Đồng nghĩa của cease

Alternative for cease

ceases, ceased, ceasing

Đồng nghĩa: discontinue, end, halt, quit, stop,

Trái nghĩa: begin,


To draw to a close
end stop conclude discontinue finish halt terminate quit fail leave off suspend wind up break off close dead-end determine die elapse expire go lapse pass refrain belay desist give up shut down break up culminate desist from intermit let up refrain from stay surcease wink out bring to a halt bring to a stop cut short give over back off close down close out die down pack in bring to an end call it quits cut it out quit cold turkey call it a day come to a close come to an end fade disappear dwindle vanish peter out die out diminish lessen ebb subside recede wane pass away abate ease slacken melt away evaporate drop off decrease die away fade away moderate remit ease off decline dissolve weaken tail off bite the dust drop taper off run out be over blow over fizzle out ratchet down fall away phase down become obsolete cease to exist be no more drop away relent fall de-escalate settle down evanish die off calm taper pall shrink lower quieten down quieten become invalid dissipate drain away become void complete calm down soften slacken off ease up run its course wrap up clear come to a stop level off draw to a close transpire evanesce be at an end grow less fly by be no longer valid slip away run your term depart ultimate go dead go by cool off perish trail off wear off be gone dispel disperse go away withdraw adjourn be forgotten consummate recess cap prorogue sink into oblivion disappear slowly wind down round out call off cut loose sew up round off bring to a close fold up button down be put to bed put a lid on button up call a halt to become extinct go south leave no trace come to naught be done for pass into oblivion cease to be disappear from the face of the earth wither away cease to be known lull alleviate attenuate still descend melt slip fall down


Come or bring to an end
end stop halt finish conclude break break off can discontinue drop pause quit terminate abate break up cut off cut out desist from fizzle out give over knock off lay off leave off shut off wind up be over come to a halt come to a stop fade away peter out come to a standstill die away draw to a close pack in pack up come to an end desist suspend give up abandon bring to an end forgo close interrupt let up refrain from put a stop to kick put an end to call a halt to avoid elapse renounce pass eschew cancel expire abstain from adjourn dead-end lapse check cut short determine wink out relinquish forsake arrest hold back axe swear off die wrap up bring to a close dispense with complete ax do without shun jack in belay go pull the plug on dissolve forbear call it a day withhold bring to a halt forswear shut down curb close out forbear from steer clear of finish off abstain call it quits delay abolish round off lay off of scrap withdraw scrub have done with refrain round out refuse abort keep from surcease withhold from cut block settle go without postpone shelve nip in the bud pack it in intermit prorogue reject culminate abjure stay rest give a wide berth to keep rescind repeal sever resign from pass up put on ice wind down hold off kill inhibit leave scratch annul close down prevent defer get out of give the chop take a break bring to a standstill sew up knock something on the head stall put off disband put the kibosh on resist ditch eliminate forego come to a close waive consummate recess do away with finalize shake get off get rid of revoke get done end up call off nullify wrap bar resist the temptation to decline ultimate pull out of stop dead come to rest finalise stop in your tracks hold up restrain put on hold top off lay aside retire from take a breather bring to a conclusion bring to a stop back out of cry off withdraw from have nothing to do with put the lid on take the cure not continue pigeonhole skip reschedule yield wait hang back avert put aside hold over table procrastinate restrain from exclude ignore stay away from chuck shy from rein in hold phase out mothball collapse preclude obstruct run out skip out on stop oneself from restrain oneself from prorogate abrogate escape from intervene discharge pull up constrain hold in abeyance impede disunite crown quash not do extinguish disconnect hang fire not touch put back stem remit omit stop oneself thwart ruin destroy take a breath prohibit wreck shatter leave alone have a breather set aside sacrifice fight shy of rule out hang up have a break drop out of take ten obviate ease off ease up stave off put paid to take a rain check on put on the back burner put in cold storage sit out evade head off keep off forfend finish with kick the habit quit cold give a rest throw up kick over hold back from stand down from pass on resign give something up spurn deny oneself come off resolve leave out dissociate cinch sunder forlet bring call recall call a stop to do liquidate achieve succeed dispose of switch off disturb vacillate immobilize turn back pull the plug go cold turkey detain retain spell carve isolate extirpate usurp remove delete snub exsect marginalize extract overlook oust excise deactivate immobilise take a breather from climax stop trying bring to an untimely end jack it in get shut of down tools stop work draw to close put a period to put to bed put on a back burner be suspended be broken off be abandoned bridle escape renege back out throw in the towel throw in the sponge clean up finish up exit disjoin dissever separate interpose part cut it out get on the wagon hang it up get shot of bring down curtain hold on retreat drop out keep back deny suppress play out polish off put the finishing touches to tie up interfere with cut into say goodbye to break into avoid doing something be temperate draw to a halt stop midstream bag it blow off tie up loose ends be through with decline to come to the end restrain yourself go easy take out marginalise cut dead take away take time out take time off fast knock it off call a halt stay neutral fence-sit starve sit on one's hands give the go by not take sides die down die out cool it run its course reach a standstill desert take the pledge give notice accomplish lead up to build up to disrupt hold off on stifle close off bring to end stand stop doing lie by bail step down from go on the wagon dismiss sit tight hang about hang around foil reach a finale come to a head do less bag move from shutter clinch refuse to pay fold shirk bow out of step aside from bypass intercept staunch back off from sidestep break the habit of dodge shrink from check out from come to a conclusion round up forfeit hesitate adopt Fabian tactics relax slacken release slow down relent relax your efforts kibosh skirt surcease from call it quits on carry out disestablish divorce jilt stonewall bring to fruition carry through disannul void null overthrow negate vacate invalidate quell scotch dash defend against ward off shut out save turn aside fend off keep from happening waver set the seal on dismantle defeat neutralize crush smash frustrate derail strike down split up disorganize loose wrack decimate unmake annihilate destruct shoot eradicate roll back demolish part with part from turn your back on eighty-six dust off break with write off wipe out forget about hinder debar falter deliberate queer dish scupper stymie put a sock in blow the whistle on put a cork in neutralise be the end of do for sweep aside counteract put in abeyance file inactivate retard pink-slip keep in abeyance protract fade out resolve into render void disqualify interdict mark time sideline linger reflect tarry estop forestall forbid push back count out lay over stop briefly make it impossible for make it impracticable for deter make impossible ward make impracticable call time think twice take five lay on the table put on back burner put on the shelf come to standstill catch one's breath break it up stop what you're doing prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in


