Đồng nghĩa của put aside

Alternative for put aside

Đồng nghĩa: put away,


To discard the knowledge of
close your eyes to disregard forget ignore waive set aside abandon renounce relinquish reject surrender yield cede give up abdicate sacrifice abjure refuse spurn dispense with do without turn over hand over sign away turn down disremember overlook put to one side sink unlearn discard from memory consign to oblivion resign drop forsake forgo remit postpone defer leave disown neglect suspend prorogue disclaim delay allow renege shelve remove reserve table stay grant hold up put off hold off refrain from render lay down deliver cough up turn in part with forfeit abnegate forego concede forswear transfer decline quit give away eschew pass up cut out lose step down from deliver up go without step aside from let go of dismiss repudiate let pass cease stop abstain from desist give over swear off give in opt out let go leave out bail out cast off give miss commit pass skip discard forbear refrain demit vacate resist desert withdraw avoid withgo quitclaim capitulate miss out on let go by pass on bequeath ditch fail to take advantage of yield up shed steer clear of withhold from leave off pack in fold make over bag it give way cast aside pass by back down lay aside desist from give something a miss say goodbye to throw in the towel throw in the sponge deny oneself brush aside waste squander convey assign confer disinherit shirk disgorge deny recommend hand entrust consign trust intrust transmit repose delegate vest confide pass something up betray blow spare prostitute withdraw from stand down from separate oneself from sign off divorce oneself from wash hands of turn one's back on shun relegate fork out fork up dispense fritter away expend bypass botch sacrifice something kiss goodbye leave behind pay with be deprived of be stripped of kiss goodbye to abstain disavow submit cast dump communicate vouchsafe abalienate accord remise halt deny yourself restrain from lay off fail to take pass over fail to grasp lose out on let slip drop the ball bow succumb terminate kick come across with sign over fork over not touch stay away from get off rein in forbear from shy from can commend budge blink relent retire cut loose drop out kiss good-bye stand down acquiesce knuckle under cave in concede defeat take the pledge take the oath quit cold turkey drop like hot potato keep off call a halt to skip out on antedate climb down sell out exclude disqualify step down precede knock off resign from back out of drop out of proffer admit defeat cry uncle buckle under pull out hand in despair tender chicken out present bow out comply collapse leave holding the bag leave high and dry leave in the lurch sit out discharge keep from leave alone antecede preexist predate cancel omit eliminate rule out throw out cross out shut the door on


To give up, surrender, or yield (e
deposit lay down put down set down surrender deliver cede give up yield relinquish render turn over hand over turn in cough up finish with lay aside let fall part with abdicate waive abandon renounce resign transfer concede sacrifice let go of give in give give away leave submit give over commit forfeit forgo grant remit capitulate sign away fold deliver up let go come across with back down make over throw in the towel confer assign fork out consign fork up pass delegate hand vest entrust trust intrust transmit relegate convey fork over lose relent succumb shed forsake bequeath lay down your arms cast off give up the struggle sign over hand in yield up give way admit defeat knuckle under throw in the sponge show the white flag cave in accept defeat drop defer raise the white flag concede defeat commend put to one side set aside forswear present render up give back repose recommend confide dispense bow give oneself over fall victim lay down arms fold up break buckle be conquered quit suffer defeat budge be beaten come to terms be overcome be overwhelmed indulge cry quits resign yourself call it quits climb down pay out pay pay with prostitute withgo be deprived of sacrifice something eschew spare kiss goodbye do without be stripped of say goodbye to go without pass up kiss goodbye to cast aside leave behind betray forego shell out settle up dish out lay out pay up supply provide furnish find feed step down from step aside from abnegate vouchsafe communicate allow abalienate accord remise pass on pony up ante up come up with make with stump up foot the bill fall defray the cost of acquiesce wave the white flag put up white flag crumble pack it in toss it in buckle under discard cast repudiate forbear desert ditch dump withdraw opt out take the oath cut loose let pass take the pledge stand down turn down quit cold turkey drop out let go by kiss good-bye swear off drop like hot potato


To postpone from being dealt with
hold something in abeyance adjourn break off delay interrupt postpone suspend arrest defer hold over intermit pigeonhole prorogue put off reschedule shelve cease cut short disband discontinue dissolve put on ice table terminate bring to an end call a halt to mothball put on the back burner take a rain check on hold off put on hold hold put back lay aside hold off on sideline hold up put on back burner put in cold storage withhold remit continue respite procrastinate stay file dismiss put on the shelf hang up lay over lay on the table set aside hold in abeyance keep in abeyance put on the bank burner put on one side prolong freeze stand over slow up carry over do later put off the evil day put off the evil hour put to one side tie up put over neglect give rain check leave renounce avoid shut up put out of commission pack away decommission put into storage slow pedal park reserve detain prorogate recess retain suppress put in abeyance bar stop put an end to rule out retard stave off halt waive quit push back lay off check pink-slip omit break up count out inactivate protract can put a stop to hang fire hang stall cool contain hold back take offline extend end pause suspend proceedings take five knock off take a break take a breather set back curb cut off restrain break keep slow rise hinder impede take a recess dally give a rain check rearrange reorganize put something on hold hold something over forestay reprieve be suspended be put on hold deny constrain temporise temporize cool it save inhibit keep back cut block lengthen obstruct cancel sever refuse bridle keep hold of repress stifle leave off refuse to pay finish let up take a raincheck slow down come to an end reorganise bring to a halt bring to a close bring to a standstill shake drop take a rain check call a halt take a breather from call it a day put on a back burner take time out drop it call time take ten dawdle tarry leave to another time linger dillydally loiter lag poke drag one's feet


