Đồng nghĩa của designated

Alternative for designated

designates, designated, designating

Đồng nghĩa: appoint, indicate, name, nominate, point out, show, specify,

Động từ

To have come to a judgment
determined finalized resolved confirmed specified agreed to concluded decreed ruled on adjudged adjudicated arbitrated authorised decided on deemed finalised judged settled on agreed on assigned authorized cinched clinched figured out fixed upon nailed down named ordained pinned down prescribed setted worked out squared off squared up set selected appointed decided picked elected chosen chose opted for established picked out fixed nominated singled out settled fixed on plumped for handpicked adopted cherry-picked put in power arranged stipulated preferred favoured favored tagged settled upon allotted voted for returned accepted embraced identified defined recognized imposed taken took dictated scheduled set down indicated laid down fancied installed culled made figured arrived at voted in resolved on fingered pegged tapped put in set a date for come to a decision about demanded optated recognised decided upon set aside pointed out put down for put finger on marked hand-picked gone for went for distinguished ordered spotted pinpointed required commanded wanted desired wished pleased craved located ID'ed IDed voted ruled enjoined directed recommended limited delegated announced wished for declared pronounced formulated allocated prearranged nailed completed closed lay down commissioned peached promulgated opted agreed sealed achieved branded denoted placed employed made a choice worked balloted received signed up discriminated between made choice fixed up instructed yearned solved guided predestined particularised admitted came to a decision about inclined toward made a decision voted into office espoused particularized detailed come to an agreement loved called the shots come to a conclusion classified made up one's mind made provision for made a selection slotted felt disposed to capped liked called the shots on come down in favour of proposed tabbed constituted pointed to come to a decision wrought sifted out called for saw fit seen fit willed taken on took on taken a decision on took a decision on agreed upon chosen by ballot chose by ballot gone down the line went down the line wrote a prescription for written a prescription for wrote prescription written prescription came to a decision came to a conclusion came to an agreement came down in favour of taken up took up

Động từ

Past tense for to assign to a category
classified categorised categorized characterised characterized classed graded ranked denominated grouped marked sorted catalogued filed ordered organised organized systematised systematized systemized typecast typecasted allocated arranged indexed assigned assorted allotted cataloged coordinated labelled labeled listed list apportioned appropriated meted slotted tabbed branded distinguished pegged tagged identified compartmentalized pigeonholed stamped codified separated compartmentalised typed put down as rated relegated placed distributed compartmented broke down set apart ranged digested specified defined typified bracketed described indicated regarded considered denoted tabulated sorted out broken down stereotyped divided individualized individuated named individualised marshalled marshaled made distinctive termed pronounced put a label on titled dubbed cast signalized triaged charactered flagged pinpointed partitioned delineated showed put judged suffused pervaded evaluated qualified parted constituted fixed ghettoized declared ghettoised signalised singled out marked out methodized set off put down for laid out buttoned down put it on record marked off put together cast a slur on cast a slur upon nominated cleped stickered portrayed depicted sectionalized conventionalized counted called demarcated painted defamed pilloried denounced collated standardized styled earmarked recorded noted discredited represented hailed permeated informed gaged registered vilified condemned disparaged signified segregated stated signalled initialled initialed signaled shown hallmarked sketched delimited appraised accounted assessed held reckoned gauged sized arrayed illustrated underlined notated normalized settled valuated singularized estimated christened personalised personalized established sifted included valued disgraced displayed slurred detailed watermarked signed conveyed graduated exemplified lined disposed ticked betokened ticketed scored sized up biassed biased allineated evinced traced type casted institutionalised institutionalized standardised normalised marked down stigmatized stigmatised referred to told between told from lay out regulated regrouped brought together reclassified ID'ed managed structured subcategorized IDed assembled checked off lined up colligated pointed out poured scorn on focussed sequenced organized systematically made different met the requirements of focused portioned recategorized pointed to positioned clepen clept putten written wrote drawn up drew up shown to be showed to be took to be taken to be shown the position of showed the position of fixt stood collocated inventoried split put into sets docketed put away logged enrolled set put in order put in shape had a rank of put down set out been was were set side by side alphabetized calibrated entered consigned stratified posted matched numbered regimented correlated culled combed riddled screened winnowed picked selected belonged compared likened ranked out inscribed suited proportioned measured assimilated paired equated twinned analogized yoked coupled booked inserted specialised arranged in order summarized compiled charted specialized collected condensed divided up arranged in a series coded summarised had a status of gathered together regarded as the same regarded as identical chosen chose taken one's measure took one's measure book holden