To stop the operations of, typically due to financial difficulty
shut down fold collapse fail close crash flop shut flatline liquidate abandon stop go bankrupt close down go under cease trading become insolvent go bust be shut be closed cease production be liquidated go broke cease activity go into liquidation wind up go into receivership cease operating be closed down go bump be shut down be wound up go belly up come to a halt go out of business close up shut up shop go on strike go to the wall fold up founder be ruined cave in come a cropper terminate bankrupt bust shut up drop the curtain stop trading go into Chapter 11 put the lid on close out call it a day pack it in peter out end fizzle decline default finish miscarry retire drop run down plummet bomb go topple languish slump buckle bring to an end crumple perish tumble fall through fall down not succeed lose one's shirt be cleaned out drop a bundle be unsuccessful be in the hands of the receivers grind to a halt belly up close one's doors give up be in arrears go into chapter 11 go wrong go belly-up shrivel up lose big be taken to the cleaners dissolve disband put into liquidation annul break up sell out tank flunk crater miss flame out strike out wash out pack in turn in yield give break pauper impoverish pauperize misfire backfire fall flat bellyflop do something badly lose money not work flummox be a disappointment nose-dive be a disaster run aground miss the mark meet with disaster come to grief come unstuck bite the dust come apart fall short come to nothing go down like a lead balloon