To dismiss something as unnecessary or irrelevant
wave aside dismiss reject discount disregard ignore rebuff repudiate set aside spurn brush aside shrug off play down pooh-pooh treat with contempt pour cold water on throw cold water on put out of one's mind refuse to acknowledge make light of think no more of push aside shut eyes to take no notice of flout trivialize cock a snook at sweep aside neglect minimize pass over forget about trivialise laugh off overlook belittle turn a blind eye to brush off scoff at turn a deaf ear to pay no attention to have no time for minimise gloss over blink at overpass wink at whitewash paper over gloze over forget let pass let go condone excuse forgive pardon remit take no account of pay no heed to look the other way slight slur over not take into consideration deliberately ignore pay no mind turn a blind eye bypass omit tune out close one's eyes to pay no attention pay no heed miss unheed unmind connive write off live with discard connive at shut your eyes to snub brush away turn a deaf ear scorn disdain never mind contemn cold-shoulder misheed skip palliate spare take no notice be oblivious to make allowances for turn your back on leave be let someone off with de-emphasize avoid let something ride let off easy pay no mind to let slide evade downplay soft-pedal wipe slate clean cast aside have done with take lightly have no use for make a joke of laugh something off sneeze at sweep something aside pass by close your eyes be oblivious treat lightly shake off deal rapidly with treat as unimportant wink doubt undersell disbelieve dispel lay aside take with a pinch of salt give no credence to dissimulate deodorise deodorize indulge plead ignorance let off discharge bury the hatchet give absolution suspend charges grant a pardon to grant amnesty tolerate put up with grin and bear it let bygones be bygones stand for roll with punches let ride bear with swim with the tide sink take look past turn blind eye to stomach go along with play past bury let it go fail to notice exclude look through dispense with turn blind eye close your eyes to turn deaf ear not take into account turn back on bury one's head in sand deride disclaim tell someone to get lost look right through give someone the brush-off disown disparage deprecate give the cold shoulder to denigrate diminish discredit smooth over understate rationalize sugarcoat varnish belie extenuate justify brush something under the carpet rationalise explain away gloss sneer at ridicule mock wipe slam-dunk make little of undermine fail to care for fail to remember keep one's distance leave undone underestimate turn one's back on pretermit lose sight of not care have nothing to do with abandon be derelict desert not attend to throw to the winds defer skimp on be remiss in trifle with be irresponsible not remember scant not care for be remiss fail to look after keep at arm's length elide shirk think little of procrastinate over be lax about leave alone be indifferent be negligent depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate pass up pay little attention to be careless forsake be remiss about fail to provide for not trouble oneself sniff at put down express contempt turn up your nose at hold up to scorn blank leave out of account send to Coventry


To discard or dispose of something or someone
cast aside discard abandon dismiss reject cast away throw away cast out dispense with dispose of get rid of throw out toss aside dump ditch shed scrap junk chuck cast off jettison toss unload cashier shuck off lose eighty-six deep-six fling away fling off do away with bin toss out exorcize exorcise drop get shot of trash relinquish pitch slough off get shut of lay by chuck out chuck away axe ax forsake have done with throw throw on the scrapheap can desert expel fling write off eject eliminate dispose give up cast remove shrug off slough throw overboard yield disburden cull part with thrust aside dispatch set aside leave fling out see the back of repudiate doff banish sweep away dispossess shake off shuck put out to pasture throw aside exclude nix throw off wash your hands of forgo away negative sluff off offload cut clear out root out weed out let go release unhand loosen one's hold on surrender loose one's hold on do without manage without cope without heave hurl abdicate maroon discharge boot out fire sack kick out send packing give someone the boot oust retire evict displace turf out give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the heave-ho show the door give someone the push wreck renounce waive moult omit cede free oneself of rid oneself of disregard exuviate bounce terminate molt sacrifice pink-slip slip drum out hand over turn off muster out leave out turn down let go of give away let drop make redundant peel off give someone the sack give someone their cards let fall extract shelve throw something off scrub bung out bung away disown 86 knock on the head pull the plug on auction chase refuse extrude unburden clear adios trim give the boot shipwreck strand destroy give the old heave-ho give someone their notice demolish recycle decommission annihilate obliterate cast ashore leave stranded exfoliate divest yourself of file in circular file kiss goodbye kiss off deep six fob off relieve yourself of make over sluff peel throw up leave behind supplant excuse flake mew melt off reduce take off break up supersede bump replace bust consign to scrap heap flake off skin scale leave high and dry freeze out lay off run out of town relieve of duty deprive of office ride out on rail let one go declare redundant give someone notice lock out give one notice disqualify resign depose dethrone lay down deliver turn over render unseat boot break delete dislodge slur elide erase forget cancel back down cut loose take the pledge forbear drop out kiss good-bye withdraw opt out sign away take the oath cough up deliver up let pass stand down lay aside quit cold turkey let go by turn in swear off drop like hot potato ignore court martial leave off topple force out defenestrate overturn defrock deprive uncrown unthrone unmake overthrow unsettle give a pink slip throw out on your ear give the bum's rush give something a miss take out miss out turn out out drive out rule out disthrone discrown usurp step into shoes of bring down take over disenthrone remove from office cross out cut out shut the door on

Trái nghĩa của put aside

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