Động từ

Past tense for to signify or convey an object or idea
meant meaned signified conveyed denoted indicated connoted showed shown expressed spelled out spelt out stood for represented symbolised symbolized implied purported suggested alluded to intimated hinted at insinuated drove at driven at referred to got at gotten at evidenced revealed betokened spelled said signalled signaled marked announced put down for put finger on imported bespoke pointed to corresponded to manifested added up to heralded portended intended flashed told of identified characterized characterised made tagged pegged fingered tabbed bespake bespoken mattered exhibited communicated augured presaged typified proclaimed foretold foreshadowed promised equaled equalled harbingered foreboded told signed talked beared evinced carried disclosed winked distinguished boded bode depicted foretokened prophesied flagged up argued proved substituted for threatened amounted to described equated with flagged involved added up corresponded warned of exemplified hung sign on predicated entailed referred hinted named had an aura of led buttoned down had undertones of had an atmosphere of pinned down pointed offered smacked of leaded had overtones of bore borne prove proven gave a warning of given a warning of drawn attention to drew attention to given a feeling of gave the impression given the impression gave a feeling of sayed inferred alluded imputed ascribed alluded to the fact conveyed the impression made out let cat out of bag said indirectly made reference to the fact pointed toward let it be known gave someone to understand given someone to believe given a clue given an inkling gave someone to believe gave a clue gave an inkling given someone to understand whispered implicated broached angled presupposed said in passing rumored dropped a hint spilled the beans leaked tipped off rumoured tipped someone the wink about asserted tipped the wink gave a hint proposed given a hint exposed affirmed mentioned aired spilt the beans given someone an inkling of gave someone an inkling of

Động từ

Past tense for to mention as an example or reference
named cited referenced mentioned specified disclosed divulged identified indicated noted quoted revealed stated acknowledged communicated declared defined dropped gave given intimated reproduced said told uttered advanced detailed imparted instanced introduced mooted presented recited recounted adduced adverted noticed offered propounded raised reported made reference to pointed out referred to spelled out spelt out made known pointed to put forward remarked on told of touched on touched upon adverted to alluded to commented on laid out lay out let on about let anyone know of showed called attention to highlighted spotlit spotlighted emphasized shown denoted pointed at reminded of emphasised brought up put up suggested drawn attention to drew attention to let out flagged proposed alleged proffered shown to us told to us directed attention to told us brought forward tabled urged illustrated assigned proved affirmed come up with remarked notified picked up on breathed a word of underlined fingered prove proven came up with threw out thrown out set forth submitted propositioned posed tendered broached moved posited invoked advocated set before recommended lodged bounced bid expressed related delivered pitched aired expounded put forth preferred made a pitch provided staged mounted proponed brought volunteered voted advised made a motion produced ventilated exhibited argued cast manifested put on exposed launched put on display put before the public laid filed evidenced enumerated list exemplified referred put on the table initiated spread put on the map contended counseled counselled moved for put into effect set out put to hit on put into use displayed demonstrated unveiled issued demoed entered announced previewed contributed used brought about handed out rolled out exhorted namechecked extended extracted applied implemented supplied postulated plugged prescribed itemized listed promoted peddled hypothesized discussed numbered reminisced repeated remembered excerpted rehearsed proclaimed recalled itemised recollected prest requested spitballed invited pressed yielded asked kibitzed asserted promulgated solicited nominated executed run turned to enforced rendered carried given as an example gave as an example exalted offered as a suggestion ballyhooed served puffed aggrandized made a pitch for published hyped built up laid forward beat the drum for bade sayed projected illustrated with hypothesised canvassed floated trotted out had recourse to laid before pressed for made mention of laid on the line laid down called in held out called into use thrown up threw up extraught yolden yold ran resorted to beaten the drum for threw spotlight on thrown spotlight on attested to appealed to spoken of spoke of spoke one's piece spoken one's piece lay down given as example gave as example got down to brass tacks gotten down to brass tacks

