazing teachable having good hands adept physically easy authorized astounding supremely skilled toughened matured receptive well executed forward killer useable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable quick to learn leet worthy responsible ideal desirable preferable quick-thinking clever with one's hands good with one's hands licenced proved authorised accepted of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years sufficient well up perfectly-executed well-executed cut out for having a knack for highly endowed observant tactful noteworthy steady old-time inured up on nobody's fool sublime glorious nimble-witted quick off the mark rounded sport accustomed heavenly well up in worldly wise been there in the know versed in know backwards and forwards know one's onions mega banging cracking crucial vigorous mercurial curt wired divine bosting well suited well qualified have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age pretty all there smart as a whip wide awake quick on the draw of the first water supercalifragilisticexpialidocious slippery complicitous chary craft all around adapted broken in know one's business know ins and outs know the score know one's stuff know the answers polite prudent the right stuff knowing one's stuff knows one's stuff from way back wise to ways judicious having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer of the old school having the right stuff has what it takes like a one-man band able to perform complicit like a pistol equal to the task up there understanding considerate thoughtful conciliatory diplomatic arch bland contriving cautious gracious suave courteous opportunistic treating with kid gloves Machiavellian dishonest cheating disingenuous untrustworthy deceptive double-dealing fly slim shonky shifty dirty vulpine unscrupulous carny

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