To die or cease living
perish die expire fall croak decease flatline be killed pass away be lost check out exit conk out decline demise depart drop end go part peg out succumb bite the dust collapse disappear give up the ghost go to glory kick the bucket vanish be destroyed buy it buy the farm kick in kick off OD pass pass on pop off snuff it step out waste cark it cross the great divide depart this life go bung hop the stick hop the twig bite the big one go the way of all flesh lose life shuffle off this mortal coil breathe one's last go the way of the dinosaurs go under take your last breath cool off pass over call off all bets deep six buy a one-way ticket go belly up be no more pop your clogs go the way of the flesh cash in one's chips kick it meet your maker peg it go belly-up go to the great beyond drop dead cross the Styx cease to exist meet your end go to one's last resting place turn up one's toes meet one's death cease living rest in peace relinquish life push up the daisies go to meet one's maker draw one's last breath be six feet under hand in one's dinner pail kick in [slang] exterminate wane desist ruin abolish invalidate slip away strike out cash in up and die go to the wall go west be slain cave meet one's Maker run through fold up be a casualty be a fatality shove off wilt fall dead run out die unexpectedly die suddenly conk suffocate drown faint meet waterloo go down give way give up pack it in swoon suck the kumara go way of all flesh be taken drop off lay down one's life flake out sink down keel over fall unconscious fall down pass out lose consciousness go out black out


To provide comfort or assuagement to
lull soothe calm quiet allay still quieten hush pacify quell settle assuage compose alleviate ease lullaby mitigate mollify palliate placate subdue becalm deaden diminish quash repress salve silence stifle temper tranquillize tranquilize check reduce appease balm comfort cool fall qualify reassure soft-pedal stroke chill out cool off ease off lay back quiet down rock to sleep settle down take it easy take the edge put a lid on take the sting out relieve moderate soften relax calm down abate take the edge off lessen dull lighten blunt conciliate sweeten tone down propitiate help cushion gentle decrease suppress pour oil on modify satisfy control disarm dulcify lenify content attenuate dampen squelch dilute steady sedate ameliorate make peace with square contain curb console adjust collect weaken extinguish smother re-collect smooth win over dispel mute banish damp tame extenuate quieten down quench muffle untrouble unburden muzzle dumb shush make nice choke off cut off gag smooth over shut up patch things up butter up smooth down fix up take the bite out tranquillise remit solace ease up shut down put at rest mellow slacken commute ally heal excuse slake address improve assure decrease volume dissipate dismiss take the sting out of reduce the force of take sting out eliminate destroy get control of put to rest drive away drive off chase away lower make up kill make calm get a grip on play up to crush cool out fill surfeit chasten humour impose peace upon restore harmony to put down bury the hatchet kiss and make up smooth someone's ruffled feathers grease con clear the air with make peace put the lid on pacificate reconcile put an end to overcome stop subjugate put a stop to humor rise above restrain regulate restrict constrain bridle limit master monitor cap pull in inhibit measure keep rally inspect corner recover keep a tight rein on keep a lid on keep the lid on keep in check damp down put the brakes on set limits on simmer down keep in line hold in impose limits on rein in hold back clam overawe tongue-tie keep it down dry up sit on dummy up clam up cut short close up decrease the volume hold your tongue say nothing pipe down cool it hush-hush strike dumb hush one's mouth dwindle de-escalate minimize ebb taper wane minimise subside modulate cut curtail shrink taper off drop drop off relent decline let up wind down deplete play down depress impair cure downscale recede die down contract downsize buffer phase down rachet down ratchet down slow cut down defuse water down slack tail off pall loosen degrade decrement discount erode die out die away fall away drain away thin scale down dent cut back slash roll back dial down peter out make less anaesthetize anesthetize slow down sate let up on downplay depreciate govern sap numb hold absorb resolve trim rule narrow adulterate undermine disempower pare paralyse counteract mend minify make smaller couch clip benumb stabilize fade sink devaluate make light of remedy stabilise nurse doctor meliorate knock down bring down loose take down cheer paralyze cripple make cutbacks in trim back trim down mark down break aid assist step down disburden upraise facilitate free freeze make better attend to pare down get rid of take a load off pour cold water on slack off dampen down throw cold water on detract from shorten dim ration treat mask diffuse revise shave shade sober darken deepen cloud wear away wear down take the edge off sth prune satiate make weaker sugarcoat restore truncate abridge restraint trammel intern confine fix prettify gratify reduce punishment reduce the effect of round down flag go easy take the bite out of whittle down rein make reasonable sag ease up on enfeeble mince release gruntle obtund temperate protect against rectify constrict deflate rarefy disable vitiate offset debilitate enervate keep down disintegrate refresh crumble relaxed make less strict make less formal infrigidate freshen frost keep under control brighten defend against shield against lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of stretch broaden make less intense put damper on meet halfway punctuate succor succour vary put a damper on fall off get less become less intense slacken off safeguard against pad demilitarise save neutralise rescue neutralize demilitarize liss interrupt extend lace sophisticate embroider embellish make lighter support iron out sort out drop away grow less prevent break up open run interference for clear the way forward disengage speed up simplify promote make easier speed untighten expedite lift open the door further debase invalidate cauterize bring respite to buck up condole with give solace to make agreeable smooth out clear the air take the heat patch up bring an end to set right disencumber empty levitate take remove uplight change shift jettison eradicate unload put to rights liberalize liberalise incapacitate stun exhaust cauterise drown unnerve stupefy injure retard tire dope dress up take load off thin out make something bearable make less painful conquer bring aid to bring aid soften up knock out free up reduce weight put off throw out pour out lick discipline humble cow reclaim bust axe get the better of ax amortise downgrade cast down amortize tighten run down