Động từ

Past tense for to convey or express in a particular way or manner
expressed conveyed stated articulated communicated voiced intimated phrased revealed said worded couched denoted enunciated pronounced uttered aired asserted spoke spake spoken told verbalised verbalized put putten vented framed proclaimed put across asseverated declared disclosed got across gotten across professed put over rendered expounded formulated got over gotten over gave given imported intended mouthed raised sounded spelled ventilated bespoke bespake bespoken divulged gave expression to given expression to testified to broached circulated clad clothed connoted hinted insinuated made public pointed out put into words suggested testified gave vent to given vent to gave voice to given voice to popped off stood for added up to made known broadcast spread indicated set forth put in words put forward defined specified detailed particularized systematized tabled vocalized itemized disseminated annunciated proposed mooted affirmed mentioned purported claimed submitted argued cited discussed broadcasted announced promulgated systematised particularised codified itemised advanced opined debated alleged presented published imparted avowed delivered advertized advocated advertised heralded blared maintained propounded looked averred trumpeted publicized recounted emphasized informed avouched inflected blazoned stressed intoned confessed admitted muttered intonated shouted yelled emphasised reaffirmed cried repeated roared publicised modulated allegated passed vocalised reasserted talked of talked about poured out laid down spelt out come out with spelled out made out brought into the open shouted from the rooftops brought forward given form to gave form to attested to lay down given out gave out came out with given utterance to gave utterance to gone into went into spoken out spoke out given away bore witness borne witness gave away gave testimony given testimony given utterance gave expression gave utterance given expression sayed related reported explained narrated recited set out relayed relaid rehearsed protested contended read put forth chronicled talked illustrated pretended represented evoked catalogued exclaimed seemed told of elucidated charted conjured up signified meaned appeared meant prest remarked noted attested pressed shared recapped cataloged painted in words documented described enumerated commented on impersonated warranted insisted offered addrest mumbled vouched predicated spilt spouted enounced spilled blurted outlined chattered pleaded orated pled addressed quoted piped drawled summarized yammered chirped murmured sweared jawed evinced exposed yakked clarified blabbed declaimed regurgitated gassed translated signalled soliloquized retold spieled signaled summarised lipped whispered gabbed perorated implied personated laid claim betokened passed on informed of run through painted a word picture of advised of accounted for provided details of setted oneself up posed as spoke about spoken about brought out alleged that one is masqueraded as passed for setted oneself up as asserted that one is represented oneself as sounded out proclaimed that one is maintained that one is piped up with feigned the identity of reeled off got off made clear pointed to implied that one is passed oneself off as sworn readen swore given details of gave details of gave a description of given a description of gave a account of given a account of gave a rundown of given a rundown of ran through given details on gave details on gotten off threw out thrown out gave the facts on given the facts on gave an account of given an account of

Động từ

Past tense for to attribute or ascribe a property, quality or value to someone or something

Động từ

Past tense for to determine the future or the fate of something in advance

Tính từ

Clearly expressed or identified
stated declared indicated identified specified listed quantified defined stipulated noted detailed established fixed settled assigned confirmed prescribed set decided laid down postulated qualified spelled out allotted commissioned explicit given laid out nominated prearranged predetermined preset agreed chosen delineated determined named decreed appointed ordained particular specific certain assumed known destined concluded resolved marked displayed clinched fated shown labeled labelled titled worked out concrete nailed wrapped up set in stone sewn up arranged scheduled pointed out selected authorized delegated elected installed preordained authorised firm definite stable hard-and-fast final invariable unalterable irreversible definitive hard determinate inexpugnable unchangeable conclusive hard and fast immutable precise decisive frozen flat steady regular planned inflexible permanent incommutable express constant absolute changeless cast-iron inalterable unvarying enduring abiding determining unmovable unmodifiable lasting ultimate consistent exact finished determinative cut-and-dried writ in stone solid ended mature organized prepared ready unchanging unfluctuating clear-cut clear positive contracted granted approved guaranteed straight uniform limited nonnegotiable distinct categorical organised irrevocable invariant decided upon intent familiar written plotted trite developmental foundational influential formative constructive seminal creative deep-rooted irrefutable voted indisputable binding incontrovertible perpetual inevitable strong indestructible unfading steadfast ineradicable eternal immovable unappealable determinant unchallengeable lifelong perdurable continuing resolute unchanged unanswerable peremptory irremediable emphatic unreversible unrectifiable indelible unrepealable crucial sorted out done and dusted old hat in the cards usual standard customary predictable routine habitual recommended normal unwavering rigid undeviating unblinking unbending sure still unqualified inveterate never-failing not subject to change in the bag

Tính từ

Selected as the best or most desirable
selected select elected nominated certain chosen elect particular preferred favored favoured handpicked choice culled favorite favourite named picked preferable appointed exclusive popular preferential weeded approved conscripted tabbed hand-picked cherry-picked first-line carefully chosen of choice pegged voted picked out adopted called voted in with the nod anointed identified specified commissioned delegated announced assigned cited declared ordained authorized deputed classified consecrated vested sanctioned certified individuated authorised mentioned entrusted drafted supported settled on singled out decided upon opted for prize blue-ribbon recherche screened recherché specially selected prime superior excellent best fine first-class special quality first-rate top fantastic bad high-quality premier great nice exquisite tip-top grand phat exceptional wonderful terrific top-quality dainty hot elite high-grade top-notch fabulous finest superb crucial optimal fab sensational splendid beautiful 10 groovy swell famous heavenly awesome marvellous marvelous sterling fantabulous topflight unsurpassed lovely stellar def divine dynamite rad neat solid gold top-shelf slick bonnie cracking of the first water frontline vintage valuable boss five-star dandy out-of-sight gangbusters schmick jim-dandy brag elegant 24-karat gilt-edge top-drawer precious righteous cool superlative crackerjack classic peachy keen par excellence capital number one grade A first-string rare immense unusual plum top-of-the-line A-1 prizewinning keen blue-chip bang-up noble bumper gangbuster numero uno uncommon bonny primo top of the line boffo gilt-edged radical banner top of the range nifty dope peachy high-class corking mean A-OK supernal

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