The ending of an activity
end cessation stoppage termination halt close finish ending discontinuation conclusion stop arrest discontinuance closure shutdown expiration arrestment lapse closedown cutoff surcease shutoff check stay offset closing suspension stopping desistance interruption finale halting break completion windup wind-up finis wrap-up culmination ceasing period denouement consummation pause finishing endgame winding up homestretch capper intermission grand finale mop-up standstill freeze adjournment expiry resolution breaking off result terminus payoff end of the line respite interval rest failure abeyance disruption hiatus breather abandonment downtime layoff break-off desuetude climax epilogue grinding halt cutting short coda wrap screaming halt outcome peroration curtains execution epilog issue consequence fulfilment achievement accomplishment breakup curtain fulfillment limit severance breakdown separation let-up disjunction remission gap alternation discontinuity withdrawal time-out recess curtailment blackout concluding time off folding cloture suppression shutting blockage obstruction hindrance inhibition shutting down closing down determination retirement upshot realisation realization staying prevention restraint delay checking stalling restraining sign-off omega end result closing stages last part last word final word bottom line perfection eventuality outro finalization fruition bitter end dénouement death liquidation finalisation final thoughts dissolution winding-up polishing off sewing up last stage run-in last final part end of the road final stage final act cancellation interlude deadlock abortion cesser stalemate impasse cut-off kiss-off ballgame effect cancelation logjam gridlock standoff cut-off point letup stand Mexican standoff breathing space time out screeching halt lull wait full stop stopover interregnum moratorium interim dead end breathing spell holdup checkmate breath latency entr'acte stand-off hold-up spell hold lag dead stop coffee break postponement hiccup interstice parenthesis hiccough quiescence doldrums dormancy obstacle lacuna abeyancy block reprieve layover smoko holdback holding pattern embargo hesitation deferment draw hitch caesura deferral suspense five wash disconnection impediment snarl-up catch-22 holiday vacation leave time intermezzo truce retardation holding lapse of time stall jam stop-off ten detention prorogation dead heat happy hour retardment slack break in your journey ado traffic jam tie-up time wasted time lag period of waiting fix tie pausing disturbance restriction buildup quiescency intrusion occlusion blind alley disbarment disbandment winter vacay complete stop brick wall roadblock lessening slackening episode discontinuing rupture division rift split disuniting breach wall slowness blow short break hols beat meanwhile idyll meantime hole schoolie hush silence pausation stillness comma temporary cessation of business day off temporary closure cessation of business sit-down inaction desisting remaining terminating deterring lunch break disjointedness tea break disconnectedness break off rest period awkward moment sojourn visit level toss-up incoherence immobilization stagnation inactivity pigeonholing shelving rescheduling pause in the action showdown collision repose disunion setback communication breakdown breathing room freedom tabling mothballing ban prohibition lack of unity cutout lack of coherence even money hangup detainment even game photo finish drawn battle paralysis immobilisation encumbrance curb armistice spare time free time cross-purposes retard fetter interference snag time to burn time to kill carrying over time on your hands bind trammel problem filibuster deep freeze cold storage suspended animation one's own sweet time goof-off time showstopper putting back putting off peace ceasefire treaty waiting period cooling-off period clog congestion snarl backup bottleneck barrier tailback grace period détente cease-fire sig alert staging post port of call half-way house wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente cessation of hostilities olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities

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